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  1. SGSPro87, 27.09.2011 #1

    SGSPro87 Threadstarter Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied


    **Baldoz ROM Legend version 6.1**

    A New Concept Of ROM

    Main ROM Features:

    ^Based on JVR 2.3.4 Android version
    ^Auto-Wipe version (you must have Baldoz ROM 6.1+ for a non-wipe)
    ^JVR Hacked Browser without lags (16 tabs)
    ^JVR Modem
    ^Elegant theme in part made by me
    ^3 Keyboards (ginger, samsung, swype)
    ^Market (3.1.3)
    ^NO stock memo app *but*--> Note Everything
    ^NO stock MMS app *but*--> Go Sms Pro
    ^NO stock music player *but*--> Cloudskipper
    ^NO TWLauncher *but*--> DXHome (cool, like MIUI, see screen)
    ^NO stock camera app *but*--> SGS Hacked Camera
    ^NO stock 3d gallery *but*--> QuickPic
    ^NO stock video player *but*-->Quickpic

    ^Some icons replaced by me
    ^9 lockscreen interchangeable in EDT
    ^QuickOffice, Advanced Task Killer, Android Assistant, Voltage Control, Dolphin Browser HD, Fontomizer, Fasterfix
    ^GTalk with video calls
    ^Many Tweaks like also Gingerbread Enhancerv6

    Powered By GalaxyanGT Kernel --> http://forum.xda-developers.com/show....php?t=1137595

    Main Kernel Features:

    ^Based on latest source from Samsung Open Source Release Center
    ^EXT4 and RFS support with autodetection
    ^Fixed CWM
    ^Modified gamma table to soften purple/blue tint when low brightness is set
    ^Ondemand Governor with tweaked up/down scaling
    ^Voodoo Sound v10
    ^Voodoo Color settings (download Voodoo Control app from Market do adjust color settings) //not available since SP3
    ^Improved touch sensitivity
    ^Logging disabled by default
    ^Few megabytes of RAM sacrificed for better smoothness
    ^Front camera is working
    ^Modules compiled with -O2 flags
    ^LZMA kernel compression
    ^New MDNIE module from most recent Galaxy TAB sources - no more grey "fog" like screen, colours are now more vivid and sharp, black IS now black
    ^New jpeg compression mode from TAB
    ^Read A Head parameter increased to 512KB
    ^Bluetooth is now working in every combination, with or without WiFi and GPS
    ^More brightness steps for better night usage
    ^Fully ported (1:1) TL2796, amoled panel driver from Nexus S - just look how fluid brightness control can be //not available since SP3
    ^BLN support
    ^Optimized compile flags
    ^100/200/400/800/1000/1200MHZ CPU steps
    ^CPU clock speed switch is now faster
    ^Full support of bootanimation! just name yours as sanim.zip and place in /system/media/
    ^Minor tweaks

    My TEAM [​IMG]
    Lukiqq --> *Kernel*
    dsexton702 --> *Tweaks*
    antonda --> *A Part Of Theme*
    esk02k --> *A Part Of Theme*
    Samsung --> *Galaxy S* [​IMG]
    Acer Aspire One --> *PC With Which I Have Developed The ROM*
    *All Those Who Helped Me*

    Download Section

    Original JVR-StockRom Downloaden und flashen.
    Passwort :

    CustomKernel flashen. (z.b Galaxian von der Galaxian Seite....)

    Danach die Baldoz Rom downloaden, auf die Interne SD Karte packen und per CWM installieren.

    Danach Reboot und Gas geben mit der ganz coolen Rom, mit vielen guten Sachen die (Ich) noch nicht so kannte.!!!

    Download BaldozRom
    *NEW* Baldoz ROM 6.1

    Alternative Kernel zur Rom:

    [KERNEL] Semaphore JVS 1.7.0 (1.7.0bm) (CF-Root + Voodoo Sound v10 + OC/UV + BLN)

    [KERNEL] Semaphore JVS 1.7.0 (1.7.0bm) (CF-Root + Voodoo Sound v10 + OC/UV + BLN) - xda-developers

    [KERNEL]TalonDEV 0.4.3([OC/UV][VoodooSnd v10][ZRAM][EXT4][BIGMEM]

    [KERNEL]TalonDEV 0.4.3([OC/UV][VoodooSnd v10][ZRAM][EXT4][BIGMEM] - xda-developers

    [KERNEL] SpeedMod Gingerbread [K15I-T10 2.3.4 COLOR CWM EXT4]

    [KERNEL] SpeedMod Gingerbread [K15I-T10 2.3.4 COLOR CWM EXT4] - xda-developers

    [KERNEL] MIDNIGHT-0.6.7/09-25/BLN/Voodoo10/UVOC/extendedCWM/...

    [KERNEL] MIDNIGHT-0.6.7/09-25/BLN/Voodoo10/UVOC/extendedCWM/... - xda-developers

    [12.09.2011][CF-Root 4.1] JP*,JS*,JQ3,JV1/K/B/H/O,JVI/P/Q/R/S - su+bb+2e/CWM-rfs+ext4

    [12.09.2011][CF-Root 4.1] JP*,JS*,JQ3,JV1/K/B/H/O,JVI/P/Q/R/S - su+bb+2e/CWM-rfs+ext4 - xda-developers


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  2. Emissary, 27.09.2011 #2

    Emissary Neuer Benutzer

    Soweit ich gelesen hab auf XDA entwickelt er nur noch für SGS2.
  3. SGSPro87, 27.09.2011 #3

    SGSPro87 Threadstarter Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    ja schade eigentlich.....

    könnte man bestimmt noch bessere sachen einbringen....aber trotzdem coole rom die eventuell nicht jeder kennt^^
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