[KERNEL][HELLSGATE-X13-LOS/AOSP] [LLVM/GoogleCLANG DragonTC 7.0] [TREBLE] [OREO/Pie] *03.08.18*

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Diskutiere [KERNEL][HELLSGATE-X13-LOS/AOSP] [LLVM/GoogleCLANG DragonTC 7.0] [TREBLE] [OREO/Pie] *03.08.18* im Custom-Kernel für ZTE Axon 7 im Bereich Root / Custom-ROMs / Modding für ZTE Axon 7.



Hallo liebes Forum und Freunde des Axon7.
Heute gibt es frisch von XDA einen Custom Kernel für Oreo der seinesgleichen sucht.
Kranoner von XDA hat mit dem
Hellsgate Kernel einen super auf Oreo zugeschnittenen Kernel gekocht, der fast keine Wünsche offen lässt.

Hier geht es zum original Thread auf XDA: [KERNEL][HELLSGATE-X13-LOS/AOSP] [LLVM/GoogleCLANG DragonTC 7.0] [TREBLE] [OREO] *03.08.18*

Build Spezifisches:
Project name: android_kernel_zte_msm8996
* WQ_POWER_EFFICIENT by default (Your Name) [b578c91de660]
* PM: devfreq: Use high priority workqueue (myfluxi) [f2f7fb90b0d9]
* arm64: Import optimized strrchr from newlib (Joe Maples) [194a8c826450]
* drivers: mdss: queue work on system_power_efficient_wq (Francisco Franco) [287677cae8b2]
* drivers: mdss: queue input handler functions to a high prio wq (Francisco Franco) [45355ed29ca4]
* drivers: thermal: queue work on system_power_efficient_wq (Francisco Franco) [f23e331434fd]
* qcom: msm-core: queue work on system_power_efficient_wq (Francisco Franco) [4585097e5b7d]
* drivers: power: bcl: queue work on system_power_efficient_wq (Francisco Franco) [f6e482cb1691]
* power: bcl: queue work on system_power_efficient_wq (Francisco Franco) [36c4169a6a5c]
* PM / devfreq: Fix typo that caused an infinite loop (Sultanxda) [ba996d5509ee]
* PM / devfreq: Remove null termination in boost_devices (Sultanxda) [4da0924c53cd]
* PM / devfreq: Don't boost 624000.ufshc on wake (Sultanxda) [e037b74997f9]
* PM / devfreq: Reduce wake boost duration to 5000 ms (Sultanxda) [6c19f3bebcfd]
* PM / devfreq: Boost "624000.ufshc" and "soc:qcom,cpubw" on screen wake (Sultanxda) [c9f120809d16]
* PM / devfreq: Add an interface to boost devices when the screen is woken (Sultanxda) [84241868e65b]
* scsi: ufs: Fix crashes caused by uninitialized completion usage (Sultanxda) [4492012658d5]
* qcacld-2.0: Fix memory leak issue (Srinivas Girigowda) [fb6f94d41eb8]
* adreno_tz: Remove unnecessary devfreq NULL check in tz_handler() (Hareesh Gundu) [a26ad1b21048]
* PM/devfreq: bw_hwmon: Unlock mutex in case of error (Pranav Vashi) [25dcc95ef023]
* PM/devfreq: bw_hwmon: add mutex lock in polling interval case (Santosh Mardi) [77f3ee3d45bf]
* cpufreq: Restore policy min/max limits on CPU online (Viresh Kumar) [0fc65c28f635]
* cpufreq: fallback to interactive if governor is not found (Nathan Chancellor) [dd7b87438bd8]
* drivers: cpufreq: Use interruptible waits (Harsh Shandilya) [aa2b1101f391]
* qcom-cpufreq: skip frequencies that round to same rate (Rohit Gupta) [1a8c3da262a9]
* qcom-cpufreq: Use cpufreq_table_validate_and_show to fill freq_table (Junjie Wu) [f294a5038b66]
* sched, cpuidle: Track cpuidle state index in the scheduler (Morten Rasmussen) [74f569f7dc36]
* add changelog.sh (Your Name) [4698ab9fdbc0]
* some improvments + add support for dolby atmos (Your Name) [30bdcdbfe8a4]
* revert msm: haptic: expose vibrate function (Your Name) [5d0c939c4d65]
* lpm-levels: Disable sleep by default to speed up boot (Sultanxda) [5de5e860d4a9]
* defconfig update (Your Name) [fae83b391d39]
* fs: avoid adding non-thread-group task to LMK rbtree (Hong-Mei Li) [1e9b00ae3cd4]
* kernel: avoid adding non-thread-group task to LMK rbtree (Hong-Mei Li) [3a33022169a2]
* fs: support task's adj rbtree (Yi-wei Zhao) [c0f994b30644]
* lowmemorykiller: maintain LMK rbtree with signal->adj_node (Hong-Mei Li) [c032278e6e4a]
* drivers:lmk: Fix null pointer issue (Hong-Mei Li) [532cc1673d12]
* kernel: support task's adj rbtree (Yi-wei Zhao) [5b8a6b9d33e5]
* drivers:lmk: Fix double delete issue (Hong-Mei Li) [a7c850a9fc88]
* staging:android:lmk: read rb tree root with spinlock (Yi-wei Zhao) [1d75e03cffad]
* lowmemorykiller: implement task's adj rbtree (Yi-wei Zhao) [2bc79dd9c4b5]
* arm64: Don't force compilation of memlat devfreq governors (Sultanxda) [2f459b4e24ed]
* cpufreq: suspend cpufreq governors on shutdown (Doug Anderson) [661222bc270d]
* thermal: Disable VDD Restriction forcefully (MOVZX) [67553fe32050]
* msm: mdss: Fix compile errors when debugfs is disabled (Sultanxda) [ecaa6e06097c]
* Disable Adreno Driver Logging (MOVZX) [edaa74090ca8]
* msm_thermal: Silence log spamming on changing freq (MOVZX) [a47f75a6c493]
* drivers: devfreq: add simple_ondemand to whitelist (engstk) [1c7d118b8e7d]
* enable elementalx (Your Name) [4b09adfdb3bd]
* cpufreq: add elementalx governor (andip71) [d3139fd097a9]
* qpnp-haptic: modify for common sysfs interface to control intensity (Erwan Leboucher) [025a69583a4b]
* arm64: crypto: increase AES interleave to 4x (Ard Biesheuvel) [c2ab23d82e9e]
* trace: add CONFIG_DISABLE_TRACE_PRINTK option (Park Ju Hyung) [bc58d19b80ef]
* lib: Don't enable DEBUG_BUGVERBOSE by default (Sultanxda) [6c8881786b91]
* arm64: crypto: Improve target optimization flags (TheCrazyLex) [c5ed757ec1ec]
* drop_caches: drop slab objects as well Signed-off-by: Park Ju Hyung <qkrwngud825@gmail.com> (Park Ju Hyung) [4e131b08d2a8]
* drop_caches: rename "now" to "suspend" Signed-off-by: Park Ju Hyung <qkrwngud825@gmail.com> (Park Ju Hyung) [d4ca3a35ee3b]
