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[OS] RootBox (AOKP / CM 10 / Paranoid) + PDroid-Patch

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Diskutiere [OS] RootBox (AOKP / CM 10 / Paranoid) + PDroid-Patch im Custom-ROMs für Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100G) im Bereich Root / Custom-ROMs / Modding für Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100G).



[RootBOX Jelly Bean 4.2.2]

Beschreibung (Wichtig)

Diese ROM wurde direkt aus den Quellen erstellt und ist nicht nur ein modifiziertes ZIP-Update inkl. unnötiger Apps. Vanilla RootBox wurde direkt aus den RootBox Quellen erstellt und stellt eine leichtgewichtige Installation ohne unnötige Apps zur Verfügung. Das bedeutet, dass ihr ein "pures" Android erleben könnt mit AOKP-Features, Paranoid-Features und ausgewählten CM-Features. Beachtet bitte, dass Jelly Bean sich am Anfang der Entwicklung befindet, daher werden noch Bugs vorhanden sein. Jedes RootBox Release ist Stable und für die tägliche Nutzung geeignet. Ich pflege persönlich hohe Standards und deshalb trifft dieses Projekt mit jedem Release die Erwartungen der Nutzer. Wenn ihr euch jetzt fragt, was dieses ROM von anderen AOKP-ROMs unterscheidet: Probiert es aus! Ich bin nicht hier, um mit meinem ROM zu prahlen, sondern möchte dieses Projekt mit allen teilen, die daran teilnehmen möchten.

RootBox Review

  • Based on JB 4.2.2 - Built from RootBox Sources (CM & AOKP)
  • A2DP Support
  • T9 Dialer
  • Cherry picked fixes from CM
  • CM MMS
  • OTA Update
  • Init.d Support
  • RootBox Tweaks
  • AOKP Features
  • Paranoid Settings
    (UI: Tablet, Phablet, Hybrid - Per App DPI)

Empfohlene Installations-Schritte
Ihr braucht ICS Bootloader, sonst startet die ROM nicht!

Wenn ihr von einer anderen ROM kommt:
  1. Wipe Data/Factory Reset
  2. Format /System
  3. Flash ROM
  4. Wipe Cache
  5. Wipe Dalvik Cache
  6. Reboot

Wenn ihr von einem Stock Samsung ROM kommt:
  1. Phone rooten - CWM installieren
  2. Wipe Data/Factory Reset
  3. Format /System
  4. Flash ROM
  5. Wipe Cache
  6. Wipe Dalvik Cache
  7. Reboot

Wenn ihr von einer früheren RootBox-Version kommt:
  1. Wipe Cache
  2. Wipe Dalvik Cache
  3. Flash ROM
  4. Reboot

RootBox Sources

Changelog Downloads - Browsing RootBox_Changelogs


RootBox Project name: frameworks_base
  •blk_jack - InputMethodService: Auto Keyboard Rotation (1/2)
  •Amit Kumar - FIX Null Pointer Exception on dialog cancel
  •Sungmin Choi - update preloaded-classes
  •D4rKn3sSyS - Uppercase
  •D4rKn3sSyS - Please don't hardcode strings!
  •Bajee11 - Replace 4G icons with LTE.
  •Kroz - Improve AOSP Download/Upload animation
  •Danesh M - LockscreenPattern : Toggle dots/error pattern visibility (1/2)
  •Elliott Hughes - Use getRelativeDayString in getRelativeTimeSpanString.
  •kufikugel - [Framework] Fix possible NPE on tablets
  •Stevespear426 - Navring: Fix landscape for phones and 4+ targets
  •Posselwhite - Performance increase in thumbnail handling
  •Steve Kondik - Vectorize bitmap operations on A15 too
  •Lucas Crowthers - core/jni/android/graphics: Cache copy of pre-scaled Bitmaps
  •Lucas Crowthers - frameworks/base: vectorize Bitmap operations
  •Stevespear426 - Navring: fix NPE if app uninstalled and in Navring
  •Bajee11 - RootBox SquareMod Battery (1/2)
  •olivergeith - RootBox Circle Mod (1/2)
  •Bajee11 - Alternative RootBox Battery Icons (2/2)
  •YULIANGMAX - Updated simplified Chinese translations
  •Gergely Szell (sethyx) - NFC toggle fix
  •Bajee11 - MMS Breath (2/3)
  •olivergeith - Update Sleep Toggle icon
  •jungheang.lee - Fixed the problem ime invisible status despite being the icon that appears in the statusbar.
  •olivergeith - Update Charging Animation
  •Sar Castillo - Smooth Spinners: Makes the loading "spinner" animation smoother in non-holo apps
  •Bajee11 - Increase statusbar notifications alpha to 90%
  •drcmda - PIE: slightly smaller as default
  •olivergeith - Update QS drawables for a uniform look.
  •Bajee11 - Some Pie Toggle fix
  •Roman Birg - SystemUI: set correct initial NFC toggle state
  •Roman Birg - SystemUI: avoid NPE when no toggles are set
  •Stevespear426 - FW: Navring Rework.
  •Bajee11 - Pie Toggle (2/2)
  •drcmda - PIE: one finger swipe-up for notifications
  •drcmda - PIE: /// is ready for prime time
  •drcmda - PIE: header with time and date (+///) for both panels
  •aaronpoweruser - PIE: clear all button
  •kecinzer - FW: Updated czech translation
  •Tylar Overturf - frameworks: Smooth background gradient
  •Dirk Rettschlag - Toggles: fix silent off label
  •JBirdVegas - derp can't have webaddress here
  •Thiago Vinícius Freire de Araújo Ribeiro - SystemUI: Avoid "phantom" status bar collapsing
  •blk_jack - Notification shortcuts spacing and tablet transition fix
  •JBirdVegas - Include android.permission.ACCESS_SUPERUSER permission in the base API
  •olivergeith - SystemUI: Update WiFi & Signal icons
  •Stevespear426 - Spen Options 1/2: Enable Spen options
  •Stevespear426 - AwesomeAction: Make more awesomeer
  •Bajee11 - Pie: Fix dependency on Last App target for proper alignment.
  •Bajee11 - Fix Menu not showing up in PIE
  •rdgate - Updated Japanese translations
  •Gergely Szell (sethyx) - Final BT toggle fix!
  •Roman Birg - Toggle bug fixes
  •Laszlo David - Swap volume buttons when the screen is rotated by 90 or 180 degrees (1/2)
  •Nathan Grebowiec - Have DashClock hide lockscreen clock
  •Lars Greiss - Frameworks: Add PNG'S for Notfication and Lockscreen shortcuts
  •blk_jack - Framework: Notification Shortcuts (1/2)
  •kufikugel - [Frameworksbase] Port Add Wifi name to notification drawer (1/2)
  •Muhammed Nazim - Enable Copy/Paste in Google Talk
  •Danny Baumann - Add method to PowerManager that allows querying the lowest possible brightness.
  •Bajee11 - Add missing toggles string
  •Roman Birg - SystemUI: transparency mgr bug fixes
  •Mathias Jeppsson - Framework: AOSP Fix - starting window memory leak
  •kecinzer - FW: Updated czech translation
  •Dirk Rettschlag - Keyguard: fix nasty file handle leak
  •Roman Birg - Toggles: cleanup class and quiet down logging
  •Roman Birg - Toggle rewrite (1/2)
  •drcmda - PIE: support for expandable notifications
  •Muhammed Nazim - Make Camera shutter follow device sound setting
  •Muhammed Nazim - Oh Google... this is AOSP
  •drcmda - PIE: compressed layout, stubs, new defaults
  •drcmda - PIE: improved touchhandling, no emptyangle, better animations

CyanogenMod Project name: android_frameworks_av
  •Ravishankar Sarawadi - audio: Subsystem Restart changes
  •Steve Kondik - libstagefright: Stop the logspam from LPAPlayer
  •YuanQY - libstagefright: Fix incorrectness nPortIndex value for QueryCodec                 The query index is wrong, it will make a death loop in my ME722 when get resource thumbnail for MPEG4 video.
  •Haynes Mathew George - libstagefright: Squashed commit of LPA/tunnel updates from CAF

CyanogenMod Project name: android_frameworks_native
  •Ramkumar Radhakrishnan - libgui: Add support to update buffer geometry.
  •Ramkumar Radhakrishnan - Add support for custom buffer sizes.
  •Steve Kondik - Revert "SurfaceFlinger: Change to support framebuffer flip for 2D blitters"
  •Naomi Luis - Reset the FrameNumber for dropped frame in async mode

CyanogenMod Project name: android_frameworks_opt_telephony
  •Dan Pasanen - PhoneProxy: fix key.length > 31 characters
  •Dan Pasanen - PhoneProxy: Add a prop to enable always creating of CDMALTEPhone
  •Dan Pasanen - Revert "PhoneProxy: On v6 or greater RIL, when LTE_ON_CDMA is TRUE,"

AOKP Project name: device_lge_mako
  •Roman Birg - mako: update fast charge path

AOKP Project name: device_samsung_tuna
  •akellar - Update GPS.conf

RootBox Project name: device_samsung_i9100g
  •codeworkx - i9100g: mms overlay cleanup
  •codeworkx - i9100g: add ext4 as second filesystem for sdcard for recovery

RootBox Project name: device_samsung_d2-common
  •detule - d2: audio: Fix routing for BT voicedial feature

 Project name: device_samsung_i9100
  •codeworkx - i9100: add ext4 as second filesystem for sdcard for recovery

 Project name: device_samsung_t0lte
  •Bajee11 - Add Torch overlay
  •codeworkx - t0lte: add ext4 as second filesystem for sdcard for recovery
  •Stevespear426 - t0lte: Fix reboot dialog to reflect download mode.
  •Jonathan Steadman - t0lte: enable s-pen gestures

RootBox Project name: device_samsung_galaxys2-common
  •athurh - mount preload partition at the end
  •codeworkx - galaxys2: add mms overlay
  •iKillCypher - fixed i9100 low headphones sound issue
  •sakindia123 - BoardConfig: Add Cortex-A9 & Neon optimization
  •athurh - galaxys2: camera: enable useProfileVideoSize

RootBox Project name: device_samsung_t0ltecdma
  •Stevespear426 - t0ltecdma: Fix reboot dialog to reflect download mode.
  •sbrissen - t0ltecdma: use mms_config from smdk4412-common

RootBox Project name: device_samsung_msm8960-common
  •cordell - msm8960: temp disable KERNEL_HAS_GETTIMEOFDAY_HELPER;
  •Steve Kondik - msm8960: Update headers to match kernel

RootBox Project name: device_samsung_smdk4412-common
  •codeworkx - smdk4412: add flags for cortex-a9 and neon optimizations
  •codeworkx - smdk4412: overlay: add UAProf URL
  •codeworkx - smdk4412: mms: higher max message and image sizes

RootBox Project name: device_samsung_i9300
  •codeworkx - i9300: add ext4 as second filesystem for sdcard for recovery

RootBox Project name: device_samsung_qcom-common
  •Steve Kondik - qcom-common: Build libdashplayer

AOKP Project name: vendor_lge
  •Roman Birg - mako: update blobs
  •Tom Marshall - p930/su640/vs920: initial bringup

RootBox Project name: vendor_samsung
  •Bajee11 - Add Tuna blobs
  •Bajee11 - Update Toro blobs

RootBox Project name: vendor_rootbox
  •Bajee11 - Add Adaptive Multi-Rate Wide Band tweak
  •Bajee11 - Embed Superuser into System Settings
  •Bajee11 - Update Xposed Settings
  •Bajee11 - Update Xposed installer 2.1.3
  •Bajee11 - Switch to open source SuperUser
  •Bajee11 - Add Official Toro support
  •Bajee11 - Add t0lte and clean up vendor
  •Bajee11 - Refactor RC Options for all devices.
  •Bajee11 - Remove CDMA Tools for l900
  •Bajee11 - Add CDMA tools to common apps. (Part 2 of 3)
  •Bajee11 - Note2-common: Add RC config
  •Bajee11 - Remove RC Overlays for most devices.

