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  1. quasimodo, 17.05.2012 #1

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    [DEV] i9000 Development Platform, AKA UnBrickable Mod and Software Based Resurrection by AdamOutler / xda

    Übersetzung folgt!
    Some of you will, remember lets save some bricks? Well, it's taken a long time to perfect this on the i9000, which is ironic because this is where it started, but we finally have a way! You can perform this mod on a bricked device and resurrect it, or you can apply it as a protective measure.

    The way this works is we change the OM value in the processor by modifying an individual electronic binary signal. The signal we are interested in is xOM5. This line is normally grounded, causing the overall OM value to equal 0x9. When we bring this line high, the OM value becomes 0x29. This reverses the booting order and ensures you will always have boot from USB available before the device starts.

    This is a better option than JTAG for resurrecting a device. How could it possibly be better then JTAG? Let's count the ways....
    1. The only part required is a wire.
    2. No shipping time.
    3. No cost for a box to interface the computer.
    4. Permanent.
    5. Can be done as a preventive measure.
    6. Gives the ability to test new Bootloaders temporarily.
    7. Allows development of the entire system.
    8. Removes worry about flashing and acts as a backup.

    After performing this mod:
    Remove the battery, replace the battery, plug in USB, your phone will connect to the computer via USB and await commands for 2 seconds. Otherwise it will pretty much act like a i9000. See the Special Instructions section.

    Part 1: Hardware Modification
    You will need:
    1. Get someone who knows what they're doing with a soldering iron. If they don't know what flux is, then they don't know what they're doing.
    2. soldering iron - make sure it's sharp, if it's not sharp, then sharpen it, flux it and retin it.
    3. flux
    4. solder
    5. tweezers
    6. A relay (for the wire contained within)

    getting started:
    You will need a very small peice of wire. Tear apart the relay unravel the coil within and grab about 5cm~ of wire. The fact that it comes from a relay is important because relays generally have very small wire which are individually treated with a non-conductive coating.

    Take the 5cm~ wire from the relay and tin the very edge of it. No more then 1/32". If you tin more then 1mm, cut off the excess. It is desirable to have a slight bit of excess solder on the tip of this wire.

    1. Tear apart your device. Remove battery cover, battery, 6 screws, the back case and 4 connectors from the board.

    2. remove the EM shield from the board to expose the resistors

    3. Replace the xOM5 resistor from the top to the bottom or remove the xOM5 resistor and connect either xOM5 center pad to either xOM3's or xOM0's center pads.

    4. Reassemble the device

    Special Instructions

    This replaces the battery charging sequence for the first few seconds of being plugged in.
    To turn on the device, and operate in normal mode, you must hold the power button for 5 seconds.
    3 button Download mode works as usual, however you must not have the S5PC110 drivers installed on the computer. You can use your custom rom menu option, adb reboot download, or use a terminal to "reboot download". 301Kohm Factory Mode JIGs work as well, but you must press power to bypass the S5PC110 mode.

    Part 2: Software Based Resurrection

    Connexion2005 (Mobiltechvideos) perfomed the very first resurrection on this device based on a Google+ post I made with a picture of the xOM pins. Usually I post two separate posts, but since the software resurrection was already ready already, I decided to include it in this post. The tools used are the same as every other GalaxyS device. The resurrector must be run within 2 seconds of plugging in the USB cable. Thanks Connexion2005!

    1. Apply UnBrickable Mod to your device: see Hardware Modification section
    2. Run ModeDetect and plug in your i9000. (Not a requirment, but helpful)
    When you see this image you are in S5PC110 SEC SoC mode. When you see this mode you must proceed to step 3.

    If it will only show this image, then you have not performed the modification correctly, or you have a hardware problem.

    If it shows this, regardless of what's on your screen, you're in download mode:

    3. Run UnBrickable Resurrector: Get it from the SVN repository here: http://code.google.com/p/hummingbird...downloads/list This will only work on linux. Install Linux or dual boot if you have windows.
    On this device the resurrector must be run within 2 seconds of plugging in the device. So you must be quick. I find it's easiest to click Download Mode, type a password, plug in the device, then press enter.