* drop_caches: drop caches after 200ms This avoids potential slowdowns in screen-off or suspend routine. (Park Ju Hyung) [5f21c16d1e29]
* drop_caches: drop pagecaches on screen-off This will ensure enough free memory on screen-on request (Park Ju Hyung) [2dc75461e9ed]
* drivers:cpufreq:fp-boost: Make boost workqueue unbound (Your Name) [3980968cb3e1]
* decrease boost duration to 1,5s (Your Name) [4b0781b95432]
* fix build (Your Name) [469177afe626]
* add FIOPS (Your Name) [b164aa4904b0]
* defconfig: Enable IOSCHED_FIOPS (Your Name) [4958222bf797]
* add SIO scheduler (Your Name) [8f27c43694e5]
* defconfig: Enable IOSCHED_SIO (Your Name) [756e769e8cbc]
* Enable IOSCHED_ZEN (Your Name) [4f47269a1cb8]
* update Zen iosched for linux 3.18 (Slawek) [f4ae0f54df28]
* block: Add Zen scheduler (Brandon Berhent) [f2083e35cb5a]
* State_notifier: bring back hook code for state_notifier into mdss_dsi code. (Slawek) [5659f58ca6e7]
* arch: Unbreak mrproper/clean (Steve Kondik) [245ed618ab33]
* block: hardlimit for io schedulers (andip71) [87c5b106e3c7]
* defconfig: Enable Powersuspend (Your Name) [49bd2e65a031]
* PowerSuspend: Fix Compile (XileForce) [ec3d6149dfa3]
* kernel/power/powersuspend: new PM kernel driver for Android w/o early_suspend v1.7 (faux123/Yank555.lu) (yank555-lu) [662489a9821e]
* kernel/power/powersuspend: new PM kernel driver for Android w/o early_suspend v1.6 (faux123/Yank555.lu) (yank555-lu) [4a8ff01e208c]
* kernel/power/powersuspend: new PM kernel driver for Android w/o early suspend v1.5 (faux123/Yank555.lu) (Jean-Pierre Rasquin) [79ca4c559104]
* Include/linux: Add earlysuspend (AudioGod) [738751ba217b]
* defconfig: Enable LCD Notifier (Your Name) [8d0e745c7c23]
* msm: mdss: Adding lcd notifier (Se Hun Kim) [f63f58c9d163]
* defconfig: Enable quickwakeup driver (Your Name) [099c39919562]
* power: quickwakeup: initial driver (Joe Swantek) [7f92d4a8fc18]
* state_notifier: enabled by default (alucard24) [e1f4d20a4df6]
* delet build (Your Name) [8305f0cd0c7a]
* add yen,bluand voltage (Your Name) [9c66904916ed]
* ZEN: Implement zen-tune v4.12 (Steven Barrett) [31c8970e4cef]
* Fsync : Disable by default (infixremix) [5ff7a7c0001b]
* adreno idler: Ramp down more agressively (Joe Maples) [93ed69992bfe]
* adreno_idler: Declare display_on correctly (Joe Maples) [524ab4766aec]
* adreno_idler: Add display state awareness (frap129) [f86087825f8d]
* adreno_idler: fix typos
(arter97) [78e2716bfac7]
* adreno_idler: fix-up some comments (arter97) [ab4d15fb8bbb]
* adreno_idler: fix-up type definitions (arter97) [c1fcaf738272]
* adreno_idler: remove frequency bump (arter97) [470ef95884fa]
* adreno_idler: switch to count based instead of time based (arter97) [5707c7ce65f9]
* upgrade frandom to latest (Meninblack007) [df6072bb036d]
* random: prevent add_input from doing anything (imoseyon) [e0b3f1b8e1fb]
* random: sprinkle e/f/prandom in places that deplete entropy often (imoseyon) [53400a06c186]
* random.h: declare erandom function (imoseyon) [d212ff578a8e]
* binfmt_elf: use prandom - do not deplete entropy (imoseyon) [7925e249bcaf]
* char: frandom: initial commit v1.1 (imoseyon) [9938d7683d55]
* random32: use e/frandom for reseeding, and a merge fixup (imoseyon) [1e3814c927e4]
* fs: fsync: add a toggle to enable or disable fsync() operations (franciscofranco) [29a4ca32f5bb]
* arm64: bpf: optimize JMP_CALL Remove superfluous stack frame, saving us 3 instructions for every JMP_CALL. (Eliminater74) [998181c224ac]
* arm64: strcmp: Align to cache and preload (Joe Maples) [4567272928de]
* arm64: lib: memory utilities optimization (Francisco Franco) [9dc08e60fe44]
* arm64: Enable dcache word access (XileForce) [fd7464cbd90c]
* setlocalversion: remove 'dirty' string (GuneetAtwal) [fe15eb73a9eb]
* int_sqrt: Improve 3x faster integer sqrt. (FlyFrog) [fa5de83781ba]
* int_sqrt.c: Correction square root algo with naming (ramgear) [dade512c093a]
* proc: much faster /proc/vmstat (Francisco Franco) [4eaf7c8274dd]
* fs: default to noatime (Martichou) [02109a83ae31]
* tcp_output: set initial TCP window size to 64K (speed improvement) (andip71) [227af20262ab]
* blu_active: handle error for module load fail (engstk) [1e0f7b20a8c8]
* blu_active: checks to avoid kernel crash (engstk) [27d651fe77e6]
* blu_active: avoid calling usecs_to_jiffies() repeatedly (engstk) [203ed6210c03]
* blu_active: Reset last evaluated jiffy in idle callback and make window alignment optional (engstk) [23253241c81a]
* blu_active: sync up with android-4.4 linux, bring back fastlane (revamped) (engstk) [aa347beedde4]
* blu_active: upstream changes (engstk) [663e5aa79fd4]
* blu_active: reduce low freq ripple effect (engstk) [b0b5d5d14a6f]
* blu_active: updates and fixes (engstk) [029f1e8f1c6c]
* blu_active: dynamic cpufreq policy governor designed for latency-sensitive workloads (engstk) [0af489390502]
* ARM: dts: msm8996: Remove redundant CPU bandwidth devfreq devices (Sultanxda) [8efeb981bbee]
* Optimized Console FrameBuffer for upto 70% increase in Performance (gustavoss) [102d8f1d1b6d]
* printk: Add sys kernel interface to configure linux printk logging (andip71) [e3f9b21b264a]
* lpm-levels: Disable sleep by default to speed up boot (Sultanxda) [a5f8fae2e3e8]
* marlin : msm 8996 voltage control (bsmitty83) [8cc676602a97]
* ksm fixup (bsmitty83) [3994b4e6e775]
