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    jobber2001 Threadstarter Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    Hi, ich habe hier ein Q88 Tablet PC und bin kurz vor dem durchdrehen und hoffe das mir hier jemanden helfen kann:(

    Ich bin nach der untenstehenden Anleitung gegangen und arbeite nun fast 2 Stunden daran...aber nichts läuft...mein Englisch ist einfach zu schlecht und meine Geduld am ende:( ich kann nicht mehr und habe keine nerven...ich habe SOOOOO VIEL Zeit verloren:(

    Ich hoffe jemand kann mir da weiterhelfen...
    hier die Anleitung:

    /vendor/modules shows that you have at least two drivers, maybe three:

    ft5x_ts.ko 202 784 -a---

    goodix_touch.ko 146 262 -a---

    gt801_2plus1.ko 191 497 -a---
    gt82x.ko 147 531 -a---

    What follows is a quick tutorial i've written today for people dealing with touchscreen problems, you can grab some idea from here to build a livesuite flashable image. Specifically for your situation, see on your script.bin if the 4 files above are present or not.


    Touchscreen inverted x-axis y-axis or both... the solution (for goodix_touch_811 )

    It may happens that:
    - your A10-based tablet crashes before any possible backup;
    - you ask the vendor for a firmware and the reply is "firmware... what?"
    - you dig the internet looking for a suitable firmware
    - you found out that on most of them the touchscreen:
    a ) doesn't work at all
    b ) works, but the x-axis or y-axis are inverted
    c ) works, but the screen is shifted to the left
    d ) works completely.

    If you fit into the d) category... lucky one!
    However, if you fit into the a b or c, read on. We're going to correct the touchscreen configuration.
    You need:
    a working Windows pc;
    LiveSuite 1.09
    Some other tools described in the text
    USB mouse, for tablet navigation
    a Livesuite image type b

    The most problematic (at least for now) touchscreen controller seems to be the goodix_touch_811. These steps had been done on a 811_very_problematic tablet.

    Step n.1: rootexplorer.apk
    Download & install. Let's have a look at the MODULE folder (can be in /SYSTEM, /SYS, /VENDOR...) what kind of
    touchscreen we do have.
    There may be usually a goodix_801, a goodix_touch.ko, goodix_touch_811.ko or a ft5x_ts.ko modules.
    Take note of what's present. We will need it later.

    Step n.2: go to


    and get the ImageSuite.Zip.
    Extrack the zip into a folder, copy inside the folder the IMG firmware file you need to modify (in this example MYTAB.IMG) open a command prompt and run EXTRACT_IMG MYTAB.IMG

    Let it work for some minute and get a coffee.

    When the program is over, you will have a new folder called IMAGE.IMG.DUMP which is the firmware dissected in its parts.

    Step n.3: editing files

    Download a HEX editor such as Notepad++ - don't use the Windows Notepad!!!!!!!! - and do the first mod:

    open the file COMMON _SYS_CONFIG100000 in the Hex editor and look for the section


    here are the setting for the toucscreen x y axis. What it does looks like? An example.

    ;---------------------- Goodix -----------------------
    ctp_used =1
    ctp_name = "Goodix-TS"
    ctp_twi_id = 2
    ctp_twi_addr =0x5D
    ctp_screen_max_x = 800
    ctp_screen_max_y = 480
    ctp_revert_x_flag = 1
    ctp_revert_y_flag = 0
    ctp_exchange_x_y_flag = 0

    On this specific rom, the X-axis flag is inverted. Guess what, when i load this rom on my tablet the x-axis *is really inverted*!. Let's take it back how it should:

    ;---------------------- Goodix -----------------------
    ctp_used =1
    ctp_name = "Goodix-TS"
    ctp_twi_id = 2
    ctp_twi_addr =0x5D
    ctp_screen_max_x = 800
    ctp_screen_max_y = 480
    ctp_revert_x_flag = 0
    ctp_revert_y_flag = 0
    ctp_exchange_x_y_flag = 0

    Of course, depending of your specific problem, you may need to invert x, or y, or both. Check out all sections of the [ctp_para], since there may be more than one touchscreen defined, for exampl e agoodix and a ft5x. Do whatwever suits you, and remember - this is NOT the only place where we do need to do this mod.
    Save and close the file.

    Step 4: modifying the bootloader image

    Download and install MagicIso and UnScript
    MagicISO - Convert BIN to ISO, Create, Edit, Burn, Extract ISO file, ISO/BIN converter/extractor/editor

    With MagicIso open the file RFSFAT16_BOOTLOADER_00000 ; now you can see what's inside.
    Place the bottom windows of MagicIso on the Unscript folder and drag there the SCRIPT.BIN and SCRIPT0.BIN files.
    Don't close MagicIso.
    Open a command prompt and run UNSCRIPT SCRIPT.BIN it will decode the script.bin file into a sys_config1.fex
    Open the sys_config1.fex file with the Hex editor... similar to the file we've modified before? Yes.
    Let's do the same mod we did it in step3.
    Now we encode the modded file with the command SCRIPT SYS_CONFIG1.FEX
    This creates a sys_config1.bin; let's rename the old script.bin into old_script.bin and rename the sys_config1.bin into script.bin.
    Now repeat all steps with the script0.bin (decode, modify, encode, rename).

    Now you do have the newly modded script.bin and script0.bin; on MagicIso, select the two files and drag them into the upper window, which is the disk image we have opened before; MagicIo will ask for confirmation in order to replace the files, say yes twice.
    Now save the ISO image and close MagicIso.

    Step 5: creation of a Livesuite image file

    *SUGGESTION: edit the repack_ics.bat and remove,or comment, the last line
    if exist image.img.dump rd /q /s image.img.dump
    because if something on the step goes wrong... well, you can imagine it.*

    From the command prompt of step 2 run REPACK_ICS.BAT IMAGE.IMG.DUMP and let it work; time for a beer.
    At the end of the process (and the beer!) you will have a new file IMAGE.IMG ready to flash with Livesuite.

    Problem: Touchscreen funktioniert wunderbar...nur ist das Display ca. 1cm nach rechts verzogen...

    hier das bzw. ein Image das funktioniert(aber den fehler hat):
    Q88_nuclear-eng[Techknow.net]-MELFAGER - Download - 4shared - abuzaid ali

    Ich habe ALLE img getestet...leider funktionierte KEINE!
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