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  1. Multisaft7, 14.11.2011 #1

    Multisaft7 Threadstarter Android-Lexikon


    Ice Cream Sandwich von Lord ClockaN :)

    Finally decided to make my own thread because zFr3eak is killing me with his PMs about closing his ICS thread :)

    All credits goes to dh.harald, twistedumbrella, existz, CM crew, Evervolv, synergye, AOKP team and all other that have contributed... and me of course :) This is not MY product, it's a combination of team work and sharing!!!

    We are all here to learn, take from community and give back to community!!!
    I know there will be a lot of reports about bugs, well... we are all here to kill as many bugs as possible, just don't expect that all will be fixed in a short time
    FAQ is HERE read it before posting.

    ROMS should contain everything you need to enjoy ICS. You are not required to install any Add Ons, simply download the latest ROM, flash it, and go!
    You are STRONGLY recommended to fully wipe your device before flashing, and if possible avoid restoring system apps and system data with Titanium Backup - these can cause stability issues that are very hard to debug. If you believe you know what you're doing - then fine, go ahead, but please don't complain if you experience strange behaviour.

    THIS IS NOT A SUPPORT FORUM - it's designed for Devs to exchange critical information.
    If you wish to comment / report on this ROM then you MUST do so here:

    Latest Stable Release
    Version: 8.2 AOKP Summer Edition (rom name courtesy goes to hot summer nights...) - 01-07-2012

    MIRROR: http://db.tt/REvb4vDi - thanks to codenameiceman. get it while it's available

    What's New

    • fixed camcorder rec in 480p mod - thanks to existz for his patched toolchain
    • enable Led notifications by default in ROMControl
    • updated Apex to 1.2.3
    • fixed LED notification issues - BIG thanks to claude96 and a little thanks to pnoire for testing!!
    • fixed torch toggle FC, without logcat and device!
    • used new toolchain compiled by existz that has numerous fixes and optimizations so that we don't have to use any precompiled libs
    • updated qcom proprietary libs (Adreno libs)
    • updates to libcore, webkit and frameworks_base - existz
    • weather: make cardinal directions translatable (wind direction) - AOKP
    • now finally we don't have prebuilt audio libs and libbcc.so
    • new bootanim from Kenny94, well it's old but redesigned a little, also smaller than previous by 2MB

    What's Working

    • FM Radio (with Spirit FM app from play store, select ICSPlus in settings)
    • Everything else "should" work
    • AlienMind Overlay Script
      To have your apps and scripts etc automatically installed during ROM flash place them in:
      sdcard/overlay/system/app/ (for system apps)
      sdcard/overlay/system/etc/init.d/ (for scripts)

    What's Broken

    • Video Camera - only 480p mod is enabled and usable
    • MMS (doesn't work for some users)

