[ROM][2.3.5][KI3] DlevROM2 Version 2.1.1: Please Read The Changelog



Dlev7 schrieb:
Hello Everyone! Welcome to DlevROM, a custom built, custom made ROM, for your Galaxy S2s. This is a ROM, that I have been working as hard as I can for, since the day I purchased my Galaxy S2.If you would like

more information on what my ROM is, andhow it will look like check out my Captivate versionhere.This ROM is as fast, and stable as the come. Coupled with unbelievable amount of features, and tweaks, and theming,

you will not be disappointed. And without further a do I present to you...

DlevROM2 SGS2 Edition
The most feature complete, fastest, and most fun ROM
you can have on your Galaxy S2

I am not responsible for anything that this does to your
phone, if it were to brick, or anything were to happen while using
this ROM I cannot be held responsible, you must understand the risks
of flashing a custom ROM. Thank you!

If you support the ROM, please consider putting this banner in your signature


  • KH3 Based

    [*]Deodexed Completely

    [*]Fully Themed From Head To Toe
  • Custom Transitions
  • Latest Ninphetamine Kernel
  • Green Overscroll Glow

    [*]Tons of Samsung Bloat removed
  • Multi Lockscreens and Customizable Extended Power Menu Thanks to Jkay
  • Removed SMS From Call Log
  • BLN
  • Ad-Blocking Hosts File Enabled out of the box
  • Themed MMS With Sent Time, And Unlimited Contacts
  • Completely Optimized DlevROM Installation
  • Themed System Apps

    [*]Hacked Camera, take pictures with volume buttons
  • SIP Over WIFI AND 3G

    [*]Added 2.3.5 GRJ90 Fujutweaks, for increased smoothness

    [*]Home button fix

    [*]Non Ascending Rintone
    [*]Call Recording In Phone

    [*] User Agent Switching Browser
  • Custom Bootanimation Included (You can change to whatever boot
    animation you want)-

    [*]Themed Gingerbread Keyboard
  • Multi Language Swype
  • Google Talk With Video Chat NO LONGER NEED WIFI
  • Customizable Extended Power Menu thanks to Jkay
  • CRT Off Animation
  • Custom Font From My Captivate ROM

    [*]RAM Hack
  • Zipaligned

    [*]Init.d support, with tons of tweaks and features.
  • BusyBox
  • Rooted

    [*]EDT Tweaks customization for notification bar
    [*]Latest Google Market
    [*]Launcher Pro and TW4 Included out of the box
    [*]Extremely Fast
    [*]Unbelievably stable

Included Apps:
  • Launcher Pro
  • Spare Parts
  • SMS Popup
  • Fancy
    Widget v1.3
  • EDT Tweaks
  • Jkay V7 Theme Modifier
  • Multi Language Swype
  • Themed Gingerbread Keyboard
  • BLN Control
  • Titanium Backup
  • Superuser



I PMed Dlev for permission to post this guide, and he gave me his blessing. :)

This guide will help users to:

  1. Install DlevROM2 1.0/1.1/1.2
  2. Reinstall the CWM App and Chainfire's custom recovery
  3. Remove the yellow warning triangle from the bootscreen
  4. Return the kernel to Ninphetamine 2.1.3 which originally came with the ROM.

First your device needs to be rooted and needs a custom recovery. The easiest way for this would be to use Chainfire's CF-Root to be flashed by Odin found in this post:


The flashing tool (Odin v1.85) can be found in the first post of the thread, and all CF-Root recoveries and rooted kernels which are version specific can be found in post #3, #4 and #5. Make sure you use the correct version that matches your current firmware. The procedure on how to do this is very well documented by Chainfire in the thread itself, so make sure you read it and understand it well and get your device rooted before proceeding.

