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    Da ständig neue Themes heraus kommen - Hier eine Zusammenfasssung!

    Dieser Beitrag dient nur als Sammelliste
    und nicht zu Diskussionen, diese können in der


    stattfinden. Danke!



    Post 2




    Post 3




    Post 4




    Post 5



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    bei [​IMG]


    Einstenno sein NewMiUi:

    XDA Theme Seite:
    Android Themes - xda-developers

    Offizielle MiUi Seite:
    MIUI, Redefining Android – MIUI Android Developers




    [Theme] MIUI Ice Cream Sandwich (Black Ice 2.3 22/11) by cgvelmax - xda-developers

    [Theme] MIUI Ice Cream Sandwich (Black Ice 2.2 15/11) by cgvelmax Hello every one this is my first thread,

    Here for you Black Ice, theme inspired by the latest version of android.

    Hello everyone, today there are improvements and new customizations included.

    Black Ice 2.2 by cgvelmax

    Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    Change log 2.2:

    - Fixed the problem with the LEDs on some devices
    - Changed the folder icon
    - Changed the folder when deployed
    - Changed the color of some text to read on black backgrounds
    - Changed the color of the dialer
    - Other minor changes


    Black Ice 2.1
    Change log:
    - Added background for web browser.
    - Google quick search box themed
    - Color corrected headers menus to display easily.
    - corrected all the problems with the email application.
    - changed the tick in the gmail application, it is now blue.
    - changes in the lock screen, when displaying missed calls and unread messages.
    - change all the icons and circles in lock screen more clean
    - changed the opacity of the status bars to 60%
    - changed the icon for the settings widget
    - corrected the problems of overlap in the camera.
    - changed every pop ups to black black color with opacity.
    - corrected the size of left icons in the settings screen.
    - changed the color of the bubble of incoming messages is now gray.
    - changed the color of all alternative notifications are now gray.
    - and other minor changes that do not remember now.

    just download and enjoy it.

    if you want support for your language, please just send me a pm with the language code and I'll add in the next update.

    screen shots: Updating...

    Very special thanks for the MIUI, XDA community for some resources I used in this package.

    and please, dont forget said thanks or even "Donate to Me" [​IMG]

    - Lock screen esque - by picard666 (modified by ABQNM and cgvelmax see manifest.xml)

    older versions:here

    Attached Thumbnails [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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    Finally finished my next one
    Details and Downloads [​IMG]

    I am more than glad to share my work with fellow Android enthusiasts. However, you MUST redirect download links to my blog. You MAY NOT re-post my files for download on your site. You MAY NOT post my files as QR codes for my files on your site. I need traffic to my blog to cover server costs. Thanks for helping a dudette out [​IMG]


    Ice Cream Sandwich Lockscreen

    0 Oktober 13, 2011 Posted by marco in Lockscreens
    Ice Cream Sandwich Lockscreen

    Hier ist es, eines der erste Ice Cream Sandwich Lockscreens für Miui. Erstellt wurde es von picard666,
    ein Benutzer von XDA. Der Benutzer UNS1N von Miui Germany hat es danach noch ins Deutsch übersetzt und ist nun bereit auch hier bei uns zu Verfügung.





    Download Ich Cream Sandwich
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    Masta_Gee81 Android-Ikone

    [​IMG] [THEME-MIUI] SJ Honeycomb For All MIUI GB Phones- Update 26 Aug 2011
    SJ Honeycomb by Shiwantha For All MIUI Gingerbread Phones

    Hi All,
    SJ Honeycomb is back now for MIUI ROMs. Now you can enjoy most beautiful honeycomb base in Dark Blue.
    This theme is only for MIUI ROMs OS 2.3.4 onwards
    (all tests are made based on OS 2.3.5 Samsung Galaxy S II. )

    Change Log

    V1.1- Initial release
    Comprehensive package with 5 way lock screen with music

    V1.2- Details Here

    Very special thanks for the MIUI, XDA community for some resources I used in this package.