    Changelog for older versions:
    [COLOR=DimGray][URL="http://goo.im/devs/IceCold/"]Version: 8.1.1 AOKP WTF Edition (rom name courtesy goes to SoB source and trouble fixing it...)[/URL] - 25-06-2012
    [*]lockscreen: Add weatherpanel to lockscreen - AOKP
    [*]reorganized Settings/About and added more info about device - AOKP, modified by LorD ClockaN
    [*]fixed Google search box FC on Tablet UI mod - LorD ClockaN
    [*]compiled with Linaro 4.6.3 toolchain to fix BT issue
    [*]include AOKP theme Achromatic for theme engine
    [*]added prebuilt all-DPI ready Phone.apk - by LorDClockaN
    [*]tablet UI mod ready - to use it, set dpi to 120, font size to Huge and enable Dual Pane in settings/Display
    [*]added -O3 optimizations trough out the rom, not yet all built with them, but gives a good speed improvement (how fast can you unlock your phone :P ) - thanks to Existz!!!
    [*]updated GoogleMaps to 6.8.1
    [*]fixed netflix - BIG thanks to existz for pinpointing the culprit
    [*]fixes to external_openssl
    [*]move weather images to framework-res - AOKP (makes SystemUI.apk smaller)
    [*]Mms.apk updates from CM:
    [*]- Invalidate the contacts cache if contacts DB is modified
    [*]- Added Greek characters to Strip Unicode
    [*]- Fix contact lookup for email addresses
    [*]- Make notifications consistent with the Gapps - [url]http://goo.gl/1Ae5d[/url]
    [*]- added the option to change the soft keyboard type when composing messages - [url]http://goo.gl/RnY1F[/url]
    [*]updated Bluetooth.apk 
    [*]added UI option to disable Data Statistics - CAF
    [*]added setting to automatically toggle speaker in-call in landscape (Phone) - AOKP
    [*]finally fixed DSPManager's loud volume in Music - also now it's actualy in use
    [*]telephony: Add support for choosing a default APN - CM
    [*]updated Trebuchet
    [*]added increase ring option to Phone - CM
    [*]more optimizations in frameworks regarding ARMv7
    [*]lockscreen: toggle music layout - AOKP
    [*]added Linaro optimizations to whole source (where is needed of course) - existz is THE MAN
    [*]optimized weather toast notification code - AOKP
    [*]updates to Contacts.apk
    [*]powersaver: don't switch network mode if the phone is ringing/incall - AOKP
    [*]optimized bootanimation - by anjini
    [*]compact list view mode for Contacts - AOKP
    [*]updated Apex and Nova Launchers
    [*]added WebGL support
    [*]added Host name option
    [*]new proprietary libs from CAF
    [*]updates to qcom_display
    [*]updates to display libs
    [*]updates to dalvik VM - thanks to existz for keeping everything up to date
    [*]alarm clock semi-transparent - thanks to claude96
    [*]added missing Egyptian APN and fixed FreeMobile French
    [*]SystemUI: fix data toggle - AOKP
    [*]IME switcher notification: remove reboot requirement - AOKP
    [*]Lockscreen clean up octo layout - AOKP
    [*]statusbar slider Brightness enabled by default - AOKP
    [*]notification bar counter (option) - AOKP
    [*]updates to A2DP playback
    [*]updates to chromium lib - existz
    [*]fix in libcore.so lib - existz
    [*]added back SoundRecorder to app list that got lost along the way - existz
    [*]set dev.pm.dyn_samplingrate to 0 as default to smooth some games in build.prop
    [*]Updated new kernel to 9.8.8 BFS
    [*]- all updates from andromadus team, they are doing a great job!
    [*]- optimizations for compiling
    [*]- msm_rotator driver updates
    [*]- OOM_KILL backported from HTC 3.0 kernel
    [*]- msm_fb display updates
    [*]- camera updates - I hope that camera still works
    [*]- removed UKSM
    [*]- updates to gpu driver
    [*]- updates to audio driver
    [*]- tweaks from "a user" regarding CFS
    [*]- urgent fix for ext4
    [*]- compiled with newest Linaro 4.7 2012-05 toolchain
    [*]- updates to kgsl driver
    [*]- some other small patches
    [*]- reverted all BT changes
    [*]- updates to kgsl
    [*]- updated Interactive gov - [url]http://goo.gl/aPi2Q[/url]
    [URL="http://goo.im/devs/IceCold/"]Version: 8.0 AOKP Son Of A Bitch Edition (rom name courtesy goes to SoB source and SoB bugs and SoB issues and SoB you name it...)[/URL] - 01-06-2012
    [*]updated ROMControl's Lockscreen - AOKP
    [*]updates to spade.lights.so to eliminate errors in logcat - existz
    [*]updated ApexLauncher to 1.2.2beta1
    [*]updated NovaLauncher to 1.1.4
    [*]updated Maps to 6.8.0
    [*]VideoEditor should be fixed now
    [*]reworked Music Controls on lockscreen - AOKP
    [*]webkit: Reduce processing in WebCore thread while scrolling and zooming
    [*]HUGE source rework, almost all based now on AOSP repos, not CM
    [*]update French translation in ROMControl - pnoire
    [*]updated Music app with a lot of patches from CodeAurora and finaly merged to 4.0.4 version - aospx
    [*]updated SKIA from CAF
    [*]added "support GSM AT commands for SMS over bluetooth" - CM
    [*]updated display and video driver - CAF
    [*]new toggle layout selection in ROMControl - AOKP
    [*]added AOKP Clock widget - AOKP
    [*]updated Email.apk
