1. dwedel, 09.08.2009 #1

    dwedel Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    Hello guys,

    I have just recently imported the Samsung I7500 and was wondering if this is a known software bug or if my phone has an actual hardware flaw;

    1. After a little usage (browsing/gmail etc) the following keys stop working "home", "dial" and "menu". Reboot does not solve the problem, but quite often they come back to live after some time for then to stop again later on.

    I have tried factory reset and did not install a single app from market in case that's where the "bug" came from, but still have the same problem.

    (the battery also drains in one day even with Wifi, gps, 3g and little to no usage as I have seen other people on this forum struggle with)

    I am running the original firmware, no updates.

    Any thoughts?

    Sorry for this thread being in english, but my german is not very good, but I do use google translate, so feel free to answer in simple german terms as I will probably understand the meaning of it :)
  2. Thyrion, 09.08.2009 #2

    Thyrion Ehrenmitglied

    Check if the camera key (or any other key) is somehow stuck. Some people reported that this was the problem for some keys not working.
  3. dwedel, 09.08.2009 #3

    dwedel Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    Excellent! seems like that was the solution!

    Thanks a lot Thyrion :)

    Stupid design though, the button getting stuck a little bit in.

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