    Special Features

    5 Way lock screen with music and honeycomb digits
    Honeycomb clock and widgets (better than stock honeycomb too)
    Dark interface with most buitiful menus and icons.
    Honeycomb clock with custom phone name branding based on user requests
    Honeycomb style home screen option ETA Soon
    Things To Do
    Few elements on black menu that still need to theme.
    Total redefine phone and dialer
    Messages few adjustment

    Gmail unread mails, black on black text



    Sent From My Mind Using Super Powers... [​IMG]


    Honeycomb MIUI Theme
    Honeycomb X10 Theme

    How to purchase apps from market when no paid apps access to your country

    Downloads @:[​IMG]
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  7. Masta_Gee81, 29.08.2011 #7

    Masta_Gee81 Android-Ikone

    [THEME][28.08] NeonGT and NeonBT v1.0

    Hello all, this is a port of my NeonGT theme to MIUI. It's based on the original to be found here.

    28.08 - UPDATE - NeonGT and NeonBT v1.0

    This is close to a final release at it's going to get right now. I've updated quite a few things - notification pulldown is more transparent, redesigned the pulldowns and popups, tweaked the new battery some more to make the edges smoother, plus many other small revisions. Oh ya, and I've converted it to blue too. Enjoy.

    This release uses the new battery icon. If there's enough demand I'll upload versions with the old battery...

    NeonGT 1.0

    NeonBT 1.0




    Unzip the .mtz file from the zip and place it in your /sdcard/MIUI/theme folder, then apply using theme manager. MIUI Theme Manager can sometimes be quite fussy, so if anything doesn't look right try applying the theme again.

    Regarding the lockscreen music controls, if they don't appear at first, simply double tap the area below the clock and date and they will show up. Not sure why, MIUI can be strange sometimes. [​IMG]


    Updated 17.07: You have two choices here. 1: Install the themes as normal and the default analog clock will be themed to match the new MIUI clock style (minus the second hand). 2: Copy the attached zip file to your memory card, boot your phone into recovery mode and choose "Install zip from sdcard" > "Choose zip from sdcard". Select the file and the three clocks will be installed (to /system/media/gadget/clock). Reboot. Now when you go to add a new widget to your screen, choose the analog 2x2 clock and click the small button on the top right corner to choose a different layout. Note that you can only have one instance of the analog clock at a time, so remove your old one before adding a new colour.

    TO DO

    Further cleanup/tweaking



    24.08 - NeonGT v0.91

    This update mainly fixes the black text on black buttons issue as well as the notification dropdown. It looks a bit greyer now but that's what's needed to handle both light and dark text. I've also skinned the task manager (aka sidekick)[/color]

    09.08 - NeonGT v0.9

    Many under the hood refinements, including:

    New icons: Root Explorer, AppBrain, Drop Box, VLC, Mobo Player, GMail, Droidwall
    New darker buttons
    Tweaked notification pulldown colours
    Refined bubble battery icon to better match the theme
    New alarm notification icon
    Lockscreen now supports cover art
    Tweaked volume/colour sliders
    Tweaked tab header buttons
    Changed text input colour to black
    Themed stock browser menu icons
    Updated notification background
    plus a few more minor tweaks[/color]

    23.07 - NeonGT v0.8

    New battery icon
    Increased font size by 10 percent
    Switched mms sent and received bubbles
    Tweaked many of the icons to look better
    Themed more notification icons
    Skinned the folder pupup window
    Skinned the calendar widget
    Themed contacts
    Partially themed the theme manager
    Made icon dock semi-transparent
    New Miren browser icon
    Plus lots of other tweaks

