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  1. Lari, 04.05.2010 #1

    Lari Threadstarter Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    Bitte für die Übersichtlichkeit nur Links zu neuen ROM's posten!


    31.07.2010 .: FroYo :.
    | ROM‘s hinzugefügt:










    NeoPhyte ROM

    Official Froyo HTC Sense ROM



    | DeFrost
    neu: v2.5a
    | FroYo_inkeDroid
    neu: v0.9
    | OpenDesire
    neu: v3.0.1
    | SetR0M
    neu: 4.5

    .: Eclair :.

    | Pays-ROM Desire Sense
    neu: v2.3
    | Pays-ROM Desire Sparta
    neu: v1.5f
    | Pirate Rum aus Liste entfernt (wird ausgiebig im Forum diskutiert!)

    ************************************************** ******

    05.07.2010 .: FroYo :.

    | ROM hinzugefügt:
    | DeFrost
    neu: v1.8
    | FroYo_inkreDroid
    neu: v0.6
    | MoDaCo Custom ROM
    neu: r21
    | OpenDesire
    neu: v1.5
    | SetR0M
    neu: v3.1
    neu: v1.4

    29.06.2010 .: Eclair :.
    | ROM hinzugefügt:
    | Amer_Bravox
    neu: v5
    | CyanogenMOD
    neu: 5.0.8-test7
    | DJ Droid
    neu: v0.3

    .: FroYo :.

    | ROM's hinzugefügt:
    MoDaCo Custom ROM

    | DeFrost
    neu: v1.5f
    | eViL De-SiRe
    neu: v.Noir Tri und v.Blanco Tri Redeux
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 31.07.2010
    forcemaker, marcus.arminius, MastaPole und 8 andere haben sich bedankt.
  2. Lari, 05.05.2010 #2

    Lari Threadstarter Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    Zurzeit verfügbare 2.2 (FroYo) ROM's für das Desire:

    AhmgskMod FROYO Rom
    [B]Details Abt ROM:[/B]
    -Android 2.2 Froyo
    -Ported from paulobrien nexus one rom
    -Kernel : Richardtrip v11 kernel -> with oc -> 1113600
    -if u want 1.2 ghz edit setcpu.txt -> add ",1275200" excluding " " 
    -It is fast -> usable.
    -setcpu.apk included
    Edge,3g -> Data
    Mic Working -> Calls
    Camera ->
    steps given [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=6632701&postcount=32"]here[/URL]
    [B]Partial WORKING:[/B]
    Camera, Bluetooth
    [B]Not Working:[/B]

    video recording DON'T work
    apps2sd via spare parts included on  rom
    UI system modded
    add cache cleaner
    ..... brightness  profiles
    ..... nexus torch froyo
    ..... shazam
    ..... titanium  backup (not full)
    ..... wieget reboot
    ..... music player modded
    .....  dialer modded
    ..... lancher modded
    ..... hotspot wifi
    .....  wifi tether
    ..... carhome
    ..... youtube modded
    ..... W7+nexus  one bootanimation
    ..... semi-transparent status bar
    and ??? what  else..... [IMG][/IMG]

    [*]-ADD Blue & Fuscia for RenderFX
    [*]-ADD  option in SpareParts for control A2SD froyo
    [*]-Rewrite  Lockscreen Music Control & ADD option in SpareParts
    [*]-Rewrite  Trackball Wake/Unlock + MENU Wake & ADD option in SpareParts
    [*]-Start  to custom code SpareParts
    [*]-Fix Reboot Wifi / Fix Network  Selection
    [*]-Revert Remove LauncherPro / Add Launcher2
    [*]-Update  Kernel to
    [*]-Update Maps/RomManager/Twitter
    [*]-Color  Icons in Setting
    [*]-ADB Notification non-persistent
    [*]-Voice Search work
    [*]-Setup  Wizard Work
    [*]-Camcorder HQ
    [*]-Youtube Work
    [*]-Facebook  Sync Work
    -Google Apps from FRF91
    -SuperUser of ChainsDD
    -Fully  Deodexed and zipaligned
    -binarie open-vpn (no tested)
    -Massive  APN from Cyanogen Rom
    -Spare Parts for control A2SD Froyo
    -Old  A2SD Automatic
    -Zipalign data/app or system/sd/app on every boot
    -Compil  with tweak setting.apk for hide Base dock setting
    -Compil with tweak  for reveal in browser.apk the User Agent String and the normal  rendering
    -HTC_IME Mod
    -Compil and add Term.apk &  Develpment.apk (control Render Effect)
    -Chrome to Phone
    -Rom  Manager
    -SurfaceFlinger Mod
    -Trackball Wake/Unlock
    -Quick  Music Control in LockScreen

    - Fix for a kernel bug, and corrected the driver. Remote key now works.
    -  Added compiler optimisations.
    - (b) fixes broken wireless in 6 
    - Wifi N & Tethering
    - GPS
    - BT
    -  Digital compass
    - Proximity sensor
    - Optical pad
    - Camera
    -  Keypad
    - Headset
    - Remotekey
    - Touchscreen
    - Vibrator
    -  LED
    - many others
    - APPS2SD
    - SetCPU
    - MIC
    [B]Not  working:[/B]
    - Ambient light sensor (works, but not calibrated)
    -  Camcorder (reboots the phone)
    - Dock on USB
    - Facebook contacts  sync
    - Echo

    [*]Froyo 2.2 with HTC  Sense
    [*]Classic APP2SD+
    [*]WIFI N
    [*]720p Recording
    [*]MPEG4|H.263|H.264 encoding support
    [*]Custom Battery, Alarm  and Signal icons.
    [*]New Boot Animation
    [*]Gallery 3D  (Camera shortcut working + Picasa account link)
    [*]Chrome to Phone
    [*]All HTC Apps and Widgets
    [*]Spare Parts
    [*]Rom Manager
    [*]All Apps show in Market
    [COLOR=Red][B]Issues/Still  to do:[/B][/COLOR]
    [*][U]Static HTC Wallpapers yet to be added[/U]
    [*][U]More custom icons to be added[/U]
    [*][U]Update and add  more features as much as possible[/U]