The assumption is you already have a rooted device with a custom recovery at this point, so the actual steps are as follows:

Installing DlevROM2:

  1. Download the ROM of your choice (1.0/1.1/1.2) from the second post in this thread
  2. Download the "Samsung Apps And Widgets" also on the second post in this thread (This step is optional if you want the stock Samsung Apps installed, also some functionalities are dependent on them being installed)
  3. Make sure the downloads are not corrupted by openning the zip files one by one, if you cannot open the zip files properly that means they are corrupted, and you will have to download it again.
  4. Connect your device to your computer via the USB cable
  5. Copy the zip files you downloaded onto your device's internal storage
  6. Properly eject your device from the computer to make sure the files were copied properly
  7. Reboot your device into Recovery Mode either via the CWM App (if you have it installed) or by powering it off, then simultaneously pressing Volume Up + Home Button + Power Button
  8. Once in recovery, it is recommended to do a full wipe to ensure best results (I wipe the cache partition, the dalvik cache and do a full data wipe to be sure)
  9. Install the DlevROM2_1.x.zip file
  10. Install the Samsung_Apps_Addon.zip file (Again this is optional as desribed in Step 2.)
  11. Reboot your device into normal mode (First boot will take a bit longer as always after flashing a new ROM)
  12. When the device boots up, you would have successfully installed DlevROM2

Reinstalling CWM App:

  1. Download CF-Root-SGS2_XX_OXA_KH3-v4.1-CWM4.zip from post #2 in Chainfire's original thread (http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=691963&d=1313601853). This specific version is needed since DlevROM2 is KH3 based.
  2. Unzip the CF-Root-SGS2_XX_OXA_KH3-v4.1-CWM4.zip downloaded in Step 1. (It will unzip to CF-Root-SGS2_XX_OXA_KH3-v4.1-CWM4.tar)
  3. Power off the device
  4. Boot into Download Mode by simultaneously pressing Volume Down + Home Button + Power Button
  5. Run Odin 1.85 on your computer (If you still don't have it, get it here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=611625&d=1306787405)
  6. Connect your device (currently in Download Mode) to your computer via the USB cable
  7. Once Odin detects your device, click the "PDA" button and select the CF-Root-SGS2_XX_OXA_KH3-v4.1-CWM4.tar file you unzipped in Step 2.
  8. Make sure "Repartition" is not checked and leave all other settings as is
  9. Click "Start" (Odin will flash Chainfire's CF-Root and reboot your device into Normal Mode)
  10. When the device boots up, you will have a yellow triange on the boot screen and will also have the CWM App installed in the Program Launcher

Removing the Yellow Warning Triangle from the Boot Screen:

  1. Download Kernel_GTI9100XXKH3.exe from Intratech's thread (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1075278) under post #3 titled "+++++++[Frankenstein Firmwares]+++++++", for version XXKH3 (or get directly from this link to Intratech's thread: http://www.multiupload.com/C4DRUIJTLL
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Dlev7 schrieb:

Version 2.1.1
If you lose root while flashing 2.1 please flash this right after

Version 2.1
If you lose root while flashing 2.1 please flash this right after

Version 2.0

Version 1.3

Version 1.2


Version 1.1


VERSION 1.0 Filesonic Mirror

MD5 SUM: 8fc008c9a1d5dddca23ea0183d723bed

Themes and Mods:

All Themes And Mods Can Be Found Here Thanks to Sileshn


Version 2.1
[*]This removes the OC Daemon Script
[*]And will pre wipe for you minimizing issues

Also note, for the two or three users that had all the crazy FC's that also may be due to the fact that you werent coming from a DlevROM, and this was also a no wipe, regardless that you wiped prior. If you still have all the FC's with 2.1.1, please try flashing 2.0--->2.1.1 (or 2.1 for that matter)

Version 2.1
[*]All new DlevROM REVAMPED Theme thanks to Sileshn
[*]Siyah 1.7.8 Kernel
[*]Full BLN support (now on stock MMS app)
[*]OC Daemon now working
[*]GTalk with Video Over Wifi and 3g working
[*]Call Recording fixed
[*]9 Toggle Statusbar now (Scrollable)
[*]New Wallpaper thanks to Mudferret
[*]SMS Popup readded