    [*]disabled kernel error checking - existz
    [*]disabled all xt_qtguid checks - existz
    [*]updated Adreno proprietary libs from CAF - thanks to existz
    [*]hopefully fixed soft button lights bug
    [*]reworked repos to try to fix Browser FC - a lot of work, thanks to existz for tips
    [*]fixed music lags with CFS kernel, now finally speed and battery friendly kernel - thanks to ___m0d_ for the tips
    [*]fixed BT mute issue for some users
    [*]added custom theme to theme chooser - by our own TUN_SD
    [*]fixed PIN unlock bootloop
    [*]added Ring Delay function to Phone.apk - AOKP
    [*]Additional fixes for button/keyboard backlight auto-brightness - CM
    [*]added Russian to the supported spellchecker languages - CM
    [*]updated translations trough out the rom - CM
    [*]updates to video and display repositories
    [*]updated GoogleStore to 3.5.19
    [*]added option to select storage location in Camera app - Twisted
    [*]updated Contacts.apk with layout option - AOKP
    [*]added option to chose from sense/stock recent app list - AOKP
    [*]added option to disable boot audio
    [*]added Low Battery level LED blinkinng option to disable it - AOKP
    [*]added t-mobile theme engine from CM - AOKP
    [*]increased Max messages in Email that can be seen to 50
    [*]added Timer Snapshot to Camera - Danesh M.
    [*]some fixes and patches regarding wifi from CM
    [*]added back Tile Rendering line in build.prop and enabled it by default
    [*]added option to Messaging to hide sender or message body in notification - AOKP
    [*]boot audio fixed - requires boot_audio.mp3 in system/media
    [*]updated kernel to 9.8.1 CFS:
    [*]- updates to gpu driver
    [*]- updates to Interactive governor
    [*]- set Deadline I/O data scheduler as default
    [*]- updated lowmemorykiller from 3.4 kernel
    [*]- updated calibrate driver from 3.4 kernel
    [*]- some more tweaks
    [*]- updates to ashmem
    [*]- backported Ultra KSM - courtesy of Andromadus team
    [*]- lowered max stock freq to 1075200
    [*]- fixes by francisco franco
    [*]don't forget on the new bugs I've added.. like netflix.. really sorry guys, don't know how to fix it yet
    [*]also, I must have forgot to add something to the changelog, but can't remember what :D
    [*]if you come to some issues you can try flashing BFS kernel
    [*]Full wipe is not required, but recommended
    [*]I highly recommend Fixing Permissions from recovery after first boot
    [URL="http://goo.im/devs/IceCold/"]Version: 7.4 AOKP Stripper Edition (rom name courtesy of one drunk night)[/URL] - 02-05-2012
    [*]added custom weather condition translaion option (only in strings.xml for every language)
    [*]dded "Kill-all"-button to recent apps - by Rdlgrmpf
    [*]fixed some features in ROMControl
    [*]added new features to Phone.apk settings
    [*]dded lockscreen wallpaper to pattern and pin lc - AOKP
    [*]fix mute volume states always being checked - AOKP
    [*]updated BT support for some players
    [*]updated MMS app with emoji icons support
    [*]added Ukranian keyboard T9
    [*]added more carrier text options - info: [url]http://goo.gl/lGbkM[/url]
    [*]removed horizontal style switcher from ROManager to eleminate FCs
    [*]weaked UI frame rate and touch response in build.prop
    [*]updated Mms.apk - custom vibrate option fix
    [*]updates to USB tethering
    [*]Add a 'Mark All Messages Read' button to all message lists.
    [*]Message Access Profile (MAP) (Bluetooth and MMS app)
    [*]added Ad-hoc option to wifi settings - CM
    [*]updated NovaLauncher to 1.1.2 final
    [*]new kernel 9.6.1 BFS (lot's of fixes and improvements.. (enabled swap per request))
    [*]some other fixes all around in apps and base
    [*]added more sync times in email app - CM
    [*]added build date to settings/about - by Chezebel
    [*]updated gapps to 20120429
    [*]used stock market app (Phonesky.apk) instead of modded one
    [*]new proprietary Adreno files from CAF
    [*]fixed Browser flash bugs
    [*]modded Mms and Contacts app with inverted colors - by TUN_SD
    [*]added option to disable sound on volume change with volume buttons - CM
    [*]maybe fixed "stuck" statusbar clock - AOKP
    [*]added new options to mobile data linit - CM
    [*]added system volume option to Settings/Sound - CM
    [*]fixes to fonts in Settings/Profiles - CM
    [*]use Holo theme for ActivityPicker Dialog - CM
    [*]a lot of patches to frameworks_base regarding video playback and compatibility
    [*]fixes to dalvikvm - thanks to existz for picking them from CAF
    [*]fixes to sqlite3
    [*]updated Torch app
    [*]updated GooManager
    [*]updated ApexLauncher to 1.1.1
    [*]probably forgot somethig + new bugs added :)
    [URL="http://goo.im/devs/IceCold/"]Version: 7.3 AOKP Foxy Lady Edition (rom name courtesy of alienmind)[/URL] - 18-04-2012
    [*]new kernel 9.4.1 BFS
    [*]added Dithering option to be enabled via build.prop
    [*]some fixes in Settings
    [*]fixed video playback and netflix that broke in 7.2 final
    [*]updated GooManager