    [*]ANDROID: Google, HTC, Qualcomm, and everybody else. We <3 U
    [*]Common: Deskclock extra settings - cyanogen, mtwebster
    [*]Common:  ADWLauncher 0.9 - Ander Webbs
    [*]Common: Music app enhancements -  Eliot Stocker
    [*]Common: Phone mod V.30.1 - cytown
    [*]Common:  WyContacts 1.2 - Wysie (port to Froyo by Sileht)
    [*]Common:  Superuser 2.2.2 - Adam Shanks (ChainsDD)
    [*]Common: MMS  enhancements from Ruqqq, Takuo Kitame, jeagoss, temporalshadows
    [*]Common:  Improved RTL text rendering - David Kohen, Omri Baumer
    [*]Common:  Themable user interface elements - Wysie, bcrook, jeagoss
    [*]Common:  FLAC playback support - Kenny Root, Cyanogen, Glenn Maynard
    [*]Common:  Lockscreen enhancements - Wysie
    [*]Common: Long-press home  options - Wysie, bcrook
    [*]Common: OpenVPN support - James  Bottomley, Takuo Kitame
    [*]Common: Br0tips - Kmobs
    [*]Common:  Browser incognito mode - Optedoblivion
    [*]Common: Zipalign on  install (if needed) + system dex cache to /cache - Cyanogen/Chris Soyars
    [*]Common: Customizable Nexus LWP - Chris Soyars/Cyanogen
    [*]Common:  JIT toggle, configurable heapsize, compcache supprt - Cyanogen
    [*]Common:  Adjustable haptic feedback - Michael Webster
    [*]Common: Custom  wallpapers - jairomeo, prash, SatanR1
    [*]Common: Battery  percentage display - canadiancow, jeagoss
    [*]Common: Trackball  wake, trackball unlock, menu unlock - Jon Boekenoogen/Kmobs
    [*]Common:  Surfaceflinger night mode and effects - Jeff Sharkey, widget from Wysie
    [*]Common: Reflow webviews on pinch option - Jonas Larsson
    [*]Common:  Enhanced accelerometer settings - Jonas Larsson
    [*]Common: A2DP  bugfixes - Glenn Maynard
    [*]Common: Browser fullscreen mode and  other enhancements - Wysie
    [*]Common: Translations: Takuo Kitame,  Matthias Büchner, Eug89, comercy
    [*]Common: Major build system  enhancements by Chris Soyars & Koush
    [*]Common: Long press  volume buttons to skip songs - Jon Boekenoogen
    [*]Common:  Accelerated ARMv7 JPEG decoding - Qualcomm
    [*]Common: Skia  acceleration on ARMv7 - Qualcomm
    [*]Common: Patch wrangling -  Cyanogen, Chris Soyars, Koush
    [*]Common: Bluetooth HID support -  Erin Yueh @ 0xlab
    [*]Common: Mouse pointer support - Chih-Wei  Huang (android-x86)
    [*]Common: Configurable install location +  allow move any app to external storage - Cyanogen
    [*]Common:  Busybox and rsync Android ports from Dylex
    [*]Common: nano, and  libncurses are now built from source. - cvpcs
    [*]Common: Dual  camera support - Cyanogen
    [*]Common: Support for HTC camera  firmware with extra features - Cyanogen, Qualcomm
    [*]Common: Other  camera enhancements - Cyanogen
    [*]Common: Customizable status bar  - Michael Webster
    [*]Common: Lockscreen music controls - Kmobs
    [*]Common: "Roam Only" mode - jrgutier
    [*]Common: Mobile data  toggle for power widget - Drakaz
    [*]N1/DS: Kernel 2.6.34 with  Pershoot/Kmobs clock settings
    [*]D/S: Camera reverse engineering  by NCommander & Cyanogen
    [*]D/S: Kernel patches for stability  from Zinx Verituse
    [*]D/S: MT3G Fender/1.2 support from Zinx  Verituse
    [*]D/S: Better media profiles - Charan Singh
    [*]EVO:  Kernel base from toastcfh, display patches from AssassinsLament and  netarchy, backport of various features from Cyanogen
    [*]EVO:  Sprint MMS fixes - Darchstar, toastcfh
    This is an AOSP-based build with extra contributions from many people  which you can use without any type of Google applications. I found a  link from some other project that can be used to restore the Google  parts, which can be found below or elsewhere in the thread. I've still  included the various hardware-specific code, which seems to be slowly  being open-sourced anyway.

    [*]Latest Android build - 2.2 r1.1 (FRF91)
    [*]FRF91  Google Apps
    [*]HTC Sense
    [*] Kernel
    [*]Rooted  with latest superuser
    [*]Google App2SD
    [*]Latest BusyBox
    [*]720p/h264 Camcorder

    [I]Version 2.5a:[/I]
    [*]fixed double quicksearch
    [*]fixed  notification leds
    [*]dropped greek support for now (&amp  symbol problem)
    [*]Updated Gmail
    Version 2.5:[/I]
    [*]Changed  kernel to 2.6.34 (only static voltages for now)
    [*]New version  DeFroST Setup (download and apply mods/kernels)
    [*]Added greek  language support (thanks to georgemv)
    [*]Set brightness to manual
    What's in the package:
    Rooted Froyo FRF91 ported to desire
    Kernel  2.6.32 OCUV (Big thanks to Kali- and deovferreira)
    CFQ scheduler
    Camera  Auto-focus-patch (big thanks to deovferreira)
    What's in the package:
    Rooted Froyo FRF91 ported to desire
    Kernel  2.6.32 OCUV (Big thanks to Kali- and deovferreira)
    CFQ scheduler
    Camera  Auto-focus-patch (big thanks to deovferreira)
    [B][I]What's  working:[/I][/B]
    [*]WiFi(802.11n too!)
    [*]Portable hotspot  (wifi tether)
    [*]Apps2SD (Google + A2SD+)
    [*]Headset button
    [*]Facebook  sync
    [*]Light sensor
    [*]Video recording (800x480)

    - Rooted, SENSE UI enabled Android 2.2 (FROYO) ROM
    - Flash 10.1 in  Browser (download from market)
    - All Apps in the market (Using 2.1  fingerprint for now, as HTC's 2.2 lost all protected apps)
    - Camera,  video camera etc working
    - All Hardware working
    - FAST (JIT  enabled by default, which is a feature of FROYO)
    - APPS2SD (Native to  Froyo - Use the app called 'SetInstallLocation' which is pre-installed)
    -  All Live Wallpapers working
    I don't know what else to tell  you...
    [B]Known Bugs:[/B]
    None so far... please report  back!

    [!] Fixed /bin/vold (thanks to [URL="http://android.modaco.com/content-page/313149/16-jul-r5-wip-refresh-modaco-custom-rom-for-htc-desire-with-online-kitchen-froyo-with-sense-frf91/page/1680/#entry1347726"]klutsh[/URL])
    [!] Fixed WiFi 802.11n
    [!] Fixed HSDPA icon
    [!] Fixed Market
    [+] Battery with %

    eViL De-SiRe

    [U][B]v.Noir Tri [/B][/U]
    Black Theme
    Fixed status bar Operator
    re-themed  some apps & Framework black (browser, voice search, quick  search)  (framework-res, services.jar)
    Includes new cfs kernel 1.150ghz
    HTC  IME mod themed black/gray
    Fully deodexed FRF72 - thx jr33
    New CFS  kernel
    [B]v.Blanco Tri Redeux[/B][/U]
    Fully deodexed FRF72 - thx  jr33
    White Theme
    New CFS kernel


    [*]Kernel UV Values tweaked to 925mV min, 1225mV max.
    [*]Conservative Power Governor now set on boot. (can be changed using  SetCPU)
    [*]Updated LauncherPro to latest release
    [*]Removed  HAVS Additions from Kernel - caused problems with Trackpad & Light  Sensor (CM3602).
    [*]New Kernel UV-Only based on Pershoots N1  Modifications. 950mV - 1275mV (for stability)
    [*]Recompiled  Kernel with HAVS Support (925mV MIN, 1250mV MAX) - Credit  >IntersectRaven<
    [B]ROM Details[/B]
    [*]Built  from latest AOSP source. (FRF-91 2.2-r1.1)
    [*]2.1Mb Kernel Image  Size so hopefully no problems for people with Bad Blocks [IMG][/IMG]
    [*]Kernel Base  - configured and compiled by myself (UV Support, no OC)
    [*]Self-modded  Kernel Fix to keep phone charged at 100% while plugged in (used to drop  to 89% and charge) (details >[URL="http://tinyurl.com/2ujcr62"]here[/URL]<)
    [*]ext2,  ext3 and ext4 support
    [*]cifs.ko, tun.ko and openvpn
    [*]Classic  A2SD+ from my original dalvik-cache mod from Rooted 2.1 Eclair for  Desire (details >[URL="http://tinyurl.com/3azzsjg"]here[/URL]<) [I]Copies Apps, App-Private and  Dalvik-Cache to SD.[/I]
    [*]A2SD Fixed to help prevent [I]White  Screen Hangs[/I] (working with ext2 and ext3 partitions, needs testing  with ext4)
    [*]Latest BusyBox (1.16.2)
    [*]Rooted with latest  SuperUser 2.2 apk
    [*]Massive APN List
    [*]h264 Camcorder
    [*]Latest FRF91 Google Apps
    [*]3G/H Icon Fix to display H during  HSDPA connection.
    [*]Default Launcher is LauncherPro Beta
    [*]WaveSecure  installed to /system/app
    [*]setcpu.txt copied to sdcard JUST  incase you want to use SetCPU to ramp down the CPU Speeds to help  conserve battery life (remember, no OC or UV support in kernel, but I do  intend to patch UV support in future releases)
    [B]The  following items have also been removed:[/B]
    [*]Facebook ([I]Installable  from Market[/I])
    [*]Twitter ([I]Installable from Market[/I])
    [*]Original Android Launcher
    [*]Amazon MP3 ([I]Installable from  Market[/I])
    [B]Whats Working (currently from what I can tell as  its what I use)[/B]
    [*]Facebook Sync (including profile pictures  displaying in Phone App and Message App)
    [*]USB  & WiFi Teather
    [*]Notification LED's
    [*]NO  ECHO
    I've also not included items such as SpareParts, or  LeoParts... SpareParts and LeoParts can be had from the Market.