* mm : uksm : fix build The usage of strict_strtoul() is not possible, because strict_strtoul() is no more . Thus, kstrtoul() should be used. (bsmitty83) [e6851dd5bbb1]
* mm: Fix uksm.c (djb77) [ab144f094f0d]
* UKSM: Version for Linux 3.18.y (djb77) [a0888e94d926]
* scripts: Avoid appending 'plus' character in dirty state (myfluxi) [e9c5648b75ec]
* random: always use /dev/urandom (Park Ju Hyung) [24cc3eb5ac82]
* arm: DT: msm8996-regulator: Fix bad s11 VCORE constraints for HW conf (Angelo G. Del Regno) [e556d59e70fc]
* crypto: user - Add CRYPTO_MSG_DELRNG (Herbert Xu) [eeceb501c161]
* crypto: user - Move cryptouser.h to uapi (Herbert Xu) [6ee143833060]
* disable MAC randomization by default : (bsmitty83) [f6a184145b75]
* add specialized MAC randomization for qcacld-2.0 (Daniel Micay) [50c25e0b1229]
* ZEN: Update Zen-tune to v4.10 (Luca Grifo) [66bf81f6ffbc]
* zen-tune: Increase BLKDEV_MAX_RQ to 32 (Joe Maples) [72a8465e91a4]
* [BACKPORT] Implement zen-tune v4.5 (Joe Maples) [90c1bc1af4bb]
* Net: Sched: Import CAKE packet scheduler (bsmitty83) [e1438ee36a1f]
* cpufreq_conservative: use values from -ck patchset (F4uzan) [5930a118fe3a]
* PM / devfreq: Add a governor white list (Sultanxda) [530c08b49154]
* CHROMIUM: DROP: mm/oom_kill: Double-check before killing a child in our place (Douglas Anderson) [46323fafa9fd]
* getting rid of -dirty (Your Name) [31afb1e236a5]
* add Lionfish gov (Slawek) [9c46bab48a07]
* adrenoboost: disable by default (flar2) [cece8883bf5d]
* adrenoboost: finetuning algorithm - scale it a bit down (tbalden) [15cdfaceb5cd]
* msm_adreno_tz: add adrenoboost parameter (flar2) [255538abcfa4]
* platform/msm: haptic: expose vibrate function (flar2) [22b9daa15693]
* Introduce Adreno idler for devfreq-based Adreno devices (Jimbo77) [4c4ddbaeef6c]
* Introduce Adreno idler for devfreq-based Adreno devices (Jimbo77) [ee62e51d83e0]
* clk: msm: clock-cpu-8996: Use CLKFLAG_NO_RATE_CACHE for perfcl_hf_mux (Sultanxda) [3614b1f3e853]
* qcom-cpufreq: Use CLKFLAG_NO_RATE_CACHE (Sultanxda) [7968f5a0e16d]
* display: add a simple api to query the display state (on/off) at any point in time (Francisco Franco) [a5b62820edc5]
* msm_performance: don't limit min and max cpu freq (flar2) [5f45b659583e]
* msm: performance: prevent userspace hints to decrease max cpu freq (franciscofranco) [a854c9a7fba8]
* msm_performance: Make input boosting optional (flar2) [c39e26014754]
* cpufreq: interactive: add powersave bias tunable (Joe Maples) [5bc77df8f3bc]
* cpufreq: interactive: remove hispeed_freq init restriction (Francisco Franco) [4b7e8cdf3b7c]
* cpufreq_interactive: remove boost functionality (andip71) [db8adb447641]
* msm: thermal: Add sysfs nodes to control parameters (Pranav Vashi) [af189dc455ba]
* msm: thermal: Check temperature only if probed (myfluxi) [a4b30bbf1878]
* Optimize copy_page for modern ARM platforms (Harm Hanemaaijer) [29ef872c5fd0]
* drivers:cpufreq:fp-boost Add missing newline (Harsh Shandilya) [11ddc3babaa0]
* cpufreq:fp-boost: Fix checkpatch warnings (Harsh Shandilya) [3dc6390a97f7]
* fp-boost: Avoid unnecessory boost sequence (ShreyanshLodha) [c892517d0e83]
* cpufreq: Enable fingerprint boost by default (REV3NT3CH) [a6c25a31cdc4]
* cpufreq: fp-boost: Don't mess up with normal home key press (Wang Han) [711cb6199abb]
* fp-boost: Decrease duration to 2 seconds (Joe Maples) [7817d50d8ed3]
* fp-boost: Set priority to max (Joe Maples) [87efa54f656f]
* cpufreq: Introduce fingerprint boost driver (Joe Maples) [7df3c74ac83b]
* boeffla_wl_blocker: Block default wakelocks we had before (Nathan Chancellor) [80a386be2109]
* boeffla_wl_blocker: update to wakelock blocker driver v1.1.0 (andip71) [de3d35d1278a]
* boeffla_wl_blocker: update to wakelock blocker driver v1.0.1 (andip71) [2640be06eba7]
* boeffla_wl_blocker: add generic wakelock blocker driver v1.0.0 (andip71) [2454a558ab30]
* block: Clean-up maple-iosched.c (Harsh Shandilya) [ea6aea960d13]
* block: bfq: Fix compilation error (ahmedradaideh) [a4638fea3202]
* block: Add BFQ-v8r12 I/O Scheduler (ahmedradaideh) [68fc1c532565]
* block: maple: Improve coding style (Nathan Chancellor) [0d5f98ef360a]
* block: Add Maple I/O Scheduler (Joe Maples) [755862694e97]
* mdss: Add state_notifier hooks (ahmedradaideh) [559a55b2e986]
* state_notifier: Remove internal enablement switch (Harsh Shandilya) [cbe6fb51b51b]
* state_notifier: Drop unneeded module_param_named entries (Harsh Shandilya) [b96af7d4358a]
* state_notifier: Make workqueues unbound (Pranav Vashi) [3b3afef6a437]
* state_notifier: Reduce defer on suspend call to 1 second (Joe Maples) [80dc8d386c4e]
* state_notifier: Queue work on any core (Joe Maples) [c02964b0a9f6]
* state_notifier: Enable by default (Joe Maples) [26be57d2a9ba]
* OP3T: Add state notifier driver (Pranav Vashi) [06d354bac242]
* net: wireguard: add wireguard importer (ahmedradaideh) [1c03d8664ea5]
* arm64: Use optimized memcmp (Wilco Dijkstra) [f038d14cfb8c]
* mm: vmscan.c: set swappiness to 0 (ahmedradaideh) [776641b4c895]
* drivers: mmc: Disable CRC Check (ahmedradaideh) [24ba19bf2ee6]
* msm: qdsp6v2: Allow 320K AAC encoding (Steve Kondik) [027131b0d6c0]
* block/cfq: cache rightmost rb_node (Davidlohr Bueso) [ee73e6159e9c]
* block/cfq: replace cfq_rb_root leftmost caching (Davidlohr Bueso) [043c5c729616]
* block, scheduler: convert xxx_var_store to void (weiping zhang) [77433685e087]
* rbtree: cache leftmost node internally (Davidlohr Bueso) [6a9ab7bd4a77]