RootBox Project name: android_system_core
  •dhacker29 - Init: Allow building of init that is compatible with second init boot
  •Andrew Sutherland - unpackbootimg: remove host LOCAL_MODULE_TAG
  •codeworkx - init: create mountpoint for fuse
  •Thomas Wendt - Fix audio recording for ICS audio blobs
  •Ricardo Cerqueira - audio: Fix input enums for pre-4.2 audio blobs

AOKP Project name: system_vold
  •codeworkx - vold: add support for ext4 media
  •codeworkx - vold: use blkid to detect filesystem type

CyanogenMod Project name: netd
  •Vishal Mahaveer - netd: Enabling softAP/Hotspot for TI solution
  •Ricardo Cerqueira - Revert "system/netd TI mac80211: Hostapd updates from omapzoom JB"

CyanogenMod Project name: bionic
  •Richard Hansen - bionic/libc: fix getsid() syscall number for mips
  •Richard Hansen - bionic/libm: fix x86 support regression

RootBox Project name: packages_apps_Camera
  •Martin Johnson - Fix camera extra settings menu
  •Nagaprasad N - camera: add much more scene & focus modes
  •jt1134 - BurstMode: only show slide animation after final shot
  •isimobile - Camera: Allow setting "profile-video-size" before recording starts
  •Steve Kondik - camera: Restart the preview if record size changes

CyanogenMod Project name: android_packages_apps_DSPManager
  •isimobile - Add Afrikaans translation

RootBox Project name: packages_apps_Settings
  •Kroz - Add icons for new feature
  •blk_jack - Settings: Auto Keyboard Rotation (2/2)
  •Bajee11 - Switch png to XHDPI
  •fuzz - LockscreenPattern: Fix toggle dots/error pattern visibility
  •Bajee11 - About RB: Complete makeover
  •Danesh M - LockscreenPattern : Toggle dots/error pattern visibility (2/2)
  •Bajee11 - Add kilometers4 as device maintainer. (Grouper)
  •Bajee11 - About RB: Add Device Maintainers and Graphics Team
  •Or Harambam - Settings: RTL layout fixes
  •Ryan Baxter - Fix the message when Bluetooth is turning off while on the tethering menu.
  •Bajee11 - Embed Superuser into System Settings
  •YULIANGMAX - Updated simplified Chinese translations
  •Kroz - RB Settings: Breathing SMS Icons
  •Bajee11 - MMS Breath (3/3)
  •Koushik Dutta - Switch to open source superuser
  •Paul Henschel - PIE: slightly smaller as default Change-Id: I307749f1e894e8e31a7b0b8bc39a0da11c20090f
  •Bajee11 - Pie Toggle (1/2)
  •Bajee11 - Revert "Fix lockscreen delay stuck at 5 seconds for Pattern/Pin/Password Lock"
  •Kroz - Update RB Settings & Update Center Icons
  •qnhoang81 - Settings part: Add Sprint Tools (CDMATools) into settings. (Part 1 of 3)   -devices can set this in overlay. (Not for all CDMA devices)
  •Kroz - RB Settings: Update with new icons
  •Bajee11 - RB Settings: Swap Volume Buttons for Rotation
  •blk_jack - Settings: Notification Shortcuts (2/2)
  •Bajee11 - RB Settings: Show connected WiFi network in notification drawer.
  •Bajee11 - Pie Updates

RootBox Project name: packages_apps_Phone
  •rdgate - Updated Japanese translations

RootBox Project name: packages_apps_Mms
  •Bajee11 - MMS Breath (1/3)
  •rdgate - Updated Japanese translations

AOKP Project name: packages_apps_Contacts
  •Gergely Szell (sethyx) - Fix shifted CallLog duration display

CyanogenMod Project name: android_packages_apps_Calculator
  •jackmu95 - Calculator: Update German translation
  •djMesias - es_ES: Update spanish translations
  •jackmu95 - Calculator: Some cleanup
  •isimobile - Add Afrikaans translation
  •pvolkov - Update Russian Translation-Calculator-CM10.1

RootBox Project name: packages_apps_ROMControl
  •Bajee11 - Fix Lockscreen FC
  •demon1987 - Update strings.xml
  •Zaphod - RC :  Hide items when not viable
  •Bajee11 - RootBox SquareMod Battery (2/2)
  •Bajee11 - RootBox CircleMod (2/2)
  •Bajee11 - Alternative RootBox Battery icons (1/2)
  •YULIANGMAX - Updated simplified Chinese translations
  •Dirk Rettschlag - Add check for sw600DP screens
  •Gergely Szell (sethyx) - RC: Fix toggle setup dialog width & move toggle option up in RC
  •Stevespear426 - RC: Navring rework.
  •Bajee11 - Fix Toggles summary
  •Gergely Szell (sethyx) - RC: Fix Headers
  •Stevespear426 - Navbar and navring: remove screenshot option
  •Stevespear426 - Spen Options 2/2: Enable Spen options
  •JBirdVegas - New CMDProcessor
  •KhasMek - Vibrations: add more stock custom vibrations.
  •Jonathan Steadman - RC: point toggles preference to correct string
  •kecinzer - RC: Updated czech translation
  •Jonathan Steadman - RC: Add a little clarity to new toggle implementation
  •JBirdVegas - support Koush's Superuser
  •Roman Birg - RC: Toggle rewrite (2/2)
  •Bajee11 - Revert "QuickSettings: add holo dark/light theme chooser (2/2) - WIP"

RootBox Project name: packages_apps_DeskClock
  •YULIANGMAX - Updated simplified Chinese translations
  •kecinzer - DeskClock: Updated czech translation
  •bmc08gt - DeskClock: Add option to toggle unlock on dismissal of alarm

CyanogenMod Project name: android_packages_apps_LockClock
  •Tamás Tóth - Added translation for weather_show_when_minimized
  •DvTonder - cLock: Add ability to change font and monochrome icon colors
  •Vavooon - Add LockClock uk translation
  •Nicolai Ehemann - cLock: Updates to how dates are displayed in calendar entries
  •pvolkov - Update Russian Translation-LockClock-CM10.1
  •DvTonder - cLock: Add HDPI summary weather support for minimized widget
  •isimobile - Add Afrikaans translation
  •Gustavo - PT-BR: Update translation
  •elektroschmock - German: Update translation
  •Francesco - LockClock: Update italian translation
  •DelPETER - LockClock : add French translation
  •Mikael Lindemann Jepsen - cLock: Danish translations
  •Marco Brohet - cLock: Dutch translations
  •djMesias - es_ES: Update spanish translations
  •Michael Bestas - cLock: Update Greek translations
  •DvTonder - cLock: Make the Color icons default --!TRANSLATORS PLEASE NOTE!--
  •DvTonder - cLock: Remove redundant code and cleanup, bump version
  •Andrew Jiang - cLock: Simplified Chinese Translations
  •DvTonder - cLock: Make the showing of weather when minimized a user option
  •Tamás Tóth - Added hungarian translation for 'Done' button
  •pvolkov - Update Russian Translation-LockClock-CM10.1
  •DvTonder - cLock: Add a 'Done' button to configurator
  •DvTonder - cLock: Add support for a small widget layout with weather
  •DvTonder - cLock: Launch configuration when adding the widget
  •DvTonder - cLock: Add mdpi support
  •Cédric Cabessa - FIX: do not display event too far in the future
  •Tamás Tóth - Added hungarian translation for lookahead_2-4wks

CyanogenMod Project name: android_bootable_recovery
  •Koushik Dutta -
  •Nathan Grebowiec - Blocked cached Google Music files from nandroid
  •Elliott Hughes - Pass the correct pointer to munmap on failure.
  •Doug Zongker - add optional overscan compensation to recovery graphics
  •jt1134 - adb: handle adbd auth in recovery mode

CyanogenMod Project name: hardware_qcom_audio-caf
  •Ravishankar Sarawadi - alsa_sound: Subsystem Restart Changes
  •Kalyani polepeddy - 7x30 : Port heap mask change to ion
  •Deepa Madiregama - audio/msm7630: Fix the issue of voice call when HDMI connected
  •Vineela Tummalapalli - audio/msm7630: Add usb audio hal profile.
  •Vicky Sehrawat - alsa_sound: Fix to prevent additioal doRouting call
  •Preetam Singh Ranawat - hardware/qcom/audio: fix memory leak in alsa_ucm.c file
  •Haynes Mathew George - alsa-sound: Use errno to check for error code of ioctl()
  •Haynes Mathew George - alsa-sound: Avoid use of extra bytes to signal seek processed
  •Vidyakumar Athota - alsa_sound: Fix usb headset record noise
  •Haynes Mathew George - alsa-sound: AudioSessionOut optimization
  •Vidyakumar Athota - alsa_sound: Fix for Audio routing to HDMI when BT connected
  •Krishnankutty Kolathappilly - alsa_sound: Set tunnel/lpa bit for playback over usb headset
  •Mingming Yin - audio: fix to play Skype calltone on earpiece instead of speaker
  •Vidyakumar Athota -  Fix for MT call ringtone on USB headset
  •Karthik Reddy Katta - alsa_sound: Fix for no audio when switching between BT headsets
  •Vineela Tummalapalli - msm7630 : Send proper channleMask for getInputProfile()
  •Subhash Chandra Bose Naripeddy - alsa_sound: Initialize the mPfdProxy in constructor
  •Giulio Cervera - alsa-sound: fix typo
  •Mingming Yin - audio: invoke CSD client APIs only for Fusion3 platform

CyanogenMod Project name: android_hardware_qcom_display-caf
  •Naseer Ahmed - hwc: Check for correct screen state before enabling vsync
  •Sushil Chauhan - overlay: Reset allocation on all pipes, if commit fails.
  •Naseer Ahmed - gralloc: Fix incorrect flag usage on old ion API
  •Saurabh Shah - hwc: Process only MAX_NUM_LAYERS
  •Ramkumar Radhakrishnan - hwc: handle blank/unblank for virtual display explicitly.
  •Jeykumar Sankaran - display: Add hook for triggering screen update
  •Naseer Ahmed - gralloc: Allow IOMMU memory to be uncached
  •Steve Kondik - hwc: Enable use of copybit
  •Naseer Ahmed - hwc: Use intermediate buffers for copybit
  •Jeykumar Sankaran - libhwcomposer: MDP composition for Higher Resolution panels
  •Saurabh Shah - hwc: Close acquireFenceFds always.
  •Arun Kumar K.R - libexternal: prefix the property name with hw
  •Amara Venkata Mastan Manoj Kumar - hwc: Allow HWC to support Virtual Display
  •Saurabh Shah - hwc: Get notified on media player death.
  •Saurabh Shah - libqservice: Add a client interface.
  •Naseer Ahmed - qdutils: Default to GPU composition
  •Steve Kondik - FIX: "display: Reset metadata pointer to NULL during unmap."
  •Naomi Luis - libgralloc: Get the stride information from
  •Naomi Luis - libgralloc: Add Perform function to get the stride.
  •Sushil Chauhan - libgralloc: Calculate aligned width & height using common header
  •Sushil Chauhan - libgralloc: Import header for Venus buffer size calculation
  •Arun Kumar K.R - libcopybit: update the target config_mask for transformation
  •Ricardo Cerqueira - Revert "display: Reset metadata pointer to NULL during unmap."
  •Ramkumar Radhakrishnan - display: Reset metadata pointer to NULL during unmap.
  •Steve Kondik - hwc: Only perform the yuv+composition workaround on MDP < 4.2
  •Neti Ravi Kumar - liboverlay : Update magnification limit for MDP 400

CyanogenMod Project name: android_hardware_qcom_media
  •Steve Kondik - media: Better compatibility with new KGSL
  •Steve Kondik - mm-video: Support for QCOM_BSP define

CyanogenMod Project name: android_hardware_libhardware_legacy
  •jerpelea - wifi: add suport for WIFI_EXT_MODULE

 Project name: android_hardware_libhardware
  •Steve Kondik - Revert "hwcomposer: Add HWC_BLIT compositiontype value"
  •Steve Kondik - libhardware: Remove unused sourceTransform field
  •Ravishankar Sarawadi - audio: Subsystem Restart Changes

CyanogenMod Project name: android_hardware_samsung
  •codeworkx - exynos4210: lights: add missing brightness check

RootBox Project name: android_build
  •Conn O'Griofa - releasetools: Add support for BML partition type
  •Ying Wang - Squash commits from CM for making lunch faster
  •Tom Marshall - Remove unused RunConfig.

