Wo finde ich Cutom ROMS?

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Diskutiere Wo finde ich Cutom ROMS? im Root / Hacking / Modding für das HTC Sensation im Bereich HTC Sensation / Sensation XE Forum.


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Hallo habe jetzt erfolgreich mein XE Gerooted + S-OFF
wo finde ich nun custom Roms#?


Die Frage kam jetzt aber auch schon ein paar mal: Das XE ist Baugleich mit dem normalen Sensation, daher bei den XDA-Developers.

mfg Marcel


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Was mit der Beats -technology bleibt die wenn ich eine normale Sensation Rom nehme?


Wenn du mal schauen würdest. Findest du bei XDA unter Sensation Android Dev. sämtliche Roms mit der kennzeichnung XE.

Diese Roms sind auf der Basis der RUU vom Sensation XE und haben somit auch die Beats Audio Technology und die 1,5 ghz Taktung

Ich z.b. nutze Android Revolution HD


Nö, du musst dann auch ne ROM mit Beats nehmen, sonst bringen dir die dicken InEars relativ wenig.


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ganz ehrlich bei vielen roms steht zwar dran das Beats Audio unterstützt wird aber im endeffekt hört es sich manchmal einfach nur blöd an
hab hier mal eine von nem schweizer collegen geklaut die ich ganz interessant finde

[ROM][18 Okt] Energy™ -.¸¸.·´¯ Themed Sense 3.5
Hi @All,

Hier mal einer von den langjährigen und erfahrenen Romköche seine Arbeit: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1226564

Er ist schon ein alter Bekannter seit den Anfängen von WM6, als er schon damals zu den besten Romköchen gehört hatte und auch bleibt, so wie es aussieht

Ich habe es seit Veröffentlichung drauf und würde es zwar empfehlen, weil ich es bis jetzt nicht bemängeln kann, aber warum nicht mal ausprobieren.....

Hier die Changelogs, um sehen zu können, was Schritt für Schritt verbessert bzw. eingekocht wurde:

October 26th, 2011 (10.26.2011)

•Updated VoiceSearch app
•Updated Facebook app
•Removed older Maps version, updated with latest from Market
•Dialer mods and more blue
•Rosie with removed "All Apps" and "Personalize" text from homescreen
•Added "Roboto" ice cream sandwich font to the ROM

October 22nd, 2011 (10.22.2011)(Sense 3.5)

•GPS tweaks again
•Latest tweaks from Roman's ROM are in
•Camera issues (!?) fixed


Bei den XDAs haben sich etliche über doppelte Apps nach der Installation gewundert, deswegen wäre es ratsam, einen Fullwipe zu machen, vorher die Apps mit Titanium Backup/ App Backup and Restore zu machen...
Cam funktioniert wieder, kein Freeze oder Probleme mehr!

October 18th, 2011 (10.18.2011)(Sense 3.5)

GPS tweaks
Updated adober reader
updated adobe flash player
update titanium backup
removed spb tv by default
Updated some icons
Moar blue
Moar cool graphics!
Added cool blue HTC battery widget
Added ownhere modded international navigation google maps
Fixed HTC Notes FC issues

October 13th, 2011 (10.13.2011)(Sense 3.5)

•RomanBB's tweaks are in! (Thanks to Romanbb! Doh!)
•CRT Animation back in!
•Added EverNote HTC Notes
•Added cool, iphone'ish rotation animation (thanks baadnewz)
•Moar blue (in personalize and camera areas)
•Updated quicksettings
•Personalize button now mapped to browser by default (changable with the Tweaks app)
•Added Beats Mod back to the ROM (+ SRS, Equalizer etc)(thanks omerkisoss)
•Cleaned up the ROM quite a bit
•Zipaligned, optimized all APKs
•RAM tweaks


October 3rd, 2011 (10.03.2011)(Sense 3.5)

•QuickSettings are in! (Thanks to Romanbb!)
•SearchButton works again! (google quicksearch added back to ROM)
•Updated ES File Manager
•Updated Facebook
•Removed CRT animation (for now...) Too many issues with it
•Due to framework changes, a full wipe is recommended with this one.

