[AOSP-ROM][KK][4.4.2] *09.06.14* Resurrection Remix [V. 5.1.5][Linaro]

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Diskutiere [AOSP-ROM][KK][4.4.2] *09.06.14* Resurrection Remix [V. 5.1.5][Linaro] im AOSP/AOKP basierende Custom-ROMs für Samsung Galaxy S2 im Bereich Custom-ROMs für Samsung Galaxy S2.


Resurrection Remix

Über Resurrection Remix ROM ®

Resurrection Remix: Die ROM basiert auf AOKP, CM, PA, Omni und der originalen Remix ROM, die ROM schafft eine wunderbare Kombination aus Leistung, Anpassung, Leistung und den neuen Funktionen.

Besonderer Dank gebührt dem Team von AOKP, ParanoidAndroid Team, CM, OMNI und natürlich an alle Unterstützer.



0. BackUp anlegen
1. Neustart in ein aktuelles Recovery
2. Wipe Data/Factory Reset
3. Wipe Cache partition
4. Wipe Dalvik Cache
5. Format System
6. Resurrection Remix.zip flashen
7. GoogleApps.zip flashen
8. Neustart und Willkommen bei der Resurrection Remix !

Installation von einer vorherigen Resurrection Remix:

1. Neustart ins Recovery
2. Wipe Cache/Dalvik Cache
3. Rom flashen
4. Wipe Cache/Dalvik Cache
5. Neustart !


ROM Release:
Resurrection Remix ROM 4.4.2

Google Apps:
Google Apps für Android 4.4



# Resurrection Remix KitKat 4.4.2 - v5.1.5-20140609 # Basic
- Navigation bar dimensions
- Ability to disable hardware keys via nav bar settings
- Add android:key in hardware keys enable/disable option to forward enable this option
- Themes: Delete icon resources during uninstall
- Themes: remove unused code
- Themes: uninstallThemeForAllApps shouldn't check if map is empty if it's null
- base: remove extra checks
- Don't cleanup overlay mapping for non-theme apps
- appops: enforce appop for bluetooth disabled action
- About Resurrection: devcard layout - fix FC devcard on lanscape mode
- settings: FC on quick settings editor on tablets without a vibrator
- Add a HAF access permission
- Fix layout recreation check
- CameraTile: Launch default gallery app when long pressing active camera tile
- SystemUI: prevent NPE on clear recents double press
- MtpDatabase JNI: Fixed a memory-leak in getObjectPropertyValue().
- Correct stride for drawing to cached glyph bitmap
- Use alpha channel instead of red in drawCachedGlyphBitmap
- Temporarily hide lock screen unlock targets if opening a widget
- fw: media: Handle NPE due to threading race
- FW: LS Notification: fix FC when an expanded notification gets reposted without bigContentView
- fix derp on INotificationListener
- WallpaperCropper: do not display null bitmaps
- Make theme change broadcast a protected broadcast.
- Reduce memory leaks by removing all views.
- appops: do not prune apps that are not present
- apn: national roaming for ONO (Spain)
- fix more keyguard derp
- Mms: Clear notifications and mark messages read in certain situations
- galaxys2-common: fix front cam video recording
- Recovery - Version
- included all cm-11.0 m7 updates
- Check out the source activities for more details https://github.com/ResurrectionRemix
- This is the final release of Resurrection Remix android kitkat series.I ll catch you guys on next android version A.K.A 4.5 or 5.0 . See you soon .Thank you !

