Sehr schlechte Erfahrung mit dat repair

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Diskutiere Sehr schlechte Erfahrung mit dat repair im Samsung Galaxy Note (N7000) Forum im Bereich Weitere Samsung Geräte.
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After 1 week my new galaxy note (that i bought in Germany) had burned group pixel problem. I sent to dat repair company and i had a very bad experience that it is reported on the next point:

1) i received false answer about the reparation. The customer service lied to me (see point number 2 and 4).
2) i had some burned pixel. The problem was not solved. At the first question (i did this question when the phone was at dat repair) the customer service told me that the problem was solved but i could not know the reparation details because it was a reserved information. When i received the phone i realized that the group of burned pixel was there so i asked why and the customer services told me that it was not possible to change the display (it happned after 1 week of phone life!) because the pixels problem was in the samsung acceptable range. Ok datrepair but please next time say the direcly the true.

3) datrepair did a software update. After this update i have problem with 3G connection (i have periodically a network disconnection), i have problem with software keyboard (i can not write le letter "n"), i have problem with video reader (it freezes very often). When one of those problems happen i have to switch off and on the phone.

4)I asked if they could provide to me a older version of original software. Initially they said yes but after they told me that they had only the last software version. They can say only sorry and not can solve problem.
Liars again and not professional.
I'm very disappoint about all this service.
Can someone tell me what i can do with this very bugged software version?
Thanks a lot.


Hi tureface,

sorry for your inconvenience.
DAT Repair is a registered user here, I'd ask you to send Anna from DAT a private message, she will solve your problems for sure as DAT is normally a very helpful company.
Click: - Profil ansehen: dat_repair
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