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Diskutiere [DATA2whatever] Flashable All-in-one-data2sd-Solution im Root / Hacking / Modding für HTC Desire im Bereich HTC Desire Forum.


data2whatever v0.2

UPDATE: For the new test version of v0.3 and v0.4 look at the end of the post.


- Supports: Ext2, Ext3, Ext4 (and if kernel supports it: ) btrfs, ReiserFS
- Supports loop device as optional addon (as siberes data2sd)
- Flashable zip for many app2sd ROMs (no long setup required)
- It does a e2fsck (disk check) on every boot and creates a logfile on the sdcard (/sdcard/e2fscklog.txt)
- looks nice if you do a logcat on boot

- no "settings lost on reboot" bug like in my old or siberes script
- changes the scheduler for the sd-card and internal to noop for better performance on sd.
- Nandroid Backup of EXT2/3/4 external with AmonRa or any clockwork recovery.
- Removes the common app2sd scripts on its own


- A second partition (same as app2sd - Min 512 mb - 1024mb is highly recommended - max 2048 MB or there will be issues with market) in any format (as long as the kernel supports - ext2/3/4 support is default in most kernels - Ext4 or ReiserFS is recommended).
- An app2sd or non app2sd ROM (data2sd versions wont work) (this SHOULD work with most or at least many ROMs . Roms that are confirmed to work can be found in the post below. Please report to me it it works or not so i can update this thread. If it doesn't work i try to make it compatible asap. )


1.) Full wipe (at least needed on first installation)
2.) Flash the app2sd Version of the ROM of your choice
4.) If you rebooted then start over at 1.)
5.) flash the attached "data2whatever.zip"
6.) now reboot

ADDITIONAL INFO: Even without "life on the edge" you should watch the first 4 "don't"s of "life on the edge". The normal script use the same disk safety methods as NTFS on Windows or EXT4 on linux. But as you know you shouldnt just switch off the computer because there can still be issues in very rare cases. Reboots with tools like "snqs power menu" is the same as a batterypull (or pulling the ac plug on PC) and this isn't good in general (and this also applies for using it with app2sd). If you want to go to recovery just make a normal shutdown and switch the phone on with "volume down" button pressed.

Optional life-on-the-edge add on

This patch has the same effect as sibere's and ownhere's script (loop device - the way ownhere does in v4 doesnt work though). Other than those scripts it this addon doesnt need any repartitioning or other setup (like FAT or a third partition) and can simply be installed or removed with a flashable zip. All you need for this is a normal ext 2/3/4 partition (as above ^^). Ext4 is recommended for this (as above) since it is the fastest of those 3. This patch is more risky than normal ext3/4 considering the possibility of data loss. If you want to use this add-on you should watch the following (this also applys to ownheres and sibere script and is NOT more risky than their scripts):

- DON'T use the reboot of snq's powermenu (or any other reboot app)
- DON'T use anything in the "ROM Manager" that makes it reboot.
- DON'T do adb reboot / abd reboot recovery / adb reboot bootloader
- DON'T pull the battery while the phone is on (this should be obvious)
- DON'T remove the "sync" mount options for the Quadrant "boost" (this is a fake boost anyway)

All of this is like a powerloss for the sd-card and has a high change of data corruption.

From my test with this i give you an estimate what can happen if a powerloss occurs or any of the 5 points above happen:

- 50% general chance of corruption that will be autofixed on boot (not a problem)
- 10% chance of forcecloses after reboot of some apps (this can be fixed by deleting the app data or restoring it with titanium (or other) backup)
- REALLY tiny chance (didnt happen for me in over 40 "simulated" powerlosses) that partition gets corrupted (needs complete repartitioning of the microSD so all data on it will be gone then)

As long as you watch the 5 points above and as long as you don't drop the phone and the battery jumps out this will be safe.

Installation of the addon:

- Flash the "life-on-the-edge.zip" any time after you installed "data2whatever".

Installation of the addon:

- Flash the "life-on-the-edge-UNPATCH.zip" any time after you installed "data2whatever" and the addon. (this will revert back to the normal script)

Personal remark: While this is a improvement over normal ext4 it is not the "holy-grale" of a data2sd lag fix. I'm not using this myself and use a ReiserFS as second partition instead which is more safe and completly feels the same as a "loop" device considering performance.

Further Plans
- Changes for the mount options of the internal YAFFS2 Partition to optimize the speed of the "dalvik-cache" (have to look into YAFFS2 what can be done)
- Make Roms that doesn't work yet compatible to this


- cyanogen who made app2sd+ in the first place.
- sibere and ownhere who started all the data2sd.
- supercurio and Unhelpful of SGS' Voodoolagfix (#Project-Voodoo on freenode) for their helpfull script tipps.
- Coutts99 and Neophyte for their Kernels.
- woti23 for all those test's in this thread.
- All devs of XDA in generall for all this nice stuff that is done here

UPDATE: Test version of v0.3 and v0.4:

Please make a logcat of the first boot. This can help me to find possible issues.

