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    Now we see the TV, we listen to the radio, we read the newspaper and we read the web, but from now this will change...
    listen to your favorite websites on your mobile

    Main features
    WebTalks is an Android application that allows us to listen our favorite sites, as if it were a radio.

    Their usage mode is as simple as opening the application, dictate the title of the web to listen (eg “Play Android-Hilfe”), or selecting it from our list of favorite websites, and the application will begin to dictate the latest posts published in this web.

    How many times have you desired, for example, hear “New York Times” while driving, or listen on your headphones “NBA.com” way at the University, or just listen to your Google Reader's subscriptions while travelling by metro or by bus?

    Here's a video of the application: [YT]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtQLsOijqpc[/YT]

    WebTalks uses advanced technology that enables synchronization with “Google Reader”. Thus, you can listen to your Google Reader subscriptions, and will be marking as read the posts that you are listening. The application also implements offline mode so that the webs are loaded when there is mobile coverage, and you can enjoy them even when travelling by Metro.

    The FULL version is multi language. So, before dictating an entry detects the language and does so in the appropriate language. This way you can use the application to improve your language, listening websites in Spanish, French, etc.

    The application can be used with the headset button for your convenience:
    - Single click: Pause/Play
    - Double click: Next post

    In addition, we have been very aware of people with vision problems, which find it hard to use his smartphone due to size limitations screen. To do this, WebTalks implements voice recognition technology to launch the web you want to listen, and also implements voice synthesis technology to listen to the news contained in that website.

    Benefits of the FULL version:
    The FULL version has the following advantages over the LITE version:
    - The app is multi language. Before dictating an entry detects the language and does so in the appropriate language.
    - Ad-free version, with more space for reading
    - In addition to portrait orientation (vertical), you can enjoy landscape orientation (horizontal), useful for Tablets
    - Enabled “Mark as read” and “Mark as starred” in Google Reader entries

    They are not mandatory requirements, because you can use the app without voice synthesis, and without voice recognition. But to get the full experience, make sure you have these packages installed on your mobile:
    - Voice recognition: “Voice search” Google Inc.
    - Voice synthesis: Text-to-Speech (TTS)

    How to Download:
    If you are interested you can search “WebTalks” in the Android Market or use this QR Code:

    More information: WebTalks - Listen to your favorite websites on your mobile

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