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I listening yesterday mp3 with earphones and when I disconnect earphones sound from loudspeaker dont play...only when sound play is start system and ringtone when someone call me...other sounds like in games, medias dont play

when I call I dont listen otherside and other side dont listen me

I do reset phone in settings but it nothing do

How can I do wipe????

I don't think you have to do a wipe (or that it would even help). Your description sounds very much like a mechanical problem a few other people have already had, namely that the tiny switch for detecting the headset is stuck. Try inserting and removing the plug a few times and see if that helps. If it doesn't, I'm afraid you'll probably have to send your phone in for repair.

(Or, alternatively, you could install a patched kernel which ignores the headset, but then you won't ever be able to use headphones at all.)
Ok but i want try wipe...how i can do it on galaxy?

i dont know how to wipe the galaxy.
but i found this one on google: toggleheadset - Project Hosting on Google Code
maybe you try this first?

We also have an english speking section on android-hilfe.de!


You have to start in recovery mode by pressing power+call+volume down at the same time. Then (AFAIK, never done it) you'll see a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark and you have to press menu to start the actual wipe.
I had the same probleme it is a hardware problem. You must send the phone back to the provider. Other things don'thelp. Sorry!!
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Thanks all
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