Brodit-Halterung mit Dash-Ladung

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Hi Leute,
good news von Brodit: Sie sind dabei, sich nach Dash-Lade-Lösungen umzugucken:

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Gesendet: Montag, 19. September 2016 10:49
An: Idroit
Betreff: SV: SV: Oneplus 3 and Dash Charging

Hi Idroit

I have some news, we have started to look at different solutions.

And I am sure we will produce chargers that support Dash charging.

Best Regards
Brodit AB

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Från: Idroit
Skickat: den 17 september 2016 08:21
Till: info
Ämne: Re: SV: Oneplus 3 and Dash Charging

Hi Support,

any news about Dash Charging?

I'm going to buy no your passive holder:Passive holder with tilt swivel OnePlus 3 511905 | Brodit

I am really waiting for a active Dash charging solution from Brodit! - And I think I'm not the only one ... Dash charging is coming!


Am 05.09.2016 um 09:04 schrieb info:
> Hi Idroit
> Sorry to inform you that the USB cable is not compatible with the Dash Charging technology.
> We have no plans to make holders that supports Dash charger. If we get
> many more questions about it we probably make a solution. This is the third questio.
> I hope you understand my pore English.
> Best Regards
> Support
> Brodit AB
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> Från: Idroit
> Skickat: den 4 september 2016 18:39
> Till: info
> Ämne: Oneplus 3 and Dash Charging
> Hello Brodit-Team,
> I just bought a Oneplus 3 with an additional car charging set with
> Dash
> technology: Dash Car Charger
> Is it possible to combine Dash charger with your Active Holder?
> Thanks for your reply
> Idroit