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    teddy3 Threadstarter Android-Lexikon


    VillainROM- I9300

    I would like to start by saying that I am not as good as Ninpo with prose so don’t expect a long, witty and flowing opening post.

    Many of you will have heard of the name VillainROM, a lot may have tried our roms on some previous devices including HTC Hero, HTC Desire, HTC Desire Z and HD, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S, II (and probably more).

    Let me introduce to you VillainROM for the I9300. For those of you that don’t know, this is a rom based on the latest stock (usually latest UK stock unless majorly out of date), and kept as close as possible to the stock feel but with the ability to tweak to your needs. In the future we will most likely release a “SuperVillain” rom which is stock stripped back, so in this case will be stock, less Touchwiz, as far as is possible (no ETA yet).

    VillainROM Features:
    - Stock Rom
    - Deodexed
    - Rooted (superSU)
    - Zip Aligned
    - Ninphetamine Kernel - Thread and sources found here
    - Bloat Transfered to Add-On Packs
    - OTA App (kernel, rom and tweaks) - beta

    What will eventually set this rom aside from the others is the OTA system that we are in the process of creating, users of the S2 rom will remember we had one back then, but the new one is shaping up to be a million times better, and built with ICS theme guide in mind! This system will enable you to fully customise the rom (tweaks, apps etc) as well as download and install full rom updates all from one app.

    NB: If you have any requests or add-ons you wish to see please post them in the thread, if you don’t see a reply from a VR team member within a few days then PM myself - DO NOT PM ON THE FIRST INSTANCE OR YOU MAY BE IGNORED

    Firstly TeamVillain - NPRussell, Pulser, Ninpo, Dmzda, Shen, JieeHD (I hope I have not missed anyone!)
    Secondly - Netarchy, Samsung and anyone else that has helped me along the way!

    Post 2 - Changelog
    Post 3 - FAQ
    Post 4 - Download Links
    Post 5 - Add-on Packs and information for Themers

    I would like to end on saying that personally this is my first full rom release, I have created add-ons and tweaks in the past, and helped with debugging and other fixes but this is my first proper attempt at a full VillainRom release.

    Thanks, and Enjoy!


    Coming Soon
    VillainROM OTA System - VillainROM Toolkit
    VillainROM Bootscreen, wallapapers etc

    Vr 1.1.0
    Rebased to LFB (latest UK official base)
    Ninphetamine 1.2.0 Kernel (based on LFB sources)
    All previous fixes (Lockscreen NFC will now be a tweak)
    Updated apps
    Beta VillainTools app added, app has no icon yet and is in /data/app - This app can not yet flash any downloads you will have to do so manually. - App attached below too if you want to use it to update to VR1.1.0 from previous build.

    Tweaks (to follow)
    Autobrightness - 10 steps
    Samsung Add-On (updated)
    Misc Add-On
    NFC Lockscreen
    ‘Nexus like’ on-screen keys

    Vr 1.0.2
    Cell Standby value fix - Cell standby in battery stats now reads correct values (thanks to AndreiLux)
    Updated apps to newer version

    Vr 1.0.1 (initial XDA release)
    - Added Lockscreen NFC (thanks to Mayhemer on Xda) - Thread here
    - Added App - SGS3 Easy UMS version 1.2 (thanks to Kopfegeldjaeger at Xda) - Thread here
    - Bloat removed separated into additional “packs” to flash

    Vr 1.0
    - Based off stock LF2
    - Deodexed
    - Zipaligned
    - Rooted with SuperSU and CWM apps (thanks to Chainfire)
    - Ninphetamine 1.1.1 Kernel



    The rom is telling me there is a samsung software update but when I click the notification nothing happens?
    Some people have noticed the above occurring, however it clears when you reboot, if for some reason it does not then open Samsung Apps and update when it prompts you.

    I am missing some applications?
    No apps have been permanently removed from this Rom, if you are missing an app it has probably been bundled into an add-on pack, please check post 5.

    I have a kernel question?
    Please put all kernel specific questions in the kernel thread, and/or start a general “ninphetamine discussion” thread in General, if one does not already exist

    Do you have screenshots?
    Well, visually this rom looks the same as stock, in the near future you will be able to use the OTA sytem to apply tweaks that could change this, however, if I can be bothered I will take screen-shots, I might even speak with Shen about doing some fancy screenshot image that he does on his One X VillainRom thread :p

    This is all awesome but how do I learn to do things like this?
    Best place to start is by looking on www.freeyourandroid.com and then general google searches followed by trial and error.



    You could also download via the VillainTools app (if you are already on a VIllainRom) attached to this post

    To flash, boot into recovery, nandroid backup, wipe data/factory reset, and flash!
    (A wipe is not always necessary but is strongly recommended especially if you think your having issues)

    VillainROM 1.1.0 DOWNLOAD

    VillainROM 1.0.2 DOWNLOAD

    VillainROM 1.0.1 DOWNLOAD



    Until we get our OTA system up and running we have decided to do add-on packs this way. Please flash in CWM as normal, no wipe necessary (flash after you flash the rom!)

    If you wish to see other apps in these packs, or indeed entirely different packs let me know and I will see what I can do.

    Samsung Add-on Pack - DOWNLOAD
    - ChatON
    - Tectiles
    - GameHub
    - SMemo
    - SPlanner Widget
    - SSuggest
    - All Share Play
    - Samsung Apps

    Misc Add-On Pack - DOWNLOAD
    - Yahoo News
    - Yahoo News Widget
    - Yahoo Stocks
    - Yahoo Stocks Widget
    - Mobile Print
    - Polaris Viewer

    VillainThemes - Theming system

    Earlier this year TeamVillain released a themeing system that had a fair bit of xda exposure at the time however recently it seems to have gone unnoticed. This system theoretically enables someone to build a theme that if packaged with our system will flash on any rom (on any device)

    If you are looking to theme this rom then please give great consideration to using this system, it really is great!


    If you like what I do, help me have a beer <----- This is a link

    [Rom][05Jul] VillainRom I9300- V1.0.2 - Now including Cell Standby value fix - xda-developers
    [Rom][05Jul] VillainRom I9300- V1.0.2 - Now includes cell standby value fix | VillainROM & FreeYourAndroid
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    teddy3 Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    OP update auf neue Version und weitere Ergänzungen in FAQ und Theming System.
    Wenn jemand Screenshots hat, kann er sie gerne posten. Bei XDA und auf der Homepage des Dev. sind keine vorhanden.
  3. teddy3, 11.07.2012 #3

    teddy3 Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    OP Update auf v1.1.0.

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