    [B]V 0.9[/B]
    Based on OpenDesire 2.1 [[URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=712615"]AdamG[/URL]]
    Removed the modified status bar by manup
    Maps  app replaced with Brut Maps [[URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=630887"]Brut.all[/URL]]
    Added Wysie's contacts app  modifications [[URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=599194"]Wysie[/URL]]
    Updated ChromeToPhone
    Added Nexus  revamped LWP
    Boot animation is now changeable
    changed build number
    [B]V  0.8a[/B]
    Fixed permissions that caused random reboots and launcher  FCs.
    Gallery & Camera working 100%
    [B]V 0.8[/B]
    Based  on OpenDesire 1.6 [[URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=6981594&postcount=2"]AdamG[/URL]]
    Modified Phone app v30.1 (vibrate, black  list,...) [[URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=539752"]cyt0wn[/URL]]
    now supporting new radio (kernel updated)
    H264  support in camera app
    updated arabic libraries [aalsanad]
    modified  framework.jar
    Arabic keyboard as a separate download
    added custom  font
    Fancy Widget removed
    "Android Scribble 2" bootscreen  [GLa'DOS]
    [B]V 0.7[/B]
    MCR r21 FRF91
    Updated LauncherPro to  latest
    [COLOR=blue]Added Arabic Support
    Added Arabic  Keyboard[/COLOR]
    Fancy Widget as an option instead of Vatch
    readded  Flash Player (latest)
    [SIZE=3][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium][COLOR=Red][B]What  You Get..[/B][/COLOR]
    Latest FroYo release FRF91
    kernel v2.6.32.9 [[URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=696846"]Kail-/defer[/URL]]
    LauncherPro Beta (Most  Stable) [Federico]
    Arabic Language Support.. works well
    Brut Maps  and Navigation (International navigation and cache to SD) [[URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=630887"]Brut.all[/URL]]
    Contacts.apk modifications [[URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=599194"]Wysie[/URL]]
    Modified Phone app v30.1 (vibrate, black  list,...) [[URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=6180341"]cyt0wn[/URL]]
    ChromeToPhone 1.2 [SIZE=2][I]**Chrome  extension [URL]http://bit.ly/9SLLlu[/URL]**[/I][/SIZE]
    "Android  Scribble 2" bootscreen [GLa'DOS]
    Android Market working & fast
    Added  "Nexus Revamped" Live wallpaper
    modified framework.jar to support  arabic in some apps
    Optional Arabic Keyboard [Dr.Ben0x]
    Custom  font added
    AK Notepad
    Amazon  MP3
    Android Tips Widget
    Magic  Smoke Wallpaper
    Quick Office
    Sim Toolkit
    Sound Recorder
    Spare  Parts
    Voice Dialer
    Voice Search[/FONT][/SIZE][FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]

    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 31.07.2010
    Laberistikus und janus_01 haben sich bedankt.
  3. Lari, 05.05.2010 #3

    Lari Threadstarter Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    Zurzeit verfügbare 2.2 (FroYo) ROM's für das Desire:

    [B]R_3[/B] :
    -fix market bug
    -fix gmail bug
    -update to open  desire 2.3
    -update to blue version
    W_2[/B] :
    -update  to open desire 2.3
    [B]R_2[/B] :
    -fix browser bug.
    -delete  launcher pro.
    [B][SIZE=3]i cooked my roms in 3 rows :[/SIZE][/B]
    [B][COLOR=YellowGreen]LEO_R[/COLOR][/B] : this series have new  icon and  design with the dark live wallpapers .
    [B][COLOR=YellowGreen]LEO_W[/COLOR][/B] : this series is a clean  rom look  likes another Froyo roms[B][COLOR=DimGray] but very  very fast and  stable rom[/COLOR][/B].
    [COLOR=YellowGreen][B]LEO_S[/B][/COLOR]  : .....

    [U][B]v 0.2[/B][/U]
    [*]Removed Facebook (Facebook.apk)
    [*]Added Titanium Backup
    [*]Added   HTC IME Mod [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=624416"]by jonasl[/URL] (Activate it in the Settings -> Tap    long on a text-field and change the Input methode to HTC Ime)
    [*]Add   Values in the Setcpu.txt up to 1,2Ghz
    Rooted and ported Froyo ROM by richardtrip[/I]
    Kernel 2.6.29 OCUV
    Audio mod
    CFQ Scheduler
    8 Mb RAM-hack

    [*]Reworked from the ground up
    [*]heuge apns list < if   yours doesnt show up just clear defaults (cant garuntee everyones will   be there but 99% will)
    [*]added Google car home
    [*]Fixed   boot animation (brace yourself, this may need tweaking) [IMG][/IMG]
    [*]fixed the  backward text in browser
    [*]Added  Ad-Free + new hosts
    [*]Maps,  Facebook, Spare parts & talkbak  installed to /data
    [*]added  chinese input with handwriting  recognition
    [B][I]What you get :[/I][/B]
    [*]Base: HTC Froyo Sense 2.06 FR91
    [*]Adobe Flash 10.1
    [*]deodexed  /system
    [*]Part odexed  /system/app
    [*]Lots  of Free space on 1st boot!
    [*]Super  Battery % + Circle MOD (Thanks to  Fightspit)
    [*]New superuser  permissions (Thanks to chainsDD)
    [*]Spare  parts
    [*]Working  HSDPA Icon
    [*]Working Wifi N
    [*]Working  Voice Search
    [*]Very  fast, Clean & stable
    [*]Video  Capture, 720p & 480p (FPS  Work in progress)
    [*]All Apps in  market for all regions
    [*]Added  Nano command-line text editor  support
    [*]Added Bash command shell  support
    [*]Busybox is  there!
    [*]Trackpad to wake
    [*]Desk  Clock
    [*]Optional  Android Launcher2
    [*]Google  Car Home
    [*]Ad-Free  + hosts
    [*]Rosie drag and drop mod  (thanks to Paulobrien)
    [*]Android  IME + Voice input! 100% working
    [*]HTC IME MOD
    [*]Chinese  Input + Handwriting recognition
    [*]Supported  Languages: English,  Chinese (keyboard), Arabic (keyboard), Czech,  German, Espanol, French,  Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Norwegian,  Japanese(keyboard),  Korean(keyboard), Greek, Swedish, Danish,  Portuguese, Finnish.
    [B]Removed :[/B]
    [B]Added  :[/B]
    [*]HTC Notes Widget
    [*]Android Keyboard
    [*]HTC   IME Mod
    [*]Spare parts
    [*]Quick system info
    [*]New   Superuser permissions by chains DD
    [*]Battery Circle & % Mod   (Thanks to Fightspit)
    [*]Custom Boot screen
    [*]Visualization   + Magicsmoke Live wallpapers
    [*]Desk Clock
    [*]Google  Car Home
    [*]Chinese input + Handwriting recognition
    [*]Talkback  (installed to /data)

    [U][B]v 0.3[/B][/U]
    Added Bluetooth CarKit/More RAM fix by Aiuspaktyn
    [B]Rom specs:[/B]
    - Android 2.2 (FRF91) (based on DJDroid v1.1-R1)
    -  Kernel
    - Base v2.06
    - WWE languages
    - Stock boot  animation without sound
    - Superuser v2.2.2
    - Nexus One market  footprints (All apps (including protected) available  in the market)
    -  720p Video recording
    - APP2SD+
    - WiFi N
    - Old-style circle  percentage battery
    [B]Removed apps:[/B]
    - App sharing
    - Car  panel
    - Install location mod (because ROM has old-style A2SD)
    -  Voice Search

     [U][B]v 1.0[/B][/U]
    I´m not a DEV ! I only took his ROM and removed a lot of HTC Stuff and   some others like:
    -Footprints + Widged
    -Quick  Office
    - think i have removed more but don´t know! [IMG][/IMG]
    Testet and it  works fine!