 Project name: mako
  •faux123 - Sound Control: Sound control for WCD93xx codec
  •faux123 - ASoC: add missing updates from CAF
  •faux123 - defconfig: fix sip issues
  •Gopichand Nakkala - wlan: Fix for ARP offload issue
  •faux123 - defconfig: update to latest configurations
  •faux123 - speaker amp control: allowed all configurable registers to be adjusted
  •faux123 - cpufreq_limit: remove unused vars
  •faux123 - msm_cpufreq_limit: add GPL V2 licensing to access to GPL symbols
  •faux123 - msm_cpu_freq_limit: fixed coding copy and paste error :p
  •faux123 - msm_cpu_freq_limit: initial coding for controlling MSM quadcore cpus
  •faux123 - speaker amp control: initial release for speaker amp control

CyanogenMod Project name: android_kernel_samsung_d2
  •Kuogee Hsieh - msm_fb: display: calculate mdp clock including borderfill pipe
  •Siddhartha Agrawal - msm_fb: display: Configure solidfill color to black
  •Steve Kondik - Revert "netfilter: xt_qtaguid: remove AID_* dependency for access control"
  •Aravind Venkateswaran - msm_fb: dtv: Serve device off in a separate thread
  •JP Abgrall - netfilter: xt_qtaguid: Allow tracking loopback
  •JP Abgrall - netfilter: xt_qtaguid: extend iface stat to report protocols
  •JP Abgrall - netfilter: xt_qtaguid: remove AID_* dependency for access control
  •Pontus Fuchs - netfilter: qtaguid: Don't BUG_ON if create_if_tag_stat fails
  •JP Abgrall - netfilter: xt_qtaguid: fix error exit that would keep a spinlock.
  •Brian Beloshapka - d2: fix wpa/wpa2 tethering
  •Padmanabhan Komanduru - msm_fb: Update backlight level on resume after first pan display
  •Jeff Brown - video: msm: use linear brightness ramp
  •Murali Nalajala - msm: rq_stats: remove io_is_busy from load computation

CyanogenMod Project name: android_kernel_samsung_smdk4412
  •codeworkx - melfas touch: report touch events to cypress for backlight timeout
  •codeworkx - display: updates for t0 devices

CyanogenMod Project name: android_kernel_samsung_smdk4210
  •codeworkx - i777, i9100, n7000: enable uhid
  •codeworkx - uhid: backport from 3.4
  •codeworkx - i777, i9100, n7000: enable last_kmsg
  •Andrew Dodd - i777: config: Change from ALP to RP audio

RootBox Project name: buildscripts
  •Bajee11 - Add i605 and l900 to Nightlies & Official
  •Bajee11 - Add toro to build list
  •Bajee11 - Add t0lte to build list

 Project name: git-repo
  •Shawn Pearce - upload: support --re and --cc options over HTTP
  •Mitchel Humpherys - Add --no-tags option to prevent fetching of tags

RootBox Project name: platform_manifest
  •htchoi1995 - Use 4.2.2_r1
  •Bajee11 - Track own t0lte
  •Bajee11 - Track own superuser
  •Bajee11 - Track AOKP e2fsprogs
  •Bajee11 - Fix typo
  •Bajee11 - Switch to open source SuperUser
  •Bajee11 - Track AOKP grouper
  •Bajee11 - Track toro device tree
  •Bajee11 - Track t0lte device tree

RootBox Project name: platform_manifest
  •htchoi1995 - Use 4.2.2_r1
  •Bajee11 - Track own t0lte
  •Bajee11 - Track own superuser
  •Bajee11 - Track AOKP e2fsprogs
  •Bajee11 - Fix typo
  •Bajee11 - Switch to open source SuperUser
  •Bajee11 - Track AOKP grouper
  •Bajee11 - Track toro device tree
  •Bajee11 - Track t0lte device tree

 Project name: external_koush_Superuser
  •Bajee11 - RootBox Support and Dark Theme
  •Koushik Dutta - slovak
  •kecinzer - Czech translation
  •Koushik Dutta - style renames in Widgets
  •Koushik Dutta - remove values-fr files that are unnecessary
  •jchleb - Update strings.xml
  •jchleb - Update strings.xml
  •jchleb - Update strings.xml
  •jchleb - Update strings.xml
  •Koushik Dutta - allow hooking for the native fragment for CM. CM requested feature to change the stylings.
  •jchleb - Update strings.xml
  •Koushik Dutta - allow hooking for the native fragment for CM. CM requested feature to change the stylings.
  •jchleb - Update strings.xml
  •jchleb - Create styles.xml
  •jchleb - Update dimens.xml
  •jchleb - Create attrs.xml
  •Pavel Volkov - Russian fixes
  •udK - Update values-it/strings.xml
  •ed10vi - Update spanish translation
  •Danny Baumann - Fix switch not updating the DB when toggled by sliding instead of clicking it.
  •yadro - Updated Russian localization
  •oGre - Theme + PIN disabled translation
  •Mack Zhang - Update values-zh-rSG/strings.xml
  •Mack Zhang - Update values-zh-rCN/strings.xml
  •Koushik Dutta - formatting
  •Alvin - Update strings.xml
  •Alvin - Update strings.xml
  •Alvin - Update strings.xml
  •Koushik Dutta - make the process of removing pin protection more apparent.
  •Koushik Dutta - fix the pin protect screen to be a proper dialog on tablets.
  •Koushik Dutta - be verbose about the dark/light activity themes
  •Koushik Dutta - whatsnew
  •Koushik Dutta - apparently some phones crash if a notification is made without a contentIntent
  •sparkym3 - Update system install to set safer access rights.
  •Koushik Dutta - missing files
  •udK - small fixes and optimizations
  •ed10vi - Update spanish translation
  •Alvin - Update strings.xml
  •Alvin - Update strings.xml
  •Alvin - Update strings.xml
  •Koushik Dutta - 1012
  •Koushik Dutta - remove logging
  •Koushik Dutta - Add dark theme option. Fix bug where the version string was sent as an int, instead of the version code.
  •Koushik Dutta - add missing /system/bin/su symlink
  •Whitexp - added pt translation
  •Koushik Dutta - send the binary version in the protocol, so a notification can be shown if it is out of date
  •Koushik Dutta - send the binary version in the protocol, so a notification can be shown if it is out of date
  •Mack Zhang - Update values-zh-rSG/strings.xml
  •Mack Zhang - Update values-zh-rCN/strings.xml
  •Koushik Dutta - Update
  •Koushik Dutta - update whatsnew
  •Koushik Dutta - Update
  •Koushik Dutta - purge logs over 2 weeks.
  •Koushik Dutta - db refactorings
  •Koushik Dutta - fix up some db churn by reusing a single db connection
  •Koushik Dutta - Move the logs and settings into a separate database, to prevent database locks by su binary. The policy database, for the most part, should just be read only.
  •Ben - Should use getWritableDatabase() instead of getReadableDatabase() because we run db.delete();
  •Koushik Dutta - fix uninitalized variable usage
  •Yuval Aboulafia - Hebrew update
  •Alvin - Update strings.xml
  •Alvin - Update strings.xml
  •Alvin - Update strings.xml
  •oGre - Two new rows Swedish translation
  •Simone Picciani - Update strings.xml
  •Koushik Dutta - dont handle config changes, so the entire layout is rebuilt.
  •Pavel Volkov - Update Russian Translation
  •Koushik Dutta - fix margins
  •OSAKANA TARO - add japanese language
  •Mack Zhang - Update strings.xml
  •Mack Zhang - Update strings.xml
  •ed10vi - Update spanish translation
  •Koushik Dutta - always allow root/shell, no matter if superuser is not installed
  •Koushik Dutta - "nice" the logging by waiting a bit before adding it to the db. some wacko apps send a ton of concurrent su requests and hit a db lock
  •Koushik Dutta - add whats new notice. 1008
  •Koushik Dutta - switch from opening the market to explain why superuser is broken
  •Koushik Dutta - Fix froyo pin crash
  •Pavel Volkov - Russian fixes
  •Pavel Volkov - Russian fixes
  •Pavel Volkov - Russian fixes
  •Zanza00 - Updated and tweaked italian translation
  •Igor Sorocean - Update romanian translation
  •ed10vi - Use existing translations in Cyanogenmod/Superuser
  •Alvin - Update strings.xml
  •Alvin - Update strings.xml
  •Alvin - Update strings.xml
  •Alvin - Update strings.xml
  •Alvin - Update strings.xml
  •Alvin - Update strings.xml
  •ed10vi - Update spanish translation
  •htchoi1995 - Update korean translation
  •Yuval Aboulafia - Hebrew update
  •coolzjy - Update strings.xml
  •coolzjy - Update strings.xml
  •Koushik Dutta - refresh on resume
  •Koushik Dutta - only show the market app if the requestor is the same as the market app. This fixes the embedded scenario.
  •Koushik Dutta - remove logging
  •coolzjy - Update strings.xml
  •Kristoffer Andersen - Updated Danish.
  •Koushik Dutta - allow customization of the requestor prefix
  •oGre - Swedish translation for superuser access block
  •yadro - Updated Russian localization
  •Koushik Dutta - escaping fixes
  •Koushik Dutta - 1007
  •Koushik Dutta - Add settings toggles for superuser global policies: apps only, adb only, apps + adb, or disabled. su: fix binary so Superuser always gets access, even if root is disabled. Obviously need this to reenabled root. Check superuser binary version.
  •yadro - Updated Russian translation
  •yadro - Updated Russian localization
  •Mack Zhang - Simplified Chinese translation
  •oGre - Removed extra backslash
  •Pavel Volkov - Update russian translation
  •Pavel Volkov - Update some russian typos
  •Alvin - Update strings.xml
  •Alvin - Update strings.xml
  •Alvin - Update strings.xml
  •Koushik Dutta - stopgap to fix rotation crash
  •Koushik Dutta - Update
  •Tan Tran - Remove redundant file
  •Tan Tran - remove draft
  •Tan Tran - Add Vietnamese translation
  •Koushik Dutta - 1006
  •Koushik Dutta - check superuser on boot. but do it nicely... with a notification. and back off if notification is deleted.
  •Koushik Dutta - fix up menu about and other icons for pre ics. try a new launcher icon. add superuser version to about section.
  •Koushik Dutta - add version info to about page
  •ed10vi - Spanish: Use the same word for the same thing
  •Kristoffer Andersen - Added missing translations in Danish
  •AlvinHKH - Add Traditional Chinese translation
  •Zanza00 - Updated italian translation
  •Pavel Volkov - Russian-Removed extra backslash
  •Koushik Dutta - opening the github url requires Intent.ACTION_VIEW
  •Koushik Dutta - 1005
  •Pavel Volkov - Russian fixes
  •oGre - Removed extra backslash
  •Koushik Dutta - fix ndk to go to assets?
  •oGre - Extra backslash removed
  •oGre - Removed extra backslash
  •Koushik Dutta - 1003
  •Koushik Dutta - most devices dont support rm -f
  •oGre - Preceed apostrophes with backslash.
  •Koushik Dutta - Italian fixes
  •Koushik Dutta - missing resources
  •Koushik Dutta - resource name changes
  •Zanza00 - Added Italian Translation
  •ed10vi - Update Spanish translation
  •oGre - Fixed typo (installation)
  •oGre - Updated Swedish translation (installation)
  •Koushik Dutta - check file exists
  •Koushik Dutta - remove cruft
  •Koushik Dutta - In app installation done. Release on Play soon.
  •oGre - Updated Swedish translation whitespace
  •oGre - Updated Swedish translation
  •yadro - Update Russian localization
  •Koushik Dutta - open the superuser link on the market if the app is missing.
  •djMesias - es_ES: Update spanish translations
  •Koushik Dutta - Add About Page linking to my twitter, apps, and Superuser github in the standalone APK version of Superuser. Embedded users (like CM, PA, etc) wont see this.
  •htchoi1995 - Update korean translation
  •Koushik Dutta - use full path on symlink
  •Koushik Dutta - fix recovery zip su location to be aosp standard. /system/bin/su symlinks to xbin/su
  •Koushik Dutta - fix recovery zip su location to be aosp standard. /system/bin/su symlinks to xbin/su
  •Koushik Dutta - Set noHistory on MainActivity to prevent a running instance of Superuser from regaining focus after a request is finished.
  •ed10vi - update spanish translation
  •yadro - Fixed Russian localization
  •Kristoffer Andersen - Fixed a typo.
  •yadro - Fixed Russian localization
  •Koushik Dutta - Update
  •Koushik Dutta - Update
  •Koushik Dutta - pin related fixes
  •Koushik Dutta - Dont crash if log could not be added. This happens during su -c reboot, when /data is unmounted, etc.
  •Koushik Dutta - use android:excludeFromRecents instead of noHistory
  •Koushik Dutta - Fixup theme usage for light/dark
  •Koushik Dutta - fix bug where logs were not shown on startup
  •Koushik Dutta - fix bug where logs were not shown on startup
  •Koushik Dutta - fixes
  •Mustaavalkosta - add Finnish translation Partly a bit clumsy but will do for now.
  •Yuval Aboulafia - Update Hebrew translation
  •Igor Sorocean - Updated romanian translation
  •htchoi1995 - Update korean translation
  •Koushik Dutta - Update
  •Koushik Dutta - Update
  •Koushik Dutta - Update
  •Koushik Dutta - remove watermark from anything but koush builds
  •Koushik Dutta - fragment stack fixes
  •Koushik Dutta - LICENSE
  •Koushik Dutta - refactor into single db
  •Samuel Rivera - Update strings.xml
  •Koushik Dutta - fix up pin stuff that i had commented out
  •Koushik Dutta - Update
  •Koushik Dutta - Fix build
  •Koushik Dutta - LOCAL_PATH fixes
  •Kristoffer Andersen - Moar fixes!
  •Koushik Dutta - ant now builds zip
  •Kristoffer Andersen - Fixed typos
  •Koushik Dutta - add module tag
  •Koushik Dutta - Update
  •Koushik Dutta - Update
  •Koushik Dutta - Update
  •Koushik Dutta - Fix build
  •oGre - First draft
  •oGre - Partial Swedish translation
  •Koushik Dutta - Update
  •Koushik Dutta - Update
  •Koushik Dutta - Update
  •Koushik Dutta - Update
  •Koushik Dutta - Update
  •Koushik Dutta - Update
  •Koushik Dutta - Update
  •Koushik Dutta - Update
  •Koushik Dutta - add local_manfest.xml for AOSP embedding
  •Koushik Dutta - native fragment stuff working
  •Kristoffer Andersen - Danish translation. First translation
  •Koushik Dutta - remove noisy logging
  •Koushik Dutta - remove noisy logging
  •Koushik Dutta - fixups for embedding. proper back stack support
  •Koushik Dutta - fragment instance fixes
  •ed10vi - First translation
  •yadro - Update Russian localization
  •Koushik Dutta - embedded fixes, need to move fragments out of inner classes.
  •Koushik Dutta - license
  •Koushik Dutta - Fix german crash and mistranslation of english
  •Koushik Dutta - crash fix
  •Koushik Dutta - merge with german changes
  •Koushik Dutta - fragment revamp to support both native and support fragments (blerg)
  •Danny Baumann - Split automatic response summary.
  •Danny Baumann - Improve German translation.
  •Koushik Dutta - change app_name to superuser as that is more resource friendly for embedding into Settings
  •Koushik Dutta - Fixup third party embedding su
  •Koushik Dutta - C code fixups. Modify REQUESTOR if embedded in ROM.
  •Koushik Dutta - if a ROM is building superuser (vs embedding it into Settings), put the package into a com.thirdparty.superuser This is so that it doesnt try to get updates from google play, which will be signed with a different key.
  •Koushik Dutta - move su to optional executables so it is suid
  •Koushik Dutta - Fix up request theme/
  •Koushik Dutta - Crash Fix on tablets
  •Koushik Dutta - holo dark done
  •Koushik Dutta - aosp fixes
  •Koushik Dutta - Update
  •sparkym3 - AndroidManifest to use the "signature" protection
  •Ben - 2013_0226 make sure to call close on the DataInputStream line 233
  •oGre - added possibility to change ndk-executable
  •Koushik Dutta - fix russian string formatting. lint fixes
  •Koushik Dutta - fix widgets ref
  •Koushik Dutta - Fix bug where "Remember" does not work when pin protected.

