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    The lightest kernel for I9100 ever made!!



    v2.1.1x (AOSP & SAMMY+MIUI):
    - Re-Based on Samsung Update6 sources
    - Updated to Linux 3.0.37
    - Stock WiFi drivers from Update6 sources
    - bcmdhd: Change packet filter settings to block multicast (thx to Entropy)
    - Reverted original haptic feedback motor

    v2.1x (AOSP & SAMMY+MIUI):

    - Updated to Linux 3.0.36 sources
    - cpufreq: another change to stop Level not found issue (thx to Ktoonsez - should fix slow-mo issues)
    - mach-exynos: cpufreq: Fix derpage that caused level not found errors
    - cpufreq: reverting to original Entropy512's level-not-found fix
    - max8997_vibrator: user configurable vibrator intensity (thx to Entropy512 & codeworkx)
    - keyboard: cypress: Use standard voltage for constant/blinking bln
    - keyboard: cypress: Ensure light is off, enable regulator only if needed
    - mach-exynos: mshci-gpio: Small change from N7000 source drop
    - wakelock: (tungstwenty's implementation) expanded deleted wakelocks
    - wakelock: main_wake_lock fix by tungstwenty
    - net: wireless: bcmdhd: Reduce priority for dhd_dpc and watchdog

    - Removed some more debug infos

    v2.0.6x (AOSP & SAMMY+MIUI):
    - Updated to 3.0.33
    - keyboard: cypress: Don't renew notification timeout option
    - keyboard: cypress: Automatically enable BLN while charging (aosp)
    - mach-u1: Fixing light sensor breakage
    - vr: fifo_batch set to 1
    - Various updates of WiFi driver
    - sched_rt: fix SCHED_RR across cgroups
    - ld9040: increase boot gamma level to original GAMMA_160CD level
    - Updating sammy cypress driver from SiyahKernel
    - max8997: Implement Accessory Charger Adapter support
    - Patch the firmware of certain Samsung emmc parts to fix a bug
    - mach-exynos: tmu: add tmu sysfs for temperature reading
    - modem_if: update modem driver to update5 sources
    - usb: gadget: composite: Fix corruption when changing configuration
    - sched: fix cpu index check in get_cpu_nr_running funtion
    - mali: Driver update from N7000 Update 3 sources
    - USB Gadget updates
    - mach-u1: Allow reduced GPU voltage
    - fs: fat: fallocate support for fat driver (from n7000 sources)
    - ext4: add missing save_error_info() to ext4_error()
    - mc1n2: replace mdelay() with msleep() to be consistent with GB kernels

    - aosp: updated initramfs from latest cm9 nightly


    v2.0.5x (AOSP & SAMMY+MIUI):
    - Updated to 3.0.31
    - usb: disable parent hub tt detection to get HID devices working (gm)
    - usb: otg: merges with sztupy's usb host mode build 5 (gm)
    - u1-otg: disable irqs on dev when otg host is stopped (gm)
    - cpufreq: fixing vdd_levels interface (gm)
    - busfreq: added another asv table voltage step (lvl 7, heavy uv)
    - mach-u1: raised movhysti to 4
    - mach-exynos: clock-exynos4: sync clock related exynos4210 code with update5 sources (gm)
    - tspdrv: Add adjustable vibrator levels (myfluxi)
    - netfilter: xt_qtaguid: start tracking iface rx/tx at low level
    - ld9040: reworked gamma values and settings from SiyahKernel (gm)
    - touchscreen: mxt224_u1: Update touch values according to power state (myfluxi)
    - touchscreen: mxt224_u1: Use mxt224_ta_probe instead of writing directly (myfluxi)
    - keyboard: cypress: Add LED breathing effect (myfluxi+gm)
    - keyboard: cypress: Use CMs original BLN timeout mechanism (myfluxi) - only aosp
    - keyboard: cypress: Stop notification on low battery (myfluxi) - only aosp
    - keyboard: cypress: Add LED button fade out effect option (myfluxi) - only aosp
    - Add ACCESSORY_SET_AUDIO_MODE control request and ioctl
    - USB: gadget: f_accessory: Add support for HID input devices
    - USB: gadget: f_audio_source: New gadget driver for audio output
    - net: wireless: bcmdhd: Check return value from dhd_dev_init_ioctl()
    - net: wireless: bcmdhd: Ignore signal_pending() while waiting in IOCTL
    - netfilter: xt_IDLETIMER: Use uevent instead of new netlink msg type
    - net: check return value for dst_alloc
    - ipv6: check return value for dst_alloc

