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  1. dodolom, 02.05.2011 #1

    dodolom Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    Hi guys,

    First off all, apologies for not posting in German but I unfortunately do not speak your language.

    The reason I am posting here is because, I posted this over on XDA and told the guys over there that I am sending this to HTC. Someone suggested this thread on your forum and told me to send this thread to HTC, so that they can see what's going on with the HTC Desire S.

    Long story short. I am suffering from the same problem as many of you are and here is an evidence of my problem.

  2. mudslide, 02.05.2011 #2

    mudslide Neuer Benutzer

    Wow, that's sounds really bad. Was it like that from the beginning or did it get worse with time?
  3. dodolom, 02.05.2011 #3

    dodolom Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    It got worse within 2 days. The problem was the middle part of the battery cover as you can see on the video but within the next day, this is what it turned into. This sucks. I dont even want to send the phone back to Singapore(where I purchased it from on eBay). I haven't read this entire thread but my guess is that, the production differs from location to location and unfortunately I got it from a place that had these issues. I am waiting to see what HTC is going to say.

    I contacted HTC UK and they said they will send a new cover to me. I contacted HTC US(I live in the US), they said they will see what they can do, since they don't carry this phone in the US, I doubt they can do anything.HTC US was contacted on last Wednesday, April 27 and it was sent to the escalations team but nothing so far.

    I wrote to HTC_EU on twitter on Friday, haven't heard anything back.

    Has anyone over here had any official response regarding this problem from HTC?
  4. Handymeister, 02.05.2011 #4

    Handymeister Foren-Manager Mitarbeiter Foren-Manager

    To avoid confusion: I moved the english posts into this thread, with the german topic translated in english.
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  5. Handymeister, 02.05.2011 #5

    Handymeister Foren-Manager Mitarbeiter Foren-Manager

  6. Ramo5, 06.05.2011 #6

    Ramo5 Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    wow. that DOES sound pretty bad. there's nothin worse than spending that kinda money on a phone and discoverin such issues in built quality. ur vid just made me take mine out my cover n doule check on it. but... nothin. everything is in place and locked the way it should b. dunno if it's because i have it in a cover (which pretty much secures the battery cover and makes it stay in place) or like u said the difference in "quality" since i've bought mine in germany. even though i don't think that htc would set different standards from country to country since they have a good rep for build quality imo. this is my second htc and even with my first one, the old blackstone, i was impressed with the way it was built compared to samsung or sony which i've had alot of phones from in the past. don't know if this will b a help to u but i recall seein just the battery covers alone on ebay once. might b an option...?
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