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    @echo --------------------------------------------------------------- @echo Easy rooting toolkit (v3.0) @echo created by DooMLoRD @echo using exploit zergRush (Revolutionary Team) @echo Credits go to all those involved in making this possible! @echo --------------------------------------------------------------- @echo
    [*] This script will: @echo (1) root ur device using latest zergRush exploit (16 Nov) @echo (2) install Busybox (1.18.4) @echo (3) install SU files (binary: 3.0.3 and apk: 3.0.6) @echo
    [*] Before u begin: @echo (1) make sure u have installed adb drivers for ur device @echo (2) enable "USB DEBUGGING" @echo from (Menu\Settings\Applications\Development) @echo (3) enable "UNKNOWN SOURCES" @echo from (Menu\Settings\Applications) @echo (4) [OPTIONAL] increase screen timeout to 10 minutes @echo (5) connect USB cable to PHONE and then connect to PC @echo (6) skip "PC Companion Software" prompt on device @echo --------------------------------------------------------------- @echo CONFIRM ALL THE ABOVE THEN @pause @echo
    --- STARTING ----
    @echo --- WAITING FOR DEVICE
    @files\adb wait-for-device
    @echo --- cleaning
    @files\adb shell "cd /data/local/tmp/; rm *"
    @echo --- pushing zergRush"
    @files\adb push files\zergRush /data/local/tmp/.
    @echo --- correcting permissions
    @files\adb shell "chmod 777 /data/local/tmp/zergRush"
    @echo --- executing zergRush
    @files\adb shell "./data/local/tmp/zergRush"
    @echo if it gets stuck over here for a long time then try:
    @echo disconnect usb cable and reconnect it
    @echo toggle "USB DEBUGGING" (first disable it then enable it)
    @echo --- DEVICE FOUND @files\adb wait-for-device
    @echo --- pushing busybox
    @files\adb push files\busybox /data/local/tmp/.
    @echo --- correcting permissions
    @files\adb shell "chmod 755 /data/local/tmp/busybox"
    @echo --- remounting /system
    @files\adb shell "/data/local/tmp/busybox mount -o remount,rw /system"
    @echo --- copying busybox to /system/xbin/
    @files\adb shell "dd if=/data/local/tmp/busybox of=/system/xbin/busybox"
    @echo --- correcting ownership
    @files\adb shell "chown root.shell /system/xbin/busybox"
    @echo --- correcting permissions
    @files\adb shell "chmod 04755 /system/xbin/busybox"
    @echo --- installing busybox @files\adb shell "/system/xbin/busybox --install -s /system/xbin"
    @files\adb shell "rm -r /data/local/tmp/busybox"
    @echo --- pushing SU binary
    @files\adb push files\su /system/bin/su
    @echo --- correcting ownership
    @files\adb shell "chown root.shell /system/bin/su"
    @echo --- correcting permissions
    @files\adb shell "chmod 06755 /system/bin/su"
    @echo --- correcting symlinks
    @files\adb shell "rm /system/xbin/su"
    @files\adb shell "ln -s /system/bin/su /system/xbin/su"
    @echo --- pushing Superuser app
    @files\adb push files\Superuser.apk /system/app/.
    @echo --- cleaning
    @files\adb shell "cd /data/local/tmp/; rm *"
    @echo --- rebooting
    @files\adb reboot
    @echo ALL DONE!!!

    Habe alle Befehle befolgt, aber habe trotzdem keinen Rootzugriff.

    Vielen Dank im voraus
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    Nachdem ich mehrere Versuche gestartet habe, FIrmware nochmals geflasht etc und alles nichts gebracht hat, habe ich es mit dem Netbook versucht und es hat problemlos geklappt.