    17.07 - v0.7 - Now available in both green and blue. I have included a new boot animation and tweaked the lockscreen to work fine with MIUI 1.7.15. As a bonus, there's also a zip file with three modified versions of the new MIUI analog clock in red, green and blue
    13.07 - v0.5 - Now compatible with MIUI 1.7.8, themed the dialer (still a bit to do), new lockscreen, many other general tweaks
    25.06 - v0.4 - Tweaked notifications, refined buttons, added updated lockscreen, tweaked colours, refined some icons, new dock
    22.06 - v0.3 - New wallpaper, new icon set, tweaked notification pulldown some more, added 5-way lockscreen
    20.06 - v0.2 - New clock, modified notification pulldown, replaced most statusbar icons





    DOWNLOAD NEONGT v0.91 with new battery

    DOWNLOAD NEONGT v0.91 with old battery

    DOWNLOAD NEONGT v0.9 with new battery

    DOWNLOAD NEONGT v0.9 with old battery



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    Quelle: xda-developers - View Single Post - [LOCKSCREEN-THEME] MIUI Lockscreen theme thread (31/08) Video tutorial added in OP

    here's my latest lockscreen.
    i still have to add music control to it, have a few images of how to do it in my head.
    also if zhee has run out of room i might start up a thread for my lockscreens. easier to update that way [​IMG]
    i'm also porting mine over to magic lock, that program has potential [​IMG]
    as always any questions just pm [​IMG]

    Attached Thumbnails [​IMG]
    Attached Files [​IMG] advark.zip - [Click for QR Code] (1.30 MB, 187 views)


    Quelle: [MIUI LS THEMES] FAQs & REQUEST - Video tutorial added in OP - Page 289 - xda-developers

    Could someone make these lockscreens?



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  9. Masta_Gee81, 04.09.2011 #9

    Masta_Gee81 Android-Ikone

    Salam qasim ....

    Kannst du bitte noch hinzufügen , das alle themes und mods vom Sgs1 auch beim Sgs2 funktionieren !!!

    Habe es selbst getestet :cool2::cool2::cool2:

    Weil themes fürs Sgs1 habe wir ja genug :)
  10. Masta_Gee81, 05.09.2011 #10

    Masta_Gee81 Android-Ikone

    [​IMG] [Theme][09/04][1.7.8-1.9.2] Blue Dado Miui v4.0 Light and v2.0 Dark

    Hi to all my friends!

    I want to share with you my personal theme.

    It is perfectly integrated with 1.8.26 and older and all is especially blue! The default layout is mantained to remain a simple but nice theme.

    I created two versions, the light one and the dark one. After weeks of testing I think that they are almost ok!

    Sorry for the large download, all the apps are themed and there are more than 10mb of icons!

    I'll try to update every week if there are noticeable changes in MIUI release.

    I want your help for bug fixes and suggestions!

    Thank you very much and enjoy it!


    To install the theme you simply have to mount your sd-card and copy the .mtz file in the MIUI/theme folder then go to theme manager and apply it.

    You may choose to apply different components to customize your theme!


    Antispam - Backup - Bluetooth - Browser - Calculator - Calendar - Camera - Compass - Contacts - Deskclock - Email - Fancy widgets - FileExplorer - FM Radio - Framework - Friendcaster - Gallery - Google Maps - Gmail - Google Talk - Gingerbread Keyboard - Icons - Launcer - Market - Mms - Monitor - Music Player - Notes - Phone - Providers calendar - Providers downloads ui - Root explorer - Settings - Sidekick - SmartKeyboard - Soundrecorder - Systemui - Thememanager - Torch - Tweetcaster- Voicedialer - Youtube




    v.4.0: added fancy widgets, tweetcaster, friendcaster, darked text in settings, reverted grey background in settings, minor fixes

    v.3.9: changed fonts, changed battery icons (circle), worked on xml with colors to improve readability, blue spectrum in music, themed new market, sliding buttons for all languages (in english), bug fixes, compatibility and changes for 1.9.2

    v.3.8: corrected some .9 patch and error, added icon and color, starting to customize the theme: new control bar and menu!