    MoDaCo Custom Rom
    [*]Updated to FRF91
    [*]Added Trackball Wake
    [*]Various    minor fixes
    [B]Features Included[/B]
    [*]Based on the FRF91 release
    [*]Rooted    with [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=682828"]Superuser 2.1 by ChainsDD[/URL]
    [*]Built with the    MCR build process which reduces the size and boosts the speed of the   ROM
    [*]Based on Kali and Defer's kernel with near stock config +   EXT4 +  tun
    [*]Rooted boot image with 'adb remount' permission and    superuser APK
    [*][URL="http://www.busybox.net/"]busybox[/URL]  with Droid Explorer support
    [*]terminfo   and settings in boot.img  to allow nano etc. use
    [*]OpenVPN  binary
    [*]HTC_IME to [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=624416"]jonasl's v27 for 2.2[/URL], based on my Desire leak
    [*]System    dalvik-cache moved to /cache partition
    [*]Updated Google Maps
    [*]MCR   version displayed in 'About' screen
    [*]Optional A2SD and  A2SD+   (old style) via the online kitchen
    [*]Optional baked in [URL="http://www.wavesecure.com/"]Wavesecure[/URL]  via   the online kitchen (installed to system partition for maximum   security)
    [*]Optional  WiFi Status indicator
    [*][B]De-odexed   for theming support![/B]

    NeoPhyTe ROM
     [U][B]v 1.4a[/B][/U]
    [*]added HTC_IME mod
    [*]added HTC_CIME
    [*]added  Footprints
    [*]added Spare Parts (For fast, enter in it,  window  animations :FAST, transition animations: FAST )
    [*]Compcache   Enabled.
    [*]MMS Fixed
    [*]APN List Fixed
    [*]Market  FIXED
    [*]HTCClock  modified
    [*]Virtual mem revised &  samplig_rate for battery eq
    [*]Based on the 2.06.832.1 [U]r5 MoDaCo[/U]   (FRF91) - thanks to paul
    [*]Theme Expresso modded by me - thanks   to lincore
    [*] Kernel Original
    [*]720p/h264  Camera
    [*]APP2SD (require partition ext) thanks to  AdamG
    [*]Vold  Patch
    [*]Working HSDPA Icon
    [*]Desk  Clock
    [*]Very fast,  Clean & stable
    [*]Optimizations RAM  and active sysctl.conf
    [*]Battery  Percentage modded by me icons  froyo original (thanks to judison  original icons)
    [*]List Host  block y apn
    [*]Bluetooth CarKit  Fixed (thanks to Aiuspaktyn)
    [*]Superuser  Permissions 2.2.2 by  ChainsDD
    [*]busybox with Droid Explorer  support
    [*]Wake UP  from Trackpad & Power
    [*]Updated  Google Maps
    [*]Added  Galeria 3D Nexus One
    [*]Added Live  Wallpaper Samsung Galaxy
    [*]Added  Voice Search & Dial
    [*]Moddded  Bootscreen to Nexus
    [*]Added  Launcher2 original FroYo
    [*]Added  AdFree, Quickoffice.
    [*]Deleted  Teeter, Stock, fingerprints,  Plurk & others.
    [*]Disabled  booting sound HTC
    [*]Added  & modified HTC_IME Expresso
    [*]WiFi  N
    [*]Supported  Languages: English, Chinese, Arabic,  Czech, German, Espanol, French,  Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian,  Norwegian, Japanese, Korean, Greek,  Swedish, Danish, Portuguese,  Finnish.

    Official Froyo HTC Sense ROM
    [*]added various locales/languages
    [*]added dns   resolv.conf
    [*]changed default language
    [*]fixed apn list
    [*]added   market fixes
    [*]removed boot sound
    [*]removed InvestPro,   MusicHolic, CSL*, SIE*, InfoEasy*
    [*]updated Google Maps
    [*]added   a2sd & cache2sd
    [*]added adblocking hosts file
    [*]added   busybox (v1.16.2)
    [*]added cyanogen apn list
    [*]added   terminfo to boot.img and /system/etc
    [*]initial   release
    [*]added superuser (v2.2.2)
    [*]latest android build - 2.2 r1.1 (frf91)
    [*]frf91  google apps
    [*]htc sense
    [*] kernel (no  ocuv)
    [*]rooted  with latest superuser (v2.2.2)
    [*]google  app2sd
    [*]legacy  a2sd
    [*]massive  apn list
    [*]latest  busybox (v1.16.2)
    [*]720p/h264  camcorder

    [I]3.0.1 patch[/I]
    [*]fixed apps2sd
    [*]updated gmail (v2.2.1)
    [*]updated  google maps (v4.4.0)
    [*]added  flac support
    [*]added  wma/wmv support
    [*]added community  maintained repos for specific  apps
    [*]fixed auto brightness
    [*]fixed  setup wizard
    [*]new  highmem kernel (extra 21mb ram)
    [*]qualcomm  mm core now compiled  from source
    [*]removed development,  spareparts & speech  recorder
    [*]for more info check the  forum...
    [*]Built 100% from source (with the exception  of Google Apps)
    [*]Latest  FRF91 Google Apps
    [*]  Kernel (With 21MB extra ram!!)
    [*]Latest  SU built from source  (v2.2.2)
    [*]Legacy A2SD with Cache2SD
    [*]Cyanogens  massive  APN list
    [*]Latest BusyBox built from source (v1.16.2)
    [*]H264   camcorder
    [*]FLAC / WMA / WMV media support
    [*]Many  more mods/tweaks & hacks

    -Framwork updated
    -Added google phone/contacs (skin by mythamp)
    -r6 based rom
    -Edited the colour of the lockscreen (see screenshots)
    -New small bootscreen
    -Added/removed some system files (cleanup)
    [B]What you get:[/B]
    -Android 2.2 Froyo (FRF91)
    -r6 based rom
    -Superuser  access
    -New colorfull icons and smileys
    -Adblock preinstalled
    -HTC  Clock
    -Google phone/contacs (skin by mythamp)
    -Adobe Flash
    -Video  Capture, 720p & 480p
    -Added EStrong File Manager
    -Flashlight  (use your Desire LED as torch)
    -Circle Battery
    -Android IME +  Voice input
    -Apps2SD and Dalvik2SD. You need a second partition  (ext).
    -HTC Bootscreen but without the terrible sound
    -Genie  Widget
    -Google Apps
    -Voice Search
    -Voice Dial
    -Google Mail
    -Some  sounds of my magic time
    -HTC Sense with usefull widgets  (Peep, RSS, Weather)
    -PDF Viewer
    -Car Panel
    -Wifi Tether
    -Trackpad  Awake
    -HTC Lockscreen
    -And what I forgot :-)
    -Google  Maps apk file
    -Facebook app but not  widget support
    -And again what I forgot :-)