AOKP Project name: external_koush_Widgets
  •Koushik Dutta - style fixes for pre ics
  •Koushik Dutta - allow base theme override
  •Koushik Dutta - move the setAdapter to after the create, so addHeaderView can be used
  •Koushik Dutta - fragment should get replaced on create. config changes cause weird behavior. i did not think fragments stuck around between config changes. surprise!
  •Koushik Dutta - fix margins
  •Koushik Dutta - onResume
  •Koushik Dutta - fixups for large devices
  •Koushik Dutta - fix bad style on pre ics
  •Koushik Dutta - style fixes
  •Koushik Dutta - theme cleanups
  •Koushik Dutta - LICENSE
  •Koushik Dutta - fixes
  •Koushik Dutta - remove comment
  •Koushik Dutta - fragment stack working
  •Koushik Dutta - backstack fixes
  •Koushik Dutta - convenience functions and fixes
  •Koushik Dutta - config fixes
  •Koushik Dutta - fragment revamp to support both native and support fragments (blerg)
  •Koushik Dutta - remove gen
  •Koushik Dutta - cleanups and consolidations
  •Koushik Dutta - Android stylization and resources

AOKP Project name: external_skia
  •Lucas Crowthers - Skia: Introduce caching of unscaled Bitmaps.
  •Richard Hansen - skia: SkPaint::SkPaint(): don't cast away const
  •Richard Hansen - memcpy_76(): fix behavior on non-ARM architectures
  •Steve Kondik - FIX: memcpy_76(): add support for non-ARM architectures

AOKP Project name: external_bluetooth_bluedroid
  •blackout4 - Update btif_media_task.c

 Project name: wpa_supplicant_8
  •Steve Kondik - Revert "enable CONFIG_PCSC"

CyanogenMod Project name: android_external_busybox
  •Tanguy Pruvot - Busybox 1.21.0 squashed commit for jellybean
  •Evan McClain - Build with -fno-strict-aliasing

RootBox Project name: frameworks_base
  •olivergeith - Fix Quiet Hours icons
  •Daniel - Sleep Tile
  •olivergeith - Change QuietHours Icons
  •drcmda - PIE: narrow down inner arcs for even gaps
  •drcmda - PIE: option for Pie to maintain its position, disregarding orientation changes (useful for gaming)
  •drcmda - hardware rendering for statusbarmanager and pie
  •kecinzer - FW: Updated czech translation
  •rdgate - Updated Japanese translations
  •YULIANGMAX - Updated simplified Chinese translations
  •YULIANGMAX - Updated simplified Chinese translations
  •YULIANGMAX - Updated simplified Chinese translations
  •minuteZERO - PowerMenu: Security Feature (Toggle) to Hide Reboot (reboot recovery) 2/2
  •Peter Gregus - Profile Tile: fix reboot when activating Profile Tile We need to create GlobalActions dialog and its handlers prior to opening Profile select dialog. Otherwise NPE caused by uninitialized handlers occurs causing soft-reboot.
  •Michele Primavera - Allows notification behiavour selection
  •D4rKn3sSyS - Lockscreen see through (1/2)
  •Bajee11 - Fix some stuff in Profile Tile
  •sbrissen - Workaround until gps can be fixed, force gps to stay in standalone mode when ro.agps.allow=false
  •jt1134 - SystemUI: highlight quick settings and notification clear buttons
  •StevenHarperUK - Bugfix : Quick pulldown sometimes flips when it should not
  •drcmda - Policy: fix keyguard statusbar showing while in ext desktop, fixes it in apps like currents as well
  •drcmda - PIE: animation revamped (back to the first draft), style changes
  •Peter Gregus - Low battery warning policy (1/2) Option to choose how low battery warning will be indicated - Popup dialog and sound - Popup dialog only - Sound only - Off
  •Stevespear426 - AwesomeAction: Performance update
  •olivergeith - Sound Toggle: Improve logic with new icons.
  •Jubakuba - SwaggerTile: Added Swagger - SundaysFTW
  •Dirk Rettschlag - Quicksettings: fix updating 2G,LTE and WifiTether tiles
  •Matanya Elchanani - QuickSettings: fix GPS graphic state logic
  •Bajee11 - QuietHours: Y U NO REFRESH!
  •Bajee11 - RootBox Toggle (1/3)
  •Bajee11 - Derp Profile Tile
  •Bajee11 - Option to disable fullscreen keyboard
  •Sven Dawitz - Changed profile selection to single-tap action
  •Bajee11 - Profiles Toggle: Long press toggle for Profiles Settings
  •Zaphod - Fix Searchlight showing under NavBar at Lockscreen
  •DvTonder - Framework: Forward port the ability to enable/disable keyguard with Profiles
  •Robert Burns - Fix lock screen timeouts
  •Bajee11 - Fix Sound/NavBar Holo toggle - Update WiFi/Signal icons
  •Jubakuba - Framework: QuickRecord Tile (2/3)
  •Zaphod - Fix NavButton AlphaGlow when pressed
  •kecinzer - Fix longpress action for tehter toggles
  •Dirk Rettschlag - Lockscreen: allow widgets to use more space on tablets (1/2)
  •kecinzer - Fix Transparency Value not sticked with autohide
  •Dirk Rettschlag - Lockscreen: remove mAppWidgetContainerHidden instead of hiding it
  •drcmda - PIE: style
  •drcmda - PIE: better looking snappoints, reorientation bug
  •Dirk Rettschlag - SystemUI: unregister ContentObserver
  •Pawit Pornkitprasan - policy: always use hardware acceleration for keyguard
  •Stevespear426 - Lockscreen Targets: Icon Revamp
  •Danesh Mondegarian - LockscreenTargets : Dismiss on target select
  •Jorge Ruesga - Keyguard: Reduce font size of clock in status keyguard (sw720dp) (portrait)
  •Jorge Ruesga - Keyguard: Reduce font size of clock in status keyguard (sw720dp)
  •Espen Fjellvær Olsen - Fix Quiet Hours not muting notification sounds
  •Dirk Rettschlag - fix framworks/base after 4.2.2 merge

CyanogenMod Project name: android_frameworks_av
  •vivek mehta - libstagefright: Check for duration > 0 to avoid DivideByZero crash
  •Amal Paul - audioflinger: Fix to set correct volume in Tunnel playback
  •Shalaj Jain - libstagefright: Add support for frame-by-frame mode
  •ApurupaPattapu - ACodec: Support for dynamic port reconfig
  •Ajit Khare - libmediaplayerservice: Add new player for DASH
  •Mingming Yin - audio: apply volume on DirectOutput streams
  •Haynes Mathew George - libstagefright: Adjustment for TunnelPlayer buffer size
  •Giulio Cervera - fmradio: use caf naming

CyanogenMod Project name: android_frameworks_opt_telephony
  •Giulio Cervera - QualcommSharedRIL: allow skipping pin/puk count

AOKP Project name: device_lge_mako
  •Jonathan Steadman - mako: enable krait optimizations
  •Ricardo Cerqueira - Add mako's audio package
  •Ricardo Cerqueira - Remove OLD_ION flag
  •Iliyan Malchev - mako: enable pre-rotation
  •Gergely Szell (sethyx) - Fix mako build - changes for 4.2.2
  •Ricardo Cerqueira - Remove test/debug props taken out of 4.2.2
  •R. Andrew Ohana - add widevine to proprietary-blobs

CyanogenMod Project name: android_device_samsung_omap4-common
  •Andrew Jiang - omap4-common: Consolidate CPU configs & opt-in to bionic optimizations
  •codeworkx - initial commit

RootBox Project name: device_samsung_tuna
  •Gergely Szell - tuna: Inline kernel building - from AOSP

RootBox Project name: device_samsung_i9100g
  •codeworkx - i9100g: camera: fix copy & paste fail
  •codeworkx - i9100g: use omap4-common repo, samsung jb update
  •codeworkx - i9100g: update smc service
  •codeworkx - i9100g: add cpboot-daemon service, update extract script

RootBox Project name: device_samsung_d2-common
  •Araemo - Re-Add USB Dock audio output devices to policy

 Project name: device_samsung_i9100
  •meviox - Settings: Fix a typo in the German translation
  •pvolkov - Update Russian Translation-Galaxy S II Settings-CM10.1
  •codeworkx - i9100: keyfiles and extract cleanup

RootBox Project name: device_samsung_galaxys2-common
  •Espen Fjellvær Olsen - Update focus behaviour to match Samsungs
  •Espen Fjellvær Olsen - galaxys2: camera: code cleanup, higher min buffer count
  •angelsl - galaxys2-common: Use open source libsecion.
  •Espen Fjellvær Olsen - Add another success header
  •codeworkx - galaxys2: camera hal updates from paulk
  •codeworkx - galaxys2: update for new kernel, cleanup, replicant camera hal
  •codeworkx - galaxys2: remove legacy egl hack
  •Andrew Dodd - Disable fimgapi
  •codeworkx - galaxys2: camera have iso

RootBox Project name: device_samsung_t0ltecdma
  •sbrissen - T0ltecdma: fix speaker not working after being on bt
  •Bajee11 - Fix headset mic volume
  •sbrissen - t0ltecdma: Fix switching incall devices
  •sbrissen - t0ltecdma: fix incall bt audio quality
  •sbrissen - t0ltecdma: adjust capture period size and count

RootBox Project name: device_samsung_msm8960-common
  •Steve Kondik - msm8960: Update headers to match kernel

RootBox Project name: device_samsung_n7100
  •kristof.petho - Fix audio recording on N7100
  •kristof.petho - N7100: Fix incall BT audio and cleanup
  •kristof.petho - Fix audio recording on N7100

RootBox Project name: device_samsung_smdk4412-common
  •codeworkx - smdk4412: camera: fix copy & paste fail
  •codeworkx - smdk4412: use opensource libsecion
  •codeworkx - smdk4412: remove legacy egl hack

RootBox Project name: device_samsung_i9300
  •codeworkx - i9300: add support for SlimISP_ZH camera fw
  •codeworkx - i9300: fix speaker not working after bt, headset mic

RootBox Project name: device_asus_grouper
  •Stevespear426 - Grouper: Let N7's use neon MEMCPY
  •Gergely Szell - Move kernel definitions into Common (for tilapia)
  •Gergely Szell - grouper: Inline kernel building - from AOSP

AOKP Project name: vendor_lge
  •Ricardo Cerqueira - mako: Updated to 4.2.2 binaries

RootBox Project name: vendor_samsung
  •codeworkx - smdk4412: use opensource libsecion
  •codeworkx - smdk4412: cleanup
  •codeworkx - galaxys2: use opensource libsecion
  •codeworkx - galaxys2: update mali to r3p1-01rel1
  •codeworkx - smdk4412: update mali to r3p1-01rel1
  •codeworkx - smdk4412: use mr0 hostapd
  •codeworkx - galaxys2: use mr0 hostapd
  •codeworkx - i9100g: use mr0 hostapd
  •Bajee11 - Update quincyatt blobs
  •Bajee11 - Cleanup: Remove unsupported devices blobs
  •Bajee11 - Update N7000 blobs (JB)
  •Bajee11 - Update i9100 blobs (JB)
  •Gergely Szell (sethyx) - tuna: Update to 4.2.2 props - maguro/toro/toroplus
  •Shareef Ali - d2: adreno blobs update from 4.2.2
  •Bajee11 - Add Adrenoblobs 4.2
  •codeworkx - smdk4412: dont use prebuilt hostapd, keyfiles cleanup
  •codeworkx - i9100g: update blobs from LSD, add omap4 common blobs
  •codeworkx - i9100g: update ril from LSD