    v.3.6: corrected all problems (I wish), stable version

    v.3.5 light: new vexillum icons, update to 1.8.26 compatibility, some new things and mistakes corrections

    v.3.1: quick fixes (market and xml), changed wallpaper and updated screenshot

    v.3.0: ALL applications (Miui and Android and some Google) themed + missing icon and colors + much more!

    v.2.3: new xml, missing icon, new color, 1.8.19 compatibility

    v.2.1 test: new scrollbar, missing icons, working with xml to colour text in menu, contacts and messages

    v.2.1: new scrollbar, missing icons

    v.2.0: new color icons, new settings icons, new message, contacts, phone blue, I think all missing is now ok!

    v1.0: initial release




    v.2.0: added fancy widgets, tweetcaster, friendcaster, changed background in settings, changed compact toggles, reverted to grey popup in applications, corrected search contacts in mms, minor fixes

    v.1.9: changed fonts, changed battery icons (circle), worked on xml with colors to improve readability, blue spectrum in music, themed new market, sliding buttons for all languages (in english), new popup and settings menu, bug fixes, compatibility and changes for 1.9.2

    v.1.8: corrected some .9 patch and error, added icon and color, starting to customize the theme: new control bar and menu!

    v.1.5 dark: initial release, expect some mistakes in color, need to add screenshot, 1.8.26 compatibility


    - NewMIUI Light
    - Twisted Miui
    - StockBlue
    - NeonBT
    - Project Vexillum
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    [MIUI Theme] Icon Set - Placid HD

    by stiffspliff

    Published on 09-01-2011 08:43 AM
    10 Comments [​IMG]

    With permission from the original creator of these icons, MIUI.us would like to showcase a new set of icons for MIUI.
    This is a great icon set for those that enjoy the minimal look.

    The icon set is called Placid HD
    Made by MIUI.us member: dfskevinohyeah
    Original thread: http://forums.miui.us/showthread.php...-WIP-PLACID-HD

    Download Link(s):
    Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!


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  12. Masta_Gee81, 09.09.2011 #12

    Masta_Gee81 Android-Ikone


    My goal with this theme is to make every part of the phone's UI as coherent as possible as well as make it look good, at least to me [​IMG].

    I know orange isn't everyone's favorite color but this being my first theme meant the least modifications for me. I am planning on adding more colors.

    I've only tried this out on my Dinc mainly using the apps and settings I like so I am expecting things to be broken. Let me know when you guys find stuff. Post 3 will be my running list of problems/needed updates/desired updates.

    My one disclaimer with this is that I am doing this in my free time so I make no promises with updates. However I do usually update each week but again, no promises.

    I added adf.ly links to the mtz links to help me support working on this theme. The ad's only last 5 seconds and hopefully won't keep you guys from downloading my stuff. This way I can keep my releases free [​IMG] Also, please feel free to donate if you like my work. It seems that the adf.ly links may be a bit confusing to people so here's a pic to help. When you click any of the adf.ly links you will be taken to a page that has a banner at the top like this: [​IMG]
    After 5 seconds or so click where the red box is donating and you'll be on your way to the .mtz.

    Current Theme Version: 0.5 (08-26-11)
    Compatable MIUI Version: 9.2

    Cothek's Phazed.Orange.0.5: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    Racer Wallpapers: Orange [W] [L] Blue [W] [L] (see page 5 for pics)
    Racer Clock Orange: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites! (This is the clock in the main pic.)


    Needs Theming
    Framework - music lockscreen
    System UI - battery bar
    Music - widget

    Needs Update
    Phone - mute status bar icon
    Framework - power control icons
    Fileexplorer - edit icons
    Backup - check icon
    Framework - notification popup icons
    More colors!

