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  1. pro.aggro, 05.05.2012 #1

    pro.aggro Threadstarter Android-Urgestein

    v2.3.7.31 wird gerade überarbeitet, da es Probleme mit dem Root Explorer gab.

    Requires Android: 2.2 and up
    You can get better results on android 3.0+ and MIUI ROMs

    [B]v2.3.7.31 :[/B] 
    1. solved theme problems 
    2. added Grid View Mode 
    3. added filtering lists by matching letters (the fastest way to find the files) 4. fixed FC while open from the other app 
    5. added install multiple APK files automatically for not rooted devices 
    6. removed settings button from top and added to all page's menu option 
    7. added show/hide tabs again 
    8. fixed saving text file in root explorer 
    9. fixed creating text file in root explorer 
    10. fixed not listing some files in root explorer 
    11. updated languages  
    12. fixed some little bugs    [B]
    v2.3.7.30 :[/B] 
    1. created a dark theme for this version (sorry if you don't like it, I'm the fan of light theme too) 
    2. fixed bug for minimum file size in settings page 
    3. fixed FC on deleting file in category pages 
    4. fast start app 
    5. languages updated (we have a bigger app:D) 
    6. fixed zh-CN and pt-BR language problem  
    7. added primary folder in settings page 
    8. removed show/hide tab from settings page 
    9. added quickly turn on/off wifi by clicking on wifi icon in FTP page 
    10. show the real path in root explorer mode 
    11. better layout for browse page in landscape mode 
    12. fixed funny bug on saving UID/GID/Sticky in permissions dialog 
    13. moved settings button to top corner tab 
    14. show exit popup on each tab page 
    15. moved mount r/w option to the settings page 
    16. optimized swiping pages 
    17. fixed copying files (it was unusable) 
    18. create new name for file/folder when you're creating file/folder or coping files and file/folder exists 
    19. added copy RootDirectory/SymLink (not sure:D not tested) 
    20. fixed deleting file bug in root explorer 
    21. and lots of small bugs fixed 






    Porting and extending Miui file explorer (May/5 - v2.3.7.31 light theme) - xda-developers


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