Vringo - Video Klingeltöne auf Android

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Vringo adds video ringtones to your android phone

Video ringtones are a now a reality in Android thanks to beta app Vringo. If you’ve ever wanted to have a music video or the latest funny clip from YouTube to play during an incoming call, your wish has come true. Why settle for a piano melody when you can be treated to the infamous Keyboard Cat?
Vringo is a mobile service and app that plays video clips as your phone rings. Users can select the official video of a hit record, personal clips of their friends and family (maybe even a clip of the person calling, perhaps?), or premium content purchased from Vringo. Caller ID already functions on text or photo, but video will make incoming calls “dynamic and personal as any other [phone experience],” according to CEO Jon Medved.
The beta app is available for download at http://android.vringo.com. If you’re part of the vibrate-only, Anti-Ringtone Consortium, this obviously isn’t for you. All others should check out this video profile by jkOntherun.
Vringo adds video ringtones to your Android phone | Google Android Blog
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