    New Wallpaper (0.5)
    Framework - search icons (0.5)
    SystemUI - status bar icons (0.5)
    Settings - status bar toggles (0.4)
    Browser (0.4)
    System UI - wifi icon - (0.3)
    MMS - chat bubbles - (0.3)
    Fileexplorer - path and icons - (0.3)
    Backup - background color - (0.3)
    System UI - data icon - (0.3)
    System UI - alarm icon - (0.3)
    Settings - toggle - (0.3)
    Gallery - (0.2)
    System UI - battery charge direction (thanks danielrod!) - (0.2)

    Previous Versions:
    0.1: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
    0.2: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
    0.3: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
    0.4: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
  13. Masta_Gee81, 09.09.2011 #13

    Masta_Gee81 Android-Ikone

    [THEME] WP7 Dark [Update 9-4-11]

    MIUI WP7 Dark

    Some have been looking for the dark version. I have been working on this for about the same amount of time as the light version. There is one thing that I have notice that all the dark themes have is the one widget menu has black text.

    Whats Themed
    • Lockscreen credit to h_zee13 on XDA
    • Framework-res
      1 Updated graphics (New)
      2 Fixed errors
    • System UI
      1 Updated graphics (New)
      2 Fixed errors
    • Settings
    • MMS
    • Phone
    • Contacts
    • Desk Clock (New)
    • File Explorer (New)
    • Theme Manager (New)
    • Monitor (New)
    • Updater (New)
    • Gallery (New)

    Looking into how to change the theme colors within the theme. If not I will make other ones for each color.

    Download - WP7 Dark

    Download - Mirror



    Icons - not sure where credit goes
    If Someone wants to make icons I am for that. I have enough to do already.

    Download - Keyboard

    TouchWiz Calculator
    Download Here
  14. Masta_Gee81, 11.09.2011 #14

    Masta_Gee81 Android-Ikone

    Here are a bunch of animations that I found. I made flashables. I will make sure that these are updated once we update EVERY build. These animations will work on any phone running the latest MiUi build. Have fun and enjoy. If you happen to stumble upon a animation no in the op, please feel free to post a link to it and as soon as i can get a chance i will make it..
    .....::: Cheers :::.....

    please make sure to mount system/data/cache in recovery before you flash the animation
    Thanks SoCalSpecialist

    Please make sure to re boot twice and let sit for a little to allow the lagg to go away

    Previews will be coming soon. I need to make them. =)

    I Take Absolutely No Responsibility For Damaged or Broken Phones! Make a Back Up Before Flashing Any of These!

    1. [*]88: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
      [*]Anim: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
      [*]Bounce: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
      [*]CM7: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
      [*]Drop_In: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
      [*]Drop: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
      [*]Flip: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
      [*]Fly_In: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
      [*]Fly_n_Flip: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
      [*]Fold: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
      [*]LeoMar75: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
      [*]Mik: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
      [*]Mikz: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
      [*]Mix: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
      [*]Myn's: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
      [*]Raptide: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
      [*]Stock_LG: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
      [*]Twist: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
    2. ]DEFAULT: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
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    quasimodo Threadstarter Gast


    SGS2 Minimal This lockscreen theme was inspired by a xml theme from mclock that I've always loved and I wanted to turn it into a lockscreen. It has sms/missed calls notifiers(let me know what you think) with shortcuts and has the SGS2 fade unlock. Hope you enjoy. Rename .zip to .mtz

    Attached Thumbnails [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Attached Files [​IMG] SGS2 Minimal.zip - [Click for QR Code] (1.35 MB, 109 views) ​
  16. quasimodo, 11.09.2011 #16
  17. Masta_Gee81, 05.10.2011 #17

    Masta_Gee81 Android-Ikone

    [ MIUI - Theme ][ 4 Oct ] Golden

    hi guys :]
    I just switch to android phone in 1 month XD . Im just new android-user [​IMG]
    This is my first theme on sexy MIUI [​IMG]

    Theme based on Cotheks.Phazed.Orange . I just change a little to my style :p
    Icon : tks to jackietran and Lokheed

    here is preview



    Hope u like it

    V1 : Free File Hosting, Online Storage &amp File Upload with FileServe
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  18. Masta_Gee81, 05.10.2011 #18

    Masta_Gee81 Android-Ikone

    [THEME] [10/03/11] CLAR by A.M. [480x800] [All MIUI versions]

    CLAR 1.0 by me.
    Engraved text and png effect, looks really clean. Suggestions welcome.