    - using lvl 3 as default for bus asv voltages
    - raised min_free_kbytes again for any kind of toggle issues

    - Reworked kernel name string
    v2.0.4x (AOSP & SAMMY+MIUI):
    - Updated to Linux 3.0.30 [​IMG]
    - RCU: Joe's RCU [​IMG]
    - Updated WiFi driver to M250S update5 sources (no more toggling issues) [​IMG]
    - mach-exynos: busfreq: Add undervolt option using asv table (use neak menu from recovery to manage it) - thx to myfluxi
    - sync: Add synchronization framework
    - ld9040: Add adjustable gamma levels (thx to myfluxi)
    - mDNIe: Add adjustable settings (thx to myfluxi)
    - ld9040: increase number of gamma levels from 21 to 25 (thx to gm)
    - cpufreq: removed smooth_scaling interface
    - cpufreq: Separate speed target revalidate time and initial set time
    - cpuidle: reverted to official samsung source drivers
    - usb modifications to get HID working and fix OTG crashing (thx to gm)
    - usb: final fix for crashing phone while using usb or charger [​IMG]
    - ARM: smp: Align secondary_start_kernel with mainline
    - ARM: SMP: use a timing out completion for cpu hotplug
    - arm: vfp: Fix memory corruption on PM suspend
    - ARM: vfp: only clear vfp state for current cpu in vfp_pm_suspend
    - defconfig: removed RCU_BOOST feature
    - defconfig: removed netfilter OWNER option (fixes BBS crashing)
    - sched: Cleanup cpu_active madness
    - Disabled GENTLE_FAIR_SLEEPERS (+responsiveness)
    - usb: using 2 different modded drivers for aosp and sammy (to avoid usb issues)
    - lowmemorykiller: upstream updates and improvements
    - MAKEFILE: Removed asv-4x12.o and cpufreq-4x12.o
    - Upstream updates for WiFi drivers
    - Removed CUSE module

    - TOTAL RECOVERY RESTYLING (added clock, new headers, rom tools menu...)
    - Fixed wrong path for sdcard into EFS Backup
    - Updated samsung liblights, now perfectly working with brightness and bln (thx to gm)
    - Using MTP as default on sammy roms
    - Fixed ADB corrupted binary file into sammy initramfs
    - Updated sammy init files
    - Updated aosp init files from latest aokp build
    - recovery: using noop+ondemand while in recovery mode (faster backup/restore)

    - Official NEAK I777 support (into I777 forums)
    - Enabled PANIC_TIMEOUT (so it reboots when SoDing)
    - Re-tweaked XZ compression values (boots faster)
    - Tweaked touch sensitivity
    - Moving init.d folder to init.d-old while flashing
    v2.0.3x (AOSP & SAMMY+MIUI):KERNEL:
    - Updated to 3.0.28
    - Updated WiFi drivers
    - Fixed potential WiFi toggle issues (thx to wjchen)
    - Fixed a lot of compiling warnings (thx to myfluxi)
    - lulzactive: safety floor for up_sample_time
    - Switching again to SHMEM (fixes flashing themes from cwm)
    - net: now using Stochastic Fair Blue NET Scheduler (SFB)
    - mach-exynos: Enable old s5pv310 pm-hotplug module (thx to myfluxi)
    - Using hotplug thresholds from NEAK GB kernel
    - power: lowered misc charge current
    - cypress: using myfluxi's touchkey driver (for AOSP, with BLN)
    - Touchkey timeout for AOSP roms set to 1s
    - Tweaked smooth_scaling parameters (+responsiveness)
    - Upstream and CM9 sources updates
    - Netfilter upstream updates
    - arm: SMP: Fix RCU stalls due to mis-backported upstream patch (thx to Entropy512)