    [/B][/U]Removed SetCPU (Buy it or Google for it)
    Removed Switch Pro (Buy it  or Google for it)
    Removed Voice Dialer
    Removed Genie Widget
    Removed  Protips
    Removed GoogleVoice
    Removed Google Googles
    - CarHome
    - Fancy Widget
    - Google QuickSearch
    -  Voice Search
    - DeskClock
    - Voice Dialer
    - Genie Widget
    -  Protips
    - GoogleVoice
    - Google Googles
    -  Battery Life Widget
    - Spare Parts (To apply APP2SD funktion)
    -  Super Mario Live Wallpaper 0.92b
    - Rom Manager
    - OpenVPN
    -  Bios Boot Animation
    - Samsung Live Wallpaper  fixed
    [B]What you get:[/B]
    - Full Froyo Build from AOSP -  based on SetR0M 2.2
    - SuperUser Access
    - Camcorder @ 800x480
    -  WiFi N
    - Bios Boot Animation
    - Samsung Galaxy Live Wallpaper and  Sounds
    - Fully Themed Rom
    - USB Tethering and mobile Hotspot
    -  FROYO =)
    - Custom OC-Kernels (1113MHz, 1267MHz) THX @ richardtrip
    -  over 100MB free Space on Device
    - Using OC  Kernel needs SetCPU, Google or Buy it from the Market!
    [B]Known  Bugs:[/B]
    - Automatic Display Brightness dont work, please set to a  value of your   coise
    - LED @ receiving a SMS do not blinking
    - WiFi  wont work with OC Kernel. Stay Stock at 998MHz or life without   it =) 

    [SIZE=4][COLOR=Red][B]What you Get:[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [*][COLOR=Red]Based on the [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=732246"]NeoPhyTe ROM[/URL] - thanks to [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=1973975"]NeoPhyTe.x360[/URL] AND [URL="http://android.modaco.com/"]Paul From Modaco[/URL][/COLOR]
    [*]Theme  Expresso modded by [COLOR=Navy][COLOR=Red][URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=1973975"]NeoPhyTe.x360[/URL][/COLOR][/COLOR] - thanks to lincore
    [*]Optimized  *.APKs
    [*] Kernel  Original
    [*]720p/h264  Camera
    [*][COLOR=Red]APP2SD  (require partition ext) thanks  to AdamG (if you think that your desire  is slow, maybe thats the  error... you haven't ext3 partition)
    [*]Vold  Patch
    [*]Working HSDPA Icon
    [*]Desk  Clock
    [*][B]Very  fast, Clean & stable[/B]
    [*]Optimizations  RAM and active  sysctl.conf
    [*]Battery Percentage modded by [COLOR=Navy][COLOR=Navy][COLOR=Red][URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=1973975"]NeoPhyTe.x360[/URL][/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR] icons froyo   original
    [*]List Host block y apn
    [*]Bluetooth CarKit Fixed   (thanks to Aiuspaktyn)
    [*]Superuser Permissions 2.2.2 by ChainsDD
    [*]busybox  with Droid Explorer support
    [*][B]Wake UP from  Trackpad &  Power[/B]
    [*]Updated Google Maps
    [*][B]Added  Gallery 3D Nexus  One[/B]
    [*][B]Added Live Wallpaper Samsung Galaxy[/B]
    [*]Added  Voice Search & Dial
    [*]Moded Bootscreen to Nexus
    [*][B]Added  Launcher2 original FroYo[/B]
    [*]Added AdFree,  Quickoffice.
    [*]Deleted  Teeter, Stock, fingerprints, Plurk &  others.
    [*]Disabled  booting sound HTC
    [*]Added &  modified HTC_IME Expresso
    [*][B]WiFi  N[/B]
    [*][B]Added Wifi Teether[/B]
    [*][B]Added  Adobe Showcase[/B]
    [*][B]Added Compass[/B]
    [*][B]Added  Mini-Info[/B]
    [*][B]Added  Dolphin Browser HD
    [*]Supported Languages: [COLOR=Navy][COLOR=Blue][B]Greek[/B][/COLOR],  [/COLOR]English,  Chinese, Arabic, Czech, German, Espanol, French,  Italian, Dutch, Polish,  Russian, Norwegian, Japanese, Korean, Swedish,  Danish, Portuguese,  Finnish.

    - No wipe required
    - HAVS kernel with interactive governor need more  testing so coming  soon
    - Quadrant score 1677 w/UVOC 1113Mhz Kernel  and interactive governor  (screenshot added)
    - Freshly compiled Kali  kernel msm
    - Added new interactive governor in stock (change governor  as "scaling  interactive" in setcpu)
    - Fixed Led
    - Fixed battery  drain
    - Updated Titanium backup, Fancy Widget, Rom Manager
    - Fixed  echo

    [U][B]v 1.4[/B][/U]
    Updated to FRF91B
    HQ Camcorder (800x480)
    Colored settings
    [B]Base ROM[/B]
    FRF91 FINAL De-odexed and black themed!
    -Trackball  wake
    -Fancy Widget
    -Dev Tools
    -Chrome to Phone
    -ADW  Launcher
    -Quick System Info (can view A2SD+ info)
    -ROM  Manager
    -HTC_IME mod , works out of the box by selecting as  input.
    -Google Goggles
    -SetCPU (please rely  on ondemand to take care of everything!)
    -Dialer One
    [B]ShadowFrost  FULL ROM[/B]: [URL="http://www.shadowchild.nl/shadowfrost_14.zip"]ShadowFrost    1.4 HERE[/URL].
    [B]ShadowFrost kernels:[/B]
    1. [URL="http://www.shadowchild.nl/shadowfrost_basekernel_v6.zip"][B]BASE kernel[/B][/URL]
    -CFQ Scheduler
    -EXT4 module
    -[B]BLUE[/B]  led actually working
    -no OC or UV
    -[B]HQ CAM FIX.[/B]
    2.  [URL="http://www.shadowchild.nl/shadowfrost_ocuvkernel_v6.zip"][B]OCUV kernel[/B][/URL]
    -CFQ Scheduler
    -EXT4 module
    -[B]BLUE[/B]  led actually working
    -OC until 1267 Mhz, UV for about 50  mV per clock step.
    -[B]HQ CAM FIX.[/B]
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 31.07.2010
    Laberistikus und janus_01 haben sich bedankt.
  4. Lari, 05.05.2010 #4

    Lari Threadstarter Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    Zurzeit verfügbare 2.1 (Eclair) ROM's für das Desire:

    KERNEL 2.6.29 UV OC R-14
    DIVXPLAYER-ROCK  (not tested!!)
    AND WHAT ELSE ..?........
    LAUNCHER  PRO( if you want added,just install apk's )

    superuser access
    full UI system color
    added AndExplorer
    Cash Cleaner
    Pretty Weather
    Reboot (shutdown,reboot,reboot recovery)-must buying at the market
    New Calculator
    android Keyboard
    HtcDialer Modded
    torch widget with config
    apps2sd+dalvik2sd(you need partition)
    bootscreen W7+nexus one
    Genie widget
    Circle battery with pourcent
    Transparant Lockscreen
    Transparant status bar
    voice search and voice dial
    Htc sense Modded
    Gallery3D usefull with camera
    New youtube widget Modded
    htc friendstream
    google maps

    Amer_Mod_Des_Nexus_Final || Update 1
    superuser full access
    A2SD and dalvik
    dalvik-cache  to sd
    full UI system color
    bootscreen W7+nexus one
    lockscreen  nexus one
    google dialer,Htc dialer (you have a choice)
    nexus one  keyboard,HTC_IME_mod (you have a choice)
    torch widget
    brightness  with configuration
    cash cleaner
    new calculator
    circle  battery + %
    sense Modified
    kernel 2.6.29 OC UV
    r-1 based rom
    UV  OC kernel on 1113 - 1267 Mhz
    audio louded
    HTCGallery  modified to 16M color
    android deskclock Moded (Use it for your  Alarme clock)