October 2nd, 2011 (10.02.2011)

•Fixed power menu ShutDown string problem (shamelessly stolen from baadnewz... thanks dude)
•Replaced AdFree with AdAway
•Memory management tweaks (Supercharger script tweaks cooked in)

October 1st, 2011 (10.01.2011)

•Beats headphones mod is in therefore,
•Playing music problem when headphones were connected fixed
•Moar blue
•New shutdown animation

September 30, 2011 (9.30.2011)

•CRT animation is in
•PolarisOffice fixed
•Hot Restart option in Advanced Power Menu fixed
•Added VisualVoicemail app to tmous users
•Cleaned up installation script
•Nicer wait animation
•Cool screen rotation animation.... only seen in apps that DO rotate
•Titanium Backup updated to latest version

9.29.2011 Version 2 (uses a different filename with 3.5 at the end)

•Advanced power menu mod
•Camera issues solved

•Transparent Rosie
•Transparent Pulldown
•Wifi Calling added to the ROM
•More pretty icons and blue
•Added Gallery3D for nostalgia/options

9.29.2011(uses a different filename with 3.5 at the end)

•ROM with Sense 3.5 released.
•More transparency and more blue in the ROM.
•A LOT more RAM available
•Overall smoothness is improved.
•Fixed battery display issues. (thanks to prateekgujral who's always happy to help! )


•ROM rebased on Sensation XE Beats ROM from HTC.
•Older mods will still work fine. Wipe not required.


•Camera FC's fixed.
•Romanbb's Tweaks system added to the ROM (find them in Settings)


•New Icons
•Encoder JPEG quality tweaks
•Tweak to keep Sense loaded in memory
•Updated some apps
•aGPS patch for better GPS locks by user "crypted" included
•Added MarketAccess app for more Market control
•Mic adjustments
•Host file updated
•Thermal CPU slowdown thresholds adjusted
•Several other tweaks that I forgot to document


•Added App Widget Picker from boombuler to group widgets of different sizes
•New Icons
•The mail application returns to email list after deleting an email now, instead of going to the next message (big personal annoyance for me...)
•Moar blue
•New spiffy bootanimation
•More tweaks to help with Rosie sometimes closing when too many apps are open (not enough RAM left...)
•Some apps updated (Such as ES File Explorer)
•Dialer button changed (per Prateek's request...)


•More cool icons and blue
•Removed Rosie pagination
•RAM optimization script
•Browser tweaks


This is a major update, due to the FC bug fix. It's recommend you flash this one...

•"Force Close" issues with some apps like Maps (Lattitude), Whatsup, Manage Apps, etc is fixed
•HTC keyboard skinned blue as well now
•AppFolder lite app instaled (uninstallable)
•Added Gingerbread keyboard that works this time (Thanks Sergio for help)
•Arabic keyboard should work now
•Added Spare Parts (uninstallable)
•New boot animation
•Fixes to TMO Wifi patch


•Smooth battery charging animation
•New data icons
•New waiting icon
•New popup menu skinning courtesy of Sergio
•More blue where it used to green


•Removed compromised certificates by Diginotar
•Changed GPS icon to something better (stock looking blue icon)
•Reverted SuperUser back to older version for more compatibility
•Updated adblocking hosts file
•Updated and skinned notification UI
•Added Gingerbread keyboard in blue (thanks to thoughtlesskyle!)
•More blue and pretty icons! lol


•More blue and more apps modded to be blue
•Skinned black dialer
•Semi-transparent smooth Sense bottom dock
•Removed startup sound... too annoying sometimes
•Google DNS servers added for faster surfing
•Databases cleaning on every boot (thanks to knzo)
•Superuser upgraded to 3.0b4
•Camera FC issues resolved


•More blue and more apps modded to be blue
•Added automatic zipaligning scripts back in
•Added Rosie remape customize button to LanchKey (where you can launch whatever app you want)
•Thanks to birgertime for the above mod, as I believe it's based on his code
•Cleaned up the ROM more


•Changed MMS UA string in XML to show larger MMS pictures
•Added SQLite3
•USB Debugging enabled by default
•Changed default screen timeout to 45 secs
•Lots of new ringtones added
•Notes and ToDo list Sense widgets added (they're not perfectly aligned but 99% usable)
•Faster scrolling
•More blue!
•Prettier icons for most system applications


•Changed MMS UA string in XML to show larger MMS pictures
•Added SQLite3
•Downgraded BusyBox for more compatibility
•Lots more blue now and a few more graphics tweaks
•Removed mandatory /data wipe from install script (still strongly recommend you do a full wipe before you flash)
•"Kill screen" renamed to "Lockscreen" for better transparency
•Zipaligned changed


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