# Resurrection Remix KitKat 4.4.2 - v5.1.4-20140602 # Basic
- Add gesture anywhere
- Add equalizer tile
- Add compass tile 
- On-The-Go mode & shake to turn on/off torch
- Add system app remover
- Added Power button to available NavigationBar buttons
- Add on-the-go and volume as Default tile
- Fliptile animation:For Compass Tile & On-The-Go Tile
- SystemUI: Make wifi combo margin themable
- Lockscreen: Avoid SystemUI crash due to NPE - fix all bıtmap derp
- Fix resource leaks
- Fix hiding ADB notification 
- CM11 Themes: Use package name from AndroidManifest
- wm: Underp menu key release processing
- Fix circle battery opaqueness for the low battery color 
- wm: Make the default menu longpress action configurable at build time
- wm: Underp menu key release processing
- wm: Simplify menu action decision paths
- quiethours: fix vibrate option 
- Keyguard : Fix album art sticking after playback is stopped
- fix default lockscreen targets
- CM11 Themes: Don't kill setup wizards 
- Fix wallpapers not applying in full screen
- Added Non-Roaming for carrier BSNL in UP East and WEST INDIA 
- frameworks: allow Keyguard package to be defined in overlay 
- Keyguard: Make sure disabling Camera widget 
- perf: Don't persist the perf profile across a reboot
- perf: Send a boost hint when a key on the navbar is pressed 
- Animate circle battery rotation back to 0 after unplugging
- Bluetooth: Fix for device gets stuck in pairing
- Bluetooth: Acquire wakelock to turn on lcd during Connection
- settings: Move headset option, hide MoreDeviceSettings if empty 
- Settings: Remove screen rotation from accessibility
- Settings: Allow access for external apps to launch ThemeSettings Fragment directly
- Settings: read keyguard package name from overlays
- Settings: Disable Battery status preference on ModLock. 
- Settings: Remove "Make pattern visible" regardless.
- Settings: Device Maintainers: Remove janice & codina 
- Settings: Maintainer : add device Galaxy Note int
- n7100 - Fix sensors - audio hal updates - Update fingerprint
- i9300 - Add iso mode settings to the CameraWrapper - fix preview/camera crash after stopping video record
- ResurrectionSetup updates
- Trebuchet updates
- Theme chooser updates
- Camera app improvements
- Calculator updates
- MMS updates
- Included lot of performance,sound and media updates
- Included All CyanogenMod source updates and fixes
- Check out the source activities for more updates https://github.com/ResurrectionRemix

# Resurrection Remix KitKat 4.4.2 - v5.1.3-20140525 # Basic
- Peek: updates and fixes
- NEW: App Circle Sidebar
- Pitch Black : Red Action Bar
- Dismiss IME when floating window is dismissed
- Don't animate the circle battery meter when battery is fully charged
- Smart Pull-Down - Any Notification
- Themes: Support launcher based icon packs
- Remove blank app from notification access menu
- Add "Accept all files" option for incoming files via Bluetooth
- Revert "CPUFreq Tile"
- Perf: Improve performance profiles
- Immersive mode: don't unconfirm a package, that's just dumb
- Development: Add setting for overwriting recovery
- CM11 Themes: Allow defining a custom default theme
- Fix ressource leaks
- Bluetooth updates
- Add a getter for the x and y offsets of the wallpaper window
- Keep title clean : remove ® from resurrection remix title
- Updates to FR translations by Madikan
- Settings: correct y-axis brightness in preview
- Remove nova launcher
- Add maintainers: LG Optimus 4X HD-Nexus 7 2013-Nexus 7 LTE 2013-Sony Xperia M
- Trebuchet updates
- Torch updates
- Camera updates
- Themes app updates and improvements
- i9300-Device provides its own camera HAL
- i9300-n7100-Fix google camera
- smdk4412-common: fix charging animation
- smdk4412-common: Enable use of FFMPEG codecs for extended formats
- smdk4412-kernel updates
- hammerhead: Fix default value of color calibration
- Included lot of performance,sound and media updates
- Included CyanogenMod source updates and fixes