    [*]fixed double declaration in build.prop regarding H signal
    [*]updated SU
    [*]updated Torch
    [*]added some cool features to ROMControl from AOKP like statusbar icons and signal transparency
    [*]added text size option for statusbar - AOKP
    [*]Phone.apk changed to different source, so test for known bug is expected
    [*]added some new options for tethering - CM
    [*]added Sense 4.0 recent apps choser - thanks evilisto (let's see if it works and you guys like it)
    [*]Landscape mod for app choser by Robin
    [*]fixed Phone.apk bug when on a call and another call comes in
    [*]updated DeskClock app with flip to snooze option
    [*]updated Contacts 
    [*]added "hundred" patcehs to frameworks regarding video, gpu, etc...
    [*]I hope I haven't forgot anything :)
    [URL="http://icecold.losinj.com"]Version: 7.2 AOKP Farewell Edition (Click to download)[/URL] - 11-04-2012
    [*]sync overide option added to Profiles - CM
    [*]BT updates
    [*]new camera HAL from twisted (camcorder still doesn't work, use Videocam Illusion from market)
    [*]updated NovaLauncher to 1.0.3b2
    [*]add boot sound option - the boot sound file should be in: /system/media/android_audio.mp3, don't know if it works :P
    [*]added BLN toggle, and in quite hours - by Robin
    [*]custom icons for lockscreen fixed - AOKP
    [*]custom lockscreen wallpaper finally enabled and fixed
    [*]a lot of patches trough out the rom
    [*]updated a lot of apps
    [*]new kernel 9.4 BFS - updated gpu drivers, vidc, msm_rotator, wlan, audio, etc...
    [*]I must have forgotten something :)
    [URL="http://icecold.losinj.com"]Version: 7.0 AOKP ERROR404 Edition (Click to download)[/URL] - 30-03-2012
    [*]updated android version to 4.0.4
    [*]who knows the 4.0.4 changelog :)
    [*]probably some apps are missing because of big merge, please don't SHOUT at me :)
    [*]camcorder still doesn't work
    [*]added Honeyocmb lock style - AOKP
    [*]a lot of patches from CAF trough out the rom
    [*]updated Trebuchet
    [*]added mobile data option to Profiles - CM
    [*]new kernel 9.3 BFS - little higher some stock voltages, updated gpu driver
    [URL="http://icecold.losinj.com"]Version: 6.2 AOKP CBR1000 Edition (Click to download)[/URL] - 25-03-2012
    [*]panorama fix included
    [*]improved battery bar mod again - AOKP
    [*]added Bulgarian T9
    [*]added back stock Email and Exchange, removed ones from gapps (rebot maybe required after first boot without full wipe)
    [*]updated GooManager to 1.5.6
    [*]added AppWidgetPicker - let's see if you like it more than stock look (remove it if you don't like it)
    [*]update Trebuchet - Infinite screen loop, etc
    [*]added lockscreen low battery percent toggle - AOKP
    [*]add wifi signal mod option - AOKP
    [*]updated DPI ready GooglePlayStore to 3.5.15
    [*]updates under the hood
    [*]lockscreen Low battery percent toggle - AOKP
    [*]more calendar on lockscreen options - AOKP
    [*]updated Profiles settings - CM
    [*]updated Mms, Music, LatinIME (android stock keyboard)
    [*]internal optimizations - existz
    [*]added a few new wallpapers
    [*]definetly forgot something...
    [*][B]new bugs added for sure :P[/B]
    [*][B]new kernel LorDmod CFS 9.1:[/B]
    [*][COLOR=White]....[/COLOR]updated genlock
    [*][COLOR=White]....[/COLOR]updated ashmem
    [*][COLOR=White]....[/COLOR]OpenVPN works
    [*][COLOR=White]....[/COLOR]BFQ I/O updated to 3.0 (ported from 3.0 kernel) and set as default
    [*][COLOR=White]....[/COLOR]fast battery charging till the end
    [*][COLOR=White]....[/COLOR]a lot of other optimizations
    [URL="http://blackice.omca.co.uk/download/icecoldsandwich/Releases/IceColdSandwich-6.1.AOKP-signed.zip"]Version: 6.1 AOKP Twisted Edition (Click to download)[/URL] 18-03-2012
    [*] Used DPI modded Google Play Store
    (you can download apps at any DPI, but buy only at stock 240DPI)
    [*] Disabled Tile Rendering to fix some issues
    [*] Updated finger brightness over status bar - AOKP
    [*] Improved battery bar - AOKP
    [*] Updated Desk Clock - added digital widget option - AOKP
    [*] Improved memory management speed - existz is these man for this stuff
    [*] Sorry, but it looks like panorama is broken in 6.0 and 6.1, will upload a new version as soon as twisted fixes it
    IceColdSandwich - 5.5.AOKP - 12-03-2012 - OLIVE EDITION   (planting olive trees for the last 15 days)
    mirror: [URL]http://www.losinj.com/IceColdMirror/[/URL]
    if you appreciate my work you will click on sponsored download :P
    MD5 sum: 4c5f11e4bf7dfcd1613d3dfab2ddd612
    [*]added Own Phone number option
    [*]updated translations trough out the ROM
    [*]updated Dutch translation in ROMControl by nielsnll
    [*]added back About menu option in ROMControl - it's AOKP's work after alll
    [*]added custom brightness settings - AOKP
    [*]added Greek dictionary
    [*]added Croatian dictionary
    [*]removed Home.apk
    [*]removed GoogleLatinIME - that secon keyboard
    [*]updated Trebuchet
    [*]speeded up FPS in some apps like gmail, facebook...
    [*]added Startup tweaks to ROMControl
