1. cryingfreeman, 17.07.2009 #1

    cryingfreeman Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    I want buy Galaxy in german o2 but I am not from Germany, so I have some questions about Galxy for users:

    1. Is quality of display better than display in G1? for example visibility on sun

    2. How quality of sound have galaxy with better earphones?

    3. Have Galaxy defective components or other problem?(like defective display, audio output, navi keys, problems with gps or wifi etc)

    4. have galaxy software turn on/off flash when people want snap photo?

    5. Is battery life better than G1, when Galaxy have amoled and 1,5x better battery?
    Hold on 2 days my mobile routine day?
    my mobile routine day: 10-20 min call(in/out)
    1-5 sms(in/out)
    4-6 h online ICQ/Gtalk through 3G
    every 5 mins autocheck e-mail
    3-4 h browse web through 3G or wi-fi
    1h gps
    1h entertaiment(music, game or e-book)

    6. Anybody already rooting galaxy and install better rom like cyanogenMOD or some Hero rom( HTC Hero have same processor, so hero rom can be more optimized - wi-fi,gps, battery life) ? :cool:

    7. How many RAM really have Galaxy?
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  2. Melkor, 17.07.2009 #2

    Melkor Super-Moderator Team-Mitglied

    hope my english is not to bad ;)

    1. The display is far better than regular HTC ones. Better visibility in the sun is not given (I guess the glass surface caused this)
    2. I am using Koss Porta Pro earphones and the quality is very nice
    3. Apart from the regular problems in the introduction phase - there is nothing to mention
    4. you can turn off the flash in the camera menu
    5. after you "train" your battery this should be possible, but hard to guess...
    6. No, not yet

    I hope I could help you ;)

    7. 128 MB - with baseband 192MB. So all main components are equal to Dream/Magic
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  3. cryingfreeman, 18.07.2009 #3

    cryingfreeman Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    so 192mb ram like G1, ok

    Aktualization of android os make Galaxy over internet or (can be) manually with any software?
  4. Melkor, 18.07.2009 #4

    Melkor Super-Moderator Team-Mitglied

    It seems that you have to update per PC (like WM Devices)

    to 3.: there are users who reportet that some displays flicker - samsung replaces them
  5. cryingfreeman, 26.07.2009 #5

    cryingfreeman Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    fine. i will have samsung next friday:)

    have galaxy front camera for videoconference( some review it say)?
  6. CJ78, 26.07.2009 #6

    CJ78 Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    No, there is no front camera, sorry
  7. cryingfreeman, 26.07.2009 #7

    cryingfreeman Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    near loudspeaker under or above light sensor isn´t camera?
  8. CJ78, 26.07.2009 #8

    CJ78 Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    No, for sure!
  9. cryingfreeman, 02.08.2009 #9

    cryingfreeman Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    ok I buy Galaxy in germany o2:)

    battery life is poor but i hope it will be better with new firmware and "train" battery?

    i have question: processor default run on 528 Mhz or low like G1? because sometimes system lag when a return to home screen or I have more application runing
  10. koy

    koy Erfahrener Benutzer

    As far as I know it's between 245mhz and 528mhz (cpu scaling, to save battery life).
    I don't know if it actually uses all 528mhz when it needs to though.

    Edit: tested the cpu speed while playing a pretty 3d intense game, and it went up from 245mhz to 480mhz.
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  11. cryingfreeman, 02.08.2009 #11

    cryingfreeman Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    hmm because if i have open browser, meebo, listen mp3 with tunewiki and some 2 or 3 other application, system lag and is very slow

    how i can (really) close application? because taskiller or task manager ending application only on root device

    is system speed(and battery life) better with new firmware?
  12. cryingfreeman, 04.08.2009 #12

    cryingfreeman Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    experiences after 3 days:

    1. Galaxy is often very hot main when battery charge
    2. battery life is poor, in normal use!!! is it around six hours
    3. System is very very slow and bursting:\ I have some icons and widgets on screen and I use only browser, meebo and sometimes google, but also so it can´t possible have multitasking of only this three applications!!! system run alwas only of this application and others closed(mebbo loging every two minutes!!!) a work in this is very slow, browsing and scrolling web page is like on 15 years old PC, when I want look old mail with supplement it often takes 5-10 minutes!!!

    it´s better with new firmware? how I can update firmware with samsung pc studio???(instruction)

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