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  1. Garnett, 21.02.2012 #1

    Garnett Threadstarter Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Hallo zusammen,
    ich möchte hier mal eine ROM von kylon aus dem XDA-Forum vorstellen. Diese basiert in der Grundversion auf dem damals sehr beliebten WildPuzzle-Rom von danne_jo.Da evtl. nicht jeder auf eine andere u. neure ROM ohne Sense wechseln möchte ist hier, wie ich finde, die perfekte Alternative. Für viele ist ja gerade die HTC-Oberfläche Sense ein Kaufargument warum es HTC geworden ist und nicht ein anderer Hersteller.

    Ich selbst nutze die ROM und bin absolut zufrieden.Desweiteren gibt es div. Anpassungsmöglichkeiten direkt vom ROM-Ersteller und sogar YouTube-Videos wie die ROM zu installieren ist.

    Link zum Original-XDA-Thread

    Original XDA-Thread




    [B][COLOR=Red]** = OTA
    * = OTF
    Changelog 2.83**
    [/COLOR][/B][COLOR=Red][COLOR=Black]Removed a few htc bloatware
    Updated all apps
    Fixed all(?) wi-fi bugs
    nexus 4 sounds
    nexus 4 wallpaper
    updated busybox to 1.20.2
    updated Google play to 3.10.9(patched version-thanks Chelpus)
    new host file(Adfree 0.8.44-thanks adfree team)
    fixed the call bug
    moved root exp in system/app
    removed data/app(use the package rempuzzle-apps instead)
    cleaned up system tweaks
    fixed a mistake in system tweaks: 3072 is now working(sd cache script)
    Big clean up (updater-script and rom)
    the font is unlocked again(you can install custom fonts)
    cleaned up init.rc again
    cleaned up the Build.prop
    [COLOR=Red][B]Changelog 2.81**[/B][/COLOR]
    reverted system/media changes(they were not working for everyone)
    updated all apps
    updated framework to V9.2[/COLOR][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=Red][B]Changelog 2.80[/B][/COLOR]  
    Optimized 3g signal
    optimized the scrolling
    android can free more RAM if needed
    little speed up in home
    save more battery now
    tweaks for qualcomm cpu
    moved system/media in sdcard/RemMedia/ (freed 26mb in system)(RemMedia symlinked in / )
    cleaned up system tweaks
    cleaned up updater-script 
    updated/added tweaks
    new combo: ondemand-noop default(the best!)
    added tweaks for ondemand(+20% speed up/performance-lag in camera is now gone)
    cleaned up init.rc
    init.rc tweaks
    updated all apps(even google play,we need it)
    OTA updates supports-thanks to mweulink -here -
    high level compression for htc-res and framework
    updated host file
    a new way to change the sd cache(very easy,no flash,no zips to unpack)
    updated spn-conf
    [B][COLOR=Red]Changelog 2.71 OTF  [/COLOR][/B]
    fixed video recording
    htc music sense 4 icon
    new boot animation
    [sounds]sense 4 ringtones,alarms and notifications
    sense 4 wallpapers
    [COLOR=Red][B]Changelog 2.70  [/B][/COLOR]
    sense 4 style - 99% done
    tweaked media_profile (audio/video recording quality)
    max quality for photos and videos
    cleaned up init.d folder(you can find a log of the tweaks in /data)
    new zipalign script(you can find a log in /data)
    moved openvpn apps to rempuzzleapps
    more tweaks in build.prop
    updated apps
    added toggle2g in sdcard/rempuzzle-apps
    fixed almost all languages
    symlinked calibration to etc(wifi signal tweak)-first wildfire rom with this(increased the necessary distance from the modem to connect your phone)(need some work the signal bar)
    installed roboto font
    [COLOR=red][B]Changelog 2.43 OTF [/B][/COLOR]
    added beats audio(thanks sly)
    [COLOR=red][B]Changelog 2.42 OTF [/B][/COLOR]
    updated bravia engine-thanks to owain94 
    Changelog 2.41 OTF [/B][/COLOR]
    fixed rare problem with arabic language
    cleaned up system tweaks
    updated host
    [COLOR=red][B]Changelog 2.40 [/B][/COLOR]
    enabled sony bravia engine! first wildfire rom with it!(what is it?-see [URL="http://www.sonyericsson.com/product/xperiaarc/video/mbe/"]this[/URL])
    arabic patch already installed
    updated su binary(,Maps(6.2.0 unlocked),openVPN  settings(0.4.9),root explorer(2.18),wifi tether(3.1  beta11-sdcard/rempuzzleapps)
    now rem puzzle uses open DNS(wifi only,speed up) instead of google dns
    more 3g tweaks
    more system tweaks
    added AGPS patch
    data will no longer be formatted
    cleaned the build.prop
    the boot animation can be found in system/customize/resource
    DarkTremor App2SD beta 3-4 will be installed automatically and activated-[COLOR=Red]you need an ext2 or ext4 partition!![/COLOR]
    103+ MB free on phone memory(Full Edition)
    new framework mod
    increased heap size(32 mb)
    updated calculator
    what i forgot...
    [COLOR=red][B]Changelog 2.11 [/B][/COLOR]
    removed: stock widget,calculator widget,quick lookup,sync  widget,latinImeTutorial,google feedback(now 90mb free in the full  edition)
    lockscreen high quality
    hidden usb debug icon
    updated root explorer to 2.17.2
    updated maps to 6.0.3 unlocked
    updated wifi tether to 3.1 beta10(4/01/2012)
    ad-hoc network support(thanks to szym)
    fixed framework
    updated: street view(, my tracks(1.1.11)
    battery calibration on first boot after the flash(automatic)
    optimize ram usage every boot
    new download\upload animation
    save more battery when the wifi is on
    general speed up =)
    New calculator(more piwerful) updated(2/01/2012)
    updated host file(5/01/2012) and added extra entires(now it blocks almost every games/apps ads)
    added v6 super charger-thanks to zeppelinrox(type: cd /system , cd script , su , sh super.sh)
    added terminal emulator(sdcard/rempuzzleapps)
    Updated su to 3.0.7
    updated openVPN settings(0.4.8),openVPN installer(0.2.4)
    [COLOR=red][B]Changelog 0.10[/B][/COLOR][URL="http://www.4shared.com/zip/g689AgYv/..._010_lite.html"]Lite edition[/URL]/[URL="http://www.4shared.com/get/3TmSfPTa/RemPuzzleRom_221_010_full.html"]full edition[/URL]
