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Diskutiere [AOSP/AOKP-KERNEL][ICS] *16.07.12* [3.37][Thoravukk] APPTUNNTFSCIFSOC/UVBLNOTG im Kernel für Samsung Galaxy S2 im Bereich Root / Hacking / Modding für Samsung Galaxy S2.



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It's a Kernel for AOSP/AOKP/CM9 Roms. Only stable mods with best Battery life.

All my Sourcecode's you can find here. https://github.com/pinpong

based on samung update4 patched to linux 3.0.36
I/O Schedulers: bfq, noop, sio,[color="Red">cfq (default)[/color], deadline, vr
Governors:[color="Red"]ondemand (default)[/color] , lulzactive, interactive, sakuractive,
intelldemand, lagfree, smartassv2, savagedzen, performance, userspace, powersave, brazilianwax
Bootanimation Support
J4FS: Custom Bootlogo (( you can use helcat's bootscreen changer from market SGS2 BootScreen Changer)
be sure you have reset your flash counter) How to [02.03.2012][ROOT] TriangleAway v1.25
Improved Touchscreen sensitivity
Brilliant Color
Thoravukk control [APP]Thoravukk Control for Thoravukk Kernel
BLN fadeout / breathing effect
Voodoo Louder Support ( need the VoodooLouder app )
CPU Overclocking & Undervolting support
GPU Overclocking & Undervolting support
Charging voltage support ( use at your own risk )
CWM touch Recovery with gesture support
OTG ( USB mouse and keyboard support )
fuse.ko ntfs support
Compile with special CFLAGS
stripped modules
init.d support
Ultimate Kernel Cleaning Script included samsung ultimate kernel cleaning script

wakelock: main_wake_lock fix by tungstwenty
wakelock: (tungstwenty's implementation)
Auto-brightness increased slightly from s3 ( thx hardcore )
MDNIE screen sharpness and color tuning (improves text readability) from s3 ( thx hardcore )
init.d script fix ( was my fault, i forgot to change it after update th initramfs :D )
MDNIE color tuning: reduce color saturation for Standard mode from s3 ( thx hardcore )
Remount all partitions with noatime
Remount ext4 partitions with optimizations
linux 3.0.37
update ramdisk
update ramdisk-recovery

sync: Add synchronization framework
sw_sync: add cpu based sync driver
sync: add timestamps to sync_pts
sync: add debugfs support
sw_sync: add debug support
sync: add ioctl to get fence data
sw_sync: add fill_driver_data support
sync: add poll support    
enable sync And sw_sync
enable conservative governor
update ramdisk
update ramdisk-recoevry

fix recharge issue if the phone is off
some code cleanup
update ramdisk-recovery
update conservative( thx fluxi ), interactive, smartass2 governor
some GPU default changes ( let's try again )
xz compressed

i'll push new patches to github if i'm back from holiday

wifi deepsleep fix
block: strict rq_affinity
block: BFQ v3-r4 IO Scheduler

update ramdisk
enable IP tunneling
mach-u1: THRESHOLD_BATT changes
bcmdhd: Change packet filter settings to block multicast
init:calibrate: lpj from 3.4
Makefile: add one more cflag
add optimized ARM RWSEM algorithm
power: raised polling interval andand use default charge current
ARM: hard float

insecure adbd
back to touch recovery
fixed backup function
update ramdisk
update ramdisk-recovery
GPU: 100MHz, 160MHz, 267MHz as default
GPU: Threshold 84% 44% 84% 64% as default
# The new GPU defaults should fix some game problems like in Samurai vs Zombies defense
Timer frequency: 300Hz
mach-u1: THRESHOLD_BATT changes
.config: enable IP tunneling

update ramdisk
update ramdisk-recovery
usb: gadget: storage: make FSG_NUM_BUFFERS variable size
usb: gadget: android: Honor CONFIG_USB_GADGET_VBUS_DRAW
Use 4 storage pipeline buffers
Increase vbus draw
update Ultimate kernel Cleaning Script 

Update busybox
AFTR || LPA as default
enable SCHED_MC
use cm recovery without touch

linux 3.0.36
color adjusment (color looks now more powerful)
use only 1200MHz for recovery mode
cpufreq: interactive governor: Add a time view concept 
net: wireless: bcmdhd: Reduce priority for dhd_dpc and watchdog

linux 3.0.35
lib: introduce some memory copy macros and functions
lib: improve the performance of memcpy and memmove of the general version
bcmdhd: enable pno support, change initial scan, fixes wifi direct
net: wireless: bcmdhd: Driver update from N7000 Update 3 sources
mach-u1: Make SoC "need recal" check shut up
max17042: Make driver less chatty
sec_battery: Make driver less chatty
modem_if: Stop printing [MIF] messages
arm: remove stale export of 'sha_transform'
lib/sha1.c: quiet sparse noise about symbol not declared
sched: Don't call task_group() too many times in set_task_rq()
arm: remove "optimized" SHA1 routines
lib/sha1: use the git implementation of SHA-1
config: Set country/region code
keyboard: cypress: Ensure light is off, enable regulator only if needed
mmc: Fix file permissions from N7000 commit
mmc: Pull in N7000 Update3 mmc drivers, disable MMC_CAP_ERASE
update ramdisk-recovery
update ramdisk

use cfq as default
fix recovery error
linux 3.0.34
some more patches from myfluxi and cm kernel
more color adjustment

