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  1. JD82, 02.09.2010 #1

    JD82 Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    Hi, I'm the developer of Kitchen Timer

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Is a little free and open source app.

    Screenshots and sources: kitchentimer - Project Hosting on Google Code
    Stats: Kitchen Timer - Cyrket

    I would ask your help to translate my application in German language.

    Kitchen Timer is easy to translate, simply apply for access to this site (specify German in Personal note): Kitchen Timer | String. | myGengo

    If you prefer you can directly translate the file strings.xml available at this address:
    strings.xml - kitchentimer - Project Hosting on Google Code

    Is not very long, will be a hundred sentences, almost all very short.

    Thank you

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