    new base: 2.38
    new boot animation
    sense 2.1 clock-thanks to evilisto(full screen weather animation may not load the images)
    added some images from sense 3.5 framework
    updated host file
    added htc default 2010 sounds pack-(quietly brillant as ringtone)
    removed market updater-use wil to install it
    updated some apps
    updated java box
    added glass mod-thanks to JoeyDelp
    new lockscreen style
    updated maps to 5.11 unlocked
    added openVPN support(installer and settings)(these apps can be unistalled)
    updated super user to v 3.0.6
    updated super user binary to 3.0.3
    added some wallpapers from sense 3.0
    updated wireless tether to 3.1.6pre99(see the instructions at the end of the installation)
    Cpu 614/352 on boot(stable)
    [COLOR=red][B]Changelog 0.9[/B][/COLOR][URL="http://www.4shared.com/zip/RcTSRZnQ/RemPuzzleRom_221_09_lite.html"]lite edition[/URL]/
    Trackball wake up on boot fully working
    Updated to the lastest ruu from htc : 2.37
    Updated kernel to n-finity
    Cpu 556/480 on boot
    updated Gmail
    [COLOR=red][B]changelog 0.8 [/B][/COLOR]
    fixed rare installation aborted
    converted to edify script(recovery 4x)
    cleaned up updater-script and added ui progress
    Full edition only: fixed wireless tether app force close
    updated juwe ram script
    Automally format data before install
    Inserted ram script inside sd cache
    removed su elite
    updated maps to 5.10
    updated apn list
    Modified the boot animation
    added google talk(can be removed)
    fixed news reader-news widget-msg widget-contact widget 
    [COLOR=red][B]changelog 0.7.3 OTF[/B][/COLOR]
    disabled htc checkin-less cpu usage-should increase performance
    tweak for best quality while recording a video
    tweak to Raise JPG quality to 100%
    3G signal tweaks (reply for problems)
    force launcher into memory-unless you terminte it,the launcher should not be terminated
    added a string to build.prop : debug.sf.nobootanimation=0 (if you change  it to 1,the boot animation will be skipped.This will reduce a little  the boot time,just a little!)
    added a string to build.prop : persist.adb.notify=1 (if you change it to 0, usb debug icon will vanish)
    [COLOR=red][B]changelog 0.7.2 OTF [/B][/COLOR]
    improved performance
    little general speed up
    updated build.prop
    [COLOR=red][B]changelog 0.7.1 OTF [/B][/COLOR]
    tweak to save battery while using a connection
    reduced a little the shutdown time and the boot time
    Full edition only: fixed build number
    optimized touchscreen
    [COLOR=red][B]changelog 0.7[/B][/COLOR]
    others tweak to save battery
    tweak for internet-speed up with every connections(wi-fi,3g,et cetera....)
    [COLOR=red][B]Changelog 0.6 [/B][/COLOR]
    Now compatible with s-off device,without flash anything
    Tweak for ring delay.now is 0
    Wifi tweak,battery saving with wifi on
    Updated apn and spn
    Other tweaks to save battery
    Tweak to autokill processes
    Tweak for cpu usage
    Downgraded market to 2.3.6
    internet tweaks
    updated host file
    updated liquid particles live wallpaper
    unlocked maps 5.8
    new wallpaper added
    [COLOR=red][B]changelog 0.5 [/B][/COLOR]
    optimized ram usage again(i think this is its limit)
    added ram script optimization by juwe11
    general update
    updated: Gmail,super user,market(v 3.0.27),Maps 5.8
    replaced songbird with zimly media player(more powerful)
    removed youtube app
    added a progress while installing
    added flash player 10.1 fully working!
    an other stability fix
    new wallpaper
    new image on task bar
    [COLOR=red][B]changelog 0.4[/B][/COLOR]
    fixed bootloop on first boot
    optimazed framework-speed up and reduced a little the boot time =)
    replaced sd cache 3072 with sd cache 2048
    downgraded apps2sd to,so you can choose if upgrade to beta or stay with stable version
    changed rempuzzle complete with the program What I Like!
    fixed stability
    166 Mb free on phone
    [COLOR=red][B]changelog 0.3[/B][/COLOR]
    updated market to 2.3.6
    updated maps(5.3.1),street view,my tacks,wireless tether
    removed rom manager
    removed adobe reader
    updated busybox to 1.19
    updated apps2sd to darktremor beta 4
    updated hosts file with new 400 and more sites to prevent more ads
    sd speed hack integrated on boot(default in rom 3072Mb of cache)
    updated gingerkeyboard to revision 13(now to activate the keyboard go to  keyboard and language and check Android keyboard,then use the normal  procedure)
    removed other htc apps,like htc music,actions and widget
    added song bird 1.1 official
    modded framework with flying animation and circle loading
    [COLOR=red][B]changelog 0.2[/B][/COLOR]
    davilk cache moved to sd,now there are 164 mb free on phone memory
    removed other useless apps and widget
    fixed htc sense crash
    updated super user
    adobe reader,google talk,all live wallpapers,map,root  explorer,teeter,youtube,Gmail,my tracks and wireless teather can be  removed if you want
    now android version says rempuzzlerom 2.2.1(version of system) and build number says 0.2(version of rempuzzlerom)
    updated google map to 5.2,street to 5.2 and added my tracks
    [COLOR=red][B]changelog 0.1[/B][/COLOR]
    reverted changes from wildpuzzle 0.8(now the icons are original,only the lockscreen is transparent)
    removed all about social network to preserve RAM and phone speed
    removed some useless apps like footprint,friend streem,quick boot and theirs widget
    RAM usage optimazed-now the phone should be faster
    updated some apps like market to 2.3.4,rom manager to
    added root explorer 2.14 and wireless tether(USB modem mode with traffic counter)
    Downloads / Anleitung / Anpassungen