    [*]added ADB over network
    [*]updated overlay script - better support for .tgz
    [*]ported Profiles options/settings/powermenu to AOKP from CyanogenMod
    [*]ported Quiet hours to AOKP from CyanogenMod
    [*]updated GooManager to 1.5.2
    [*]added Fast Charge toggle - it was always in the kernel (ON by default in my kernel, some have issues when connecting to car charger, so now it can be turned OFF) ONLY FOR THOSE WHO NEED IT!!!
    [*]who knows what we broke with all this stuff now :)
    5.1 OTA:
    [*]fixed LiveWallpaper
    [*]fixed stock wallpaper choser
    [*]bug in web browsing should be also fixed
    [*]added back Trebuchet as second Launcher - please no more bashing in thread about this!!!
    [*]updated Korean translation for ROMControl and Settings
    IceColdSandwich - 5.0.AOKP - 08-03-2012 - [s]MONSTER[/s] WOMEN'S EDITION
    mirror: [URL]http://blackice.omca.co.uk/download/icecoldsandwich/Releases/IceColdSandwich-5.0.AOKP-signed.zip[/URL]
    if you appreciate my work you will click on sponsored download :P
    MD5 sum: b0119966d2ca6e7b0698f99ce399fd5d
    V4.2 was downloaded 13700 times till now from goo server!!!
    [*]panorama mode "fixed" - BIG THANKS TO TWISTED!!!
    [*]updated ROM Control with some cool stuff from AOKP like:
    [*][COLOR=White]........[/COLOR]day of week to clock and statusbar transparency option
    [*][COLOR=White]........[/COLOR]add direction to wind info, weather panel fixes
    [*]added Torch.apk to build
    [*]some patches to OMX
    [*]fixed day of the week toggle - AOKP
    [*]fixed default statusbar transparency - AOKP
    [*]USB tether fixed
    [*]Updated translations for ROM control:
    [*][COLOR=White]........[/COLOR]French - pnoire
    [*][COLOR=White]........[/COLOR]Korean - heypikachu
    [*][COLOR=White]........[/COLOR]Italian - by pecora
    [*]updated Korean also for frameworks_base, settings, contacts and phone
    [*]added Italian translation to RomControl by pecora
    [*]added French translation trough out the ROM - pnoire
    [*]added option to have secure unlock before Lockscreen or after - AOKP
    [*]added option to disable weather panel completely - AOKP
    [*]added new battery styles
    [*]new "EPIC" weather by AOKP team
    [*]replaced Trebuchet with Nova Launcher 1.0.2-b4
    [*]added back BLN (toggle button not yet implemented) - thanks to Rdlgrmpf
    [*]under the hood optimizations - thanks to exsitz
    [*]a lot of framework patches regarding video/media
    [*]added more transparecy options
    [*]added MarketPlay as default market
    [*]added a LOT of patches to stock Music app, so try to use it instead of other to see if it makes any changes - thanks to existz
    [*]updated GooManager to 1.5.1
    IceColdSandwich - 4.2.AOKP - 03-03-2012 - Community Edition
    if you appreciate my work you will click on sponsored download :P
    MD5 sum: 05a6777f43de2f1b7df417c3603b0bb3
    [*]fixed red square bug from V4.1.1
    [*]added new bootanimation by johnblundon
    [*]significantly lowered zip size
    [*]added some patches to frameworks
    [*]added patches to video codecs
    [*]fixed weather panel for always staying in status bar, no matter what option is selected
    [*]fixed weather icons
    [*]reverted one patch for BT because someone reported BT not working well
    [*]updated GooManager to 1.4 - used for OTA
    [*]some other minor improvements
    [*]also check [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=23179218&postcount=9330"]this[/URL] on how to trick market and use non-stock dpi
    IceColdSandwich - 4.1.1.AOKP - 29-02-2012 - High Definition Edition
    if you appreciate my work you will click on sponsored download :P
    MD5 sum: sorry, no MD5 this time
    [*]Fixed video playback - big thanks to existz
    [*]Gallery videos working
    [*]Youtube low quality working
    [*]Live Stream working
    [*]Netflix working
    [*]Updated ROMControl - currently Navigational Buttons do not work
    IceColdSandwich - 4.0.0 - 28-02-2012 - Nutella Edition
    if you appreciate my work you will click on sponsored download :P
    MD5 sum: bedd710cf37b5ea1ccc7c3d1852f40f2
    As promised a little surprise for all of you
    new version based on AOKP (only frameworks and ROMControl), other is still the same old IceCold
    Don't think that the rom will stay like this, there will be 2 versions. AOKP and CM9.
    a lot of patches are missing, some features are still buggy in ROMControl, some will be added later.
    BIG thanks goes to [B]synergye[/B] for helping in porting AOKP and big thanks to [B]AOKP team[/B] of course
    We are all here to give feedback, so if you don't like this version wait a day or 2 for CM9 version, so we will have 2 ROM versions here... CM lover's and AOKP lover's version. My custom version till now will stay a legend and be talked about around the camp fire... :(
    Don't overspam the thread about same bugs... and don't jump on my head if you don't like the ROM, as I said... wait for next version[/COLOR]
    OLDER CHANGELOG: http://blackice.omca.co.uk/download/icecoldsandwich/changelog.txt