RootBox Project name: vendor_rootbox
  •dhacker29 - Update SuperSU and su to latest version
  •Bajee11 - Enable Sleep Tile for all devices
  •Bajee11 - Remove redundant  apns-conf.xml copy
  •Bajee11 - Build RootBox Wallpapers
  •Bajee11 - Add RootBox Toggle for all devices
  •Jubakuba - Vendor: QuickRecord Tile (1/3)
  •Dirk Rettschlag - Lockscreen: allow widgets to use more space on tablets (2/2)
  •Bajee11 - Add Maguro Support (1/2)
  •Gergely Szell (sethyx) - Update mako fingerprint
  •Bajee11 - Show some love to Nexus 7 - Add a few RC Toggles

RootBox Project name: vendor_asus
  •Gergely Szell (sethyx) - grouper/tilapia: Update to 4.2.2 props

CyanogenMod Project name: android_vendor_tmobile_providers_ThemeManager
  •Marco Brohet - ThemeManager: Indonesian translations

AOKP Project name: themes-platform-vendor-tmobile-apps-ThemeChooser
  •YULIANGMAX - Updated simplified Chinese translations
  •YULIANGMAX - Updated simplified Chinese translations

RootBox Project name: android_system_core
  •Bajee11 - Revert "FM Radio: Add support for FM Radio in Android"

CyanogenMod Project name: bionic
  •Steve Kondik - libc: Fix invalid macro
  •Dirk Rettschlag - libc: Add optimized strcmp
  •Ricardo Cerqueira - msm: vidc: Add the support for MPEG-2 extension and user data
  •Kito Cheng - Bionic/libm: Fix the mismatch ENTRY/END in e_pow.S
  •Steve Kondik - libc: Remove Scorpion memmove() routine
  •Steve Kondik - libc: Add ARMV7 optimized memchr()
  •Steve Kondik - libc: Add optimized memcpy for Cortex-A15
  •Steve Kondik - libc: Enable the fast memmove for NEON targets
  •Steve Kondik - Revert "Add optimized version of memcpy for Cortex A9"
  •Steve Kondik - libm: Check for NEON support when choosing fast pow()
  •Steve Kondik - libc: Add ARCH_ARM flags to enable new optimizations
  •Steve Kondik - libm: Enable fast NEON pow() for supported targets
  •Henrik Smiding - Add optimized version of memcpy for Cortex A9
  •Elliott Hughes - Add a memmove(3) benchmark.
  •Elliott Hughes - Simple google3-compatible benchmarking.
  •Nick Kralevich - FORTIFY_SOURCE: optimize
  •Nick Kralevich - fix strerror_r test
  •Nick Kralevich - Add stack canaries / strcpy tests.
  •Elliott Hughes - glibc 2.15 treats errno as signed in strerror(3).
  •Anna Tikhonova - Tests for string routines.
  •Henrik Smiding - Add optimized version of memcmp for Cortex A9
  •Steve Kondik - Revert "memcmp: prefetch optimizing for ARM Cortex-A8/A9"
  •Henrik Smiding - Add optimized version of memset for Cortex A9
  •Nick Kralevich - FORTIFY_SOURCE: remove memcpy overlap checks

RootBox Project name: RootBox_wallpapers
  •Bajee11 - Switch to RootBox Wallpapers

AOKP Project name: packages_apps_Nfc
  •Jonathan Steadman - fix nfc after 4.2.2 merge

RootBox Project name: packages_apps_Camera
  •jt1134 - HDR: only show slide animation after final shot
  •YULIANGMAX - Updated simplified Chinese translations
  •rdgate - Updated Japanese translations
  •rdgate - Updated Japanese translations
  •Ricardo Cerqueira - Util: Disable software HDR if the camera HAL actually supports it
  •XpLoDWilD - camera: SoftHDR: Use parallel processing
  •XpLoDWilD - Camera: SoftwareHDR: Reduce mem usage and let exposure time get tuned
  •XpLoDWilD - [1/2] Camera: add software HDR rendering
  •maxwen - fix for correct handling of video snapshot feature

RootBox Project name: packages_apps_Settings
  •Bajee11 - Pie: Stick Orientation
  •rdgate - Updated Japanese translations
  •YULIANGMAX - Updated simplified Chinese translations
  •Kroz - RB Settings: Icons for Lockscreen Seethrough & Notification Behaviour
  •Bajee11 - Allows notification behiavour selection
  •Bajee11 - RB Settings: Lockscreen See Through
  •Bajee11 - RB Settings: Do not show some options for Nexus devices.
  •Peter Gregus - Low battery warning policy (2/2)
  •Bajee11 - Fix lockscreen delay stuck at 5 seconds for Pattern/Pin/Password Lock
  •Bajee11 - RootBox Toggle (2/3)
  •Kroz - RB Settings: Change icons for Volume Cursor/Fullscreen Keyboard/CRT
  •Bajee11 - Move volume control cursor to RB Settings
  •Bajee11 - RB Settings: Option to disable fullscreen keyboard
  •Bajee11 - Add Profiles in Manifest
  •Bajee11 - RB Settings: Fix lockscreen delay stuck at 5 seconds.
  •Bajee11 - Move profiles under Personal header
  •Bajee11 - Fix Pattern Lock FC
  •Bajee11 - RB Settings: LCD Density Changer

RootBox Project name: packages_apps_Phone
  •YULIANGMAX - Updated simplified Chinese translations
  •rdgate - Updated Japanese translations
  •Bajee11 - Fix Phone Settings FC

RootBox Project name: packages_apps_Mms
  •Dirk Rettschlag - Custom vibration per contact
  •jared waters - Mms: adds the option to hide sprints vm text messages, but still allows sprints vvm to receive messages.
  •Jonathan Steadman - fix mms after 4.2.2 merge

AOKP Project name: packages_apps_PackageInstaller
  •YULIANGMAX - Updated simplified Chinese translations

RootBox Project name: packages_apps_Gallery2
  •XpLoDWilD - [2/2] Camera: add software HDR rendering

AOKP Project name: packages_apps_Contacts
  •Danny Baumann - Fix call grouping.
  •rdgate - Updated Japanese translations
  •YULIANGMAX - Updated simplified Chinese translations
  •Dirk Rettschlag - fix contacts after 4.2.2 merge

CyanogenMod Project name: android_packages_apps_Calculator
  •Veeti Paananen - Move the window background to the activity theme
  •Francesco - Calculator: Update italian translation
  •Will - Calculator bugfixes
  •Will - Calculator: New Features Part 3
  •Marco Brohet - Calculator: Indonesian translations

AOKP Project name: packages_apps_PerformanceControl
  •YULIANGMAX - Updated simplified Chinese translations
  •YULIANGMAX - Added simplified Chinese translations

AOKP Project name: packages_apps_Browser
  •rdgate - Updated Japanese translations
  •rdgate - Updated Japanese translations

RootBox Project name: packages_apps_ROMControl
  •Bajee11 - Sleep Tile
  •YULIANGMAX - Updated simplified Chinese translations
  •YULIANGMAX - Updated simplified Chinese translations
  •rdgate - Updated Japanese translations
  •Dirk Rettschlag - UserInterface: updated logic for initial Allow 180 Rotation check state
  •minuteZERO - PowerMenu: Security Feature (Toggle) to Hide Reboot (reboot recovery) 1/2
  •Bajee11 - Fix build
  •YULIANGMAX - Updated simplified Chinese translations
  •YULIANGMAX - Updated simplified Chinese translations
  •rdgate - Updated Japanese translations
  •rdgate - Updated Japanese translations
  •Dirk Rettschlag - UserInterface: remove vibrate on expand if device has no vibration
  •Bajee11 - RootBox Toggle (3/3)
  •JBirdVegas - Fix AndroidHttpClient leaking connection
  •Jubakuba - ROMControl: QuickRecord Tile (3/3)

RootBox Project name: packages_apps_DeskClock
  •Artem Chep - Added flip and shake to snooze
  •Danny Baumann - Fix layout issues with increasing volume option.
  •Danny Baumann - Fix a number of issues introduced with the increasing volume setting
  •Austen Dicken - DeskClock: Add increasing volume option for alarm clocks
  •Pawit Pornkitprasan - Clock: fix layout for 320dp devices

CyanogenMod Project name: android_packages_apps_LockClock
  •DelPETER - LockClock : add french translation
  •Danny Baumann - Extend maximum look ahead range.
  •elektroschmock - Fix typo.
  •Gustavo - PT-BR: Update translations
  •Nicolai Ehemann - removed hardcoded reference to stock cm calendar app; ask for calendar app instead

CyanogenMod Project name: android_bootable_recovery
  •Matt Mower - UI text corrections
  •Matt Mower - Fix use of TARGET_USE_CUSTOM_LUN_FILE_PATH

CyanogenMod Project name: hardware_qcom_audio-caf
  •Emerson Pinter - alsa_sound: use "Voice Speaker" instead of "Speaker" when in calls
  •Haynes Mathew George - alsa-sound: Adjustment for tunnel mode buffer size
  •Haynes Mathew George - AudioSessionOut: Fix to handle a single write() with an empty buffer
  •Giulio Cervera - fmradio: enable STE radio

CyanogenMod Project name: android_hardware_qcom_display-caf
  •Saurabh Shah - overlay: Add support for pipe dumps.
  •Saurabh Shah - overlay: Fix rotator output buffer size.
  •Ramkumar Radhakrishnan - display: Do not align down input rotator src height
  •Naseer Ahmed - display: Close 0 fds
  •Sushil Chauhan - libhwcomposer: Only 4 pipes can be used per display for MDP Comp.
  •Steve Kondik - Revert "Revert "libhwcomposer: Don't count video layers marked for SKIP""
  •Steve Kondik - display: Don't enable pixel repeat for YUV buffers
  •Steve Kondik - display: Disable use of copybit temporarily
  •Steve Kondik - Revert "libhwcomposer: Don't count video layers marked for SKIP"
  •Steve Kondik - gralloc: Remove usage of METADATA_SET ioctl
  •Steve Kondik - display: Disable unsupported copybit features
  •Josh Ancill - Fix ION_IOC_MAP error on old ion api during drm video playback
  •Steve Kondik - gralloc: Add TARGET_USES_QCOM_BSP flag for non-AOSP features
  •Naseer Ahmed - hwc: Log if vsync read takes more than 2 expected vsyncs
  •Sushil Chauhan - liboverlay: Fix stride alignment issue for s/w decoded video.
  •Raj kamal - liboverlay: Set mdp src format as rotator output format.
  •Sushil Chauhan - overlay: mdssRot: Do not reset non-rotation flags.
  •Sushil Chauhan - overlay: mdssRot: Fix the logic for setting Rotator info flags.
  •Saurabh Shah - overlay: mdssRot: Fix stale rotation flag values.
  •Sushil Chauhan - liboverlay: Mdss Rotator secure buffer needs to be aligned to 1M.
  •Sushil Chauhan - mdssRotator:For Venus, rotator buffer size depends on rotated w/h
  •Naseer Ahmed - display: Reconcile display HALs
  •Ramkumar Radhakrishnan - libgralloc: Add support for custom buffer size.
  •Sushil Chauhan - display: Add support for Venus color format for newer platforms
  •Ramkumar Radhakrishnan - display: Add display metadata in buffer handle
  •Ramkumar Radhakrishnan - Update buffer dimensions with new dimension
  •Jeykumar Sankaran - Revert "gralloc: Support for old and new ION API"
  •Steve Kondik - display: Add support for MDP 4.1
  •Steve Kondik - gralloc: Fix redefinition of metadata struct
  •Jeykumar Sankaran - hwc: Don't use MDP for buffers of width less than 5
  •Duy Truong - Update copyright to The Linux Foundation
  •Jeykumar Sankaran - libhwcomposer: Don't count video layers marked for SKIP
  •Saurabh Shah - overlay: Remove unnecessary lock.
  •Naseer Ahmed - gralloc: Do not set ION_SECURE for non-contiguous heaps
  •Arun Kumar K.R - libexternal: change the order of ioctl call for HDMI
  •Saurabh Shah - hwc: Call MSMFB_DISPLAY_COMMIT even if FB handle is null.
  •Arun Kumar K.R - display: Add support for overscan compensation for ext display
  •Jeykumar Sankaran - hwc: Pass transform value while cropping dst rect
  •Amara Venkata Mastan Manoj Kumar - hwc: Do not set Secure flags for UI layers
  •Jeykumar Sankaran - libhwcomposer: Allow 2 YUV layer frames to use MDP composition
  •Ken Zhang - external: use metadata ioctl to set vic
  •Sushil Chauhan - hwcomposer: In Mdss,secure content policy applies to layer buffer
  •Sushil Chauhan - display: Use GRALLOC_USAGE_PROTECTED to indicate secure content
  •Sushil Chauhan - liboverlay: Enable secure content flag in Mdss Rotator.
  •Naseer Ahmed - gralloc: Remove update rect
  •Arun Kumar K.R - libexternal: set hw.hdmiON system property
  •Ken Zhang - display: use metadata ioctl to get panel frame rate
  •Praveen Chavan - libgralloc: force 1M alignment for secure buffers