[*]Jkay 11.0 Mods
* Many new variations of the green battery themes (Colored when Fully Connected - CFC, Stock Quick Panel toggles - SQP).
* 'Next Alarm' information on lock screens
* Use AOSP clock style on all deluxe lock screens (as a toggle)
* Long date format on all deluxe lock screens (like Monday, 26 September as a toggle)
* Charging information on all deluxe lock screens
* Center clock, date and charging info on all deluxe lock screens (as a toggle)
[*][B]All New KI3 2.3.5 Base[/B]
[*]All New Kick Ass Kernel Tweaks (Check Credits at bottom to see the link to thread)
[*]V6 SuperCharger
[*][B]Brand New Siyah 1.7.7 Kernel[/B]
[*] All new SD Card Speed Fix
[*]All new Ram Script
[*]Added Acid EXT4 Tweak
[*]Re Zipaligns on every boot
[*]Refined Build.Prop Tweaks
[*]Allowing to download secured Market Apps
[*]Brand new super cool DlevROM2 Wallpaper Thanks to Mudferret
[*]Some very small theming in the SystemUI, and settings.apk
[*][B]Thanks to Criskelo[/B] fully porting over the old SystemUI.apk, while maintaing ALL features, + EDT Tweaks for KI3
[*]Fastest ROM Yet

Version 1.3

[*]Jkay 10.0 MODS
[*] Support for Transparent wallpaper!
[*] Support for Live Wallpapers on Unlockscreens (pattern/pin/password)!
[*]A toggle to remove leading zero of the clock on the lockscreen
[*] A toggle to remove the quickbutton text (requires reboot)
[*] A toggle for CRT TV on effect (bypassing Animation setting!)
[*] A toggle for CRT TV off effect (bypassing Animation setting!)
[*] A toggle to move statusbar clock over next to date (requires reboot)
[*] A toggle to remove the carrier label from the notification bar (requires reboot)
[*] 'Always show lockscreen' toggle (shows AOSP/Glass lockscreen before unlock screen aka pattern/pin/password)
[*] Support for Skipping music track/fm radio station using vol-up/down-keys (as a toggle)
[*] 15 seconds timeout... (as a toggle)[/I]
[*]New Green Customized Crysis Battery Mod
[*]More small themeing to MMS, and overall ROM
[*]Green and Grey Message Bubbles thanks to Vertumus ([B]Check his thread at the thanks section below[/B]
[*]Green Pressed Application Instead of Orange 
[*]Forced Launcher Into Memory 
[*]Raise JPG quality to 100%
[*]Increased VM Heapsize; higher the RAM, higher the hp can be
[*]Now Render UI with GPU
[*]Increased Scrolling Responsiveness 
[*]Increased Wifi Scan Interval
[*]Increased Touch Responsiveness
[*]Added 3G Build.Prop Enhancement tweaks
[*]Now forcing the bottom lights to be one, while screen is on
[*]Removed Warm Tint and Added Cold Color Tint thanks to [B]IntExCZ[/B]
[*]Added TW4 from Galaxy S2 Epic. MUCH MORE CUSTOMIZATION
[*]Wallpaper Gallery Fix
[*]Social Hub now fully fixed
[*]Remote Control settings fixed
[*]Re-added Call Recording 

