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    Quelle: XDA

    Autor: hierarchy666

    Link: BLACKArc XRecovery Theme for firmware 2.1.A.0.435/2.1.1.A.0.6

    This theme originally came from TimMun it's only for Build number

    Baseband 2.1.54/2.1.55 X10i/X10a 2.1.

    All credits should go to him.
    His thread is here.
    [THEME][02.03.2011] Arc Theme for xRecovery + Dark status bar - xda-developers

    I edited that theme to black because i cant find any ARC theme that is black without heavily edited so i decided to edit it with photoshop and also because i am really really extremely sick of Sony Ericsson BLUE that is the first thing i want to do ELIMINATE THE BLUE. I touch nothing else. All pictures are still intact originally. Im very open to suggestions im a noob myself only good in photoshop. Planning for more improvements. Any ideas or anyone could edit it better im more willing to accept. I believe that besides Blue,Black,Green,Orange,Purple there is no pink for girls who owns an X10 thinking of making one.

    Widgets used are: System Info Widget & Switch Pro Widget & PowerAMP.

    Download Font for XRecovery: Sony Sketch (Thanks Farhang for the upload)
    Screenshots Below.

    FIXED MINOR BUGS. I sincerely apologize for the mistakes i made during preparations the zips. Install using XRecovery choose install custom zips.

    DOWNLOAD BLACKArc: WITH percentage & reboot options. HERE

    DOWNLOAD BLACKArc: WITHOUT percentage & reboot options. HERE

    BLACKArc Home Launcher: HERE

    BLACKArc DOCK with COLOURED icon home launcher: HERE

    For those who do not like ARC Launcher using ADW or Launcher Pro here is an ICON PACKS & DOCK,

    At any point of time you DISLIKE this theme you can do a flash toORIGINAL for XRECOVERY and get back to default state.

    Roll back to default FONT HERE


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