    4. Run Heimdall One-Click to flash firmware on your device. http://files.teamkomin.com/i9000SGS/...-One-Click.jar

    5. repeat steps 2 and 3 with bootloader flashing enabled (Heimdall One-Click has a safety mechanism which requires you to flash once before flashing bootloaders).


    Congratulations. You now have a device which works like a KIT-S5PC110 with an OM Value of 29. Now get to developing some serious custom software.

    reading material
    Creating your own Samsung Bootloaders: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1233273
    KIT-S5PC110 manual: KITS5PC110.pdf
    how to use DNW: Google Translate
    Flash using openOCD and DNW: http://www.arm9board.net/wiki/index....penOCD_and_DNW
    another DNW example: ::: MICROVISON :::
    ODroid dev center: odroid development center: U-boot for ODROID: FrontPage

    drivers and utilities
    This will be an ever expanding list
    Windows Drivers http://forum.xda-developers.com/atta...7&d=1312590673
    Windows Download Tool DNW: http://forum.xda-developers.com/atta...8&d=1312590673
    Windows Command Line tool: http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...3&postcount=27
    Linux DNW Utility: odroid development center: U-boot for ODROID: FrontPage
    Linux ModeDetect tool: http://code.google.com/p/hummingbird...downloads/list
    Linux Automated UnBricker:http://code.google.com/p/hummingbird...downloads/list

    Bootloader Hello World by Rebellos http://forum.xda-developers.com/atta...7&d=1314105521
    UnBrick tool http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1242466

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  2. jna, 17.05.2012 #2

    jna Ehrenmitglied

    Hm, bei XDA nachlesen kann ich. Warum nicht übersetzt? Das wäre deutlich hilfreicher ;)
  3. quasimodo, 18.05.2012 #3

    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast

    Übersetzung folgt!
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  4. ken28, 16.12.2012 #4

    ken28 Junior Mitglied

    gestern ist mir etwas sehr dummes passiert,ich habe während ein odin flashprogramm vergessen die checkbox repartition zu entfernen (haben vorher ein anderes handy geflasht gehabt wo ich es brauchte)
    und habe dadurch mein Bootloader verschossen.
    Nun wollte ich fragen ob jemand in der Region Halle/Leipzig eine Riftbox besitzt und es reparieren könnte, entgeld wäre möglich.

  5. mike_galaxy_s, 16.12.2012 #5

    mike_galaxy_s Threadstarter Gast

    Da gibt es ein Programm namens Unbrickable, da musst du aber das Handy aufmachen und dann kannst du es selber reparieren.

    Gesendet von meinem GT-I9000 mit Tapatalk 2
    ken28 gefällt das.
  6. ken28, 16.12.2012 #6

    ken28 Junior Mitglied

    bin nicht gut in löten^^
  7. mike_galaxy_s, 16.12.2012 #7

    mike_galaxy_s Threadstarter Gast

    Such mal hier im Forum nach Unbrickable, da braucht man nix löten sondern einfach nur 2 Kontakte mit einer Drahtbrücke überbrücken.

    Gesendet von meinem GT-I9000 mit Tapatalk 2
    ken28 gefällt das.
  8. ken28, 16.12.2012 #8

    ken28 Junior Mitglied

    Was ist eine drahtbrucke?

    Gesendet von meinem GT-S5830i mit Tapatalk 2
  9. Muppi, 16.12.2012 #9

    Muppi Android-Guru

  10. ken28, 16.12.2012 #10

    ken28 Junior Mitglied

    Kann man den xcom5 resistor auch ohne Löten entfernen/überbrücken

    Gesendet von meinem GT-S5830i mit Tapatalk 2
  11. ken28, 16.12.2012 #11

    ken28 Junior Mitglied

    Also wurde eine Magnet Draht reichen, wie kann ich aber den xcom5 ohne löten entfernten

    Gesendet von meinem GT-S5830i mit Tapatalk 2

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