Version 1.2
[*]Updated Jkay 9.2 Mods
[*]Toggle to center clock on JKay AOSP Deluxe lockscreen
[*]Screen off timeout changed from 5 secs to 15 secs on lockscreen and Power options dialog
[*]Flashlight on/off toggle from both JKay Deluxe lockscreens 
[*]Sound on/off toggle from both JKay Deluxe lockscreens
[*]onLongClick quickpanel buttons will launch respective settings menu
[*]Screenshot from the Power options dialog
[*]Full charge notification on/off toggle
[*]Low battery notification on/off toggle
[*]Confirm shutdown on/off toggle (asks for confirmation when using Reboot, Recovery, Download and Power off)[/I]
[*]Updated Init.d Scripts
[*]Updated Installer Script
[*]Now Added Jkay Icon Pack (explain how to use below)
[*]To check all the new Jkay mods check [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1154278"]HERE[/URL]
[*]NEW Circle Battery Mod
[*]NEW CM7 THEMED DIALER Thanks to 89luca89 [/B]
[*]All new Dual Core Scripts HUGE Increase in battery
[*]Removed Call Recording (Fixed Icon, Jkay, and maintains CM7 Themed Dialer)
[*]Themed Contacts
[*]Updated hosts files no more adds. 
[*]Small Theming updates
[*]Removed Sound from Camera
[*]Faster than ever before
[*]Fixed Loading Bar in browser
Version 1.1:
[*]Added Jkay 8.2 Mod
[*]Added Green Settings
[*]Added and Modified 6 Toggle SystemUI
[*]Fixed Computer Mount
[*]Fixed Social Hub
[*]Fixed Lockscreen Wallpaper
[*]100% Every Feature of EDT Working 
[*]Modified Media Scanning Bars to be larger
[*]BRAND NEW Arabic RTL Support CWM Addon (Check Post 2)
[*]Updated 2.1.3 Ninphetamine Kernel
[*]Added KH3 Modem
[*]Automatically Initiate Init.d Scripts
[*]MUCH better RAM Management 
[*]Faster SD Card Reading (new script)
[*]Even better battery life tweaks
[*]Signature Verified Installation, For a Cleaner Install 
[*]Extremely Fast
Version 1.0:
[*]Initial Release
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Läuft wirklich Top. Hab's seit ein paar Tagen drauf, was lange bei mir ist :), und bisher null Probleme!


Ambitioniertes Mitglied
Zitat von vogi:

Hab's seit ein paar Tagen drauf, was lange bei mir ist :-)
Genauso gehts mir auch^^
Aber die Rom läuft echt super und was mit besonders gefällt der akku hält ca 110% länger als bei der Rom die ich vorher drauf hatte.
Also die bleibt bei mir warscheinlich doch länger drauf!

Also was ich gemerkt habe: Kies über WLAN geht nicht, da kommt dann immer eine Fehlermeldung.
Zuletzt bearbeitet:


Ich zieh es mir jetzt mal drauf ...
Danke für Eure Berichte :)

: Cool2:


Changelog sagt...

Updated Jkay 9.2 Mods

Toggle to center clock on JKay AOSP Deluxe lockscreen
Screen off timeout changed from 5 secs to 15 secs on lockscreen and Power options dialog
Flashlight on/off toggle from both JKay Deluxe lockscreens
Sound on/off toggle from both JKay Deluxe lockscreens
onLongClick quickpanel buttons will launch respective settings menu
Screenshot from the Power options dialog
Full charge notification on/off toggle
Low battery notification on/off toggle
Confirm shutdown on/off toggle (asks for confirmation when using Reboot, Recovery, Download and Power off)
Updated Init.d Scripts
Updated Installer Script
Now Added Jkay Icon Pack (explain how to use below)
To check all the new Jkay mods check HERE
NEW Circle Battery Mod
NEW CM7 THEMED DIALER Thanks to 89luca89
All new Dual Core Scripts HUGE Increase in battery
Removed Call Recording (Fixed Icon, Jkay, and maintains CM7 Themed Dialer)
Themed Contacts
Updated hosts files no more adds.
Small Theming updates
Removed Sound from Camera
Faster than ever before
Fixed Loading Bar in browser


Danke, werde die Version mal testen und berichten.



Ich glaube ich teste das ganze auch mal.

Maestro, eine frage habe ich aber. Ich habe meine User Apps mit Titanium gesichert. Wenn ich später die Apps bei einem anderen Custom ROM wieder aufspiele ist das nicht schlimm oder?

Macht das einen unterschied wenn ich alle Apps manuell vom Market wieder installiere oder mit Titanium??

Vielleicht ist es mit Titanium ja nicht sauber oder so..


