[THEME][XXKI3|XXKI4] Miuibuntu Mod - JKay V12.1

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Diskutiere [THEME][XXKI3|XXKI4] Miuibuntu Mod - JKay V12.1 im Themes für Samsung Galaxy S2 im Bereich Root / Hacking / Modding für Samsung Galaxy S2.


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by dtekkt

XXKI3 with JKay V12 and XXKI4 with JKay V12.1 released

Hey guys,

I guess many of you do already know me from Leomar's thread and his kitchen app.

I refreshed my Theme/Mod for the newest release from JKay, heres some examples what I did new:

  • New Quickpanel Toggles (more polished)
  • New Power Dialog Buttons
  • Blue OSG (the default one)
  • New Lockscreen Tabs (like the default Samsung ones) and new Clock (you have to use AOSP clock in the options)
  • New Progress Bar
  • .....
Included in this Mod is systemui, framework, tw-framework and settings.
I also included my Lockscreen Icons

If you are using the overscroll bounce (like I did in my older Theme), you have to remove it before you flash this, otherwise everything will FC on you(this is for every JKay V12 Theme)!!!
I have attached the needed file, so flash this before anything else

Credits to:

  • JKay, of course
  • Mr. Megi
  • Crysis21
  • esk02k
  • jasonkx
let me know if I forgot someone

Now here are the screenshots:

from now on I will only Post my updates in here and not in Leo's thread anymore.


Version with JKay V12.1 for XXKI4 released

XXKI4 released


  • fixed the Lockscreen tabs, thanks to bergkuh

Restore OSG

Download Theme XXKI3 with JKay V12

Download Theme XXKI4 with JKay V12.1

Download Iconpack

Link to JKay's thread
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