# Resurrection Remix KitKat 4.4.2 - v5.1.2-20140516 # Basic
- Add New RR Team member t4n017 (Tano Abeleyra) to developer info cards
- Settings: make animations faster by default 
- Floating Window:updates and fixes
- New Lockscreen custom wallpaper from cm11 .new theme chooser capable
- CPUFreq Tile
- WallpaperPicker: Destroy cropview to avoid leaks
- Allow 3 AT (mnc05) to roam on T-Mobile in Austria 
- Avoid SystemUI crash due to NPE 
- CamcorderProfile: Add 4k timelapse encoder constants 
- AudioService: fix safe volume enforced even when disabled
- fix systemui fc while changing slim recents to left on hdpi compiled devices
- Second Clock Statusbar
- Add AutoRotate and music as Default tile
- MediaFile: support more media types
- UserTile: Fix displaying user information for multi-user devices 
- Add missing mdpi, hdpi, xhdpi drawables for new theme engine 
- remove xperia neo - hallon from device tree
- Fix NullPointerException issue when user change 
- Packages : Fix for Softap turn ON/OFF fail issue. 
- Fixes error message during pairing of HOGP devices
- Bluetooth: Ignore the second button if one already pressed 
- Bluetooth: Release pan proxy object while coming out from tethering menu 
- settings: Remove "mobile plan" 
- make LinearColorBar themeable
- Settings: modify AOSP RU translation
- fix RR Tools xxhdpi PNG s
- Themes: List ThemeSettings as a valid fragment 
- Add maintainer- Samsung Galaxy Nexus - Toro (by nasty007)
- Add maintainer- Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 - GT-I9205 / GT-I9200 (by Silesh.Nair)
- Trebuchet updates
- Theme chooser updates
- Torch updates
- Camera updates
- Email updates
- Recovery updates
- Mms updates
- Lockclock updates
- Latin İME updates
- Contact updates
- Translation updates

# Resurrection Remix KitKat 4.4.2 - v5.1.1-20140508 # Basic

- Add new theme engine
- Fix for phone call beep beep sound
- Some improvements

# Resurrection Remix KitKat 4.4.2 - v5.1.1-20140507 # Basic
- Notification Peek (from Paranoid Android)
- Active Display: Many updates and fixes from OmniROM (thanx to t4n017 @ XDA)
- Updated the Torch app interface
- Speeded up the overall UI
- Fix recents showing up when waking the device with the home button
- Allow configuration of the default screen-off animation style
- Fix Airplane Mode on/off issue
- Update mobile networks icon in Settings
- Fix Total and available fields missing in Settings storage menu 
- AudioService: Fix absolute volume for AVRCP 
- Fix delay of Volume popup when tapping 'Volumes' in 'Settings>Sound'
- Allow Power Notification Sounds For Wireless
- Camera2: Update to use newer slow-shutter parameter
- Camera2: Prevent autofocus when video snapshot is in progress 
- Camera2: Surface Qualcomm denoise option
- Camera2: Disable ZSL for slow shutter shots 
- Contacts: QuickContact: onLongClick save item data to clipboard 
- SystemUI: add AOSP RU translation
- i9082: fix low call volume bug
- Add maintainer Xperia Arc - Anzu (by 3andala)
- add maintainer Samsung Galaxy Nexus - Maguro (by nasty007)
- add maintainer Xperia Z1 - Honami (by omarainea)
- add maintainer Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 - GT-I9205 / GT-I9200 (by Silesh.Nair) 
- add maintainer Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini - GT-I9195 / GT-I9190  (by Silesh.Nair)
- Add new Sony xperia maintainers NEO-NEOV-Z1
- hammerhead: Add hardware tunables support: display
- hammerhead: Add hardware tunables support: vibrator 
- Torch: set default hasHighBrightness flag to false 
- torch: Don't show the about dialog on first launch
- Hide search assistant arrow from lockscreen when custom lockscreen is enabled
- Bluetooth: pause music player on A2dp service disconnect
- Bluetooth: Add Total track number. 
- Base: Many other updates to Bluetooth
- RR Tools French translations - translated by Pierre Delfosse
- Included lot of sound and media updates
- Included CyanogenMod source updates and fixes