Ich restore seit ewigen Zeiten schon mit TB und habe keinerlei Probleme feststellen können. Ich stelle ungefähr 200 Apps wieder her und viele davon sind damals noch auf meinem Desire gesichert wurden.

Wenn es wirklich Probleme gibt kannst du ja auch mal nen flasht ohne Restore machen.


Alles klar danke dir.

Dieses ROM hier installiert man auch ganz normal per Recovery oder??

Weil in der Anleitung steht alles so kompliziert, Odin usw.


Ja, wie gehabt über Recovery installieren.


Ambitioniertes Mitglied
Hab sie drauf aber das symbol für kontakte ist nicht da bzw es wird halt so ein android symbol angezeigt
ansonsten bis jetzt (ca 2 stunden) eig. ganz gut und das runde akkusymbol gefällt mir

also ich hab die rom heut mal den ganzen tag intensiv getesten also internet youtube sms schreiben (ca 50) anrufe (ca 2 std telefoniert aber net am stück)
fotografiert, 15 min video aufgezeichnet (full hd) fast den ganzen tag musik gehört, spiele ausm markt gladen und gezockt, auf der heimfahrt navi benutzt...
und hab noch 45 Prozent akku. (von heut früh ca 5 Uhr bis jetzt).

kies über wlan geht immer noch nicht und ich habe den player pro als mp3 player aber wenn ich den minimiere und in die staturbar schau kann ich fast nix lesen weil dunkle statusbar und dunkler text sich nicht so gut vertragen. aber ansonsten leuft die rom flüssig schnell ohne abstürtze oder sonstigen. Hab den golauncher ex als einzigen launcher benutzt, und den Jeffrey_SpeedFrey3.0.0 Kernel.

Also die rom is zu empfelen, ich lass die jetzt auch mal lägner drauf weil halt die akkulaufzeit übelst gut ist.
Zuletzt bearbeitet:


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
Danke für den Typ habe sie seid 12 Stunden drauf, komme von CG1.42.

Full Wipe, mit TB wiederhergestellt. Läuft echt super und stabil. Es läuft so mit 330-350mb Ram. Habe den Go Ex Launcher drauf.

Denke werde bei der erst mal bleiben.


Es gibt jetz version 2.0 habe auch mal den Changelog mit eingefügt!!!

  • WIPE
  • Jkay 11,0 Mods * Viele neue Variationen des grünen Batterie Themen (Farbige, wenn Fully Connected - CFC, Stock Schnellsuche Systemsteuerung wechselt - SQP). * 'Next Alarm "Informationen über die lock-Bildschirme * Verwenden Sie AOSP Uhr Stil für alle Deluxe-lock-Bildschirme (wie ein Schalter) * Langes Datumsformat auf allen deluxe lock-Bildschirme (wie Montag, 26 September wie ein Schalter) * Aufladen Informationen über alle deluxe lock-Bildschirme * Center Uhrzeit, das Datum und der Ladevorgang Informationen über alle Deluxe-lock-Bildschirme (wie ein Schalter)
  • Alle New KJ3 2.3.5 Basis
  • Alle New Kick Ass Kernel Tweaks (Check Credits unten auf den Link zum Thread zu sehen)
  • V6 SuperCharger
  • Brand New Siyah 1.7.7 Kernel
  • Alle neuen SD Card Speed ​​Fix
  • Alle neuen Ram Script
  • Hinzugefügt Säure EXT4 Tweak
  • Re Zipaligns bei jedem Start
  • Raffinierte Build.Prop Tweaks
  • Erlauben gesichert Market Apps herunterladen
  • Brand new super cool DlevROM2 Wallpaper Dank Mudferret
  • Einige sehr kleine Thematisierung in der SystemUI und settings.apk
  • Dank Criskelo voll Portierung auf den alten SystemUI.apk, während maintaing Alle Funktionen, Tweaks + EDT für KJ3
  • Schnellste ROM Doch


Ich hab es mir gerade geflasht ... nach der guten Anleitung!! Danke!!
Es läuft Klasse :)) auch BLN :)

Da bleib ich erst ma bei ;-)
Oben Unten