* cfq: Give a chance for arming slice idle timer in case of group_idle (Ritesh Harjani) [9ef2307f8211]
* cfq-iosched: fix the delay of cfq_group's vdisktime under iops mode (Hou Tao) [7160f1cae833]
* cfq-iosched: Delete unused function min_vdisktime() (Matthias Kaehlcke) [38e933e7e6f8]
* cfq-iosched: Adjust one function call together with a variable assignment (Markus Elfring) [406efb87ccfc]
* cfq: fix starvation of asynchronous writes (Glauber Costa) [e6bac32fd19c]
* cfq-iosched: Charge at least 1 jiffie instead of 1 ns (Jan Kara) [740478d9c71d]
* cfq-iosched: Fix regression in bonnie++ rewrite performance (Jan Kara) [91c575489f24]
* cfq-iosched: Convert slice_resid from u64 to s64 (Jan Kara) [7aa05ced2f02]
* cfq-iosched: temporarily boost queue priority for idle classes (Jens Axboe) [7b14f32b9aec]
* cfq-iosched: Convert to use highres timers (Jan Kara) [80b6242b17c3]
* cfq-iosched: Expose microsecond interfaces (Jeff Moyer) [aafdf1d09b9e]
* cfq-iosched: Convert from jiffies to nanoseconds (Jeff Moyer) [a71da89b9abe]
* cfq-iosched: Allow parent cgroup to preempt its child (Jan Kara) [ea598b874bcc]
* cfq-iosched: Allow sync noidle workloads to preempt each other (Jan Kara) [3be3908999d1]
* cfq-iosched: Reorder checks in cfq_should_preempt() (Jan Kara) [850d8f2118a7]
* cfq-iosched: Don't group_idle if cfqq has big thinktime (Jan Kara) [864ed2b0265c]
* cfq-iosched: fix the setting of IOPS mode on SSDs (Jens Axboe) [648e514b3f07]
* block: Make CFQ default to IOPS mode on SSDs (Tahsin Erdogan) [6696989c3b01]
* block: replace io_schedule with io_schedule_timeout (Jaegeuk Kim) [218b9d9e50ff]
* blkdev: Refactoring block io latency histogram codes (Hyojun Kim) [e543fe07d6c6]
* tcp_westwood : Bump minimum RTT and lower initial RTT duration (Harsh Shandilya) [8f4a0be541f5]
* tcp_westwood: use tcp_jiffies32 instead of tcp_time_stamp (Eric Dumazet) [e4fd537aef22]
* tcp: introduce tcp_jiffies32 (Eric Dumazet) [67402b17b6ef]
* random: Remove kernel blocking API (Herbert Xu) [b9ee32db5839]
* random: Add callback API for random pool readiness (Herbert Xu) [13fad5fd974c]
* random: Blocking API for accessing nonblocking_pool (Stephan Mueller) [920254a49237]
* random: Wake up all getrandom(2) callers when pool is ready (Herbert Xu) [ba30467c40bb]
* msm-core: disable userspace access to poll_ms (Park Ju Hyung) [e9740efb8bef]
* interactive: avoid calling usecs_to_jiffies() repeatedly (Park Ju Hyung) [4e4d29e0dea1]
* drivers: cpufreq: checks to avoid kernel crash in cpufreq_interactive (gaurav jindal) [d39e02aa6311]
* drivers: cpufreq_interactive: handle error for module load fail (gaurav jindal) [0d606bfa7995]
* cpufreq_interactive: Allow hispeed_freq to work with prediction (Rohit Gupta) [bffedc64603a]
* cpufreq: interactive: fix to come out of hysteresis mode (Ramakrishna Gottimukkula) [3166a24627b2]
* cpufreq: interactive: Remove the jump_to_max hack (Christopher R. Palmer) [e8b80937cada]
* cpufreq: interactive: Skip timer when policy->min == policy->max (Sultanxda) [d8e0563fed00]
* CHROMIUM: cpufreq: interactive: calculate load before freq change (Derek Basehore) [8508ad52ca91]
* msm: Fix high load average from uninterruptible waits (Steve Kondik) [723a52fddc44]
* msm: Use interruptible wait to not affect load average (franciscofranco) [e7bad7d4bcd8]
* qcom: msm-core: uninterruptible wait - you can kiss my arse goodbye (franciscofranco) [4a5073e22d22]
* cpufreq: cpu-boost: don't boost the gold cluster unecessarily (Francisco Franco) [de38e6205d8c]
* cpufreq: cpu-boost: don't boost if input_boost_ms is <= 0 (Francisco Franco) [213ebe496b7d]
* cpufreq: cpu-boost: export input_boost_enable to userspace (franciscofranco) [226913a38b71]
* cpufreq: cpu-boost: don't boost over user set max freq (Francisco Franco) [d2bfdf0728c3]
* drivers: cpu-boost: optimize policy update loop on input cpufreq boost (Francisco Franco) [3eff8067013b]
* cpufreq: cpu-boost: set interval between consecutive boosts to be at least the duration of the boost instead of a bigger value (Francisco Franco) [29571bf231ce]
* cpu: Don't allow CPUs in the power cluster to be unplugged (Sultanxda) [c60e4190be84]
* kthread: Allow kthread_bind() to actually control kthread affinity (Sultanxda) [cabfad0d6932]
* kthread: Force all non-percpu kthreads onto the power cluster (Sultanxda) [47b18ec8c703]
* workqueue: Schedule workers on CPU0 or CPU0/CPU1 by default (Sultanxda) [9d87478ce881]
* drivers: mdss: KCAL: force disable color invert (ahmedradaideh) [302cc010eae1]
* msm: mdss: KCAL: disable igc update (flar2) [b6804b332a45]
* msm: mdss: KCAL: Send a pp display commit when changes are made (savoca) [328fedd69d05]
* mdss mdp: kcal for mdss_mdp_v1_7 (tbalden) [db5ff823f4da]
* cpu-boost: Boost priority of notifier_block (Alex Naidis) [bec39298b411]
* ARM: dts: msm: Rework and unify msm-thermal setup (Alex Naidis) [8a3f459b9dca]
* msm-tsens: Reschedule work instead of causing uninterruptible sleep (Alex Naidis) [c699e8a28d88]
* thermal: tsens: Switch from usleep_range() to msleep (Siddartha Mohanadoss) [22e7e8faf6c9]
* cpu-hotplug: convert cpu_hotplug_disabled to a counter (Vitaly Kuznetsov) [d94db913a975]
* ANDROID: cpufreq: stats: add uid removal for uid_time_in_state (Andres Oportus) [c8f3b3026423]
* ANDROID: cpufreq_stat: add per task/uid/freq stats (Andres Oportus) [0cfa3d28cd73]
* ANDROID: Fix cpufreq stats table creation (Andres Oportus) [a9c8fc32c5b2]