This version now checks if your second partition is aligned and if not it will ERASE it and recreate it aligned. You will find more info about alignment later here (in the meantime you can google "ssd alignment" to get some info).

THIS WILL ERASE THE SD-EXT PARTITION IF IT IS NOT ALIGNED. On top of that there is a little risk that it messes up the partition table. Although i made a lot of test with this and added busybox to assure compatibility there could still issues with it. If something should go wrong in recreating the partition you may have to REPARTITION the COMPLETE Sd-card. So make a BACKUP OF ALL YOUR DATA ON THE SD before you test this .

Additional info: Don't let yourself get confused by the many deleting messages on install. The update script tries to erase:
- busybox (newest version gets installed afterwards)
- 4 different versions of app2sd scripts
- dalvikcache2cache script
- the 3 binaries included (e2fsck, tune2fs, mkfs.ext4)
- 3 possible symlinks for the binaries
- mtab file

Everything that is erased gets either installed afterwards (busybox, etc ...) or isn't needed (app2sd scripts).

Please post the alignment log if you testet this. This log can be found on the sdcard ( /sdcard/sd-ext-alignment-log.txt).

================================================== ================================

v0.4 test release

- dalvik cache is now left internal. This should spread i/o and thus speed things up a bit.
- change scheduler to "deadline" if the kernel supports it
- changed logging: One file (data2whateverlog.txt on sdcard) for alignement and fsck with more info (thx moebius83)
- In case there is a swap partition (mmcblck0p3) this will also get aligned.

v0.3 test release
- this version will now recreate your sd-ext partition if it is not aligned (format: ext4)
- fixed the mtab error that could cause issues in some cases
- added busybox v1.17.2 to assure compatibility.
- added support for swap partition (if kernel supports it and partition 3 exists)
- removing more stuff on install (to make sure there are no old symlinks)

-fixed an issue caused by the s-off fix.

-fixed the cm6 fix

-fixed a bug that made this only work with S-OFF. (i totally forgot that system can't be mounted rw as default

- fixed a typo of the last fix . This could have caused issues on leedroid. (thanks woti)
- added the patch for CM6 (thanks iinga)

- fixed a syntax error making the script not working at all
- fixed a bug that would have occured on leedroid if it would have worked ^^
[DATA2whatever] Flashable All-in-one-data2sd-Solution v0.2e + v0.4 test (dec 27th) - xda-developers


Was genau bringt das ?
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Falsche Uhrzeit

Das alle Daten zu 100% auf die SD Card ausgelagert werden, was bei A2SD+ nicht der Fall ist/war.


Desire:D schrieb:
Was genau bringt das ?
Evtl langsamere Zugriffszeiten (abhängig von der SD), aber auf jeden Fall alle 6 Monate ne neue Karte.:smile::smile:

Gruß cargo
Falsche Uhrzeit

Falsche Uhrzeit

Dass das so ein Verschleiß haben wird, da bin ich mir nicht so sicher.
Aber ne Class 6 würde ich hier schon empfehlen.


Naja bei 2 Jahren Garantiezeit kein Thema, aber ob alles so stabil ist bleibt abzuwarten


Naja und mal ehrlich, ich hab fast 90 Apps drauf, mit App2SD+ und z.B. Google Sky Earth, Navigon ich bin voll zufrieden so...:smile:

Grüße cargo


Das ist bei mir genauso, habe sogar noch CoPilot und einige Spiele. Habs auch nicht geschafft das A2SD+ ausgelastet ist. Aber ansich ist Data2EXT keine schlechte idee.


Maestro2k5 schrieb:
Das ist bei mir genauso, habe sogar noch CoPilot und einige Spiele. Habs auch nicht geschafft das A2SD+ ausgelastet ist. Aber ansich ist Data2EXT keine schlechte idee.
Ja, ich hab ja ned gesagt das es eine schlechte Idee ist, mal schaun wie es sich Entwickelt...

Gruß :scared:


Als ich das ma getestet habe (etwas her) ist mein desire nicht mehr hochgefahren...
Falsche Uhrzeit

Falsche Uhrzeit

Wäre schön wenn das mal ein Entwickler in sein ROM fest einbauen würde, bis jetzt stehen mir da noch zu viele "Don't"s in der Liste.

Kein Reboot über das Powermenü u.ä. ...


Erfahrenes Mitglied
xda-developers - View Single Post - [rom]MIUI 1.1.22 Stability, Memory optimizations and more :)

da ist es eingebaut, habs drauf und es läuft bisher super.
ganz normal das rom flashen, starten -> kurz warten bis alles geladen ist und dann rebooten.

Würde allerdings das Theme wechseln :lol:

Ist glaube ich Quasi normales MIUI mit Theme und data2whatever usw

What's in it:
-All system apps in the deodexed miui dev rom
-Removed System Apps > AppShare, CloudService, Updater
-Added data apps > adobe flashplayer, adfree, google maps, old gallery 3d, Peacemanibk's Benchmark
-Edit: Ah there's one+ in the system > FM radio and old Theme Downloader from previous versions
(that's it, add what you need)
-vorkKernel R8