  19. Einsteinno1, 06.10.2011 #19

    Einsteinno1 Gewerbliches Mitglied

    Nur wen es interessiert. Sorry das es in letzter Zeit keine Updates beim NewMIUI Blue Theme gab. Ich komm einfach nicht mehr dazu weil die ganzen anderen MIUI Projekte soviel Zeit in Anspruch nehmen.

    Doch ich habe mal die neuen Icons reingepackt ( was ca. 200 sind ) und ein Update gemacht. Also wer MIUI in Blau haben will hier gibts das Pack

    NewMIUI Light 4.2 *New Theme Basis*

    ist aber auch im ersten Post verlinkt
  20. Masta_Gee81, 08.10.2011 #20

    Masta_Gee81 Android-Ikone

    UPDATED 10-4-2011 NCAA FOOTBALL CLOCKS from Pyschotic Labs


    to use thes clocks you have to put the zip in the sdcard/miui/gadget/clock then just put the 2x2 clock widget on ur desktop
    more teams coming soon(all teams not in picture its just an example)

    If u like my work then click the thanks button or you could buy me an monster

    If you haven't seen my other stuff here is your chance click links below

    Icon Pack
    Lockscreen wallpaper


    West Virginia--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...stvirginia.zip

    Wake Forest--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...wakeforest.zip

    Virginia Tech--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...rginiatech.zip

    University Of Virginia--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...ofvirginia.zip

    University Of Pittsburgh--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...pittsburgh.zip

    University Of Missouri--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...ofmissouri.zip

    University Of Miami--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...ityofmiami.zip

    University Of Louisville--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...louisville.zip

    University Of Kansas--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...tyofkansas.zip

    University Of Illinois--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...ofillinois.zip

    University Of Cincinnati--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...cincinnati.zip

    University Of Connecticut--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...onnecticut.zip

    Texas Tech--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho.../texastech.zip

    Texas Longhorns--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...slonghorns.zip

    Texas A&M--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...s/texasa&m.zip

    Tennessee Vols--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...nesseevols.zip

    South Florida--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...uthflorida.zip


    Ole Miss--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...ks/olemiss.zip

    Oklahoma University--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...university.zip

    Oklahoma State--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...ahomastate.zip

    North Carolina State--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...olinastate.zip

    North Carolina--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...thcarolina.zip

    Mississippi State--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...sippistate.zip

    Michigan Wolverines--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...wolverines.zip

    Michigan State--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...higanstate.zip

    Maryland State--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...ylandstate.zip

    Kansas State Wildcats--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...tewildcats.zip

    Iowa State--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho.../iowastate.zip

    Iowa Hawkeyes--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...wahawkeyes.zip

    Indiana Hoosiers--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...nahoosiers.zip

    Georgia Tech--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...eorgiatech.zip

    Georgia Bulldog--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...giabulldog.zip

    Florida State Seminoles--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...eseminoles.zip

    Florida Gators--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...ridagators.zip

    Bboston College--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...toncollege.zip



    Alabama Crimson Tide--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...rimsontide.zip

    University Of Nebraska--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...ofnebraska.zip

    University Of Minnesota--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...fminnesota.zip


    Clemson University--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...university.zip

    Penn State --->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho.../pennstate.zip

    Purdue University--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...university.zip

    Southern Miss--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...uthernmiss.zip

    USC Trojans--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...usctrojans.zip

    Ohio State--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho.../ohiostate.zip



    East Carolina--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...stcarolina.zip

    University Of Houston--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...yofhouston.zip





    Southern Methodist--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...nmethodist.zip




    Brigham Young--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho...ighamyoung.zip

    Notre Dame--->http://android.gcfam.net/devs/psycho.../notredame.zip







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