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  1. edehahn, 11.10.2010 #1

    edehahn Threadstarter Android-Experte

    zitat twitter:
    All - we found a test version of Froyo for the MS. We will try to flash it and report back asap.

    Test built of froyo located? G.O.T.'s Blog

    "2.2.1 test built works. Shows correct kernel. Just finished rooting the build and have root!"

    update 12.10.:
    "Once this is sorted, we will launch. Next question I expect – When ?!?!?

    Well honestly no idea, BUT!!! we expect something in the next days, or at the latest by the end of the week. If a developer beats us to it, that is fine :)"

    update 13.10.:
    "Whilst we encourage the developers we are cooperating with to continue down this road, we will seek an updated/new/better froyo beta from our sources. Since Motorola confirmed on facebook that the user trials start next week, we hope to obtain newer and updated versions of the froyo beta’s as Motorola prepares for the user trials. We will keep you posted."

    hier die Installationsanleitung von anime: https://www.android-hilfe.de/forum/...-o-t-2-2-1-froyo-auf-dem-milestone.49631.html

    sammlung hilfreicher posts im thread:

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  2. Man1aC, 11.10.2010 #2

    Man1aC Erfahrener Benutzer

    und das flashen geht weiter... ;)
  3. Thyrus, 11.10.2010 #3

    Thyrus Gast

    ich stehe bereits in kontakt mit GOT. ist korrekt.
  4. hanschke, 11.10.2010 #4

    hanschke Gast

    wie geil ist das denn :D glaubt ihr die leaken den dann?
  5. Incoe, 11.10.2010 #5

    Incoe Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Da kommt man von einer News von Froyo in die andere^^ Geht ja ziemlich ab :D
  6. hanschke, 11.10.2010 #6

    hanschke Gast

    dann hört das gefrickel mal auf oder?
  7. edehahn, 11.10.2010 #7

    edehahn Threadstarter Android-Experte

    scheint ja ein "offizielles" test built zu sein
  8. hanschke, 11.10.2010 #8

    hanschke Gast

    naja der leak muss ja noch kommen.
  9. Borsti99, 11.10.2010 #9

    Borsti99 Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    das wär ja mal der Knaller!! Dann hört auch x das tägliche Geflashe auf! Meine bessere Hälfte denkt eh schon ich hätte einen an der klatsche
  10. justanordinarydude, 11.10.2010 #10

    justanordinarydude Gast

    yay yay yay wie geil ist das denn =)
  11. Nudelholz, 11.10.2010 #11

    Nudelholz Android-Experte

    Es kommt. Wie geil!
  12. G.O.T, 11.10.2010 #12

    G.O.T Neuer Benutzer

    Good news travel fast apparently. We will try to give you access to the build, but we need to test it first. Afterall, this is a very early internal built and we need to verify that

    a) it works
    b) there is no harm if you flash it
    c) nandroid backups work so that you can go back if need be

    So we want to ensure it is "usuable" before we grant access. So be patient please. However, we are already in contact with our G.O.T members and some other Milestone contributors to see what else is possible with the built.
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  13. hanschke, 11.10.2010 #13

    hanschke Gast


    if you need a tester you can write me :D i am using atm the cm mod with bugs so i dont think there will be more problems with stock ms build.

    if nandroid dont work it is ok. we have rsd to flash ;) maybe you can give the build to the cm modder too for fixing a few bugs
  14. eybee1970, 11.10.2010 #14

    eybee1970 Android-Ikone

    Great news!!! Thumbs up for you guys!!! :thumbup::thumbsup::thumbup::thumbsup:
  15. nadlabak, 11.10.2010 #15

    nadlabak Erfahrener Benutzer

    hanschke: CM6 port is the first custom ROM for Milestone compiled from sources (apart from the signed kernel, obviously), don't call it a mod, please ;) (no offense taken, just poking).
    Great changes are ahead... :)
    Arcx, Yoho125, Matthy und 13 andere haben sich bedankt.
  16. Necrophorus, 11.10.2010 #16

    Necrophorus Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    You guys are the best! Hope testing phase doesn't take too long, we're all too eager to get our fingers on some frozen goodness! :)
  17. Neoby, 11.10.2010 #17

    Neoby Android-Lexikon

    U guys are awesome!!!

    get a paypal button, wanna spend u some beer ^^
  18. hanschke, 11.10.2010 #18

    hanschke Gast


    i call it mod cause cm stand for CyanogenMod. sorry if there is a missunderstanding. i know that you have ported it.
  19. G.O.T, 11.10.2010 #19

    G.O.T Neuer Benutzer

    and we can confirm that nadlabak and we are working together. with a little luck, he will be quicker than we will be re: releasing it :) actually, and honestly, we would rather see nadlabaks CM6 on the kernel from us, than the internal test built from MOT :)
    Arcx, Matthy, n4rrOx und 19 andere haben sich bedankt.
  20. Bandit, 11.10.2010 #20

    Bandit Android-Guru

    wow, that sounds very cooool
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