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  1. Masta_Gee81, 24.11.2011 #1

    Masta_Gee81 Threadstarter Android-Ikone

    [​IMG] [THEME UPDATE] Saint's PsychicPurple theme v34.3.0 for CriskeloROM V34 (XWKK5 2.3.6)
    Saint's PsychicPurple theme v34.3.0 for CriskeloROM V34 (XWKK5 2.3.6)

    [​IMG][​IMG] Bored of Blue? [​IMG][​IMG]

    Here it is.. PsychicPurple v34.3.0 for CriskeloROM V34 is now online

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Purple modded 3rd Party Apps, Lockscreen Icons and Battery Mods are now automatically copied in /sdcard/PsychicPurple folder during the flashing process (please note on some kernels there are known issues mounting sdcard from cwm.. So look for the PsychicPurple folder in external_sd if you can't find it in sdcard)...

    Download ModsAndIcons.zip, if you can't find PsychicPurple folder on sdcard or external_sd after flashing

    If you are already using the modded GoApps, use TitaniumBackup to backup app data, uninstall the app, install modded apk's from sdcard and then restore data for those apps from TB (you may still need to reconfigure all GoLauncher widgets after installation)

    Market updates for GoApps may fail after installing modded version. I will provide modded updates here as and when available...

    Battery Mods (CWM flashable zip's are included in PsychicPurple folder on sdcard or external_sd)
    (install v34 ROM and v34.3.0 Theme before flashing mods)

    [​IMG] Animated
    [​IMG] Bubble
    [​IMG] Bezke
    [​IMG] Colored (Theme Default)
    [​IMG] CStyle
    [​IMG] Honeycomb

    * This is a no-wipe flash (you can install over GalaxyBlue or other themes)
    * Wipe cache/dalvik-cache and flash using CWM Recovery
    * Install mods only after flashing the theme
    Change Log

    Version 34.3.0 for CriskeloROM v34 Download
    Major update..
    * Most graphics/icons in system apps and framework are either changed or tweaked..
    * Transparent Black Menus with Purple/White text in framework apps and Go Apps [​IMG]
    * Fully themed Clock App (with new world clock graphic and hour/minute hands) [​IMG]
    * Completely reworked Contacts/Phone app with new 3D Dialer adapted from Xtreme dialer (thanks to xtremekilla09 although it's not exactly the same) [​IMG]
    * Fully themed Calendar/Messaging/FM Radio/Music Player/Video Player (lots of graphic changes) [​IMG]
    * Themed MyFiles.apk and and minor tweaks to Camera.apk [​IMG]
    * Fully themed GoLauncherEx v2.68 with transparent black menus/settings [​IMG]
    * PsychicPurple GoLauncher Theme v1.2 (PsychicPurple.1.2.apk) (uninstall old PsychicPurple.1.*.apk before installing this) [​IMG]
    * Fully themed GoContacts v1.46 with transparent black menus/settings
    * Fully themed GoSMSPro v4.01 with transparent black menus/settings
    * Themed JkayDeluxeSettings v13.2.2
    * Themed Swype and GingerBread keyboard..
    * Versioning scheme changed to reflect Criskelo ROM version...
    * many more minor tweaks and changes that I actually forgot..
    Version 2.2.1 for CriskeloROM v32 Download
    Minor update..
    * Icon changes to PsychicPurple GoLauncher theme (uninstall and reinstall)
    * Some color tweaks and icon changes to system apps...
    * Battery mods added..
    Version 2.2 for CriskeloROM v32 Download
    The following system apps are fully themed... button, check/radio boxes and expander styles are changed system wide to maintain originality...
    * Contacts.apk (Glowing Glass 3D Dialer)
    * Phone.apk
    * TouchWizCalendar.apk
    * TouchWizCalculator.apk
    * FmRadio.apk
    * Gallery3D.apk
    * MusicPlayer.apk
    * VideoPlayer.apk... minor changes
    * Camera.apk... touch icon changes..
    * Browser.apk... icon/color changes..
    * Mms.apk
    * TW4Launcher.apk
    * Swype.apk (with purple swype trace)
    * GingerBread Keyboard (gbkb.apk)
    * Settings.apk
    * AccountAndSyncSettings.apk
    * MtpApplication.apk
    * Market (Phonesky.apk)... very minor icon changes..
    * framework-res.apk
    * twframework-res.apk
    * SystemUI.apk
    Version 2.1 for CriskeloROM v31 Download
    * Styles for Buttons, Checkboxes and Expanders changed to maintain originality
    * Several color tweaks and icon changes done..
    * 3rd party apps themed (included in PurpleModdedApps.zip)...
    Version 2.0 for CriskeloROM v31 Download
    * Contacts/Phone fully themed with Glowing Glass Dialer
    * Themed Swype (with purple Swype trace)
    * TWLauncher themed
    * lots of other system apps themed (see above list)...
    Version 1.2 for CriskeloROM v30 Download
    * 3D semi-transparent purple android bot in notification slider (changed because the graphic used earlier seems to be copyrighted!).. (Thanks to Dave Johnson for letting me use this fantastic image)
    * ICS transition animations included (thanks to Capez http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...php?p=19304863)
    * Notification toggles changed to purple..
    * Notification primary and secondary text colors changed to dark and light purple
    * Other minor changes..
    * Theme name & version updated (DeepPurple seems to be patented by another theming team.. wonder what the rock band would say if they see this thread!)
    Version 1.1 for CriskeloROM v30 Download
    * Toast frame and status bar ongoing notification color changed to purple
    * Other minor color changes that were not rendered properly in the initial version
    * Theme version updated

    Tested on:
    CriskeloROM V34 XWKK5 2.3.6

    I'd be glad to help in anyway I can, if you have any issues installing and using this theme...​
    My thanks to...
    * Dave Johnson (original 3D Android Bot) and Mohan for the devilish tweaks
    * Dully79 and xtremekilla09 (adapted from Glowing Glass Dialer by Dully79 and xTreme Dialer by xtremekilla09)..
    * Capez (ICS Transition Animations)
    * GoDev team
    * Lirik (GalaxyBlue theme)
    * Lexullde (BlackBlue theme)
    * and the fantastic CriskeloROM team..
    My apologies for the delay in releasing this update.. I took my time because I've beautified many things that I'm sure you will love.. Enjoy the latest update and remember to thank if you like it.. Have fun.. Cheers..

    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 08.08.2012
  2. BananenAffe, 24.11.2011 #2

    BananenAffe Android-Guru

    Oh Gott ! Ich bin Blind ! :D Das ist ja mal heftig das Theme.
  3. Masta_Gee81, 24.11.2011 #3

    Masta_Gee81 Threadstarter Android-Ikone

    Mal ne Abwechslung zu Blau :flapper:

    Is nicht nur was für Frauen :cool2:

    Ich finds genial und mal was neues ... Greetz M@sta :razz:
  4. Masta_Gee81, 13.12.2011 #4

    Masta_Gee81 Threadstarter Android-Ikone

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