[THEME 2.1] 24.04.2011 ElementaL Orange/Black Theme v3.0 *Tipp*



Quelle: XDA

Autor: Mr Element

Link: [THEME] ElementaL Orange/Black Theme v3.0

Hello everyone , this is the 3rd version of my Elemental Theme for SE Rachael 2.1 Stock ROM. I am back and ready to work hard to provide a high quality result in Orange and Black color combinations. Enjoy glossy result , high quality theming and some new images unlike the recolor proceedure that the previous versions were constructed with. This theme's APKs are framework-res , Phonebook , FriendPivotLargeUI and SemcPhone. There is also a custom font included.

This theme will receive full support for the two remaining versions of the SE Rachael ROM. Previous thread was deleted due to the theme being obsolete and old. Older versions of the theme for stock ROM (.504 and .024) may be supported but I can't promise.


Download Link:
(Version 2.1.A.0.435)

Installation Instructions:
*Perform a recent and full Nandroid Backup using your preffered recovery.
*Download Elemental_Update_signed.zip which is for your ROM version.
*Place Elemental_Update_signed.zip in you SD card.
*Flash the .zip file using your preffered recovery.
*Reboot phone.

Disclaimers & Final Words:
Since most of you already know , when flashing a theme (aka Elemental_Theme_signed.zip) you are tampering with system files which can result in loss of data and reflashing your device through SEUS. When trying a new theme do so at your own responsibility.

Special thanks to my dear friends and themers My_Immortal and DaRk_dOg who helped me co-create this theme.

Please provide feedback for new ideas , don't post mirrors and don't mention that everybody is using custom ROMs so this theme is propably "useless". Respect the fellow owner who still uses the stock ROM (me being one) and be patient for the theme to be ported to 2.2 and 2.3 versions.


ElementaL Black/Orange Theme for x10
My Device Info
Series: XPERIA by Sony Ericsson
Model: x10i
Android Version: 2.1
ROM: Stock SE 2.1 ROM Optimized
Firmware Version: 2.1.A.0.435
Details: Rooted , JIT Enabled (VM Heapsize = 32MB) , xRecovery v0.3 Installed , Zipaligned System/User Applications , Several Tweaks & Mods Applied
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