    - More cleanup
    - Modified Recovery UI (and fixed options issues)
    - Corrected format for emmc (now external) and sdcard (now internal)
    - Using original NET buffers
    - Removed J4FS module (afaik doesn't work, neither if insmodded)
    - FULL SUPPORT FOR OFFICIAL MIUI (using sammy version)
    - Fixed WiFi into latest CM9 nightlies
    - NO SWITCHED MOUNTS FOR SDCARDs YET!! (i want to wait)
    - Using mass storage mode for both MIUI and Sammy roms
    - Fixed USB Mount into CWM Recovery

    - A bit reduced kernel compression
    - The ZIP file now clears INIT.D folder during flashing
    - Using NEON for VFP
    - More optimised CFLAGS
    - Updated Linaro 4.5 toolchain to latest dev build

    v2.0.2x (AOSP & SAMMY):
    - Support for MIUI ROMs (only AOSP version of NEAK)
    - Fixed lags into UI (removed CFS tweaks)
    - Fixed DPI issues into AOSP ROMs
    - Enabled CRC32 slice-by-8 algorithm
    - exynos4: Disable SW downclock in cpuidle
    - galaxys2: made google gadget code using 2 luns for aosp roms
    - cpufreq: smooth scaling interface
    - recovery: fixing switched mounts for both sdcards into mounts&storage menu
    - ondemand: tweaking for responsiveness
    - vr: a bit tweaking for a bit more throughput
    - enabled mass storage mode for aosp roms (who supports it)
    - sched: re-enabling GENTLE_FAIR_SLEEPERS
    - TCP buffer tweaks

    v2.0.1x (AOSP & SAMMY):
    - Updated to Linux 3.0.27 kernel
    - Fixed touch buttons and swype into Recovery (thx to gm) [​IMG]
    - Tuned lulzactive parameters
    - New lulzactive based on newest interactive (thx to gm)
    - Added pegasusq governor (for who wants it...)
    - Added J4FS module (but seems not working fine)
    - mali: more aggressive GPU thresholds (++3d performance) [​IMG]
    - cm3663: set initial state of proximity sensor to "far" (codeworkx)
    - stand-hotplug: Don't ever hotplug out cpu 0 (thx to Entropy512) [​IMG]
    - mach-exynos: stand-hotplug: Improve CPU0 turnoff protection logic (thx to Entropy512) [​IMG]
    - Tweaked hotplug thresholds (+responsiveness)
    - No more lags at all in any kind of rom! [​IMG]
    v2.0x (AOSP & SAMMY):
    - Based on samsung update4 sources
    - Patched up to 3.0.26 (thx to linaro)
    - Modded CWM Recovery Touch (thx to sk8erwitskil) ---> touch broken, use normal buttons
    - Frequency steps from 100 to 1200Mhz (default 200-1200)
    - Governors same as GB version (default lulzactive)
    - Schedulers same as GB version (default VR)
    - GPU OC/UV interface (thx to gm, netarchy & myfluxi)
    - Full compatibility with NEAK APP FREE/PRO (needs update for pro)
    - Reworked lulzactiveV2 governor to use dec_load_cpu parameter (by simone201)
    - Fixed sync issues with scaling (thx to entropy & gm)
    - Supports: CWM Manager 3.15, Tegrak OC, 2nd Core, lulzactive app, touch move (needs update), Voodoo Louder, SetCPU & Voltage Control
    - XZ Compression with optimisations
    - Removed 3/4 of the debugging
    - Fix for touchscreen sensitivity (thx to vitalij and myfluxi)
    - Speedmod's Sharpness FIX (ported, thx to hardcore)
    - ARM CPU Topology + sched_mc (thx to linaro)
    - Undervolt interface (thx to netarchy, ported by me, gm & myfluxi)
    - CGROUP_TIMER_SLACK, RCU_BOOST and many more performance improvements
    - Various netfilter options enabled
    - Brightness curve mod (thx to gm)
    - SLQB memory allocator
    - BLN v2 support in both AOSP and SAMMY roms (use bln app)

