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    Installation Team Blue Droid :

    Probleme wie erstelle ich eine Swap über Windows so wie es in der Anleitung steht verstehe das nicht lg

    Do a clean install from scratch:

    1. Backup data/settings with Titanium backup / MyBackup and/or CWM.
    2. Do Task29
    3. Flash Magldr
    4. Flash Recovery 2.2.7 (EXT4) with 7/185/7 partition ???????????????????????????? Hilfe
    5. Format SD with EXT4 1024Mb partition and Swap 128Mb??????????????????????????Hilfe
    5. Copy ROM flash file to SD card (stock version 3.6)
    6. Flash TBD 3.6 stock rom, reboot, let it settle for 10 minutes
    7. Recover your data from CWM and/or backup app
    8. Test rom speed/functionality before installing additional apps

    Works great for me...

    Bitte um Hilfe