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    Welcome to


    Quick presentation of me :

    Hello, galaxy S2 users! I'm a french and I'm only 15 years old, but I have a good expenrience in android development.
    I've begin the development on my first android phone : Galaxy s! Now, I want to create my own customrom and show him to all! I'm not a perfect man in english, so try so speak with a simple language please. I can't update my rom all the day, I've a lot of work for the school... So I update the rom the week-end. Thanks.

    Rom Presentation

    This rom is so fast because I've removed a lot of things who are not useful for me, and I've put some tweaks who make the rom better.
    The rom have an incredible battery life and is extra-lite for a sammy rom, she take only 188mb. The boot is incredibly fast! There is the Kitchen applications for change what you dislike, or what you want!

    Picture are take with the theme "Shade of Galaxy"
    Picture are from the v1, not from the v2!!!!


    Please do not ask for jkay, I wait for an official release of Jkay for XILA2 rom. Thanks.

    Changelog :

    SaNgO Vizion v3 :

    ● Now base rom on LA4 !!!
    ● Finally the 1% battery mod! ( A big thanks to WILMANS2M )
    ● New init.d tweaks
    ● Siyah v2.6.12
    ● Build.prop re-tweaked
    ● Problem with OC and UV fixed
    ● Now modem is LPB
    ● Lots of graphical changes
    ● Increased speed and battery life
    ● Rom take now 207 mb ( sorry, can't make more lite at the moment )
    ● Camera app revert to default without any sound
    ● Polaris office added
    ● Music player revert to stock player + MIUI music player
    ● Omega files updated
    ● Thunderbolt version updated
    ● Sony bravia engine updated

    SaNgO Vizion v2 :

    ● Several themes availables!
    ● Now SiyahKernel v2.6.11 already in
    ● Phone without increasing ring
    ● Phone with Noise reduction off!
    ● Mms.apk with Sent time/"Unlimited" Contacts adding//No MMS Convert
    ● Icons of mms.apk, phone.apk and contacts.apk modified for stock and shade of galaxy theme
    ● Added Google Quick Search Box
    ● Added native SIP function
    ● Updated KitchenApp to 0.2.2 ( Omega )
    ● Updated Sony Bravia Engine
    ● Zip for missings apps fixed ( Thanks to Ludoz )
    ● Rom take now 188mb
    ● Lidroid mods added ( Already in but added in changelog )
    ● Omega files added ( Already in too )

    SaNgO Vizion v1 :

    ● Based on XILA2 Firmware from Samsung
    ● SiyahKernel v2.6.11
    ● No Wipe
    ● Optimised theme "Shade of Galaxy" for the rom ( not pre-installed, must be installed manually with my instructions in How to install the rom )
    ● Incredible battery life!
    ● Extreme fast boot
    ● Build.prop tweaks
    ● Extra lite for a sammy rom ( Only 189mb )
    ● Many many many sammy and google stuff removed
    ● ThunderBolt v2.3.131
    ● All ThunderBolt addons are already actived
    ● Kitchen App
    ● resolv.conf added for faster gps lock
    ● Modem LP6
    ● Multi CSC
    ● Deodexed
    ● Zipaligned
    ● Auto Zipaligned at every boot also including Framework
    ● ARM config put to standard
    ● Included libsqlite.so and libsqlite_ini.so from Android 4.0 (improves performance)
    ● Included app_process and system_server from Android 4.0 (improves scrolling)
    ● Included sqlite3
    ● Browser NO Lag + User agent
    ● Added VOIP for Wifi
    ● New Market 3.4.4
    ● Wake button Lag fix
    ● Camera Hack (take pictures by pressing VOL + / - focuses Mantero drop down takes the picture) not only for video capture
    ● Camera Hacked MOD (Better sound 64kbps/16khz -192kbps/44.1Khz compared to standard) [Thanks to Criskelo]
    ● ICS animations
    ● Galaxy Note lockscreen
    ● Custom Status Bar, using QuickPanel Settings: E.g. Flashlight,
    ● ShutdownReboot
    ● Superuser v3.0.7, SU Binary v3.0.3.2
    ● Fully optimized .png's Smooth animation's
    ● Hardware Acceleration Enabled (GPU UI Enabled )
    ● Removed SMS log from call log
    ● Sony Bravia Engine
    ● No download problem from the browser
    ● DSP Manager
    ● MIUI Music player AND Stock music player
    ● Remove wifi-sharing for save battery
    ● Remove Swype Keyboard
    ● Init.d tweaked
    ● Boot sound removed
    ● Some of my own tweaks
    ● And many others tweaks I don't remember and I will add when i remember...


    Thanks to Humzafar : Once you clicked the download link, you will land in a page with a captcha. Enter the captcha correctly,

    you will be taken to next page where you can see some icons with names like : Free / Fufox etc under

    'TELECHARGER VOTRE FICHIER’ click on any of these (I did FuFox) you will be taken to the download page

    You will be taken to another page with captcha enter it an download will start.

    SaNgO Vizion v3 on Jheberg ( Bug with multiupload, sorry )

    Apps that are missing from the system folder ( Include : Email - Radio - Google search - Kies - Photo retouching - Gtalk - Talkback - Video editor ) : Mediafire


    Shade of Galaxy : Mediafire

    Noed DarkBlueGray : Mediafire

    Only 2 themes now, but new themes soon. Do not ask for a theme please.

    Olds releases

    SaNgO Vizion v2 on Jheberg

    SaNgO Vizion v1 on Jheberg

    How to install the rom and the theme


    ● Being root
    ● Put into your phone "SaNgO Vizion Rom" and your theme.
    ● Reboot in recovery
    ● Make a data/factory reset wipe
    ● Make a dalvik cache wipe
    ● Make a battery stats wipe
    ● Go to "install zip from sdcard"
    ● Install "SaNgO Vizion Rom"
    ● Reboot and wait the reboot time!

    ● Reboot in recovery
    ● Go to "install zip from sdcard"
    ● Install your theme
    ● Reboot

    Tips to save the battery

    ● Disable fast dormancy : Write on the dialpad *#9900# and click on "Disable fast dormancy
    ● Disable all the synchronization : Go to settings, account and sync, and disable auto-sync
    ● Do not turn the brightness to a high level
    ● Disable wifi and data when you don't use it

    Special thanks to

    - My lovable mother ( I don't no know why, but not need some reasons to say thanks to my mom! )
    - byJuiced ( I love you f*cking noob )
    - Criskelo
    - Mariolcela
    - Gokhanmoral
    - Cyanogen Team
    - Batista
    - Indie
    - ykk_five
    - Lidroid
    - And all the others I've forget ... ( Sorry bro, send me message if you think you have make something for the rom and I will add you! )

    Link zu XDA : [ROM][07/02] ► SaNgO Vizion v3 ◄[LA4] V3 ONLINE ★ STABLE - LITE[188mb]Siyah v2.6.12 ★
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  2. Dr.Franz, 05.02.2012 #2

    Dr.Franz Android-Guru

    Macht das Sinn noch ein neues Rom, auf Basis 2.3.6 Gingerbread, kurz vor Erscheinen von ICS?
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  3. Aleks9007, 05.02.2012 #3

    Aleks9007 Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    Das gleiche hab ich mir auch gedacht, vorallem auf ultra stabil...
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