Allgemeine Kernel Futures:

-Full -O2 build with device and target flags enhanced, linaro build improvements, etc

-ARM enhanced performance and battery patches

-Enhanced TCP methods (cubic is default), Network and Wifi tweaks and updated drivers

-Removed verify and forced encryption, Set androidboot.verifiedbootstate=green

-Swap and adaptive LMK on by default, 60 apps on background by default

-KGSL fixes and reworked GPU driver (use 133MHz min freq to save juice, goes to idle @ 100MHz)

-sRGB and KCAL - Advanced color control for Qualcomm MDSS v2 (RGB calibration and post-processing features)

-FS fsync toggle on/off

-Wakelock blockers available

-Intellithermal v2

-F2FS Support

-Usb Fast Charge disable by default

-I/O Scheduler:noop,deadline,cfq,bfq,tripndroid,zen,sio plus,vr,fiops,maple

-Cpu Gov:lionfish,darkness,electron.despair,relaxed,blu _active,nebula,hellactive,cultivation,wheatly,iron active,bioshok,interactive

-FingerPrint Booster

-Optimize Adreno Rad

-Optimize I/O Scheduler :Add driver to change the I/O scheduler when the screen turns off

-Adrenoboost v2.1: adrenoboost lvl 3

-Frandom 1.1

-Power Suspend Mode

-Input Boost

- init.d support

- CRC Check Disabled

- Dynamic filesystem read-ahead

- A lot Improvments and Fixes

-Compatible with Kernel Adiutor and others

Macht einen kompletten Backup eures aktuellen Systems vor dem flashen!!
Eine Whipe Cache und Dalvik Installation wird empfohlen
Weder ich noch Android Hilfe.de übernehmen die Verantwortung in irgendeiner Form, solltet ihr euer Handy Bricken/Abschießen und oder Daten verlieren.
Download Kernel: (alle Versionen Filehost)
Aktuellster Kernel: siehe Anhang

New Update HellsGate V3.0
update kernel to 3.18.112
-add voltage controll back
-add hotplugs back:alucard,zendesicon.msm-hotplug
-add uksm
-add new I/O Marrow its based on maple ,sio,tripndroid backbort from 4.4,fiops,zen and remove test i/O
-add new cpu gov:Tripndroid
-fix DriveDroid
-add zram support
-upstream cpuhotplug and pferd
-Fix f2fs now its work perfekt
-Add DriveDroid back
-update f2fs crypto driver to 4.15
-Fix the little Vibration bug
-add sultanxda boost wake up
-remove fsync and add dynamic fsync back
-add powersupspend back
-add : Initial import of DTS-Eagle driver from asus thx joshua for this
and many more look of my github
-Bring back TCP Westwood is now default
-disabled gentle fair sleepers and LB
-Add an interface to boost devices when the screen is woken
-reduced wakelocks by wlan
-add NEON-accelerated implementation of Speck-XTS
-Reduced CPU Load-Average
-cpufreq: powernv: Report cpu frequency throttling
-Optimized Console FrameBuffer for upto 70% increase in Performance
-mm: memcontrol: default hierarchy interface for memory
-implement CPU_PM notifier
-Convert few critical drivers to use msecs_to_jiffies insted of HZ
-Use optimized memcmp
-strcmp: Align to cache and preload
-cpufreq & cpufreq_interactive: tweaks to reduce lags and improve battery life
and many more upstreams and optimization for performance and battery
-cpu-boost: rewrite frequency tunables handling
-add Zram
-optimize sfck compression
-merge complete RCU Boost
-Upstreams and backports for shed .cpuhotplug, pm dev and so on here the complete changelog
-revert the most off changes from x5 relase its more stable so
-revert driver and unused stuff we dont need this
-add uksm back
-update f2fs v4.18-rc1
-fscrypt: add Speck128/256 support
-boeffla_wl_blocker: fix overflow in sprintf
-incrase more the frequency for better audio quality
-Add driver to change the I/O scheduler when the screen turns off
-Add Qnovo Interface for QNS
-undervolt for overheat problem
-add driver to Allow 'QTI Core Control' to limit max cores on Screen off
* import hotplugs (kranone124) [17d3ad0606ef]
* add hotplug support and fix uksm (kranone124) [9145ce3eb392]
* Fix uksm warning (kdrag0n) [ba82552a6899]
* Fix UKSM (kdrag0n) [2f4282eb5ad3]
* UKSM (kdrag0n) [38796db70050]
* Revert "uksm: add V1.2.3" (kranone124) [4f892e4744f5]
* fix for voltagecontroll (kranone124) [0a4750087d75]
* add msm8996-clk for voltagecontroll for kryo (kranone124) [3745adde4cb5]