CyanogenMod Project name: android_hardware_qcom_gps
  •Giulio Cervera - qcom/gps: add TARGET_PROVIDES_GPS_LOC_API

CyanogenMod Project name: android_hardware_qcom_media
  •Ethan Chen - mm-video: venc: always align buffer before ion_map_iommu
  •Arne Coucheron - Add back check for msm7x30 that got lost in merge
  •Steve Kondik - vdec: Add ifdefs to featurize extended user metadata
  •Steve Kondik - Add ifdefs for target-specific and optional features
  •Steve Kondik - Remove dependency on kernel headers

CyanogenMod Project name: android_hardware_libhardware_legacy
  •Giulio Cervera - fmradio: cleanup QCOM_FM_ENABLED/STE_FM defs and ifdef

CyanogenMod Project name: android_hardware_samsung
  •angelsl - exynos4: Add open source libsecion.
  •Steve Kondik - exynos3: power: Tuning and cleanups
  •codeworkx - exynos4: update media headers

RootBox Project name: android_build
  •Bajee11 - Remove gapps version

 Project name: mako
  •Steve Glendinning - usbnet: ratelimit kevent may have been dropped warnings
  •Ming Lei - usbnet: decrease suspend count if returning -EBUSY for runtime suspend
  •Hemant Kumar - net: usb: Define waitqueue head as static global variable
  •Hemant Kumar - net: usb: Handle interface suspend properly
  •motley - net: usb: Abort suspend if get_encap response is not sent
  •Hemant Kumar - net: usb: Prevent suspend if response available notification received
  •Jack Pham - usb: misc: Avoid excessive logging during disconnect
  •Ido Shayevitz - usb: hsic: suspend hsic until really activated by the gadget driver
  •Hemant Kumar - usb: ks_bridge: Fix memory leaks in the driver
  •faux123 - defconfig: updated for "enhanced" stock
  •faux123 - gamma control: fix typo derp :(
  •faux123 - gamma control: add checksum to validate data integrity
  •faux123 - gamma control: fix wip code derps :p
  •faux123 - gamma control: WIP expose gamma parameters to sysfs interface

CyanogenMod Project name: android_kernel_samsung_d2
  •Steve Kondik - Revert wait4vsync changes until panel init sequence is fixed.
  •Steve Kondik - video: msm: Remove timeout from wait4vsync
  •Huaibin Yang - msm_fb: display: get mipi frame rate from panel file
  •Kuogee Hsieh - msm_fb: display: wait4vsync before set suspend flag
  •Kuogee Hsieh - msm_fb: display: wait4vsync after timing generator is turned off
  •Kuogee Hsieh - msm_fb: display: replace msleep with wait4vsync
  •Huaibin Yang - msm_fb: display: check bus scale handler for registration
  •Rajeev Kulkarni - msm: msm_bus: Add support for 64-bit bandwidth requests
  •Kuogee Hsieh - msm_fb: display: clean pipes from commit queue at suspend
  •Steve Kondik - Revert "msm_fb: display: blt always enabled for 720p,1080p, secure buf"
  •Steve Kondik - msm: rotator: Support Fast YUV for 8960, 8064 and 8x30 targets.
  •Huaibin Yang - msm: rotator: clear rotator bus scale handler
  •Steve Kondik - video: msm: Cleanup a bad merge

CyanogenMod Project name: android_kernel_samsung_smdk4412
  •codeworkx - s5c73m3: only use camera fw from system if newer than on data
  •codeworkx - s5c73m3: print s_ctrl and g_ctrl values
  •codeworkx - s3cfb: disable spam
  •codeworkx - mali: update to r3p1-01rel1

CyanogenMod Project name: android_kernel_samsung_t1
  •codeworkx - cpufreq: interactive: bring inline with omapzoom
  •codeworkx - modem_if: stop the spam
  •codeworkx - apply JB update from

CyanogenMod Project name: android_kernel_samsung_smdk4210
  •Andrea Arcangeli - ondemand: cpuidle detection
  •Andrew Dodd - cpufreq_conservative: Reduce minimum polling interval
  •Andrew Dodd - config: Update n7000 defconfig
  •Andrew Dodd - u1-gpio: Add GPIO definitions for SGH-I777
  •Andrew Dodd - mach-u1: Unmap HOME key GPIO on SGH-I777
  •Andrew Dodd - cpufreq_conservative: Change default tuning settings
  •Andrew Dodd - cpufreq_conservative: Bump default frequency step up to 10 from 5
  •codeworkx - mali: update to r3p1-01rel1

RootBox Project name: buildscripts
  •Bajee11 - Build Maguro for Official Releases
  •Bajee11 - Cleanup Buildscript and build Nexus devices first.
  •Bajee11 - RootBox Splash

RootBox Project name: platform_manifest
  •Bajee11 - Track RootBox Wallpapers
  •ajrty33 - Update README
  •Bajee11 - Track own DeskClock
  •Bajee11 - Track CM qcom wlan & audio-caf
  •Bajee11 - Track CM bionic and change libnfc-nci revision.
  •Bajee11 - Add Maguro Support (2/2)
  •Bajee11 - Add remote
  •Bajee11 - Track own grouper device tree
  •Bajee11 - Track own vendor asus
  •Bajee11 - Tracking changes 4.2.2
  •Bajee11 - Tracking changes 4.2.2
  •Bajee11 - Track android-4.2.2_r1
  •Bajee11 - Fix repo name

RootBox Project name: platform_manifest
  •Bajee11 - Track RootBox Wallpapers
  •ajrty33 - Update README
  •Bajee11 - Track own DeskClock
  •Bajee11 - Track CM qcom wlan & audio-caf
  •Bajee11 - Track CM bionic and change libnfc-nci revision.
  •Bajee11 - Add Maguro Support (2/2)
  •Bajee11 - Add remote
  •Bajee11 - Track own grouper device tree
  •Bajee11 - Track own vendor asus
  •Bajee11 - Tracking changes 4.2.2
  •Bajee11 - Tracking changes 4.2.2
  •Bajee11 - Track android-4.2.2_r1
  •Bajee11 - Fix repo name

CyanogenMod Project name: android_external_busybox
  •Tanguy Pruvot - update config (fstrim addition)
Was funktioniert noch nicht?
  • Das möchte ich von euch wissen
  • Fehler bitte bevorzugt im XDA Thread posten


Aktuelle Nightly (Basierend auf 4.0) mit OpenPDroid (Was ist OpenPDroid?) (PDroid Manager im Play Store)

RootBox-JB-i9100g-Unofficial-20130608 (MD5: a33ead4082f66d2814cf78e8c9806ed9)


basketbuild downloads!

XDA Thread

Google Apps

^ Das ist nicht der Standard Font, sondern Vollkorn

Mein Weg, um von Stock GB 2.3.6 auf diese ROM zu kommen: ICS Stock per Odin flashen, CWM-Kernel per Odin flashen, Horsepower-Kernel per CWM flashen, RootBox per CWM flashen.

TB-Backups wiederherstellen hat bei mir übrigens keine Probleme verursacht, habe über 100 Apps mit Daten wiederhergestellt und bis jetzt läuft alles rund.
Zuletzt bearbeitet:


Erfahrenes Mitglied
Finde die Rom super bin sehr zufrieden es läuft alles.
Nur die App LBE Privacy Guard läuft nicht sie führt zum Absturtz


Version 2.1 ist jetzt online. OTA Updates sind jetzt implementiert.
Wazula schrieb:
Nur die App LBE Privacy Guard läuft nicht sie führt zum Absturtz
Ist unnötig, ich habe es geschafft, PDroid zum Laufen zu bringen. Und zwar mit diesem Auto-Patcher. Das liest sich fürchterlich kompliziert, ist aber ganz simpel.

Ich habe dafür einfach Xubuntu in einer VM installiert und das OpenJDK über die Paketverwaltung installiert.

Dann den Auto-Patcher runtergeladen und entpackt. Anschließend die CWM-Flashbare ZIP von der ROM runtergeladen und in den gleichen Ordner gepackt.

./auto_patcher pdroid aokp-jb
Dann die über CWM geflasht, rebooted und die PDroid APK installiert. Fertig :smile:
Zuletzt bearbeitet:


Version 2.2 ist Online

  • Fixed Camera rotation issue - Camera
  • Fixed Google Ears
  • Fixed Vibrate and Ring issue - Settings
  • Switch to AOKP Exchange
  • Cleaned up init.d
  • Updated APN list
  • Updated to LPT Blobs
  • Media Provider Fixes
  • Replaced Update Me with OTA Update Center
  • Integrated new OTA to Settings
  • Much more RC options - Rom Control
  • A bunch of other fixes - Check RootBox Sources for more details


Erfahrenes Mitglied
Das tollste Update finde ich das "Face down" wenn man das Handy auf das Display legt schaltet es sich auf Vibration oder Stumm (Wahlweise)


Hier ein PDroid Patch für die Version 2.2. Vorher bitte Nandroid Backup machen!


    5,3 MB Aufrufe: 676


Neues Mitglied
Top OS, aber ich vermiss das Radio. :/

ist es möglich das UKW Radio nachzuinstallen?


Das Stock Radio ist odexed, daher wird das nicht funktionieren. Da musst du dich leider im Play Store nach einer Alternative umschauen.


Neues Mitglied
Sehr sehr schade, unterwegs kein radio hören is doch kacke -.-*
und wenn man kein internet hat unterwegs erstrecht...

ist es möglich das Samsung konto hinzuzufügen?
bei dem alten ICS konnte man dies und es orten und co wenn es geklaut wurde oder derlgiechen. leider konnte ich kein samsung konto hinzfügen. normal oder muss ich was bestimmtes machen?



Da es kein Samsung ROM ist, kannst du afaik auch kein Samsung Konto hinzufügen. Du kannst aber alternative Anti-Theft Software verwenden, z.B avast!, prey, Cerberus etc.


Neues Mitglied
schade das es keine möglichkeit gibt, aber die gepostet sachen sind ja das gleiche, und prey kann ja weit aus mehr was samsung nicht konnte ^^
bis jetz echt zufrieden mit dem OS, nur schade dass das radio wech is.. :/


Neues Mitglied
Is das nen Bug oder muss ich was bestimmtes einstellen?

wetterdaten sind richtig eingestellt, jedoch kommt immer N/A -.-*


mal telefon neu gestartet?


Neues Mitglied
Wenn ich nicht schon alles durch hätte, würd' ich hier nicht fragen. :rolleyes2:
Zuletzt bearbeitet von einem Moderator:


das sagst du so. hier muss man ja mit allem rechnen. und von daher auch nach alles fragen.


Neues Mitglied
jane, ich bin einer der auch selber probiertm jedoch bei dem fehler keine lösung hat -.-*


Neues Mitglied
Für alle die das Problem auch haben:

There are no options like :
* holding vol up/down to jump while playing music & screen off.
* weather & weather on lock screen.
* changing carrier name.
& more like RB 1.7
Anyway it's fast & smooth & battery friend.
Hope that you'll add more options in next release


Update v2.3

Aroma entfernt, also kein Installer mehr, GAPPS müssen jetzt manuell geflasht werden.

Project name: platform_manifest
  •Bajee11 - Track external/grngd and AOKP external/sqlite
  •Bajee11 - Track CM openssh
  •Bajee11 - Switch to aokp frameworks_native

Project name: vendor_aokp
  •Jonathan Steadman - AOKP: option to enable/disable menu unlock (3/3)
  •Bajee11 - Update RootBox version & OTA app Update OTA Update Center to RC7
  •BMc08GT - Update NovaLauncher
  •remicks - Update SuperSU
  •Pawit Pornkitprasan - opticharger: do not compress resources.arsc

Project name: themes-platform-vendor-tmobile-apps-ThemeChooser
  •Sébastien - Update French translation-ThemeChooser-CM10
  •Marco Brohet - ThemeChooser: Dutch translations
  •elelinux - Add Swedish translation

Project name: proprietary_vendor_samsung
  •Shareef Ali - d2usc: add props lg1 and lg8 release
  •mikeyman77 - hercules: update sensor libs from LE1
  •Shareef Ali - d2vzw : remove audio blobs
  •Shareef Ali - d2spr: remove audio blobs
  •Steve Kondik - d2: Remove audio blobs
  •codeworkx - i9300: back to LG4 hwcomposer
  •codeworkx - i9300: updated tvout blobs from LH4
  •codeworkx - i9300: updated ril and hwcomposer from LH4

Project name: recovery
  •Koushik Dutta - move umask to the top
  •Daniel Bateman - recovery: fix up key repeating
  •Koushik Dutta -
  •Koushik Dutta - First pass at fixing up the threading issues in ro.cwm.enable_key_repeat.

