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  1. Sky, 19.04.2012 #1

    Sky Threadstarter Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    Android macht viel in der Cloud... u.a. Kontakte speichern, WLAN Keys speichern, E-Mails speichern, Apps speichern.
    Braucht man also eine Desktop Sync Software? Wahrscheinlich eher nicht... aber viele kennen von Euch auch schon AirDroid, was ein ziemlich cooles Tool ist.

    Jetzt kommt was, was ebenfalls richtig richtig cool aussieht und noch mehr Optionen hat:


    Ever wonder how you can back up all your contacts on your old smartphone, and transfer them to a new one? Ok there is Cloud, but maybe you prefer privacy and might not want your data to be up in those corporate servers, and rather keep them local to your PC?
    Get a new phone but does not know where to download/install cool games and Apps? Or you wish to download Apps from places other than your phone manufacturer's App store?
    Like a piece of music and wish to set it (or part of it) as your ringtone? Want to set a picture on your PC as the background of your phone? Your phone is running out of storage, and there are too many junks on your phone. Have you ever wish there is an easy way to clean up some of the hidden files and programs to free up some space?
    Introducing Moborobo 2.0, the Android smartphone management software that does all of the above, and much more. One of the most exciting new features added to Moborobo 2.0, is its abilitly to allow transfer of contacts between Android phones and iPhones. (http://www.moborobo.com/)

    Hier ein paar Features:

    - Live Screen Capture
    - File Manager & Backup/Restore
    - App Management – Install, Delete, Update & Find Apps
    - Music And Video Management – Nothing Extraordinary, Really
    - Moborobo Image Manager – Neat, Boastful & Organized
    - Moborobo Data Management – Most Powerful We’ve Seen On A Desktop Tool
    - iOS Integration – Not Just A Google Fanboy
    Transfer Contacts & SMS Messages From iPhone to Android

    Moborobo funktioniert auch über USB Kabel, WiFi natürlich auch, aber nur wenn man root Zugriff auf seinem Android Smartphone hat.

    Wenn es Euch interessiert, lest euch auf jeden Fall diese Seite durch:
    Moborobo: The Most Comprehensive Android & iOS Manager Yet [Review]
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