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  1. Mayday, 21.01.2012 #1

    Mayday Threadstarter Android-Guru

    I would like to present to you a theme that me and one of my mates have been putting together the last few days. SilverFoxBlues v1.2 is now online.

    Please be aware that it has only been tested and confirmed working on Batista70 Foxhound ROM (link is in my sig). Please do not ask if it works on other ROMs, for the time being I simply don't know. It would be best to assume that it doesn't. If you do try it, please do not ask here or in the respective ROM thread for support. We will sort out compatibility in the next updates. Also it's not fully MDPI compatible, most things scale up properly but quite a few don't. It really doesn't bother me that much because the things that I use most are working fine. We will also look into this in future updates.


    Items Themed:

    Boot sound added
    TW Launcher

    You know, the usual... [​IMG]



    1. Install Batista70 FoxHound v3.0 ROM
    2. Download Hyperdroid theme restore zip and flash it in recovery. Other theme restore packages for KK5 or KL1 should work as well.
    3. Download SilverFoxBlues from link given at the bottom of this post and flash it in recovery.
    4. Reboot to system and enjoy.



    Included at the bottom of the post (more to come).


    rixsta - you are an absolutely legendary themer and a wonderful mate. Thanks for your support.
    mariocela - massive thanks for creating Black Hole theme, letting us use some bits and inspiring our creativity.


    We did this for fun and not expecting anything in return. If you feel you like our theme, clicking thanks button below is always appreciated. [​IMG]



    SilverFoxBlues v1.2 (tested on Foxhound v3.0)
    SilverFoxBlues v1.2.zip

    SilverFoxBlues Universal (not tested, flash at your own risk)



    Link zum Originalthread auf XDA.

    [THEME]***SILVERFOXBLUES***[v1.2 up - wip](VRT/MDPI/JKAY Support) - xda-developers

    Sieht auch nett aus, getestet habe ich das Universal allerdings noch nicht.
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