# Resurrection Remix KitKat 4.4.2 - v5.1.0-20140424 # Basic

- Downloads: add support for manual pause/resume/stop downloading
- Gesture Lockscreen
- Notification Drawer: Custom Clock & Calendar Shortcuts
- About RR - Add new website
- Fixed 480x800 bootanimation zip looping (thanx to iceyhotguy @ XDA)
- For Device Maintainers: Added a new command - make dirty (read more - http://goo.gl/i1JB3W)
- Parallel Shutdown
- SlimRecents: fix sometimes missing first task
- Device Maintainers: add M7 maintainer
- Device Maintainer: add Droid RAZR maintainer
- Don't show "Eject card" if the card is not accessible 
- Audio: Fixed system/call stream volume can't adjust with HS connected.
- Fix "Email" App data lost when screen rotated.
- Fix a number of aapt warnings. 
- Settings: Make mobile settings a first-class citizen
- Update device source -i9100-i9300-n7100: fixed lot of bugs
- Fix very long app_name crash. 
- RR Tools French translations - translated by Pierre Delfosse
- Included lot of sound and media updates
- Included CyanogenMod source updates and fixes

# Resurrection Remix KitKat 4.4.2 - v5.0.9-20140415 # Basic
- Fix android run time (ART)
- phone-fix flip action call options
- Totally fix for system ui fc 
- Add NEW Ringtone C.Y.E-Resurrection - set as default
- Add RR tools Russian translations translated by Aleksashik
- settings: Add blacklist provider permission
- allow Mock SMS 
- Separate Change Encryption Password Entry
- Use SSL for submitting stats 
- Do not enable Camera widget on non-camera devices
- Update 'Wi-Fi display' string to 'Cast screen' 
- SoundSettings: Assigning a null to an unnecessary variable 
- update device maintainers nexus 5-nexus 4-i9305-Galaxy Note III hlte
- fix slider torch checkbox
- Settings: Apply Processor settings to all cpus
- New Theme Engine
- Runtime resource overlay, iteration 2
- New command line tool 'idmap'
- Remove T-mobile items not used by new theme engine
- Wallpaper Overscroll and Transparent NavBar 
- SysUI: Use LocationController from status bar service for GPSTile. 
- Set some GC parameters only for dalvik
- CM11 Themes: Take into account ALL res/xml dirs
- Fix the value type of def_noise_suppression
- SysUI: Don't recreate controllers.
- SlimRecents: user configurable default expanded mode
- Frameworks: SlimRecents pass gesture detector to the cardslistview
- Frameworks: add 1dp more bottom paddingcore: Add support for Luxembourgish
- Frameworks: SlimRecents: Make expanded layout pretty
- SysUI: Don't recreate controllers.
- Update settings after recreating status bar.
- Suppress String resources build warnings
- Keyguard: Fix problem where PhoneWindowManager waits for keyguard to drawable
- Keyguard: We need to ensure that keyguard is showing as well to set the token
- SlimRecents: Adress the 50ms touch unsresponsive issue 
- base: Fix screen on stats after a boot 
- Restore pre-KitKat permissions to external sd for all apps
- Don't make isSafeMode a field on the Zygote class.
- [video] : added mime-type for mov files 
- Fix LTE tile
- LTE toggle support
- Solve three memory leaks related to PatchCache
- Prevent Lockscreen album art from activating FLAG_KEEP_SCREEN_ON 
- Do not show Home behind full screen activity
- core: Add support for Luxembourgish
- hammerhead-hh: Better scaling values 
- hammerhead-enable multiuser
- hammerhead-hh: Collapse primary audio outputs 
- hammerhead-Make SYSTEM owner of cpu online files
- i9300- Camera2: Don't try to cancel focus messages when preview stops
- i9300- Switch back to the binary camera HAL
- Included lot of sound and media updates
- Included CyanogenMod source updates