* iosched_switcher: add delay before sleeping as well (Dorimanx) [00fb63851d45]
* vmstat: Reduce time interval to stat update on idle cpu (Christoph Lameter) [919106baf15a]
* snmp: add some more MIB definitions for CDG (mdalexca) [ddb527712b34]
* tcp: cdg: use div_u64() (Kenneth Klette Jonassen) [6ac1b4be8c1a]
* tcp: add CDG congestion control (Kenneth Klette Jonassen) [ffbb568a1aa8]
* add compiler support for GCC 7.0 (DespairFactor) [298cf4cb606b]
* Disable Add Random (Lorenzo Ori) [acd7e9ba1725]
* msm: mdss: kcal: revert upstream updates (engstk) [772ae53bcd5e]
* msm: mdss: kcal: force disable invert instead of removing sysfs (engstk) [7f5e0ef5d5e5]
* msm: mdss: kcal: Use PCC for negative display mode (savoca) [3af50a8e6b8b]
* msm: mdss: kcal: remove invert sysfs (engstk) [8baf4482b9f4]
* msm: mdss: kcal: merge upstream changes on thulium port (engstk) [d0775f9a6d29]
* mdss mdp: kcal: Using the MDP 1_7 userspace structs to inject configurations of kcal to the pp_cache configs (tbalden) [723814007ca7]
* msm: mdss: kcal: Add KCAL support for post processing control [v2] (savoca) [29fa66b833c5]
* Revert "msm: mdss: KCAL: Send a pp display commit when changes are made" (kranone124) [8d91a7ca2b9d]
* Revert "mdss mdp: kcal for mdss_mdp_v1_7" (kranone124) [dbd10f7b75b1]
* Properly fix elevator.c (kdrag0n) [955a75e16f91]
* Revert "micro-optimization: Use DSTRLEN to remove incorrect strlen uses" (kranone124) [4fd76ba2b740]
* Revert "mmc: enable iosched switcher for all mmc block devices" (kranone124) [57b4066a4989]
* Revert "scsi: enable iosched switcher for all disks" (kranone124) [a03fe21d07a9]
* x7 relase (kranone124) [712a6551e4d5]
* Enable high performance mode for DAC (kdrag0n) [392bef8a4742]
* Fix UKSM (kdrag0n) [86a0bfd8a5fe]
* lib/bsearch.c: micro-optimize pivot position calculation (Sergey Senozhatsky) [0a71c3ac25e1]
* sched: Prefer awake CPUs over idle (Joe Maples) [e932c813bce8]
* micro-optimization: Use DSTRLEN to remove incorrect strlen uses (Joe Maples) [944624835942]
* ZEN: Implement zen-tune v4.12 (Steven Barrett) [8a266396ad4b]
* Force disable GPU wakeup on touch (kdrag0n) [4a70eacf616d]
* mdss: Update RT priority (Alex Naidis) [c3896fb931e0]
* power: block two more wakelocks just in case (Francisco Franco) [246d9717fe4e]
* mm: enable laptop mode by default (kdrag0n) [64520a805244]
* block: add fifo I/O scheduler (kdrag0n) [e153bd0a4366]
* scsi: enable iosched switcher for all disks (kdrag0n) [6649716d7957]
* mmc: enable iosched switcher for all mmc block devices (kdrag0n) [007ed55df5a4]
* cpufreq_yankactive: use kstrtoul instead of strict_strtoul (khusika) [439d9a36cbdf]
* Add Yankactive Governor (Shaka Huang) [7c6ac6cbe389]
* cpufreq_electron: : use kstrtoul instead of strict_strtoul (khusika) [c7ed192bf687]
* cpufreq_electron: Use state_notifier instead of display_state (Planet-X) [6f7d8f48e404]
* cpufreq_electron: Adapt governor to use new sched_load struct (Planet-X) [d2bf40be0ee9]
* cpufreq: Add Electron governor (Joe Maples) [f496d029c021]
* cpufreq: clarity: Remove the jump_to_max hack (Christopher R. Palmer) [aeaa874c4397]
* cpufreq: add clarity cpu frequency governor (Ryan Andri) [7f5642d0e8b8]
* DT: Kryo properties for accurate cpu_capacity (virtvoid) [293e7d87efb6]
* mdss: Remove dedicated wq for early_wakeup_clk_work (Alex Naidis) [ee6f215b2b8a]
* arm64: lib: memory utilities optimization (Hong-Mei Li) [1a801628747f]
* add new wlan driver (kranone124) [1ea3f988ae99]
* workqueue: Implement delayed_work_busy() (Alex Naidis) [1a5f2dcb362c]
* workqueue: add cancel_work() (Jens Axboe) [564b0d31024c]
* mm: set swappiness to 0 (kdrag0n) [4e64bc4455fe]
* axon7 : msm 8996 voltage control (kranone124) [9a02402c6205]
* lpm-levels: Disable sleep by default to speed up boot (Sultanxda) [32b29d2a065b]
* arm64: Import optimized strrchr from newlib (Joe Maples) [18119bafe9f1]
* thermal: Disable VDD Restriction forcefully (MOVZX) [4c8c028dbf6e]
-switch fully to dragontc 7.0 clang with o3
-remove all beta stuff like voltagecontroll,hotplugs,ioSwitcher etc its caused reboots
-revert all thermal changes go back to stock to fix throttel and make the kernel more snappy
-Reduce latency for better responsiveness
-deactivate zram