    Test Releases
    Click here for test releases
    Test releases run a much higher risk of problems. Run them at your own risk. If you're unsure about them, don't flash them to you phone!

    Older Releases
    Click here for older versions

    Thanks to: dh.harald, twistedumbrella, existz, MDJ and Virtuous Team, z4reak, paul-nb, CM crew, cstayton, romanbb and thw whole AOKP team, bigxie, community etc etc...
    Thanks to all donators!!!

    Test-Builds: Index of /download/icecoldsandwich/TestVersions

    Quelle: [ROM]18-02-2012 | IceColdSandwich 4.0.3 - 3.0.0 | BLACK PANTHER EDITION - xda-developers

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  2. sascha19374, 14.11.2011 #2

    sascha19374 Android-Lexikon


    Was hat das denn zu sagen Only for Devs(Also für Entwickler))

    Was hat das zu bedeuten??

  3. neandertaler19, 14.11.2011 #3

    neandertaler19 Ehrenmitglied

    Das es noch eine frühe Entwicklungsversion ist und nicht unbedingt für den täglichen Gebrauch taugt.

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  4. TimeTurn, 14.11.2011 #4

    TimeTurn Foren-Inventar

    Hab den Fred auch auf XDA gesehen, aber da steht nix in wiefern was funzt oder nicht, wenn ich es nich überlesen hab.