    AhmgskMod Nex-Desire Rom[Cy5.0.6 Rom]
    [B]Issues Fixed[/B]
    -> Camera Works perfect 5MP with Flash
    ->  Full Screen Video recording (800x480)
    -> Bluetooth Works Perfect
    ->  Brutt Maps Added
    -> Market Now Downloads Things -> U can  Download All Nexus Apps  (Google Earth etc)
    -> Sensors Work Okay  Sometime they are late But i found them Working  -> Please Report Back
    ->  Bootanimation Changed To -> Nexus Original
    -> Amount free Ram  at the time of Boot 320MB
    [B]Things to Work On[/B]
    -> Wifi Tether (Gonna try Kali kernel  later)
    -> Htc Desire Camera App
    -> More Video Format Support  (divx) (will take time)
    -> Cy 5.0.7 Coming next week
    -> JIT
    [B]Things Removed From Rom:[/B]
    (all  Removed apps will be Given in no wipe Update if requested)
    ->  Htc_ime
    -> quick office
    -> Some more
    -> Removed Lots  of wallpapers from L2 to make it light so that i  dont lose lost of  bandwidth (yes i hav limited internet for month [IMG][/IMG] )

    AhmgskMod Desire NonSense Rom
    its based on ahmgskmod desire sense rom
    [COLOR=Red]it does not hav a2sd[/COLOR] (avoiding till usb   bricking issue is solved)
    using stock kernel (u can use any other as u wish)
    u get approx 140mb free space (max u can get) -> will try to unlock   more
    usb tether works awesome (htc default)
    camera works 5mp.
    using launcherpro (best for now)
    using diff music app
    removed htc rosie & rosie related apps
    added android twitter app (best app)
    using 3d gallery dont use camera icon on top it force closes for now

    AhmgskMod Sense Rom
    [B]Kernel Used :[/B] stock [COLOR=#ff0000].29[/COLOR]
    [B]Things  Added:[/B]
    WIFI Tether
    Brutt Maps 4.1 v6
    [B]Things  Removed:[/B]
    Boot animation Sound
    Htc ringtone-trimmer
    Htc  Footprints + its widgets
    Quick Office
    And some more

    [U][B]5.0.8 Test7 [/B][/U]
    - Camera at 5Mpx working
    - Camera flash working
    - Merged with Cyanogens latest commits
    Test 6 [Fixed]
    - Market download fail fixed!
    - Based on newer kernel with ALS fixed, made by Kali-
    - Tun.ko module added
    - Cifs and a bunch of kernel modules added
    Test 6
    - WiFi fixed
    - Bluetooth fixed
    - Microphone fixed

    DJ Droid
    New Build 1.23
    busybox 1.16.2
    Keyboard from HTC EVO
    Fix permission
    mod hosts
    mod apn-config.xml
    Gmap 4.2
    Facebook 1.2

    eViL De-SiRe
    [U][B]v2.01 Barebone - A2SD Optional[/B][/U]
    Port of my NXSOne ROM (Change Log [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=685569"]here[/URL])
    Uses Richard Trips OC/UV kernel (doesn't everyone?)
    Changed battery icon to Droid guy

    HTC Desire 1.21.40 StandardRom gerooted und ohne Hboot/Radioupdate
    Version: HTC_WWE_1.21.40
    Kein Radio-Update
    Kein  Hboot-Update
    Rooted (mit Superuser 2.1)
    BusyBox integriert  (Benötigen manche RootApps)
    Fertig Signiert
    Zipaligned .apks  ("geringerer Ramverbrauch"...)

    MoDaCo Custom ROM
    [*]MCK kernel 1.1 included
    [*]Fixed issue where governor would   lock to userspace instead of OnDemand, locking the device to 768MHz   (WTF!)
    [*]Added gr0gmint's R2 JIT as a kitchen option
    [*]Based on the 1.21.xxx.x ROM series
    [*]Pre-rooted   with su and Superuser Permissions 2.0.3 by [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=665974"]ChainsDD[/URL]
    [*]Built with the MCR build process   which reduces the size and boosts the speed of the ROM
    [*]Patched   'Rosie' (Sense) to allow click-drag homescreen rearrange when   pinch-zoomed out
    [*][URL="http://www.busybox.net/"]busybox[/URL] with Droid Explorer support
    [*]'Genie'   News and Weather widget
    [*]Jbed Java
    [*]MCR version displayed   in 'About' screen
    [*]'Navigation Panel' (HTC version of 'Car  Home')
    [*]OpenVPN  binary
    [*]terminfo and settings in boot.img  to allow nano etc. use
    [*]Updated  Google Maps
    [*]Voice  Search
    [*]Removed bootsound (can be  restored via the online  kitchen)
    [*]Optional A2SD via the  online kitchen, including A2SD+
    [*]Optional  Android 2.1 stock  Contacts application
    [*]Optional Amazon MP3
    [*]Optional   Development Tools
    [*]Optional Hebrew fonts
    [*]Optional  patched  HTC IME version 25 by [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=624416"]jonasl[/URL]
    [*]Optional Titanium Backup
    [*]Optional   [URL="http://www.wavesecure.com/"]Wavesecure[/URL]  via  the online kitchen (installed to system partition for maximum  security)
    [*]Optional  WiFi Status indicator
    [*]De-odexed  framework for you themers  out there!

    nexus experience
    [FONT=Arial][SIZE=4][COLOR=Black]Das Rom   hat:[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Arial]
    Car Home
    Live  Wallpapers
    News and weather app
    Google Maps
    Voice Dialer
    Voice  Search
    Wifi tethering
    Development Tools
    apps  to sd [IMG]http://forum.xda-developers.com/images/smilies/smile.gif[/IMG]
    5 icon's im app Launcher
    % anzeige in der Status Bar  vom Akku [IMG]http://forum.xda-developers.com/images/smilies/wink.gif[/IMG]
    super User app
    und vieles mehr...
    Sprachen:[/FONT]  [FONT=Arial]

    Pays-ROM Desire Sense
    [B]Changes in v2.3 BraveSoul:[/B]
    -270/360 Rotation mod removed, caused the settings problem
    [B]Changes  in v2.2 BraveSoul:[/B]
    -ExpressoBar mod by b1oh4zard
    -270/360 Rotation mod by liamstears 
    -released a removed apps package for r3.1
    [B]Changes  in v2.1 BraveSoul:[/B]
    -Back to MCR Kernel
    -Added Wlan N support (tested on 2.4 GHz)
    -Wifi Tether working
    -HTC Desire icon when connecting to a windows pc
    -EStrong File Manager updated
    [B]What you get:[/B]
    -Superuser access
    -New colorfull icons and  smileys
    -Adblock preinstalled
    -Default  Google contacts app and dialer added
    -Added EStrong File Manager
    -Torch  Widget (use your Desire LED as torch)
    -Circle Battery (not the one  you probably know, this one is "sharper"  with new icon inside)
    -Apps2SD  and Dalvik2SD. You need a second partition (ext).
    -Accessibility  (Talkback, Kickback, Soundback)
    -HTC Bootscreen but without the  terrible sound
    -Genie Widget
    -Google Apps
    -Voice Search
    -Voice  Dial
    -Google Mail
    -Some sounds of my magic time
    -HTC  Sense with usefull widgets (Peep, RSS, Weather)
    -PDF Viewer
    -r3.1  based rom
    -% battery  icon by kubino99
    -Brightness Profiles
    -Black HTC bootscreen
    -Wlan  N support
    -Wifi Tether working
    -HTC Desire icon when connecting  to a windows pc
    -ExpressoBar mod by b1oh4zard
    -And what I forgot  :-)
    -Google Maps apk file
    -Removed  sim toolkit
    -Removed footprints
    -Facebook app but not widget  support
    -And again what I forgot :-)