# Resurrection Remix KitKat 4.4.2 - v5.0.8-20140402 # Basic
Attention : Art runtime won't work . on this update . this is cm base source issue . switch back to dalvik before flash the rom
- New boot animation (thanx to therichieboy)
- Fix multi-user
- Live Volume Steps
- IME Animations
- Custom scroll mod
- Developer options: long press back to kill configurable timeout
- Pitch Black Theme for Calendar app
- Pitch Black Theme for Email app
- Quiet Hours: Add 4 state (off, timed inactive, timed active and forced on) support
- Settings: Integrate Voice+ into Settings
- Add T-Mobile and AT&T Galaxy S III maintainer Deliberate
- RR Tools Romanian translations - translated by Vlad Daniel Calin
- Bootanimation: Add continuous splash support 
- Revert back to CM camera for now - Devices like i9100:fix for front video camera issues - install 5.0.7 camera app
- WallpaperCropper: Fix crash when set .gif as wallpaper
- Lockscreen Blur: Disable if music is playing
- Settings: Fix Quiet Hours Tile long press action 
- Add theme support to Ringtone and Profile pickers activities
- Contacts: Holo Light ringtone picker dialog 
- Lockscreen Notifications: some fixes 
- Update some translations 
- SystemUI: add Indonesian translation 
- Base: forward port DC-HSPAP support from cm-10
- Base: Proper security labeling of multi-user data directories.
- Base: Fix the random UI corruption 
- Halo: Modify behavior
- Halo fixes
- Fix Floating window bug
- Frameworks: do not kill favorite recent apps 
- Frameworks: notify arrayadapter early that data has changed on clear all
- Frameworks: fix possible NPE + missing expandable panel
- Base: Mirroring layout on RTL languages
- Contacts: Add support for import contacts to local phone storage
- Galaxy S2: Fix the inability to mount/unmount sdcard
- smdk4412: update fimc_capture and sr130pc20 cam driver 
- smdk4412: update camera resources
- smdk4412: update batteryCurrentNowPath
- i9300: audio: bring back removed microphone fix
- i9300: audio: fix input device selection 
- Included lot of sound and media updates
- Included CyanogenMod source updates

# Resurrection Remix KitKat 4.4.2 - v5.0.7-20140322 # Basic
- Smart Pulldown
- Add evening time for notification header
- Add Device Maintainer - Galaxy Ace 2
- SystemUI: Resurrection design pulldown
- Phone: Smart Phone Call
- Developer Options: Allow disabling of FC dialogs
- AccountPreference: Sync in progress accessibility status
- LockClock: change font style
- Frameworks: Fix linked volume does not persist after reboot. 
- Slim Recents: make it RTL/LTR aware + scaling + lefty mode + add favorite mode
- Replace CM Torch QS tile pngs with pngs from Paranoid Android
- FaceUnlock: Check if faceunlock is disabled 
- Make notification_header_bg a .9.png for better theming
- Fix for lockscreen rotation bug
- Update PB default wallpaper
- Fix F/C in TTS settings
- PB: update status bar close png
- Keyguard: Fix configuration change observer
- Fix to memory leak leaving WallpaperCropActivity.
- Fix progress of VolumePanel never refresh 
- Remove unnecessary switchUser call 
- NULL previous background bitmap upon changing wallpaper
- Hang off call by power button while screen is on
- [ScreentShot]: change the implementation of get image file size
- Squash: Memory leaks, NPEs, races and optimizations for base
- Detach engines before destroying WallpaperService 
- Fix SystemUI FC on boot
- App sidebar: some improvements 
- n7100: fix static in video
- n7100: audio: updates from replicant 
- n7100: audio: updates for hal 
- Add RR tools Arabic translations translated by Cooper DMselecto
- Add RR tools Italian translations translated by Volpe92
- Resurrection Developers: allow twitterHandle to be null
- Included lot of sound and media updates
- Included all CyanogenMod source updates

