Anti-Forensics: "Call History" und Spuren der besuchten Sites SICHER löschen



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Ich möchte die "Call History" und Spuren der besuchten Sites löschen. Ich habe das bereits mit Android Tools gemacht, zweifle aber daran, dass sie wirklich nicht recovered werden kann.

Das läuft unter dem Begriff "Anti-Forensics". Ich will verhindern, dass jemand mit speziellen Tools meine "Call History" und die besuchen Websites trotzdem anschauen kann.

Hat mir jemand Tipps dazu?

Ich habe nur folgendes via Google gefunden

This project is an exploration into anti-forensic techniques and their implementation onto mobile platforms. The final year project was designed as a partial requirement for the developer's BSc degree.

Mission statement: “The Gumshoe project's objective is to illustrate the effectiveness of anti-forensics within mobile environments and provide cutting edge, accessible data privacy to the Android user base.”

Requires a rooted Android device & Busybox port

Disclaimer: The Gumshoe project will not be liable for any damage or loss of any kind arising out of or resulting from your possession or use of the software, including data loss, data corruption, or security breeches of any type. The author takes absolutely no responsibility for possible data loss or modification. The Gumshoe project has the ability to destroy data in a unrecoverable manner and therefore it is recommended to proceed with caution when operating. If you are unsure of a function within the unstable release, please review the application source to understand the underlying process(es).
Quelle: gumshoe - Anti-Forensics tool kit for the Android software stack - Google Project Hosting

Ich habe aber auf meinem HTC Desire Android 2.3.3 kein Root...
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