    Der Kommentar hier sagt an sich schon alles:

    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 14.11.2011
  5. Multisaft7, 14.11.2011 #5

    Multisaft7 Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    What works:
    -Touchscreen as pointer
    -It boots
    -Key lights
    -You can play with it

    What dont work:
    -All which is not in works

    What it is for:
    -We are going to try to make a more or less useable port to the desire hd until the source release

    What we have to do:
    -most important is to fix hw accleration (gpu mostly)

    -enable the key app before doing anything otherwise you will not come back to launcher lol (happend to me first time)

    Version 1.1:
    -Call fix
    -Sms fix
    -Changed to 240 dpi
    -Ics Bootanimation
    Version 1.0:
    -initial release

    Ich hau es nachher mal drauf... Das könnte aber durch den Tip beheben

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  6. Multisaft7, 14.11.2011 #6

    Multisaft7 Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    So hab es installiert gehabt bin nicht weiter wie pin Eingabe gekommen weil total spackt werde gleich mal yim sperre weg machen und dann wieder versuchen

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  7. Thief, 14.11.2011 #7

    Thief Android-Lexikon

    touchscreen geht halt nur als pointer, d.h du musst einen finger immer auf dem display haben und musst dann mit dem anderen zeitgleich was drücken, so hab ich das verstanden :p
  8. Multisaft7, 14.11.2011 #8

    Multisaft7 Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    Ja hab es gemerkt :) laggt alles ziemlich sieht aber Ansich sehr cool aus man kann leider nicht scrollen aber Ansich Sau cool :p kanns kaum noch erwarten auf eine nightly...

    Ist die source eigentlich offiziell freigegeben??

    Sent from my Desire HD using Tapatalk
  9. b0uNz, 14.11.2011 #9

    b0uNz Android-Experte

    Noch nicht, soll aber noch kommen!
  10. Heavy, 15.11.2011 #10

    Heavy Android-Experte

    Nu ist er freigegeben! Mal sehen wie lange es dauert bis brauchbare ROMs kommen. (obwohl ich sowieso auf dem Sprung zum Nexus bin)

    Quelle http://source.android.com/index.html

    Gesendet mit der Android-Hilfe.de-App
  11. Multisaft7, 15.11.2011 #11

    Multisaft7 Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

  12. Thief, 15.11.2011 #12

    Thief Android-Lexikon

    hoffe mal das bald ics funktionsfähig auf dem dhd läuft :p dann noch sense 4.0 und alles wäre super :D Aber erstmal nur ICS, ist ja auch schon klasse :)
  13. Eneco, 15.11.2011 #13

    Eneco Android-Lexikon

  14. Thief, 15.11.2011 #14

    Thief Android-Lexikon

    zum ausprobieren wäre das natürlich gut :)
    2 Monate ist aber ganz schön viel...
    Wenn da nichts gescheites rauskommt weiß ich selber nicht :D
  15. Multisaft7, 15.11.2011 #15

    Multisaft7 Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    Ich hoffe immer noch auf ein Weihnachtsgeschenk mit der ersten Nightly oder einer Alpha :D
  16. Thief, 15.11.2011 #16

    Thief Android-Lexikon

    zu weihnachten wäre das natürlich genial :) besser als jedes andere geschenk :D

    so aber jetzt mal wieder back to topic ;)
    Läuft denn mittlerweile schon etwas mehr oder ist das Rom noch immer nicht alltagstauglich?
  17. Eneco, 15.11.2011 #17

    Eneco Android-Lexikon

    Ne, läuft immer noch nicht so, dass man es wirklich benutzen kann.
    Wird aber glaube ich bei nem SDK-Port auch nicht wirklich alltagstauglich werden. Aber ich denke, der Dev wird sich wohl noch einiges aus dem SourceCode rausnehmen.
  18. ehrles, 17.11.2011 #18

    ehrles Android-Ikone

    Selbst ein bisschen rumspielen ist mit der aktuellen Version kaum möglich, ich musste die PIN ändern um es überhaupt zu entsperren :D Aber der erste Eindruck von ICS ist trotz Dev-Alpha-Version richtig gut , gefällt mir ! Vor allem das Easteregg :thumbup:
  19. Multisaft7, 18.11.2011 #19

    Multisaft7 Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    Easternegg?? Wo? XD

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  20. ehrles, 18.11.2011 #20

    ehrles Android-Ikone

    Haha :D is der Hammer. Unter Einstellungen, Info ganz schnell auf Android-Version 4.0 ICS klicken, so wie bei Gingerbread. Wenn der Android erscheint lange draufdrücken bis er wächst... Viel Spaß ;)
    Hobler86 gefällt das.

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