# Resurrection Remix KitKat 4.4.2 - v5.0.6-20140316 # Basic
- Systemui:fix notification panel layout overlap 
- Add new halo switcher button on notification pulldown
- Slim recent fix home button lag
- Frameworks: slimrecents fixes update
- SlimRecents: go more inline with AOSP and add menu + new googly shortcuts
- SlimRecents: keep IME keyboard alive due recent is showing 
- Slimrecents: call app details screen correctly 
- Slimrecents: go kitkat + style tweaks and follow googles color sheme 
- PackageManager: Fix reconnection logic in Installer.
- update notification header images
- SystemUI: Update Ringer tile code.
- Lockscreen background style 
- FaceUnlock: Check if faceunlock is disabled 
- Lockscreen: Faster wake up from the deep sleep to lockscreen  
- Dialer  Hide Titlebar while loading InCallUI
- Updated CM File manager
- SystemUI: Set Status bar opaque during drawer pulldown on tablets only
- SystemUI: fix calculating alpha for back button in landscape mode. 
- settings : Deactivate stock recents options on selecting Slim Recents
- update all xml & values OPS resources
- Fixed sd card media scan and lag issues
- Add rr tools Hindi language -translated by the-dagger
- Add rr tools Norway translations - translated by Thomas Åsnes
- Add rr tools Danish translations - translated by David Kallestrup
- Add rr tools Malaysian translations - translated by Hasif Hashem
- Fix in Danish language fc when tap on HW buttons options
- Settings/Wifi: Add support for Ad-hoc (IBSS) networks 
- Fix resource IDs being added to the android namespace 
- Settings: Fix AppOps arrays 
- Kernel : update local version to RESURRECTION
- i9300 & n7100: audio: fix battery drain after phone call
- i9300: audio: update hal
- i9300: audio: hal update
- Return to slim camera ( more stable ) 
- Merged latest fixes and commits from CyanogenMod
- Many more fixes and updates...Enjoy this f**** sexy,smooth and rock stable release !
- Gapps update: LIGHT_GAPPS-RR-KK-4.4.2-20140316-ART 87.39 MB
  Gapps Link - http://d-h.st/users/westcrip/?fld_id=30545#files
- Gapps Changelog -
   - Fixed google play dissapearing for some devices 
   - Fixed keyboard gestures typing fc
   - Fixed broken zip error
   - Included Google DNS
   - Support for all devices
   - Included google apps-
       - GOOGLE PLAY 
       - HANGOUTS 
       - YOUTUBE 
       - GMAIL 
       - GOOGLE CALENDAR (Removes old one)

# Resurrection Remix KitKat 4.4.2 - v5.0.5-20140309 # Basic
NOTE - To all Device Maintainers - Send a PM to 'xenon92' or 'westcrip' at XDA
       containing the link to your ROM thread if you want your name to be added
       in Device Maintainers list.
     - We are releasing a new Official Resurrection Remix Custom Recovery 
       based on the latest CWM non-touch recovery. You can download it from the 
       respective ROM threads for your device.
- Completely redesigned Resurrection Tools
- Added the new Slim Recents (can be toggled back to stock recents in Resurrection Tools)
- Added Slim's Notification Reminder feature
- Added Device maintainers
- Added an Xposed Setting in Resurrection Tools (it will show up only if Xposed-Installer is installed)
- Added Suspend Actions
- Added Wakelock blocker
- Added a new Location Tile - Port from SlimROMs (thanx to rodman01)
- Updated Resurrection Walls to v7.0
- Added Toast Animation settings
- Resurrection setup-switch to holo theme
- Added an option to toggle status bar visiblity on lock screen
- i9082: Add multi-user support
- Added an option to disable camera sounds
- switch back to cm camera
- Base: fix icon overflowing with centre clock
- Base: Added support for Lightbulb app from Paranoid Android 
- SystemUI: open quick settings panel if there are no notifications
- SystemUI: Fix displaying of user photo.
- Settings: Added more options in AppOps
- Settings: SD card partition info menu 
- Added day and week on data usage cycles
- Enabled status bar brightness control for tablets
- Base: Do not force notification vibrations in Vibrate Mode
- Base: Decrease volume panel transparency
- VolumePanel: Don't force navigation bar
- Improved Pitch Black (removed red buttons on holo light theme)
- fixed issue system background not changing on installed custom themes  
- Bluetooth: Added new key to store last connected A2dp Sep type
- SystemUI: Only show H+ if config_hspa_data_distinguishable is set
- Base: Fix graphics corruption caused by HWUI caches
- Fixed upgrading from forward-lock application to system application
- Updates to Privacy Guard
- InCallUI: fix non intrusive incallui black on black font 
- SF: Determine if virtual display can use HWC for composition 
- SF: Fix invalid reduction of transparent region from a layer.
- AV: add .mov extension support
- AV: fix mute issue for h.264 and MPEG4 
- AV: add Sony camera parameters 
- AV: alot of other updates and fixes
- Merged latest fixes and commits from CyanogenMod
- Many more fixes and updates...