and sry guys for the x7 update what caused alot off problems but X8 is butter smove i test it since yesterday and no problems at all
7.0 clang with o3
-remove all beta stuff like voltagecontroll,hotplugs,ioSwitcher etc its caused reboots
-revert all thermal changes go back to stock to fix throttel and make the kernel more snappy
-Reduce latency for better responsiveness
-deactivate zram
-add Wireguard and update to 0.2 version
-add cad back thx skrem
-add bluactive
-add more polly flags for dragontc
-arm64: Use optimized memcmp
-BACKPORT: crypto: arm - add support for SHA-224/256 using ARMv8 Crypto Extensions
-remove adreno idler and add Simple GPU Algorithm is enable by default exkernel dont have a section for it but kernel auditor
and many more
* fix and relase x10 (kranone124) [d285a3bfb712]
* HACK: arm64: add CNTPCT_EL0 trap handler (Greg Hackmann) [b40c8a5cbe3d]
* arm64: issue isb when trapping CNTVCT_EL0 access (Greg Hackmann) [e67ee15d4329]
* BACKPORT: arm64: Add CNTFRQ_EL0 trap handler (Marc Zyngier) [e4472e86b4bf]
* BACKPORT: arm64: Add CNTVCT_EL0 trap handler (Marc Zyngier) [df1cf0607383]
* perf:arm64: fix lockdep warning when handling CPU_STARTING. (Yabin Cui) [d512eca1c523]
* perf:arm64: fix pmu percpu irq handling at hotplug. (Yabin Cui) [9cc9527f9d25]
* perf: arm64: fix RCU usage on pmu resume from low-power (Veena Sambasivan) [0491e8f15434]
* perf: arm64: implement CPU_PM notifier (Veena Sambasivan) [f0a68f35fc18]
* Revert "Perf: arm64: support hotplug and power collapse" (Veena Sambasivan) [901f104a9dbc]
* Revert "Perf: arm64: fix disable of pmu irq during hotplug" (Veena Sambasivan) [67da123ffa63]
* Revert "Perf: arm64: restore registers after reset" (Veena Sambasivan) [246a19d42c92]
* Revert "Perf: arm64: stop counters when going into hotplug" (Veena Sambasivan) [918fa4e9958c]
* offline charging: Don't touch android.bootreason. (Cosme Domínguez Díaz) [82e7cdb01eb0]
* Fix offline charging. (Cosme Domínguez Díaz) [fe9e38de2075]
* Revert "dts: msm8996: Some UnderVolt" (kranone124) [92841040133a]
* ANDROID: ARM64: smp: disable preempt in backtracing across all cores (Wei Wang) [d981f9693590]
* msm-thermal: fix offlined core counting (Wei Wang) [e1b77c0769b0]
* msm-thermal: create core_control sysfs node only when necessary (Wei Wang) [98df97f51c18]
* arm: dts: remove core control disable in 8996 (Wei Wang) [8e1bbcee2468]
* msm-thermal: add option to disable core_control and disable it in 8996 (Wei Wang) [a0d71ae7d053]
* Linux 3.18.114 (Greg Kroah-Hartman) [415f02ef03dc]
* block: Fix transfer when chunk sectors exceeds max (Keith Busch) [48e92f850ba4]
* xen: Remove unnecessary BUG_ON from __unbind_from_irq() (Boris Ostrovsky) [84730c38f4ea]
* nfsd: restrict rd_maxcount to svc_max_payload in nfsd_encode_readdir (Scott Mayhew) [980ae529e01f]
* media: cx231xx: Add support for AverMedia DVD EZMaker 7 (Kai-Heng Feng) [6b1c93bdb375]
* backlight: tps65217_bl: Fix Device Tree node lookup (Johan Hovold) [c024b1436b24]
* backlight: as3711_bl: Fix Device Tree node lookup (Johan Hovold) [1cb901ad5572]
* scsi: qla2xxx: Fix setting lower transfer speed if GPSC fails (Himanshu Madhani) [132f72e5c4de]
* MIPS: io: Add barrier after register read in inX() (Huacai Chen) [9f2d0d0c3c54]
* MIPS: BCM47XX: Enable 74K Core ExternalSync for PCIe erratum (Tokunori Ikegami) [c62993f32575]
* mtd: cfi_cmdset_0002: Fix unlocking requests crossing a chip boudary (Joakim Tjernlund) [0c141cc38fa9]
* mtd: cfi_cmdset_0002: Use right chip in do_ppb_xxlock() (Joakim Tjernlund) [d554565967f8]
* ARM: 8764/1: kgdb: fix NUMREGBYTES so that gdb_regs[] is the correct size (David Rivshin) [95af636920cf]
* powerpc/ptrace: Fix enforcement of DAWR constraints (Michael Neuling) [1303fc5e02ec]
* powerpc/mm/hash: Add missing isync prior to kernel stack SLB switch (Aneesh Kumar K.V) [245edebdfc34]
* fuse: atomic_o_trunc should truncate pagecache (Miklos Szeredi) [62a2a8cde938]
* branch-check: fix long->int truncation when profiling branches (Mikulas Patocka) [af24233f3025]
* ASoC: cirrus: i2s: Fix {TX|RX}LinCtrlData setup (Alexander Sverdlin) [520d48651c62]
* ASoC: dapm: delete dapm_kcontrol_data paths list before freeing it (Srinivas Kandagatla) [87a7ff15f9b1]
* signal/xtensa: Consistenly use SIGBUS in do_unaligned_user (Eric W. Biederman) [08e21dffee65]
* fs/binfmt_misc.c: do not allow offset overflow (Thadeu Lima de Souza Cascardo) [d0c6fc17a141]
* libata: Drop SanDisk SD7UB3Q*G1001 NOLPM quirk (Hans de Goede) [4e226afcbb91]
* libata: zpodd: small read overflow in eject_tray() (Dan Carpenter) [19d60fd7a090]
* ALSA: hda - Handle kzalloc() failure in snd_hda_attach_pcm_stream() (Bo Chen) [b6fb2537e217]
* ext4: fix fencepost error in check for inode count overflow during resize (Jan Kara) [9e9e4348b494]
* tcp: do not overshoot window_clamp in tcp_rcv_space_adjust() (Eric Dumazet) [5830776c608d]
* ARM: davinci: board-dm646x-evm: set VPIF capture card name (Sekhar Nori) [f5523f006371]
* i2c: pmcmsp: fix error return from master_xfer (Peter Rosin) [56b819f48b31]
* ARM: keystone: fix platform_domain_notifier array overrun (Russell King) [222b3288d09f]
* agp: uninorth: make two functions static (Mathieu Malaterre) [153d9ce782db]
* driver core: add __printf verification to __ata_ehi_pushv_desc (Mathieu Malaterre) [7b9d87c24f92]
* mac80211: Adjust SAE authentication timeout (Ilan Peer) [3fe6cf1e0ed1]
* scsi: vmw-pvscsi: return DID_BUS_BUSY for adapter-initated aborts (Jim Gill) [533e18b41913]
* hexagon: add memset_io() helper (Arnd Bergmann) [9b85c601370d]
* bpf: fix uninitialized variable in bpf tools (John Fastabend) [805fb51b5d17]
* rds: ib: Fix missing call to rds_ib_dev_put in rds_ib_setup_qp (Dag Moxnes) [e248819896d7]
* arm64: ptrace: remove addr_limit manipulation (Mark Rutland) [0c6e73f18295]
* scsi: isci: Fix infinite loop in while loop (Colin Ian King) [a9acd38343ed]
* drm/msm: Fix possible null dereference on failure of get_pages() (Ben Hutchings) [a065bae87125]
* isofs: fix potential memory leak in mount option parsing (Chengguang Xu) [994860275eff]
* MIPS: io: Add barrier after register read in readX() (Sinan Kaya) [bc4c9dfdc088]
* af_key: Always verify length of provided sadb_key (Kevin Easton) [b16af3185b79]
* add cpu input boost (kranone124) [335909d0df9f]
* tools build: No need to make libapi for perf explicitly (Jiri Olsa) [4755a1218cd4]
* Smaller Clang version (kranone124) [8d81825c4eea]
new update online hellsgate-x11
-2 version are available for DragonTC and GooglClang
-qcacld-2.0: Update to CAF LA.UM.6.6.r1-09000-89xx.0
-Add simple standalone MSM thermal solution
-Update Fsync to 2.1
-change polly flags
-UPSTREAM: cfq-iosched
-treewide: Remove some changes, This mismerge by CAF
-sched: Remove some files, this mismerge by CAF
-lpm-levels: Disable sleep by default to speed up boot
-enable adreno boost
-remove simple gpu and switch back to adrenoidler
-and many many more bugfixes
here the complet changelog
new update online HellsGate-X12
-fix problem with antutu benchmark
-switch to UberTC8.0
-remove fradom switch fully to chacha20 then cnrg is faster
-add New input boost from sultanxda 1 freq for all cluster
-tcp: add CDG congestion control is default
-maple: remove display state checks
-add my old friend LIONFISH back
-ARM: dts: msm: Add GPU speed bin 2 support for MSM8996v3
-state_notifier: add a third case for boosting Added a third case for boosting things. For sake of boosting devfreq on fingerprint wakeup, since STATE_RESUME is getting called a when screen goes online, but sometimes boost is needed earlier
and many more here the changelog
New update HellsGate-X13
-add lisi gov
-add treble thx gabriel and phk for the right tip for vendor partion
-remove pm suspend backport pm sync
-and many many more pls look off changelog
happy flashing guys

