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  1. 4ndr0, 05.08.2012 #1

    4ndr0 Threadstarter Android-Lexikon


    gerade hat der Play Store ein Update für TB Pro installiert. Jetzt startet es nicht mehr, ich sehe nur noch "Checking license"

    Phone Neustart hilft auch nicht. Ideen? :crying:

    Habe Mail an den Dev geschrieben, kam nur Autoresonse zurück:
    Dear XXXX, Please read this e-mail carefully (really!)
    NOTE: This automatic e-mail helps us "channel" the support and give you answers for the most common issues very quickly. It also helps reduce our support queue which is handling a very large number of requests.
    IMPORTANT: Please do NOT reply to this e-mail directly: it won't work! Instead please read it to its end.
    Thank you for contacting Titanium Track. We really appreciate that you are enjoying our products and we apologize if you have encountered any problems while using them. As much as we are eager to hear from you, we would like to apologize that the volume of e-mail that we receive daily is massive! Hence, to narrow down the problem, we have created some intuitive guides and proper channelling of the support so you can get answers quickly.
    Titanium Backup requires ROOT (either permanent or temporary). If your device is not rooted, then this application will NOT work on your device. You need S-OFF if you have the option. If want to know more about root, superuser and custom ROMs, you can find it out here.
    If you have just purchased PRO key and are not seeing the icon in your applications drawer, this is because the PRO key is just a key. It is NOT an application. You need to have BOTH the PRO key and the free "Titanium Backup" application installed on your device. This will then unlock the PRO features on the free application itself.
    Before asking us any questions, it is best that you go through our knowledge base first. Not only you might find the answer that you are looking for, you may even discover how to fully utilize our applications and maximize the experience. We have broken down the knowledge base into the following categories:
    General Knowledgebase - Information that you need to know prior to having the application itself.
    Titanium Backup Knowledgebase - The official Titanium Backup knowledge base. It covers from the basics of installation to advanced encryption topics and troubleshooting.
    If you still do not find the answers to question that you have, or if you believe you have discovered a bug, or if you just want to thank us and pat our backs, you can use the following links to reach us:
    General Support – If you are having a bad experience with any of our products and would like to report it, this is the all-in-one place. If you are unsure of which department to reach, please select this department.
    Sales & Marketing – If you have a business proposal, business venture or a marketing plan that you would like to discuss with us, please select this department.
    Titanium Backup Lost License Recovery – If you are using a license file with Titanium Backup and have lost it or have problems with it, please select this department.
    We hope that you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them for you. We're sorry for any inconvenience you may have encountered.
    Yours Truly,
     Titanium Track Team
    In einer kurz darauffolgenden Mail habe ich noch Phone Model, SW und Kernel genannt. Keine Antwort bis jetzt.


    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 08.08.2012
  2. 4ndr0, 08.08.2012 #2

    4ndr0 Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    Hat keiner ne Idee? Teilweise funktioniert es, aber ich muss das Phone ständig neu starten, damit es funzt. Dann lässt es sich aufrufen und beim 2. Aufruf hängt es wieder bei "Checking license"

    TB ist kaum noch benutzbar! Jemand dasselbe Problem und evtl ne Lösung? :(

    Jetzt funzt es überhaupt nicht mehr, habe 3x neu gestartet, TB will nicht starten, bekomme nur "Checking license".
    Habe gerade ein Nandroid Backup von vor 7 Stunden wiederhergestellt, als es noch einwandfrei funktionierte. Hilft nichts, immer noch stuck bei "Checking license". Über den Taskmanager killen bringt auch nichts. Was ist da los, Hilfe bitte :(
    Habe noch mal ein neueres Backup wiederhergestellt, jetzt startet es garnicht mehr, nur ein schwarzer Bildschirm, siehe Bild. Hat jemand ne Idee? Was kann ich machen?? :(((
    Jetzt kann ich noch nicht mal ein Bckup wiederherstellen:
    "Error while mounting /system!"

    Was ist da los?


    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 08.08.2012
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