Resurrection Remix XDA-Thread



Es wird keine Haftung für eventuelle Schäden übernommen. Flashen geschieht auf eigene Gefahr!
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Ambitioniertes Mitglied
hab die Rom jetzt seit 2 Stunden am laufen.

Bis jetzt weder abstürze noch sonst was.
Klasse Rom.

Alles läuft super Smooth und auch die Effekte sowie die Menüführung ist sau geil

Bin schlichtweg begeistert ;)

So auch nach 1 Tag benutzen ist bisher alles SUPER ;)

Bugs die mir bisher aufgefallen sind:

-Ich kann mein Handy über den Gerätemanager nicht Orten.

-GPS hat ne Zeit lang mal irgendwie gehakt keine ahnung obs an mir lag. Werde das nochmal testen.
Zuletzt bearbeitet:


sehr interessant kann jemand was ubers akku sagen


Update verfügbar. (Links zum Changelog und zu den Bilder sind leider alle down...)
Kai Disobey

Kai Disobey

Nice der Klassiker is back im KitKat Kleid !!!
Installiert :thumbsup:
Kai Disobey

Kai Disobey


Das mit dem GPS hatte ich auch, jetzt scheint es wohl zu funktionieren.
Edit: Auch nach einem Reboot funktioniert es, scheint wohl beim ersten mal einfach ein bisschen zu brauchen.
Zuletzt bearbeitet:


Neues Mitglied
Dieses Rom läuft bei mir soweit auch sehr flüssig aber mir ist aufgefallen dass sich das Handy freezet wenn der Wecker über Alamdroit klingelt. Hat das noch wer?


Ambitioniertes Mitglied
joa gps funzt jetzt aber nach wie vor geht das orten im Gerätemanager nicht. Naja was solls ;)

Hab nur ab und an noch probleme mit dem Schnellzugriff in der Statusleiste.
Wenn ich z.b. gps ausschalten will kommt zwar die animation wie gehabt aber gps bleibt trotzdem an. ausschalten muss ich es dann über die Systemeinstellungen direkt. Das Problem hatte ich auch schon bei anderen dingen wie W-Lan ..

Mal ne frage am Rande:

Habe in den Einstellungen der Ressurection tools unter Oberfläche - Schnelleinstellungen ne Option namens Netzmodi. Diese hat 3 Optionen

-2g | 2g+3g
-2g | 3G
-2G | 3G | 2g+3g

heißt das z.b. Bei dem hier -2G | 3G | 2g+3g ich toogle zwischen 2g 3g und einer automatischen erkennung zwischen 2/3g?
Zuletzt bearbeitet:


Neues Mitglied
abccba97 schrieb:
joa gps funzt jetzt aber nach wie vor geht das orten im Gerätemanager nicht. Naja was solls ;)

Hab nur ab und an noch probleme mit dem Schnellzugriff in der Statusleiste.
Wenn ich z.b. gps ausschalten will kommt zwar die animation wie gehabt aber gps bleibt trotzdem an. ausschalten muss ich es dann über die Systemeinstellungen direkt. Das Problem hatte ich auch schon bei anderen dingen wie W-Lan ..

Mal ne frage am Rande:

Habe in den Einstellungen der Ressurection tools unter Oberfläche - Schnelleinstellungen ne Option namens Netzmodi. Diese hat 3 Optionen

-2g | 2g+3g
-2g | 3G
-2G | 3G | 2g+3g

was bedeutet den das alles?
Das bedeutet das dein Hand je nach Verfügbarkeit nur in einem oder in beiden Netzen sich ein wählt.