WICHTIG: Die Versionen bis 3.0 sind nur für den B32 Bootloader. Ergo also auch nur für die Releases die auch mit dem Bootloader funktionieren. Alle X-Releases sind für den neuen B12 Bootstack. Solltet ihr beispielsweise den V3.0 mit dem B12 Bootstack flashen startet das System nicht mehr. Beheben könnt ihr diese Misere aber einfach indem ihr die Rom erneut in der TWRP flasht.

1. Ladet euch als erstes den neuen Kernel und schiebt ihn am besten auf eure SD.

2. Macht eine whipe Cache und Dalvik

3. Installiert den neuen Kernel

4. Whipe Cache und Dalvik

5. Neustart

6. Kernel am besten mit Kernel Adiutor einstellen

Gerne darf hier über die besten Einstellungen für den Kernel diskutiert werden.
Teilt uns mit welches für euch die optimalen Einstellungen sind für Performance und Akku, Internet und Speicher zb.

XDA:DevDB Information
HELLSGATE, Kernel for the ZTE Axon 7


Version Information

Status: Stabil
Stable Release Date: 30.08.2017

Gekocht: 30.08.2017
Letztes Update: 03.08.2018

Viel Spaß beim Flashen und ausprobieren


  • HELLSGATE-X1.zip
    12,3 MB Aufrufe: 79
  • HellsGate-V3.0.zip
    12,6 MB Aufrufe: 85
  • HELLSGATE-X2.zip
    12,4 MB Aufrufe: 78
  • HellsGate-X3.zip
    12,3 MB Aufrufe: 74
  • HELLSGATE-X4.zip
    12,4 MB Aufrufe: 80
  • HellsGate-X5.zip
    12,4 MB Aufrufe: 76
  • HellsGate-X6.zip
    12,4 MB Aufrufe: 82
  • HellsGate-X7.zip
    12,4 MB Aufrufe: 108
  • HellsGate-x8-DragonTC-7.0.zip
    11,9 MB Aufrufe: 60
  • HellsGate-x9-DragonTC-7.0.zip
    11,9 MB Aufrufe: 68
  • HellsGate-X9-Google-Clang-7.0.2.zip
    11,9 MB Aufrufe: 60
  • HellsGate-X10-GooglClang-7.0.2.zip
    11,9 MB Aufrufe: 76
  • HellsGate-X11-DragonTC.zip
    12,2 MB Aufrufe: 61
  • HellsGate-X11-GoogleClang.zip
    12,2 MB Aufrufe: 47
  • HellsGate-X12-DragonTC.zip
    11,9 MB Aufrufe: 65
  • HellsGate-X12-GoogleClang.zip
    11,9 MB Aufrufe: 63
  • HellsGate-X13-Non-Treble.zip
    11,9 MB Aufrufe: 75
  • HellsGate-X13-GoogleClang-Treble.zip
    11,9 MB Aufrufe: 88
  • HellsGate-X13-Treble-DragonTc.zip
    11,9 MB Aufrufe: 177
Zuletzt bearbeitet von einem Moderator:
Bearbeitet von BaamAlex - Grund: Inhalt aktualisiert LG BaamAlex


Das neue Update vom Kernel ist auf jeden Fall eine große Verbesserung :)

Ganz kurz zu den Einstellungen mit denen dieser Kernel bei mir am besten läuft.....

Fangen wir bei den Einstellungen für die CPU an:
CPU Gouverneur: "Interactive"
Warum diesen Gouverneur:
Der Interactive Governor ist im Grunde genommen wie der Ondemand. Allerdings regelt der Interactive nicht anhand der Prozesswarteschlange, sondern anhand der durch die Application geforderten Rechenpower.
Anstehende Aufgaben laufenden CPUs zuweisen um Strom zu sparen:
Touch Boost: Aus
Das waren die wichtigsten Einstellungen für CPU.

Weiter zum nächsten Bildschirm GPU:

GPU Gouverneur setzen auf
: msn-adreno-tz
Warum den adreno Gouverneur:
Der weiter entwickelte Standard-GPU-Governor, der von Qualcomm für seine adreno-GPUs verwendet wird. Er ist leistungsorientierter als Ondemand und bietet daher eine bessere Leistung in Spielen, Akku Leistung wurde mit dem tz verbessert.
Es ist ein ausgewogener Regler für den täglichem Gebrauch

Adreno Zahnrad
: Aus (führt bei mir zu Überhitzung bei Spielen)

Nächster Bildschirm I/O Scheduler:
Scheduler: cfq
Warum cfq:
CFQ: Completely Fair Queuing, Er versucht die verfügbare I/O-Bandbreite fair und gleichmäßig auf alle Anfragen zu verteilen. Dabei erstellt er eine Statistik zwischen den Blöcken und Prozessen und erahnt anschließend, wann der nächste Block von welchem Prozess angefordert wird.
  1. Vorteile:
    • Ausgewogene Performance
    • Sehr einfach einzustellen
    • Hervorragend auf Multicore-Systemen
    • Gute DB-Performance
  2. Nachteile:
    • Media-Scanner braucht manchmal sehr lange durch die "faire" Behandlung, welche auch beim Booten besteht
    • Jitter, der Worst-Case-Delay kann manchmal sehr hoch sein, da die Anzahl der Prozess-Aufgaben untereinander konkurrieren
Read ahead: auf 512kb
Die anderen Einstellungen könnt ihr so lassen bzw für den externen Speicher genauso einstellen.

Nächster Bildschirm Low memory killer:
Adaptiver low memory killer: Aus
Aus dem Profil ganz unten "sanft" auswählen.

Nächster Bildschirm Virtueller Speicher:
Hier ganz unten den Z-Speicher auf 390MB setzen.

Das sind die Einstellungen die bei mir am besten laufen.
Wenn du Fragen zu einzelnen Punkten hast, immer raus damit.



Vielen vielen Dank. Ich habe noch den 2.1er Kernel hier am laufen. Sollte doch auch klappen oder=?


Gerne :)
Ich würde dir ein Update vom Kernel empfehlen. Mit dem alten hatte ich immer Probleme.
Aber ja, müsste auch mit dem alten klappen.


So. hab geupdated. Von deinen Einstellungen war das meiste schon (wahrscheinlich durch den Kernel) eingestellt. Und wenn ich jetzt ein Update der Rom installiere. Geht das dann auch dass ich alle Einstellungen vorübergehend deaktivieren kann? Bzw wie? Und das wichtigste eigentlich ist...wenn ich ein Update der Rom installiere, gleich in einem Durchlauf den Kernel mit flashen?!


Bitte nicht diesen Kernel hier laden. Der verursacht bei (zumindest ist es bei RR OS so) extreme Wärmeentwicklung. Ob das jetzt speziell an meinem Device wieder nur liegt weiß ich nicht. Aber mit der Version davor hatte ich ansatzweise keine Probleme.


Ich glaube das ist nur ein Fix für den Kernel.
Ohne diesen Fix habe ich großartig keine Probleme mit Wärme Entwicklung.
Bin aber auch nicht sooo der Zocker


Ich auch nicht. Aber mein Gerät wird ohne Grund warm.


Nur beim Spielen oder auch bei anderen Anwendungen?


Gar nichts von alledem. Werden die Einstellungen irgendwie in der Hardware gespeichert? Also auch selbst nach einem Wipe?


Eigentlich sollte nach einem wipe alles weg sein.
Zur Not das System einmal "dirty" neu drüber installieren.


Ich hab jetzt nochmal neu installiert. Ohne Kernel. das A7 wird nicht warm.
-- Dieser Beitrag wurde automatisch mit dem folgenden Beitrag zusammengeführt --
Junge Junge...Ich trau mich gar nicht den Kernel hinterherzuwerfen.


So. Tante Edith sagt dass der Kernel bzw das System wieder läuft. Hab alles wieder so eingestellt nach deinen Settings. Keine extreme Hitzeentwicklung.


Super, freut mich :)


Aber woran kann sowas liegen? Hast du eine Ahnung?


Nein, da fällt mir spontan nix zu ein.


Aber ich hab das ''Problem'' mal bei XDA drüben gepostet. Kranoner selbst antwortete auch und sagte dass er an an einer neuen Version arbeitet welche die Tage kommen soll. Er kennt das 'Problem'' sicherlich auch. Siehe hier.


Ich habe nun auch den Hellsgate Kernel geflasht, oh man sind das viele Einstellungen.
Muss da erst mal durchblicken.
Was muss ich den machen wenn ich wieder auf dem normalem Kernel möchte.
Gibt es einen Link zu dem Normalem Kernel.


Einfach alle Einstellungen des alten Kernel bzw Hellsgate deaktivieren (kernel Adjutor) dann einfach das System einmal neu drüber flashen.


Kernel Update online und OP aktualisiert :)