Galaxy Buds2 oder Buds Pro?

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Ich bekomme die Galaxy Buds 2 zu meinem Handy geschenkt

Wie gut sind die Galaxy Buds 2?
Lohnt es sich die Buds2 zu verkaufen und die Buds pro zu holen oder soll ich einfach die Buds 2 verwenden?


Ich hatte die Wahl und habe mich nach einer Recherche für die Buds Pro entschieden.

Grundlage für mich war dieser Artikel:
Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro vs Samsung Galaxy Buds 2

Basically, you buy the Galaxy Buds Pro for the IPX7 rating. This is for the person who goes running in a downpour and expects to drop the buds into a puddle. Additionally, owners of multiple Samsung devices can reap the benefits of 360 Audio for movies. If you want a set of earbuds suited to phone calls, the Galaxy Buds Pro tends to sound best. Finally, if you foresee yourself wanting to adjust between a high or a low ANC setting depending on your surroundings, you grab the Galaxy Buds Pro.

Buy the Galaxy Buds 2 if you don’t care about 360 Sound and don’t plan on doing a lot of phone calls. These buds are also a better fit for people who prioritize music listening, rather than movies, due to the lack of Dolby Atmos. For readers with iPhones, it makes more sense to save and get the Galaxy Buds 2, because it sounds good and the ANC works well; plus, you can’t use those extra features anyway.