Korrigiert mich wen ich falsch liege.:D

Gesendet von meinem GT-I9100 mit der Android-Hilfe.de App


Ambitioniertes Mitglied
und bei -2g | 3G (bei auswahl von 3g) versucht er dann zwangsweiße immer 3g zu erreichen und verbraucht somit wohl auch mehr akku vermute ich?


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
habe jetzt zweimal versucht die Rom mit fullwipe zu flashen, soweit funktioniert es auch, aber nach einem Reboot, bleibt es jedesmal im samsung Logo hängen... weiß jemand Rat :)


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
keinen, nur der original auf der Rom mit dabei ist... installiert habe ich von der rootbox 4.2 mit Apollo Kernel....


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
Danke, wusste ich noch nicht, werde es gleich probieren... :)


Neues Mitglied
Habe die 4.0.7 Version drauf und wollte updaten. Der ota updater funktioniert nicht (download startet nicht). Da habe ich Ueber die Resurrection Seite die Rom runtergeladen Resurrection_Remix_KK-20140116-i9100 und habe sie nach Anleitung installiert. Doch dann habe ich Unten 3 Buttons eingeblendet und der Bildschirm wirkt kleiner dadurch. Was habe ich falsch gemacht bzw. Was ist da los? Kann jemand helfen?
Kai Disobey

Kai Disobey

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Danke für deine schnelle Antwort @kai dann werde ich das so nochmal machen. Hatte mein Backup wieder installiert.

Noch eine Frage zur Rom. Ich hatte das ganze installiert und wollte dann meine gesicherten Daten per titanium Backup wieder aufspielen. Kann ich dann nur die apps nehmen? Hatte alles wiederhergestellt danach Reboot und das Phone hing beim booten.

Danke für die Hilfe auf jeden Fall!


Update : 23.1.2014

-Add option to enable/disable wifi name from notification drawer
-Update network traffic indicator
-Port IME selector notification toggle
-Camera button support
-Remove 'Allow custom buttons' checkbox
-Fix up top level "Privacy" section
-Make Privacy Guard a first class citizen in the Settings app.
-Settings: Port IME selector notification toggle
-Settings: use CMHW serial number
-PrivacyGuard: Specify a default value in Settings.getInt method call
-Storage Settings: Allow user to trigger a volume rescan
-Bluetooth: Don't set a null alias before unpairing
-Fix crash when opening privacy settings on tablets.
-Fix LTO availability check.
-Fix confusing warning dialog behaviour.
-Settings: Make CM Settings visible for users other than the owner
-Remove PG from the visibility changes
-Fix reference to privacy settings
-notification transparency
-notification drawer background
-Port BatteryBar from aokp
-update color picker
-remove tap to be developer ****
-dont hide performance-superuser-development settings
-Quiet Hours: Allow disabling phone ringer
-Settings: Add some more entries into 'SMS message limit' menu
-Bluetooth updates
-Settings: instant led test
-update Buttons and layout
-update strings
-Settings: instant led test
-Lockscreen shortcuts: Fix icon pack usage
-Notification : Fix app info long-press
-Keyguard: do not allow to delete the system widget if widgets are disabled
-Keyguard: let the user drag the challenge down if widgets are disabled
-Keyguard: fix not shown overlay widgets from system
-swipe anywhere on notification panel to switch views
-WiFi label is not a Quote!
-Keyguard: don't refresh ui when screen off
-Fix error checking in MemoryFile.
-Fix to NullPointerException on move back in ActivityStack.
-Fixed incorrect calculation of dirty invalidation area
-Remove the navigation camera icon in keyguard if disabled by DPM
-update Lockscreen Blur
-DisplaySettings: Add hardware-framework support for tap-to-wake
-included all cm source updates


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mhh, bekomme keine Statusleiste Benachrichtigung mehr über neue Nachrichten, hab ich da was verstellt, oder ein Bug... :(
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