Project name: frameworks_av
  •Steve Kondik - audio: Unbreak ALL the things
  •Steve Kondik - stagefright: Build QCOM players for all QCOM targets
  •Steve Kondik - audio: Fix another ifdef fail.
  •Ethan Chen - audioflinger: fix bad parentheses placement
  •Tejas Shikhare - frameworks/av: Implement DirectTrack and DirectTrackClient
  •Ricardo Cerqueira - OMXCodec: Support older QCOM video decoders
  •codeworkx - audioflinger: workaround for samsungs volume bug
  •Andreas Schneider - frameworks/av: Fix building pv aac library.
  •Mingming Yin - Compile AudioParameter as shared library regardless of SRS flag
  •ApurupaPattapu - libstagefright: HTTP Streaming fixes
  •Shashi Kumar - frameworks/av: Fix to handle corrupted AAC clips
  •Shashi Kumar - framework/av: Fix EOS issue for certain midi clips
  •Chirayu Desai - fix build
  •Vidyakumar Athota - audio: Squashed set of commits for QCOM audio features
  •Lalit Maganti - av: Don't use fraunhofer for ARMv6 devices
  •xkonni - camera: Add parameters for HTC msm8960
  •Ricardo Cerqueira - stagefright: Fix encoder startup failure on 7x27
  •Maheshwar Ajja - frameworks/base: enable meta mode for 7x27a video encoder

Project name: frameworks_base
  •Jonathan Steadman - framework: option to enable/disable menu unlock (1/3)
  •sethyx - CalendarEntry: remove unnecessary debug spam
  •Ryan Welton - PackageInfo class incorrectly referenced as a struct.
  •Masanori Ogino - fix wrong substring
  •Dirk Rettschlag - Lockscreen: fix default value for lockscreen weather
  •BMc08GT - Add IME Toggler (1/2)
  •Bajee11 - SystemUI:HSPA+ Support
  •Rajulu Ponnada - frameworks/base: fix for garbage screen updates in certain testcases
  •Danesh M - WebView : Add openUrl menu item
  •sethyx - Port lockscreen info-lines from ICS (1/2)
  •Vairavan Srinivasan - VibratorService: Fix to ensure actual delay in a vibrate pattern
  •Vishal Mahaveer - Fix interface name for tethering
  •isimobile - Change SIM Pin lock entry to center of window with transparent background for devices with large screens (Tablets)
  •Arun Ravindran - Services: Adding HSPAP info in Android
  •Pawit Pornkitprasan - Make "SD Card removed" notification dismissible if the removed SD Card is not the primary storage
  •Jonathan Steadman - add missing @hide
  •LorD ClockaN - Add national data roaming and make it optional (frameworks part 1/2)
  •Tanguy Pruvot - Option to hide Adb notification icon (framework)
  •Tanguy Pruvot - ADB Over Network, integration of the adb-host mode (already present)
  •Alex Avance - Add an option to change the device hostname (1/2).
  •sethyx - Lockscreen: Fix centered layout for unlock ring
  •YULIANGMAX - Fix clock AM/PM error. Some countries time format is [a h:mm] rather than [h:mm a]. When using 12hour format, minutes can not display. Tested on maguro,Worked good.
  •Nitroz - Fixed the sync toggle icon as the previous one was a little off
  •Jonathan Steadman - SamsungQualcommUiccRil: hack to prevent SIM unlock popup
  •Austen Dicken - telephony: CdmaServiceStateTracker: get cdma subscription when ruim ready.
  •Sidipotu Ashok - audio: VOIP bringup and support for vocoders
  •Arne Coucheron - Fix compile error on QCOM targets
  •jt1134 - fix moar qcom pollution
  •Fatih Erdem - TURKISH: Translations for SytemUI
  •YULIANGMAX - Updated simplified Chinese translations
  •YULIANGMAX - Updated simplified Chinese translations
  •Steve Kondik - hwui: Disable QCOM tile renderer by default
  •Rajulu Ponnada - frameworks/base: support for qcom application tiling
  •syaoran12 - Services: custom app led colors (1 of 2)
  •Matanya Elchanani - Custom Carrier Label (framework part - 2/2)
  •Jonathan Steadman - framework: add lockscreen text color 1/2 [WIP]
  •Kyle Teague - Port Clock Color chooser from ICS (2/2)

Project name: frameworks_native
  •Deva Ramasubramanian - native: Add custom 32-aligned NV12 colorformat
  •Steve Kondik - Fix makefile from the previous commit
  •Ramakant Singh - SF::Call qcomuiClearRegion() method for mdp composition
  •Steve Kondik - surfacetexture: Add API to set the min undequeued buffer count
  •Steve Kondik - Allow 3+ undequeued buffers for SurfaceTextureLayer
  •Jonathan Steadman - Revert "BufferQueue: Increase MIN_UNDEQUEUED from 2 to 3."
  •Saurabh Shah - BufferQueue: Increase MIN_UNDEQUEUED from 2 to 3.
  •Chirayu Desai - fix build
  •Ramkumar Radhakrishnan - Add support for custom buffer sizes.
  •Naseer Ahmed - FramebufferNativeWindow: Fix locking
  •Omprakash Dhyade - frameworks/native: fix copy back dirty region
  •Vishrut Shah - native/libs/ui: Adding fix for conf 2.0 seg faults
  •codeworkx - binder: libsamsungion goes libsecion

Project name: packages_apps_Camera
  •Danesh Mondegarian - Camera : Fix camera crash
  •Steve Kondik - camera: Remove the rotation parameter for video
  •Steve Kondik - camera: Add options to better control video preview size
  •Steve Kondik - camera: Restart the preview if record size changes
  •Tanmaya Godbole - Camera: Fixes the camcorder preview freeze at 1080p
  •Tanmaya Godbole - Camera: Fixes stretched and shrunk preview issue on camera
  •Bajee11 - Allow configure touch to focus timeout
  •Danesh Mondegarian - Camera : Animate snapshot in later stages

Project name: packages_apps_Settings
  •Kyle Teague - Replace Themes icon with AOKP's own personal theme chooser icon
  •Bajee11 - Bring back AOKP version
  •Petr Reznicek - Settings: Updated czech translation
  •YULIANGMAX - Update Simplified Chinese translations
  •Rick C - nfc polling: change summary to set value
  •Alexander Hofbauer - DevelopmentSettings: Refactor ADB over Network
  •Tanguy Pruvot - Hide Adb Notification icon (settings)
  •Tanguy Pruvot - Adb over network (Settings part for Jellybean)
  •Ricardo Cerqueira - RadioInfo: Update the network type listing
  •Alex Avance - Add an option to change the device hostname (2/2).
  •Petr Reznicek - Settings: Updated czech translation
  •YULIANGMAX - Updated simplified Chinese translation of more suitable
  •Fatih Erdem - TURKISH: Translations for Seetings
  •elelinux - Settings: update swedish translation
  •Maddie Zhan - Change-Id: If42ed4300a7a7ab602ba814e087564432a411682 Settings: Update Simplified Chinese translation
  •Fatih Erdem - TURKISH: Translations for Settings make my own branch
  •Petr Reznicek - Settings: Updated czech translation

Project name: packages_apps_ROMControl
  •Jonathan Steadman - ROMControl: option to enable/disable menu unlock (2/3)
  •YULIANGMAX - Updated simplified Chinese translation of more suitable. Connect strings of xml and javacode to "strings.xml". Fix translation errors. Remove toggles translation.Because they need overlays.
  •BMc08GT - Add IME Toggler (2/2)
  •sethyx - Port lockscreen info-lines from ICS (2/2)
  •Petr Reznicek - ROMControl: Fixed czech translation
  •Petr Reznicek - ROMControl: Updated czech translation
  •Jonathon Grigg - Bring back ability to remove LED settings for devices that don't need it
  •Fatih Erdem - TURKISH: Translations for ROMControl
  •syaoran12 - RC: custom app led colors (2 of 2)
  •Matanya Elchanani - Custom Carrier Label (RC part - 1/2)
  •Jonathan Steadman - ROMControl: add lockscreen color picker 2/2
  •Kyle Teague - Port Clock Color chooser from ICS (1/2)
  •Petr Reznicek - ROMControl: Updated czech translation

Project name: packages_apps_Contacts
  •YULIANGMAX - Updated simplified Chinese translations

Project name: Mms
  •rheeze - Mms - Updated italian translation - added missing copyright info
  •Jorge Ruesga - Fix 5872: (Mms) Phone doesn't vibrate on receiving texts unless on vibrate only
  •Takuo Kitame - Mms: Update Japanese translation.
  •Mike Kasick - SmsReceiverService: Stop only if there's no outstanding SMSes being sent.
  •Gustavo Rosa - PT-BR: Added Missing Translations
  •Tamás Tóth - Added hungarian translation for Emoji patch
  •Andrew Jiang - Mms: Simplified Chinese Translations
  •pvolkov - Update Russian Translation-Mms-CM10
  •Sébastien - Update French translation-MMS-CM10
  •Robert Burns - Fix build after emoji patch
  •Gabriel Féron - Emoji patch from CM9 for the MMS app
  •Jacob Overgaard Madsen - MMS: Danish translation Patch set 2: Values array removed

Project name: packages_apps_Gallery2
  •YULIANGMAX - Updated simplified Chinese translations for Camera

Project name: packages_apps_Phone
  •LorD ClockaN - Add national data roaming and make it optional (phone part 1/2)
  •sethyx - Fix centered ring layout for real (copy from lockscreen)
  •qnhoang81 - Bring back "End call to Home Screen Setting"
  •Petr Reznicek - Phone: Updatech czech translation - finaly
  •Ricardo Cerqueira - PhoneToggler: Fix toggler on LTE+GSM phones
  •Emerson Pinter - Makes network mode toggle work. Port from CM9.
  •Jonathan Steadman - Revert "2G/3G toggle for applications"
  •dhacker29 - Add NT_MODE's for NETWORK_MODE's 8 and 10
  •sethyx - Fix centered layout for inbound call ring
  •Fatih Erdem - TURKISH: Translations for Phone
  •YULIANGMAX - Updated simplified Chinese translations

Project name: packages_apps_Browser
  •YULIANGMAX - Update Simplified Chinese translations
  •Fatih Erdem - TURKISH: Translations for Browser (make my own branch)

Project name: android_device_samsung_i9100g
  •codeworkx - lights: fix touchled enable when panel brightness changes

Project name: android_device_samsung_galaxys2-common
  •Pierpaolo Pernici - Fixing releasetools for galaxys2: disable backuptool for AOKP
  •Bajee11 - Align to CM standards
  •Bajee11 - Enable dock settings
  •codeworkx - workaround for samsungs volume bug

Project name: android_kernel_samsung_t1
  •codeworkx - cypress: fix initial led status, implement sysfs reading
  •codeworkx - t1: modified touchscreen sensitivity

Project name: android_system_core
  •Steve Kondik - window: Add API to set the min undequeued buffer count
  •Sidipotu Ashok - audio: Add a flag for VOIP RX
  •Mingming Yin - Add support for wifi display
  •Dixon Peterson - diag: Remove world read/write permissions from /dev/diag
  •Darren Landoll - Fix PowerHAL cpufreq permissions
  •Ricardo Cerqueira - init: Reintroduce support for the older charger modes
  •Vidyakumar Athota - audio: Squashed set of commits for QCOM audio features
  •Ramkumar Radhakrishnan - system/core: Add command NATIVE_WINDOW_SET_BUFFERS_SIZE
  •Bajee11 - Removed modified host file

Project name: external_webkit
  •Krylon360 - Webkit: Change old GPU Header path to new location

Project name: external_sqlite
  •Kiran Kumar H N - SQLite: Enable fdatasync for SQLite

Project name: external_skia
  •Krylon360 - Skia: Fix path to OpenGL Headers

Project name: openssh
  •Alexander Hofbauer - Fix problem with user home directories
  •Alexander Hofbauer - Update config.h to 6.0p1
  •Alexander Hofbauer - Fix pathnames for Android
  •Chirayu Desai - better sshd_config
  •Chirayu Desai - Revert "Allow root login if ro.debuggable is set (userdebug and eng builds)"
  •Peter Wagner - _PATH_SSH_PROGRAM should point to ssh not sftp - this fixes scp
  •Peter Wagner - update openssh to 6.0p1

Project name: android_build
  •KhasMek - Build: Add mkapush to envsetup
  •Steve Kondik - build: Add Qualcomm's helper macros
  •Emilio López - Removed references to CM build
  •chris41g - Fix typo in
  •freexperia - build: add support for uncompressed kernels
  •Daniel Hillenbrand - kernel: allow to specify a custom toolchain for kernel build
  •Pierpaolo Pernici - Allow override of device asserts, including multi-device support.
  •Pierpaolo Pernici - enable TARGET_RELEASETOOL_OTA_FROM_TARGET_SCRIPT for devices with custom releasetools

Project name: android_hardware_libhardware_legacy
  •Steve Kondik - audio: Add missing enum
  •Mingming Yin - audio: Support for more QCOM audio features
  •Seth Shelnutt - libaudiohw_legacy: Add second #ifdef to set channels when using legacy audio and not using ics audio blobs.
  •R. Andrew Ohana - wifi.c: allow devices to specify driver delay if needed
  •Shashi Kumar - audio policy: Added AMR and EVRC/QCELP formats for tunnel mode recording

Project name: msm7k
  •Shareef Ali - libgralloc: fix compile issues

Project name: android_hardware_libhardware
  •Tejas Shikhare - libhardware: Add APIs to support DirectTrack in HAL
  •Shashi Kumar - audio: Squashed set of commits for QCOM audio features
  •Ramkumar Radhakrishnan - libhardware: Add allocSize hook function.