    Original XDA-Thread

    Vielen Dank an kylon für diese tolle ROM die auch Aktuell immer noch verbessert wird und hoffe ihr habt mit dieser ROM genau soviel Spass mit eurem Wildfire wie meiner einer.
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 23.12.2012
  2. Pearli, 23.02.2012 #2

    Pearli Android-Guru

    Ist das ROM nicht schon ein wenig alt?

    dafür ist denke ich keine vorstellung mehr nötig, da das ROM doch sehr für Entwickler nützlich ist und alle, die was besseres aus ihrem WF machen wollen, dann CM hochmachen. weiterentwickelt wird es mMn auch nichtmehr.
    Aber ein schönes rom ist es, da hast du recht :)
  3. Garnett, 24.02.2012 #3

    Garnett Threadstarter Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    die "Basis" ist alt aber letzte Update ist vom 20 Februar 2012 :). Die Rom ist "leider" eins der letzten beiden Sense-Rom fürs Wildfire die noch verbessert / weiterentwickelt werden. Denke gerade HTC-Besitzer wollen diese oft nicht vermissen, deshalb hab ich diese Rom einfach mal hier vorgestellt.
    Natürlich gibt es neue Roms fürs Wildfire nur halt alle ohne Sense...
  4. Garnett, 23.12.2012 #4

    Garnett Threadstarter Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    so nach längerem gabs noch mal einige Updates :)...
  5. Agroann, 24.12.2012 #5

    Agroann Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied


    mal ne blöde frage, aber was ist Sense?
  6. Garnett, 24.12.2012 #6

    Garnett Threadstarter Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    gibt keine blöden Fragen :).
    Sense ist die HTC eigene Bedienoberfläche mit allen dazu gehörigen Features. Zur groben Übersicht mal ein Wiki-Link HTC Sense
    grüße und frohe Weihnachten
  7. Eisballer, 31.12.2012 #7

    Eisballer Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Funktioniert GPS?

    Gesendet von meinem GT-I9100 mit der Android-Hilfe.de App
  8. Garnett, 01.01.2013 #8

    Garnett Threadstarter Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Ja also Navigon usw laufen ohne Probleme
  9. Agroann, 03.01.2013 #9

    Agroann Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    Ich habe das rom installiert, jedoc sidn die animationen vom scheibenwischer und von den wolken nicht richtig, ich bekomme immer wieder grafik fehler. ansonsten ist die rom echt nen renner..XD Also super flüssig, schnell und umgänglich.
  10. Garnett, 03.01.2013 #10

    Garnett Threadstarter Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    das ist "normal" bzw wohl noch ein Bug das unser etwas älteres Wildfire die Animation nicht vernüftigt verarbeitet bekommt. Einfach die WetterAnimation abschalten und fertig :). Kannst du glaub ich machen wenn du das Uhren/Wetter Widget erzeugst im Menü "Animation" den Hacken wegmachen. Aber bin mir aus dem Kopf nicht mehr genau sicher über den Pfad.
    Freut mich das du sonst zufrieden bist :)

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