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Hallo allerseits,

da ich selbst nicht so der Fan vom ClockworkMod bin (4EXT Recovery gibbes ja leider noch nicht fürs One X) fand ich dieses Recovery hier bei XDA recht interessant, weil es eine ungewöhnliche Optik hat.

Habs selbst noch nicht geflasht, aber es sieht schonmal besser aus als CWM :)

Ist noch Beta, aber das Youtube-Video sieht schonmal recht interessant aus.

Quelle: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1583713

DooMRecovery for HTC One X is based on ClockworkMod recovery source (GB 5.0.2.x).

Credits and special thanks to Koush and everyone else involved in Cyanogenmod project!

[ info ]

so friends i present to u DooMRecovery! its based on CWM 5.0.2.x sources... i have done some additions which i feel makes the recovery a lot smarter... i am still working on the recovery and will be actively maintaining it, so there will be updates as and when i get things working/add new features...


so till i get the "not working" things sorted i though i should release a public beta... so here it is...


  1. Start the ROM Manager APP
  2. Click on Menu (3-dots)
  3. Select Manual Flash Override
  4. Click OK at the next prompt
  5. Confirm phone model as "HTC One X"
  6. Confirm version as "ClockworkMod 3.x+"
  7. Click OK at the next prompt
thats it ROM Manager is now configured to use this recovery

[ not yet working / TO DO ]

  • ADB (the ICS kernel has a different USB gadget, i working on triggering the adb/mass storage mode)
  • USB mass storage mounting (i have the correct LUN file but this can only function once the above USB gadget issue is resolved)
  • flashing of kernels using update.zip (not really sure what causing this, but restore of kernel works, from previous backups)
  • Touch functionality (the sources i have were ment for GB branch, we will begin work on ICS branch to get touch response working)
    when we get it working this is how it will look:

    (the video is a bit older one from my Xperia Play but gives u an idea how its supposed to work when full touch capability works)

    Touch capabilities are added by my teammate (Team UtterChaos) Napstar....
[ disabled for this device ]

  • Advanced Menu -> Key Test
  • Advanced Menu -> Partition SDcard
[ credits / special thanks ]

[ features ]

  1. Honeycomb themed
  2. haptic feedback
  3. shows current time (time when the recovery was entered/started)
  4. uses new Roboto FONT (from latest CWM repo)
  5. new "select update.zip menu": it will give u a new option - "show file details" - which will display the size (in bytes) and the MD5SUM of the selected file
  6. when any update.zip is selected its complete file name will now be displayed (right at the top) and full path to that file will be printed before flashing begins
  7. added prompt to display the "backup folder name" when user starts restoring a backup
  8. added a warning and option to abort backup if space on sdcard is < 150 MB
  9. removed Wipe cache partition from main menu (u can format /cache from "Mounts & Storage" menu)
  10. removed those tons of "No"s
  11. add confirmation to "backup" option in Nandroid menu... it used to keep getting pressed by mistake and start making backups immediately... now it will ask u before starting backup
  12. replaced "reboot system now" with new menu "reboot options"... now with this new menu u can:
    • reboot sytem
    • reboot into recovery
    • reboot into fastboot mode
    • Power Off
  13. added "advanced backup" menu (based on amit.bagaria implementations for his CF-Root kernel for SGS-SL)
    • now u can selectively choose which partitions to backup
    • its like a toggle
    • once u have finished choosing which partitions u want just click on "perform backup" and only those partitions will be backed up!!!
  14. revamped layout for recovery menu (to improve navigation) [renamed few options and changed their order]
  15. changed "wipe data/factory reset" option to just "factory reset", and detailed the partitions which will be wiped
  16. changed text of most menus to fit the new honeycomb inspired design
  17. the Nandroid backups & restore now show/displays which files were used to restore/what the backup is called (folder name)
[ requirements ]

  2. fastboot binaries
[ how to install? ]

  1. download the file provided below
  2. reboot device into fastboot mode
    adb reboot bootloader
  3. flash the recovery onto your device
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
[ how to enter recovery? ]

reboot device into recovery mode
adb reboot recovery

use the reboot into recovery apps from Market/Play store

[ how to use recovery? ]

  • VOL UP/VOL DOWN key to move Up/Down in menu
  • POWER key to SELECT item
[ donations ]

if u feel that this work has helped u OR u think that the work i put into making this is worthy of donations, then click on the following link for buying me some coffee/beer/etc


[ downloads ]


DooMRecovery (BETA1)
[ MD5HASH: 41bc5a74dcb74df819230dedcca78861 ]

please test it out and let me know if u have any issues or if u would like any new features!
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Ja, ist wohl noch ziemlich buggy und max sollte eh bald das 4EXT bringen, dann haben wir unser Recovery..


Na dann harren wir mal der DInge die da kommen :)


DOOM hat für die Sonny-User wahrlich viel getan - unter anderem auch das XRecovery, welches mitunter eines der besten all-in-one-Tools auf XDA ist.
Neben Root, flashen von Custom-Roms, installation von CWM, von Kernels usw. sind auch weitere brauchbare Eigenschaften wie das Entfernen von Apk`s, das installieren von Apk`s, und noch vieles mehr, welche vereint unter der Haube dieses genialen Tools stecken - und das schöne daran - man benötigt nur einen Touch auf einen definierten Reiter wie z.B: Bootloader unlock oder Root usw. - zurücklehnen und warten bis das Tool es erledigt hat.

Die letzten beiden Jahre hat mich dieses wertvolle Tool durch diverse Handys begleitet und ich würde mich freuen, wenn er es auch für HTC zum "Laufen" bringt - näheres wird man ja schon heute Abend/morgen Früh erfahren. ;)
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