    Pays-ROM Desire Sparta
    [B]Changes in v1.3:[/B]
    -Back to MCR Kernel
    -Added Wlan N support (tested on 2.4 GHz)
    -Wifi Tether working
    -HTC Desire icon when connecting to a windows pc
    -EStrong File Manager updated
    -Gallery and Camera patch included
    [B]Changes in  v1.2:[/B]
    -Gallery 3D added
    -Removed HTC Gallery
    -Stock Music-Player added
    -Removed HTC Music
    -Latest Kernel (OC only v14)
    (this should solve a lot of kernel related problems)
    -ROM based on r3.1
    -EStrong File Manager updated
    -Updated framework
    -IP tables
    [B]What you get:[/B]
    -Superuser access
    -New colorfull icons and  smileys
    -Vanilla Lockscreen thx kubino99
    -Adblock preinstalled
    -Stock  Mail
    -Stock Music-Player
    -Gallery 3D
    -Default  Google contacts app and dialer added
    -Added EStrong File Manager
    -Torch  Widget (use your Desire LED as torch)
    -Circle Battery (not the one  you probably know, this one is "sharper"  with new icon inside)
    -Apps2SD  and Dalvik2SD. You need a second partition (ext).
    -Accessibility  (Talkback, Kickback, Soundback)
    -Black HTC Bootscreen without sound
    -Genie  Widget
    -Google Apps
    -Voice Search
    -Google Mail
    -Some sounds  of my magic time
    -r3.1 based rom
    -%  battery icon by kubino99
    -Brightness Profiles
    -Black HTC  bootscreen
    -Wlan N support
    -Wifi Tether working
    -HTC Desire  icon when connecting to a windows pc
    -And what I forgot :-)
    -Google  Maps apk file
    -Sim toolkit
    -HTC  Sense stuff with widgets (Peep, RSS, Weather, etc..)
    -PDF Viewer
    -Alot  of stuff of the stock rom

    Pympster's Desire ROM
    [B][U]V 0.2[/U][/B]
    [SIZE=6][COLOR=Red][U]There are three builds:[/U][/COLOR][/SIZE]
    See  screenshots below.
    [*]With   sense & Launcher, You decide the default when clicking home [IMG][/IMG] (See screenshots  below)
    [*]No Sense (stock android  launcher) but keep the  added functionality of the HTC apps and apps  listed below
    [*]Lite BETA
    [*]See below for further  info
    [*]Almost all  HTC & third party apps (including sense)  removed and replaced with  stock android apps [IMG][/IMG]
    1.  Copy the ZIP to the root of your SD Card and then Turn off/unplug  your  device
    2. Turn it on again while holding down the 'volume down'  button this  time. The screen will look similar to before, but will say  'HBOOT'  instead of 'FASTBOOT'.
    3. Use the volume buttons and the  power button to select the 'RECOVERY'  option. You should then see a  screen with a red triangle - at this  point, plug it into your Linux or  OSX computer.
    4. From 'push files' zip that you downloaded you'll see  a file called  'recovery-linux.sh' or 'recovery-mac.sh'. Run the one  appropriate to  your operating system and the screen of your device  should change to  display the green recovery image menu.
    5. In the  recovery image (moving around using the optical trackball),  select 'Wipe  -> Wipe data /factory reset'.
    6. Then 'Flash zip from sdcard' and  choose the "Pympsters_ROM_0-1".  Confirm with the trackball and the  update process will begin.
    When the flash has finished, reboot,  and you are DONE, WHOOHOO!
    See [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=672770"]this thread[/URL] for more help on installing ROMS and   rooting
    [*]Based   on the 1.21.xxx.x ROM (MCR) series
    [*]Pre-rooted with su and   Superuser Permissions 2.0.3 by ChainsDD
    [*]Built with the MCR   build process which reduces the size and boosts the speed of the ROM
    [*]Patched  'Rosie' (Sense) to allow click-drag homescreen rearrange  when  pinch-zoomed out
    [*]busybox with Droid Explorer support
    [*]'Navigation   Panel' (HTC version of 'Car Home')
    [*]Updated Google Maps &   Facebook
    [*]Voice Search
    [*]OS X Startup sound [IMG][/IMG]
    [*]Official   Twitter
    [*]XDA App
    [*]Wireless Tether
    [*]Quick   Settings
    [*]ES File Explorer
    [*]Barcode  Scanner
    [*]Spare parts
    [*]Quick  Office
    [SIZE=5][COLOR=Red][U]Removed  Apps[/U][/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [*]Sim  toolkit
    [*]Java (included in  modaco ROM)
    [*]News and weather  (included in modaco ROM)
    [*]Genie  Widget
    [*]A few other bits  and bobs

    [B][U]V 1.1[/U][/B]
    Added wifi tether, works (quick & dirty)
    This is my mod of Pays Sparta ROM ([URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=689558"]Pays-ROM Desire Sparta[/URL]).
    While I believe it is the best ROM out there, we basically don't agree   what should be included.
    I did it for my personal use, but thought some  perhaps think the same  as I do [IMG][/IMG] So, I present to  you Troya v1.1.
    [B]What's changed:[/B]
    Back button wakes the  device
    K-9 Mail (custom icon and  gmail notification icon)
    HTC Photo
    Linda Manager
    Titanium  Backup
    Maps [brut mod]
    Original Nexus One boot animation
    PDF  Viewer
    Few more sounds
    Helix  Launcher
    Stock Mail
    Stock Music
    3D Gallery
    Dev Tools
    EStrong  File Manager
    Spare Parts

    it's based on pays rom
    apps2sd +dalvik yes
    removed google map,friendstream,HTC_IME
    add gallery3D work very good with camera
    add dialerone
    add shazam
    add pretty weather
    overclocking from bravesoul
    full system color
    overclocking 1113 Mhz
    htc dialer
    pretty weather (you need OI file manager)
    transparant statusbar
    transparant lockscreen
    and much more.

    XTcisloVe Custom ROM (NO Sense)
    [U]What u get:[/U]
    MCR3.1 Base
    Superuser Access!
    Launcher  PRO with 3D-UI !
    Most of Sense stuff removed!
    Added working  Gallery 3D, Music and Phone app from N1!
    Richard´s Custom Kernel (MCR  V14 Version with UV/OC, download attached  setcpu.txt and push it to  your sdcard to use it
    Menu to unlock Screen MOD.
    Eclair  Lockscreen.
    Cyanogen Boot Animation.
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 31.07.2010
    manne49 und janus_01 haben sich bedankt.
  5. IrealiTY, 05.05.2010 #5

    IrealiTY Android-Experte

    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 06.05.2010
    janus_01 und Lari haben sich bedankt.
  6. drakohla, 20.05.2010 #6

    drakohla Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    Zuletzt von einem Moderator bearbeitet: 20.05.2010
  7. Evilandi666, 04.06.2010 #7

    Evilandi666 Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    Einmal bitte hinzufügen:
    Also hier nun das ultimative Rom:

    Desire_HTC_WWE_1.21.40_NoRadio_NoHBoot_Rooted_Sign ed.zip

    Version: HTC_WWE_1.21.40
    Kein Radio-Update
    Kein Hboot-Update
    BusyBox integriert (Benötigen manche RootApps)
    Fertig Signiert
    Zipaligned .apks ("geringerer Ramverbrauch"...)

    Download: RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting

    Bitte keine Mirrors, danke.
    Installierbar via Recovery Mode, ganz normal.
    Flashen auf eigene Gefahr.
    Flashbar ohne Wipe wenn ihr von einem (stock) original Rom kommt.
    Falls Probleme auftreten -> Kompletten Wipe machen.

    Warum nutze ich es? Weil es das näher am "standardrom" ist als alle anderen - und ich weiß was drin ist ;)

    Danke an mountnorth für die Hilfe...

