[MOD] HTC Beats & Dolby Mobile for HtcMusic

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zimphishmonger schrieb:
Recently there have been a ton of discussion of the "Beats" mod and Dolby Mobile mods. The purpose of this thread is to test the various methods of enabling the audio processing technologies, and testing to see how much of an effect they have (i.e. are they worth even adding??). A conversation was filling up the AR HD thread, so I decided to start another thread here. Please share your experience with the mod, as its still experimental.

What is it?
For the uninitiated, "Beats" is an audio parameter in software that is supposed to make audio played via HTC's stock music player sound better. Some have said it tweaks the bass, while others have mentioned it improves sound overall. HTC has plans to release a Special Edition Dr Dre "Beats" Sensation, while will most likely incorporate this feature. The mod is an attempt at getting the features on our regular sensations, as the processing is all software (not missing any hardware in our device :D).

Instructions to mod HTCMusic yourself - requires a little bit smali\baksmali knowledge

What is it doing?
From a quick look at the Smali code, it appears to tell HtcMusic that a pair of "Dr Dre Beats" headphones are plugged in and it should enable "beats" mode. Essentially, a cheap way to sell crappy headphones :(.
.method public static isBeatsHeadset()Z
    .locals 1

    .line 178
    const/4 v0, 0x[COLOR=Red]1[/COLOR]

    return v0
.end method
.method public static isDolbyEnabled()Z
    .locals 1

    .line 227
    const/4 v0, 0[COLOR=Red]x1[/COLOR]

    .line 233
    .local v0, isDolbyEnabled:Z
    return v0
.end method
Geek talk
The only change that was made was to two method, isDolbyEnabled() & isBeatsHeadset(). The beat's method just checks if the headphones are "Dr Dre beats" brand headphones and enables beat mode. The dolby method just enabled a toggle in the settings. The modification requires you change two variables, activating those two method, which tricks the phone into enabling "beats" mode when ANY headphones are plugged in and allows you to enable Dolby Mobile audio processing.

How to enable it easily?
The mod is usually limited to HTC's stock music player (HtcMusic.apk), but an additional mod allows the the feature to be enabled system wide. I personally have doubts about the system-wide version due to some reported side-effects. Some users have reported issues such as black screens during calls, lower audio quality when applying the system wide version (All headphones are beats.zip ). I would recommend users that are interested in playing around with "beats" install the modified HtcMusic.apk which enabled beat audio whenever any headphones are plugged in (HtcMusic_CWM.zip). It is flashable in Clockworkmod Recovery and will replace HtcMusic with the modded version. Nothing needs to be enabled for "beats", just start playing a song HTC Music with headphones plugged in and enjoy! For Dolby Mobile, click the settings button in the right corner and enable Dolby (Personally, dont hear any difference with it, but it could be a bug in the mod.

Instructions: for 2.3.4 builds (not sure compatibility w/ 2.3.3 or 2.3.5 ROMS, you've been warned)
  1. Nandroid Backup (Not required but HIGHLY recommended)
  2. Boot into CWM Recovery
  3. Flash mod of your choice, HTCMusic or System-wide
  4. Fix Permissions
  5. Reboot into Andoird
  6. Rock out!


Project Synergy3d

*HTC & "Dr Dre's Beats brand for deciding to create a audio feature for the sole purpose of selling headphones..... which we then hacked to work always ;)
*JaiThemes for providing dedicated hosting and Uncutandroid.com, an endless source of entertainment
*The community.....that one's a duh, it's all about the community
Hat jemand die Mod schon ausprobiert und ob sich da was am klang hörbar geändert hat??

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Also ich weiß nicht, wie es bei weichgespülter Musik ist aber bei Heavy Metal fehlt definitiv der Bass. Musste nen Equalizer benutzen, damit anständig was rauskam.
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