Busybox / AiO Problem - Sony Tablet S

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ich habe mein 16GB 3G Modell vor längerer Zeit gerootet und die US Firmware drauf gezogen. Dadurch habe ich natürlich 3G verloren und mittlerweile komm ich nicht mehr auf original zurück aufgrund einiger Fehler.
Condi hat mir folgenden Tipp gegeben, mit dem ich leider aufgrund fehlender ADB-Kenntnisse nichts anfangen kann:

Originally Posted by -16-
I can't apply rescue-backdoor because I get an "applet not found" error. And when I try to change region, there are lots of errors too.
Seems that I don't have proper root access. Checked this with the app "root checker" from market but it says my device is rooted.
Sorry for those questions but even one month of research didn't give me any answers.

Edit: Yup, even after I rooted againg, I have read-only root access...

'applet not found' is caused by some updated busybox, or the one which is installed with new method is not with full packets,
gonna check it out.

to get full working:
get busybox binary from AiO files\ directory, push it to device, remount system as rw, replace one in /system/xbin, chmod 777
and run in shell:

/system/xbin/busybox --install /system/xbin
Kann mir hier jemand weiterhelfen?
Wäre sehr dankbar!