    Edit: Bei wenigen User kam es vor, dass sie Probleme mit SU/ROOT/SuperUser.apk haben, falls ihr das habt, flasht einfach http://bit.ly/brI0EV ... danach sollte alles passen. Hängt wohl u.a. auch damit zusammen, wenn man vorher/nachher wiped.
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 05.06.2010
  8. Gast5050, 05.06.2010 #8

    Gast5050 Gast


    hier findeste nen Info Thema dazu

    Das hier ist die aktuellste

    zu flashen wie nen normales ROM auch über die Recovery Konsole
    elknipso und BO4573 haben sich bedankt.
  9. elknipso, 05.06.2010 #9

    elknipso Android-Ikone

    Besten Dank.
  10. BO4573, 05.06.2010 #10

    BO4573 Android-Lexikon

    Von mir auch..!! Besten Dank..!!
    manne49 bedankt sich.
  11. Gast5050, 14.06.2010 #11

    Gast5050 Gast


    Version 0.9:
    • Deodexed
    • light-sensor fix (thanks to defer)
    • HTC_IME
    • spare-parts (for easy a2sd options switch)
    • extra echotest kernel update from defer (apply after Full Rom)
    • Boot image < 2304 kb for people with bad-blocks on boot partition (echotest from defer is bigger)

    nun fehlt nur noch der camcorder *g* da ich den öfters brauche, hoffe ich das dies auch jemand hin bekommt.
  12. xtcislove, 14.06.2010 #12
  13. elknipso, 24.06.2010 #13

    elknipso Android-Ikone

    Hat hier jemand das Standard ROM für mich dass ich übers Recovery Menü drauf flashen könnte um wieder im Originalzustand ohne (!) root zu sein?
    Die ganzen Unroot Anleitungen funktionieren bei mir nämlich nicht.

    Es funktioniert noch nicht mal das offizielle Update übers Handy einzuspielen also die .21 das lädt er runter, fragt ob er installieren soll. Macht einen Neustart, beginnt kurz mit grünem Fortschrittsbalken und dann verschwindet der Balken, das Telefon wird mit einem roten Fragezeichen angezeigt und danach macht er einen Neustart und hat noch das alte ROM (immer noch mit root) drauf.
  14. cargo, 24.06.2010 #14

    cargo Gast


    du kannst dir kein Original RUU-exe Rom flashen???:confused::confused::confused:
    Ich hab zwar grade Bier getrunken und möchte auch nicht unhöflich klingen, aber das Glaub ich dir nicht.

    Ich hatte bis vor 4min. r18 Froyo von Modaco drauf, dann wie schon öfters Original T-Mobile UK Rom exe-Datei ausgeführt (ohne Goldcard), und Zack T-Mobile 1.15er Rom auf.

    Wenn ich nach r18 Froyo das Original HTC 1.15er Rom Flashen will geht das auch allerdings nur mit Goldcard, aber es funzt.

    Wenn dein Desire von T-Mobile ist brauchst du dieses Rom.
    Wenn dein Desire von HTC ist brauchst du dieses Rom.

    Da du 0.75 HBOOT hast funtzt eine Original Rom auf jeden Fall, auch ohne Goldcard.
    Gib bitte mal bescheid ob es geklappt hat, sonst bau ich dir ein Rom was du über Recovery Flashen kannst. Eine von T-Mobile hab ich schon da, es ist die 1.21 die über Recovery geflasht werden kann. (Klick hier)

    Allerdings ich weis nicht warum der Bootvorgang anders als beim Original ist.

    Bei T-Mobile Original kommt erst der magentafarbene Kreis, dann das HTC Logo und dann der T-Mobile Schriftzug. Bei meinem kommt gleich das HTC Logo und dann der T-Mobile Schriftzug.
    Dafür ist bei meinem alles gleich auf Deutsch.(Lesezeichen Startseite u.s.w.):p

    Wie gesagt das kannst du dir flashen, über Recovery, ist ohne Root, aber du hast danach immer noch Zugriff auf das Recovery Menü. Also für Garantie isses nichts, da der Zugang zum Recovery Menü erhalten bleibt.

    Zuletzt von einem Moderator bearbeitet: 25.06.2010
  15. elknipso, 25.06.2010 #15

    elknipso Android-Ikone

    Das kannst Du mir ruhig glauben :).
    Allerdings war die Information in meiner Signatur nicht mehr zutreffend. Habe heute mein Desire aus der Reparatur zurück bekommen (und die haben es nicht repariert, obwohl ich es ganz genau beschrieben hatte was sie gar nicht erst versuchen brauchen weil es nichts bringt, aber das ist eine andere Geschichte...) und die haben mir den 0.80 Bootloader drauf gepackt.

    Was wohl auch die Erklärung für das Problem ist, der scheint zu prüfen ob die aktuelle Version größer oder gleich der Version ist die man drauf flashen möchte und lässt das dann nicht zu.

    Da hat mir aber heute aber einer der Mods (oder wars gar der Admin?) von AndroidPit sehr detailliert geholfen (nochmal vielen Dank an ihn auch an der Stelle), habe mich heute ne Weile mit ihm unterhalten weil er das Problem auch interessant fand, und meinte das würde zu lange dauern das in einem Forum zu erklären :).

    Also die Problematik an sich ist behoben, und es ist wieder das original ROM drauf.
    Es würde mich aber dennoch interessieren ob es da nicht eine einfachere Möglichkeit gegeben hätte, denn den Weg den wir gegangen sind war schon recht umfangreich.

    Die verlinkte ROM Version habe ich übrigens benutzt, bzw. nicht ganz ich hatte zuerst die "WWE" Version probiert (http://www.androidfiledepot.com/Storage/Desire/Stock%20Roms/RUU_Bravo_HTC_WWE_1.15.405.4_Radio_32.30.00.28U_4.05.00.11_release_122704.exe) und später zusammen mit dem Mod der mir geholfen hat habe ich die "Europe" Version genommen (http://www.androidfiledepot.com/Sto...io_32.30.00.28U_4.05.00.11_release_121865.exe) da er meinte die "WWE" Version könnte Schwierigkeiten machen.
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 25.06.2010
  16. cargo, 25.06.2010 #16

    cargo Gast

    Also mit Bootloader 0.80 kannst du auf normalem Wege kein Original 1.15er Rom Flashen das ist richtig. Naja ging ja alles gut.;)
  17. elknipso, 25.06.2010 #17

    elknipso Android-Ikone

    Welches originale ROM kann man denn wieder "einfach" drauf flashen? Geht das 1.21? Davon hatte ich nämlich keinen funktionierenden Download gefunden.
    Ist zwar für den aktuellen Fall unerheblich, es interessiert mich aber dennoch.

    Und stimmt es, dass die WWE Version ungeeigneter ist als die Eruope Version der ROMs?
  18. cargo, 25.06.2010 #18

    cargo Gast

    Es ist immer Interresant zuwissen welches Desire du hast.?
    Von HTC oder T-Mobile...
    Dann einfach die entsprechende Original Rom Datei ausführen, fertig.

    So mach ich das testhalber auch immer. Du kannst auch mit Goldcard ein HTC Rom direkt flashen.;)
  19. elknipso, 25.06.2010 #19

    elknipso Android-Ikone

    Ich habe ein freies HTC Desire. Deshalb dachte ich mir das auch. Aber es ging eben *nicht* so einfach. Die 1.15.405.4 und die 1.15.405.3 ließen sich ohne die Modifikationen überhaupt nicht flashen, sondern brachen mit oben genannter Fehlermeldung (Screenshot) ab.

    Der Grund wäre angeblich, dass der 0.80er Bootloader überprüft ob die Version aktueller ist als die bereits vorhandene und es dann nicht zulässt wenn man die gleiche Version wieder drüber flashen will.
  20. cargo, 25.06.2010 #20

    cargo Gast

    Ja sag ich doch, du kannst kein 1.15er Rom auf normalem offiziellem Wege Flashen, wenn dein Bootloader >0.75 ist.

    Du hättest aber eine 1.21er Rom von HTC Flashen können.
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