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Bluetooth® stereo is not supported

The device does not currently support Bluetooth stereo headsets.

The device at this time only supports single-ear Bluetooth headsets.

Battery drains quickly

While using the T-Mobile G1, different features andapplications such as watching YouTube, listening to music, programs running inthe background, constantly synchronizing e-mail, using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® candrain the battery more quickly.

The average battery life is 4 to 5 hours with an averagebattery standby time of 130 hours, depending on feature and application usageand network conditions. When connected to the 3G network, the T-Mobile G1consumes more battery then when connected to the 2G network.

Important: Train the battery by fully charging it anddraining the battery until it shuts off (dies):

With the device turned off, fully charge the battery again until the LED turns GREEN.
Let the battery charge for an additional TWO hours.
Repeat this process again (perform it twice in a row) and you should experience improved battery life.

Review the followingtips to improve your battery performance:

When you do not need 3G services, set your device to connectto a T-Mobile’s 2G network.

When your T-Mobile G1 is not in use, press End / Power keyto turn off the screen.

Select a shorter backlight duration

Lower the display brightness

Use the AC adapter to charge your T-Mobile G1 wheneverpossible.

Turn Bluetooth off when not in use.

Turn Wi-Fi off when not in use.

Turn off your device connection to GPS satellites when notin use.

Close battery-intensive programs, such as the Camera, when youare done using them.

Turn off automatic synchronization and sync your e-mail andcalendar manually. To turn off automatic synchronization, follow these steps:
Press the Menu key.
Tap Settings, Data synchronization.
Clear the Auto Sync check box.

Third-party applications may also drain the battery quicker.If battery life diminishes significantly after installing applications from theMarket, perform the following to determine the application causing the problem:

Open Android Market.
Tap My downloads.
Scroll through and review your installed applications for the following information:
Low ratings (1 or 2 stars)
Comments indicating battery issues
Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, or network access
Note: Tap Security Permissions to seethe application’s current access.
If your battery drains quickly, it is highly recommended to uninstall the application.

If you experience of poor battery life with normal usage isabnormal and possibly the result of a defective battery or device. Follow thesesteps:

Test a second battery in the device.
If it is determined that the battery is defective and has no user damage, follow these guidelines based on how long ago the device was originally purchased:
Under 90 days: Contact Techinal Care
Between 90 days and 12 months: Contact HTC Accessory at 1-888-716-3594 for a battery replacement at no cost.
Over 12 months: You must purchase a battery.

Verify that you are using the original battery that came with the device. All heat issues when using other batteries are not supported and not covered by the device warranty. Please use the original battery.
Note: If necessary, see how to insert or remove the battery.
Verify that you are using the original charger that came with the device. All heat issues when using other chargers are not supported and not covered by the device warranty. Please use the original charger.
Verify the air temperature is not high. It is normal for the device to heat up more in hot environments. Please move to a cooler location.
Verify that the heat is occurring while using the following operations. If it is heating up while using them for a long time, it is normal for the device to heat up, and not an issue. Please discontinue using all of these services until the device cools down.

· 3G


· Wi-Fi

· YouTube
Inspect the device and the battery for any signs of physical or liquid damage. If there is physical damage, please call HTC for an out-of-warranty repair at 1-888-356-2375.
No exchange needed for devices that get warm or hot with the above operations.
Contact us for futher troubleshooting. if the device shows any of the following symptoms:

· Device gets to be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

· Any part looks burned or melted.

· Can smell burning.

Message files cannot save to memory card

There is no option to save a picture or video file to the memory card from an MMS message.

When saving an e-mail attachment to the memory card, the device may save the file without a file extension. This causes the file to not be viewable on the device.

To work around this issue, forward the message to an e-mail account. You can then save the file on a computer.

Note: If you try to save the forwarded file from an e-mail message to the phone memory card, the phone may save the file without a file extension and the file won't be viewable on the phone.

To forward a multimedia message to an e-mail account, follow these steps

From the Home screen, touch the Applications button.
Touch Messaging.
Touch the message that contains the picture or video.
Press and hold in an empty space in the message.
Touch Forward.
At To, type the e-mail address.
Press the Menu key and touch Send.
Es gibt noch mehr aber die werden hier nicht angesprochen... Bei Gelegenheit übersertze ich das mal...
Also bei mir ist es passiert das wenn ich während des Autpfokus komplett durchdrücke, mir das Handy aufhängt und nur noch mit der Herrausnahme der BAtterie wieder zurücksetzen lässt.

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