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  1. Gani, 23.10.2011 #1

    Gani Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    Scheint nun auch endlich Support für die GSM Variante vom EVO 3D
    dabei zu sein.
    Habs vorhin selber mal getested und konnte den Lee_Droid Kernel
    erfolgreich von der SD-Karte aus auf das Crypt0 v1.3 ROM flashen!
    Verwendet habe ich die 1.2.7 Release Version des Apps,nicht die Beta
    Version die zum Testen zwecks EVO 3D GSM auch vorhanden ist.


    flash_image (bmlwrite) is an extremely useful utility for flashing custom kernels, boot logos and recoveries. This binary has made it possible to easily flash all these items and is used almost everywhere behind the scenes (i.e. in custom recoveries, packaged into kernel /sbin, etc).

    This android application, FlashImageGUI, is basically a GUI interface for the linux binary, flash_image provided by google in AOSP for loading custom kernels and recovery images onto the phone.
    This app allows the flashing of kernels and custom recovery images in normal android mode!
    No support yet for custom kernel flashing as there aren't any to test at the moment!

    Install Directions:
    Install process is the same as any other .apk. Download to computer and adb push or mount sdcard on computer and copy over or download directly to the phone. Use any file manager, adb, connectbot/terminal emulator to install.
    My preferred method, maybe a bit technical: ./adb install c:\downloads\FlashImageGUI.apk

    Weitere Infos und Download:

    [APP] Flash Image GUI - Flash Kernels and Recoveries from normal Android mode! - xda-developers
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