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  1. MarciWoi, 29.11.2010 #1

    MarciWoi Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    Xillius200's,Mikeyman77's,Spikeynick94's DroidEris 2.1r3.5 ("MTD+2708") (30/11/2010) Xillius200's, Mikeyman77's, Spikeynick94's XMN 2.1 DroidEris

    I dont know about any of you, but i love sense. however sense has never met my standards in terms of speed, and stability.. well thats what i want to fix. this has been a little project of mine for a few weeks, hope you like and enjoy

    as Zach has left I have tried to speak to him doubt he will ever come back so in terms of this day R.I.P ZX [​IMG] but hello XM ^^

    Xillius200: Rom developer + Porter
    Mikeyman: Rom Developer + Porter
    Spikeynick94: Theme creator + apk resizing (hdpi to mdpi etc.)

    - HTC widgets
    - clear cashe on boot
    - takes for ever to become unstable
    - fast
    - HTC apps
    - fully functioning
    - htc ime
    - legend looking
    - 614mhz stable kernel
    - extra web browser
    - more speed
    - Renice (should work nice)
    - Angry Birds Works
    - Renice - Thanks QDT!!
    - 06bindcache script!!!!!! - Mikeyman77 for this one ^^
    - 595mhz on default ^^
    - Instant ring basically xD

    Does not include:
    camera is broke use - 1mp

    On by Default:
    Data Roaming is on by default - To turn off go into settings ^^

    Steps to a successful install:

    0 format sd card and setup the sd card with ext4 of 512mb or above and the swap with 128mb
    0.1 go here http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=831139
    0.2 follow steps upgrade spl an radio
    1. Head over to Firerats MTD page
    2. Download FR_Boot_v1.5.6 and FR_Recovery_v1.5.6 to your sd card
    3. Create a text file called mtdpartmap.txt with the "mtd 145 2" inside of the txt file without the quotes
    4. Download the rom below to sd card
    5. enter recovery and wipe cache,data,system
    6. Flash FR_Recovery_v1.5.6
    7. Wipe cache,data,system
    8. reboot but back into recovery
    9. Flash Rom
    10. Flash FR_BOOT
    11. Reboot phone and enjoy ^^
    done [​IMG]

    ROM DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?ydfgohmvd1uuck8

    Best Settings:
    Animations: OFF
    Setcpu: 576mhz and interactive I think is good lol ^^ but up to you lol - the ones on by default I find good [​IMG]



    Fix to widget problems in framework - hopefully xD
    ALOT More speed lol
    A few other things modded for better stability ^^
    faster keyboard - If keyboard don't work adb push replacement lol
    renice tweaks

    To come in XMN V4:
    Newer Hero base ^^
    ALL htc widgets
    Closer to fixing camera/bluetooth or one of them may be fixed yay [​IMG]
    more speed xD - always [​IMG]
    newer stuff lol
    tiny bit more optimization
    slimmer ^^

    Xillius200's,Mikeyman77's,Spikeynick94's DroidEris 2.1r3 ("MTD+2708") (26/11/2010) - xda-developers
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 02.12.2010
  2. riddy1907, 30.11.2010 #2

    riddy1907 Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    bis jetzt ist immernoch die Originale T-Mobile G1 Rom die schnellste und stabilste
  3. Clmegedo, 30.11.2010 #3

    Clmegedo Neuer Benutzer

    Hi,kann mir jemand die configuration so übersetzten das ich es auch verstehe? Danke!!!

    Install Instuctions

    It really is quite simple
    download FR-recovery-v1.5.6-CustomMTD_S.zip and FR-boot-v1.5.6-CustomMTD_S.zip
    create mtdpartmap.txt and put on /sdcard/ see configuration *
    (* configuration
    The script in the recovery patcher checks for /sdcard/mtdpartmap.txt and reads that to override the default sizes.
    e.g. for system 85mb and cache 2mb
    NB make sure you mount sdcard first, else you won't write to sdcard/mtdpartmap.txt !

    reboot to recovery
    wipe cache + data
    flash FR-recovery-v1.5.6-CustomMTD_S.zip
    reboot to recovery ( reboot and hold Home )
    Either : -
    Flash ROM + extras
    flash FR-boot-v1.5.6-CustomMTD_S.zip
  4. MarciWoi, 30.11.2010 #4

    MarciWoi Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    du lädst beide dateien runter und erstellst eine txt datei und schreibst
    dort hinein 85 2 und legst alles auf die sd karte, bootest ins recovery machst ein nandbackup, das flasht du FR-recovery-v1.5.6-CustomMTD_S.zip
    und den rest vertsht du ja ;D
    Clmegedo bedankt sich.
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