    and many more things (check my repo for more infos)​

    SOURCE CODE (2 branches, dev & master): Click Here

    - Samsung (original sources)
    - Hardcore (screen patches + some scripts)
    - Gokhanmoral (bus freq control + charging current + some scripts + a lot of help!)
    - netarchy (GPU OC/UV + conservative patch)
    - Entropy512 (many fixes & patches)
    - Tegrak + Vitalij (lulzactive + 2nd core + touch move)
    - Cattleprod (some fixes and patches)
    - supercurio (voodoo + help)
    - linaro (arm topology)
    - 89luca89 (GingerMod Updater)
    - myfluxi (many patches!)
    and many others that have helped or supported me! [​IMG]

    by Simone201[​IMG][​IMG]

    Original XDA Thread



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    langsam langsam bitte wichtig sauber laufen und bastelt neak kernel :D
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    Simone programmiert den Kernel? Ich dachte der Entwickler wäre männlich ;)

    Sie wird es aber schwer haben gegen die Siyah Konkurrenz. Denn schon nach 24h läuft dieser schon sehr, sehr gut :)
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    Siyah läuft gut keine Frage. Aber ich finde schon das Recovery-Touch-Menü aus dem N.E.A.K. 1.4.2 viel besser als das vom 3er Siyah.
    Abwarten :)
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    Klar, Konkurrenz belebt das Geschäft und ist ein Ansporn für jeden Entwickler seinen Kernel maximal zu optimieren :)
    Ok, was ich etwas beim Siyah vermisse sind noch der eine oder andere Governor. Aufgelistet sind ja ein paar mehr als die der Siyah bietet. Mal sehen welche der NEAK bieten wird. Glaube da gab es eine andere Auswahl.
    Wegen dem Touch Menü, auch beim Siyah nehme ich weiterhin die Tasten. Genau so wie ich die Bios Oberfläche beim PC für dieser EFI Oberfläche bevorzuge *zw*
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    In Italien ( Dev ist Italiener ) kann Simone auch ein Männer Name sein ;)
  10. Syiah ist nicht schlecht muss ich echt sagen aber er enttäuscht mich ein wenig ich bin verwirrt von dem was er macht einmal das dann das ahhjaa & das währe dann auch noch super :D & zum Schluss kennt sich wieder keiner aus !

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    Die Sources gibt es seit gestern (oder vorgestern?)!!! Da ist ein bisschen Verwirrung und ein paar Probleme normal. Guck mal wie lange es die Gingerbread Sourcen gab und da gab es auch noch Probleme.
  12. Auf Wunsch des TE wird dieser Thread vorerst geschlossen bis der neue NEAK raus ist...danke für euer Verständnis... ;)
  13. Thread ist auf Wunsch des TE wieder eröffnet.

    Eine Bitte, spammt den Thread nicht zu, denn sowohl der TE als auch das Forum wollen eine gewisse Ordnung und Sauberkeit bzgl. der Beiträge...danke für euer Verständnis... ;)
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    NEAK ICS 2.0x Beta1 (well alpha xD)


    Please report me asap a kinda feedback with: - ROM ur using - Based on which FW - Which Modem - frequencies and voltages set (please reset them first)

    Zip file attached here



    Known issues (afaik for me): - Governor is set to ondemand as default when it should be lulzactive - Maybe issues with USB Mass Storage (it may depend on ur rom) - Low benchmarks scores (still need to figure out why) - Touch buttons in recovery do not work yet


    Download @ Post #1

    Bitte nur flashen, wenn ihr wisst, was ihr tut!!!

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    Also der neak läuft um Längen besser als der siyah!

    Gesendet von meinem GT-I9100 mit Tapatalk
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    Bringt er eine separate Version für AOKP Roms raus?
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    Ist der Omega tauglich ?
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    Ja ist auch omega tauglich, ist einfach smoother und schneller und der Akku verbrauch ist auch besser. Rundum einfach besser.
    franzm19 bedankt sich.
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    Nein, so wie ich es verstanden habe wird der fertige Kernel beides unterstützen. Was auch besser so ist >> Dual Boot

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