Doctorz Rom XXJVS Stable & Fast



Und schon wieder gibt es ein neues Doctorz Rom V.6.0!!!
Diesmal basierend auf JVT. ACHTUNG: Diesmal nur als WIPE erhältlich

[Rom] Doctorz Rom V.6.0 [XXJVT][Stable & Fast][16 October]Arabic + Urdu Support - xda-developers

Change Log V6

*All Sounds Back To Stock.
*Theme Issues Fixed.
*App Updated (titanium backup and etc)
*Notification bar changed.
*MIUI LockScreen Fixed.
*Startup Animation To Stock.
*All Hacked App Added (camera...etc)
*Overscroll to blue.
*Some minor Changes and Fixes.
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Wo sich der Macher Ali Khalid schon so viel Mühe zu den Details macht - Ein Paar mehr Infos sind angepracht um sein Rom Vorzustellen!

[Rom] Doctorz Rom V.4.0 [XXJVS][Stable & Fast][6 October]Arabic + Urdu Support

Welcome to Doctorz Rom.....we are not developer we are doctor in real life but android enthusiasm take us to this level that we decide to made a ROM which is slightly more efficient and best at performance.....this is very simple and stable ROM in every aspect mean long battery life and really most of stuff which we needed in our daily life....we are android love so we don't like Iphonish we remain simple on Android its between stock & Heavy Moded Rom .....Hope You Like This......This ROM is based on recently out Ginger Bread XXJVS 2.3.5 The Feature Of Doctorz Rom is given below.

Doctorz Rom V4 .... The Most Stable Version Of Doctorz Rom

Arabic + Urdu Support (Read & Write)
* Based on GB XXJVS Firmware
* Black Charcoal Theme
* White Over-Glow
* WIPE Version/No Wipe
* MultiCSC
* De-odexed
* Rooted
* Busybox installed
* Superuser installed
* Zip-Aligned
* CWM 2 & 3 Compatible
* LagFix Support
* CRT Off Animation (Enable all animations in display settings)
* Extended Power Menu (Reboot, Recovery & Download Enable in Theme Setting)
* Evolution Circular Battery Icon
* 3D fix (No more blur in 3D Launchers and Apps)
* Quadrant Score 2000+
* Non-Increasing Ringtone Phone App
* Semaphore 1.7.0 Kernel
* G talk 2.0 With Video
* App-widget Picker
* Voodoo Sound
* Voodoo Lag-fix
* Added Ringtones
* Add Charging Connecting Sound+Power Off
* Touch Wiz 4.5 (thanks to Fr4gg0r)
* 336 MB RAM
* Large battery life
* Custom Wallpaper
* HTC Live Wallpapers
* No Tile Background Under Apps Icons in Touch Wiz
* 9 Lock-screen
* No SMS in Call Log
* Sms Hack (no auto conversion)
* Dialer Landscape Support
* Hacked Camera

* Ext4
* Faster Fix
* Miui Music
* Nirtility
* Scientific Calculator
* Smart Tool
* Sms backup & Restore
* Tubemate (download youtube videos)
* Voltage Control
* SGS Kernel Flasher
* Equalizer
* Fast Reboot

* News & Feed
* Buddies Now
* Y Clock
* Some Stock Unused Apps

Drz Rom V4 Wipe:-=

Drz Rom V4 No-Wipe:-

Arabic & Urdu Keyboard & Writing Patch:-

Change Log V4
*Removed Theme
*New and Transparent Status Bar
*Battery Sign Changed
*APN Added
*Multi CSC
*Pngz Optimized
*Fixed Dialer
*No Lock-Screen (For batter Stability)
*Miui Updated
*Inti.d Support
*Embedded Arabic no need for patch
*Arabic and Urdu Writing (Patch require)
*Fly and Flip animation
*Unused system app removed
*more free ram
*Market updated Automatically
*Gtalk fixed
*Semaphore kernel 1.8.0 (With OC up-to 1.3 with Semaphore app0
*More Tweaks
*add tones to default
* green batter and WiFi signal
* and many other changes.

Doctorz Rom V.2.0 (WIPE):- - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

Older Version
Download Wipe Version 1.0: - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

Installation From FROYO Or ECLAIR:

* Flash Stock firmware XXJVS must contain boot-loaders with Odin
* Flash some kernel with CWM support with Odin
* Go to CWM/Recovery and Wipe Cache Partition+Wipe Data+Delvick Cache
* Install Zip From SD and Then Choose Zip From SD and flash.

Installation From GINGERBREAD:

* Download my ROM and put it to int SD card
* Go To CWM or Recovery Mode
* Wipe Data...Wipe Cache Partition...Wipe Delvick Cache
* Install Zip From SD and Then Choose Zip From SD and flash.

*Follow simple step and make a clean flashing....Happy Flashing.

* For Better Use flashing the ROM go to EXT4 app and convert the Partition to Ext4...this will really give you some speed and some extra features.
* You Can Flash any other modem or Kernel on this ROM.
* You flash this ROM on your own risk.
* Need my Help PM me anytime.

* stratosk
* Fr4gg0r
* Pekra
* Sconcau84
* c0nvict
* pele78
* raksan
* Chainfire
* Lukiqq
* And many Rom......i like to pay Special thanks everyone who help me.

Dr.Aurang Zaib
Dr.Nabeel Ashraf (Beta Tester)

If u Like My work Then Please Press
Button Below.

And Kindly make your Donations to XDA.


Always Feel Free Coz Freedom Is Essence Of Life !
Device:- Samsung Galaxy I9000
Kernel:- Semaphore 1.7.0 + Galaxian EE
Rom:- Doctorz Rom 1.0+2.0
OS: Android Gingerbread v2.3.5

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JA hallo, das ist ja die V.2.0 die war noch nicht draußen als ich den Thread erstellt habe. Hat die schon jemand getestet?


Erfahrenes Mitglied
Rein optisch eine sehr schöne ROM. Allerdings laggy und hat diese Wifi-Aussetzer. Braucht noch ein bißchen, um aus der Beta-Phase rauszukommen.


Also die V 1.0 läuft meines erachtens sehr sehr stabil und flüssig. Ist auch nicht so brutal überladen wie manch andere ROMS. :thumbup:


Neues Mitglied
Gecrackte Titanium Backup Version in der Rom mitgeliefert. Nicht sehr vertrauenserweckend..


Das gehört nun mal dazu das man ein Rom komplett vorstellt und wenn ein neues Update ansteht, es dann Idealer Weise in Post 1 zu Aktualisieren!


quasimodo schrieb:
Das gehört nun mal dazu das man ein Rom komplett vorstellt und wenn ein neues Update ansteht, es dann Idealer Weise in Post 1 zu Aktualisieren!
Ich werde mir das angewöhnen :unsure:
Bin ja noch nicht so erfahren in der Sache. Macht absolut Sinn, einfach den ersten Beitrag zu ändern. :thumbup:


Habe die V4.0 mal über die JVT ohne WIPE drüber gebügelt und ich kann sagen, dass es für mich einwandfrei läuft. :razz: Bisher keine Probleme gehabt. Akku hält sehr sehr lange...


Ein neues ROM ganz frisch... Link im ersten Beitrag geändert....
Oben Unten