Project name: android_hardware_samsung
  •Pawit Pornkitprasan - exynos3: Add V4L2_CID_CAMERA_GPS_PROCESSINGMETHOD to camera header
  •Chirayu Desai - exynos3: initial commit
Habe es leider noch nicht geschafft, einen PDroid Patch für diese Version zu erstellen. Ich werde es aber weiter versuchen mit nachfolgenden Patcher-Versionen.


Update 2.4
Project name: vendor_aokp
  •Jorge Ruesga - Vendor CM Build: Allow parallelize the optimization of framework-res.apk
  •Stevespear426 - Add config for small tablets
  •Maddie Zhan - Removes redundant APN setting for China Unicom.
  •remicks - Update SuperSU to v0.96
  •xoomdev - Add common cdma apns to vendor
  •Pierpaolo Pernici - Fix build.prop creation - fixing also CWM flashing problems of device-specific stuff

Project name: themes-platform-vendor-tmobile-apps-ThemeChooser
  •xoomdev - Add a restart for NovaLauncher on theme change

Project name: android_vendor_tmobile_providers_ThemeManager
  •Marco Brohet - ThemeManager: Dutch translations

Project name: proprietary_vendor_samsung
  •Steve Kondik - quincy: Update blobs
  •Steve Kondik - msm8660: Update props
  •codeworkx - p31xx: variant specific sensor module
  •jt1134 - mesmerizemtd: update ril blobs from EH09
  •Brian Beloshapka - epicmtd: Modified charging_mode binary for 3.0 kernel.
  •Steve Kondik - msm8660: Update blobs
  •jt1134 - mesmerizemtd: remove files unneeded for jellybean
  •Shareef Ali - d2: fix nfc on d2vzw board family
  •sbrissen - gs2-common: copy hwcomposer
  •sbrissen - d710: fix using common props
  •sbrissen - d710: make use off galaxys2-common
  •chris41g - path change
  •sbrissen - d710: fix headers
  •sbrissen - d710: update props for jb
  •chris41g - renamed to d710 as per other SGSII variants

Project name: platform_dalvik
  •David Butcher - Switched code to blx <reg>
  •Brian Carlstrom - Change dalvik script to use exec
  •Elliott Hughes - Fix a small and unlikely memory leak.
  •Elliott Hughes - Don't log "WAIT_FOR_CONCURRENT_GC blocked 0ms".
  •Mattias Petersson - Missing zero-checks in JIT compiler

Project name: recovery
  •Koushik Dutta -

Project name: frameworks_av
  •Mingming Yin - AudioFlinger: Disable AUDIO_WATCHDOG to reduce high audio power

Project name: frameworks_base
  •DvTonder - Framework: Add Quick Message Support (2/2)
  •Takashi Matsuoka - HTCQualcommRIL: Set mUSIM and mSetPreferredNetworkType
  •Magnus Strandberg - Fix for updating TCP buffer size when switching network type
  •Stevespear426 - Powermenu: Add screenshot, make airplane mode removable
  •Mike Wilson - framework: hide NavBar on demand, and basic Nav controls in Power Dialog.
  •Danesh M - Kill App on Long-Press Back Key (framework)
  •Dirk Rettschlag - LED: add LED brightness control (2/3)
  •Stevespear426 - Navbar: Allow for up to seven navbar buttons
  •gdanko - Volume music controls (1/2)
  •Will DeBerry - SystemUI: Add option to hide signal bars
  •Mike Wilson - SystemUI: WiFi Signal Text
  •Roman Birg - SystemUI: add signal text (1/2) WIP
  •Steve Kondik - am: Don't crash if cacheDir can't be created
  •Michal Stawinski - Fix SkBitmap::fPixels not being locked correctly
  •xoomdev - small tablets: add nav bar battery bar locations
  •Pawit Pornkitprasan - WebView: fix crash when moving cursor Owner: Pawit Pornkitprasan From:
  •Phil Tunstall - Audio: Restore volume for all streams on headset connect/disconnect
  •Zaphod - fix IME down arrow for custom navbar
  •David Ferguson - SamsungQualcomm RILs: throttle multiple outstanding SEND_SMS requests
  •Erez A. Korn - Correct Change I32c89b82
  •Tanguy Pruvot - Backlight settings, preliminary, but works
  •LorD ClockaN - Add hideable kill-all-button to recent switcher (1/2 FWB part)
  •Johan Viktorsson - Added check of ActivityInfo launch mode when starting activity.
  •Vairavan Srinivasan - ContentProviderRecord: Remove external process reference when finalized
  •nadlabak - ActivityManagerService: stay away from zombie content providers
  •Vairavan Srinivasan - ProviderMap: remove hashmap when entire user specific entries are removed
  •xoomdev - Support NT_MODE_LTE_CDMA_EVDO for LTE toggle (1/2)
  •Naveen Kalla - Telephony: Initialize RIL with the correct CDMA subscription mode setting
  •Mike Kasick - Poll for DATA_REGISTRATION_STATE on SVDO devices (3G icon fix).
  •BMc08GT - Add ability to unlink notification volume from ringtone volume (1/2)
  •Jonas Larsson - Configurable 0, 90, 180 and 270 degree rotation (framework part)
  •xoomdev - Bring back down arrow (when IME is showing) in nav bar.
  •Naveen Kalla - Telephony: Add HSPAP to getTcpBufferSizesPropName
  •Jake Wharton - Return early when checking divider before child zero.
  •Andreas Röhl - Fix SurfaceView notifies on invalid surfaces.
  •Chuanxia Dong - StorageManager: fix issue that GREF has increased to 2011 in system server with intel stress test.
  •Vairavan Srinivasan - ActivityThread: Avoid creating duplicate handlers and reuse mH
  •Vidyakumar Athota - frameworks/base: Add support for QCELP/EVRC formats
  •Jüri Schultz - telephony : update stk functionality for samsung phones ported from CM9

Project name: frameworks_native
  •Steve Kondik - Revert "surfacetexture: Add API to set the min undequeued buffer count"

Project name: packages_apps_Settings
  •Tanguy Pruvot - Backlight settings (settings)
  •Roman Birg - add ability to separate ringtone & notification volumes (2/2)
  •StevenHarperUK - Feature : Volume adjust sound preference 2/2

Project name: packages_apps_ROMControl
  •Dirk Rettschlag - fix LED settings for devices other than tuna based ones
  •Jonathan Steadman - RC: moar streamlining
  •Stevespear426 - Powermenu: add screenshot and airpane mode back in.
  •Mike Wilson - Option to enable NavBar controls in Power Dialog
  •PhantomGamers - Kill app on long-press back key (ROMControl) ported from David van Tonder
  •Dirk Rettschlag - LED: add LED brightness control (3/3)
  •Dirk Rettschlag - LED: enable charging LED (1/2)
  •Jonathan Steadman - RC: Signal text strings cleanup
  •BMc08GT - Add Theme.Translucent.NoTitleBar to ShareClipBoard
  •gdanko - Volume music controls (2/2)
  •Jonathan Steadman - ROMControl: statusbar signal options (2/2)
  •Roman Birg - update UrlImageViewHelper
  •xoomdev - Fix bug of not writing min cpu1 values on change.
  •dagr8 - Add hidable kill-all-button to recent switcher (1/2 RC part) Signed-off-by: dagr8 <>
  •Jonathan Steadman - RC: fix typo
  •Prateek Srivastava - Custom Boot Animation
  •BMc08GT - Allow 180 degree rotation (2/2)

Project name: packages_apps_Contacts
  •Kyle Teague - Allow full theming of Contacts via theme chooser
  •Desterly - Add an "unknown" call type to calllog. Some applications such as Titanium Backup import call log with unknown call types.  i This changes the default behavior from throwing an exception to returning an "Unknown Call" and "?" icon.
  •Ricardo Cerqueira - Contacts: Fix broken export-to-storage function

Project name: Mms
  •DvTonder - QuickMessage: Cleanup, optimization and bug fixes
  •DvTonder - QuickMessage: Fix display of main app UI and remove from recents menu
  •DvTonder - QuickMessage: Only display template button if templates defined (3 options)
  •DvTonder - Mms: Add Template support to QuickMessage pop-up
  •pvolkov - Update Russian Translation-Mms-CM10
  •Shawn Alty - Rearrange MMS notification actions
  •Tamás Tóth - Added hungarian translation for Quick reply and remove whitespace
  •djMesias - es_ES: Added missing translations
  •Jesse Straub - Fix drawable name on mdpi
  •DvTonder - Mms: Add 'Quick reply' notification action
  •utkanos - Revert Mms vibrate logic change 21112
  •Gustavo Rosa - PT-BR: Add QuickMessage Translation
  •rheeze - Mms: Updated italian translation (added QuickMessage feature)
  •Tamás Tóth - Added hungarian translation for Quick message
  •DvTonder - MMS: Remove Quick Message public API change (2/2)
  •blunden - MMS: Replace emojis with Android-style ones
  •Jacob Overgaard Madsen - Mms: Missing Danish strings and a few corrections
  •DvTonder - Mms: Add Quick Message Support (1/2)

Project name: packages_apps_Phone
  •David Ferguson - phone settings: do not present duplicate operators to the user
  •David Ferguson - packages/apps/Phone: squashed clean up of NetworkSettings from CAF

Project name: android_device_samsung_i9100
  •Tamás Tóth - Added hungarian translations for DeviceSettings

Project name: android_device_samsung_i9100g
  •codeworkx - add mass storage support

Project name: android_device_samsung_galaxys2-common
  •codeworkx - enable samsung stk

Project name: android_kernel_samsung_smdk4210
  •Andrew Dodd - cpufreq: Reset MAX8997 predefineds when needed
  •Andrew Dodd - cpufreq: Move voltage control to 4210 file
  •Andrew Dodd - modem_if: Quiet down a chatty driver
  •R. Andrew Ohana - max8997_vibrator: remove hardcoded pwm_duty
  •R. Andrew Ohana - sec_battery_px: some small fixes

Project name: android_system_core
  •Aviral Gupta - include/system: JB upgrade for the MPQ8064
  •Naveen Kalla - Define TCP buffer sizes for HSPAP, HSDPA, HSUPA and EVDO
  •Jim Huang - libpixelflinger: Add ARM NEON optimized scanline_t32cb16
  •Jim Huang - libpixelflinger: Build NEON optimized routine per target configuration

Project name: external_freetype
  •Steve Kondik - freetype: Add Infinality patches
  •Steve Kondik - Upgrade FreeType to 2.4.10

Project name: external_zlib
  •Arne Coucheron - zlib: Update to version on adler32/slhash repo as of Aug 13, 2012

Project name: android_hardware_libhardware_legacy
  •Aviral Gupta - audio: JB upgrade for the MPQ 8064

Project name: android_hardware_libhardware
  •Adam Farden - audio: fix when using ICS audio blobs
  •Aviral Gupta - libhardware: Load the MPQ HAL for the MPQ8064 target

Project name: android_hardware_qcom_display
  •Naseer Ahmed - hwc: Call swap buffers even on NULL lists
  •Steve Kondik - hwc: Correct default value of dynThreshold
  •Steve Kondik - hwc: Set premultiplied alpha flag appropriately
  •Neti Ravi Kumar - hwcomposer : Use system property to set DYN composition threshold
  •Saurabh Shah - overlay: Remove OVASSERT from getFormatString utility
  •Ramkumar Radhakrishnan - libgralloc: Allocate buffer Fix.
  •Prabhanjan Kandula - libcopybit: fix YUV buffer alignments as per gralloc
  •Prashant Surana - Add support for PIP, picture in picture feature
  •Ramakant Singh - libqdutils::Use qcomuiClearRegion for dynamic composition
  •Steve Kondik - hwc: Enable MDP_BACKEND_COMPOSITION
  •Andreas Schneider - qdutils: Add MDP v3.0.2 detection.
  •Saurabh Shah - hwc: Unlock prev. buffers in N+1th draw round.
  •Sravan Kumar D.V.N - display : Do not use copybit for composition when YUV layer is present.
  •Neti Ravi Kumar - hwcomposer : Disable bypass, when connected to external display
PDroid-Patch im Anhang.


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