Linux 3.0.33
fixed wifi toggle issue
same patches from fluxi recovery
and a lot of other patches but sorry i'm very busy at time will add it later

linux 3.0.32
fixed ffc
aosp charger
enable IP tunneling
ubuntu/linaro 4.6.3-11ubuntu5 toolchain
ondemand governor as default
remove mfc firmware
mali: Driver update from N7000 Update 3 sources
more matches to cm kernel
add ACCESSORY_SET_AUDIO_MODE control request and ioctl 
usb: gadget: f_accessory: Add support for HID input devices
usb: gadget: f_audio_source: New gadget driver for audio output
sound: mc1n2: Prevent tick-noise when reboot menu selected
usb: gadget: composite: Fix corruption when changing configuration
sched_rt: fix SCHED_RR across cgroups
keyboard: cypress: Automatically enable BLN while charging
touchscreen: mxt224_u1: Update touch values according to power state
touchscreen: mxt224_u1: Use mxt224_ta_probe instead of writing directly 
net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix division by 0 if dhd_watchdog_ms is 0
net: wireless: bcmdhd: Fix WPS PBC overlap failure
config: enable kernel panic timeout
max8997: Implement Accessory Charger Adapter support
mach-u1: Rework ramconsole init
Add correct microphone code for PX devices
cpufreq: Build smartassv2 as a module
and something more changes

tun as module
adjust touchscreen parameters
disable CONFIG_BUG
lower LOG_BUF_SHIFT 18->14
led button fadeout effect
adjust panel gamma
recovery fixes
ramdisk cleanup

linux 3.0.31
add brazilianwax gov
a bit more undervolting
brilliant color
sync with latest UKCS

BLN enabled by default
touchscreen sensitivity changes on battery
fixed adb in recovery mode
initial LED breathing effect ( thx fluxi ) needs a app update
initial LED blink function ( thx fluxi ) needs a app update too
new tweakz
color calibration

touchscreen fix ready
net: wireless: bcmdhd: Driver update from SHW-M250S_ICS_Opensource_Update5 ( thx fluxi )

mach-u1: solved problem with touch sensitivity
ramdisk cleanup

linux 3.0.30
remove wheatly governor 
remove lazy governor 
cpufreq interactive updated
re-working recovery
fixed nandroid backup
fixed led timout always off/on
vibrator level default4
power: raised polling interval and usb charge current 
Timer frequency: 300Hz 
Makefile: Compile with -Ofast
remove app from boot.img ( now you need to download in app thread [URL="http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1616426"][APP]Thoravukk Control for Thoravukk Kernel [/URL]

App: some fixes [COLOR="Red"]( before you flash new kernel be sure you have deinstall the old thoravukk control app )[/COLOR]
USB OTG support thx gokhan
remove debugging 
re-compiled recovery

Thoravukk-kernel App( beta )
better battery runtime

linux 3.0.29
hope we fix sod's
minore fixes
fuse.ko ntfs support 

revert: Switch to Gingerbread legacy hotplug
update interactive Governor
remove lot debugging and tracing
revert: 1200MHz lowered voltage
for completely chngelog check [url]https://github.com/pinpong[/url]

fix permission
Joe's RCU
Switch to Gingerbread legacy hotplug ([COLOR="Red"] testing[/COLOR] )
more on github [URL]https://github.com/pinpong/thoravukk/commits[/URL]

update ramdisk
fix for bootsplash changer
update recovery
1200MHz lowered voltage

 [COLOR="Red"]now we have a great ics kernel [/COLOR]
should work now with newer and older aosp roms
more optimizations
update recovery
[COLOR="Red"]switched mountpoints for sdcards to match cm standard:
/mnt/emmc = internal storage
/mnt/sdcard = external sdcard[/COLOR]
[url=http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=25027440&postcount=25700]xda-developers - View Single Post - [ROM][GT-I9100][4.0.4] CyanogenMod 9 nightly builds | DISCUSSION THREAD[/url]

same as 2.30 but will work with newer cm9 nightlys

back to 2.21 cpu driver and enable 1400&1600MHz ( i think i will remove 1600Mhz next version )
led_timout back to 500
more compiler optimization

change to stable cpu drivers. 200MHz-1400MHz
led_timeout 250 as default

cpu voltage fixes 

fix permission ( init.d should work fine now ) it will fix the VC conflict
remove 300,400,600,900MHz frequencies
stripped modules ( thx saturn_de for the good idea ) we get smaller modules
remove ext4 remount script ( it's useless )

CPU: Now with 16 steps ( thx homura/fluxy )
J4FS Module for custom bootlogo thx codeworkx & sakuramilk to gimme some input
more cleanup
add lippol94 kernel cleaning script
remove cleanup.sh

Linux 3.0.28 upgrade
recovery-ramdisk cleanup 
ramdisk cleanup
change touchscreen sensitivity

enable CIFS
Add adjustable vibrator levels
Performance improvement

Patch to linux 3.0.27
disable pegasusq governor
set leds on for 1 secs as standard
change recovery color
set the right path for sd and sd-ext in recovery
disable more kernel debbuging
sio tuned for flash device's
set lulzactive as default

initramfs cleanup
hope we fix kernel_panic
Touch recovery thx sk8erwitskil
Use other way to copy liblights ( now it should work without problems )
Set sakuractive as default governer

init.d support
modded initramfs
add wheatley governer
add cpu overclocking thx gm
CPU Overclocking & Undervolting support thx gm
GPU Overclocking & Undervolting support thx gm
BLN auto install
Tegrak second core app support
Tegrak touch move app support
Charging voltage support thx gm
add clean-up script

*neldar *hardcore *koush *sakuramilk *homuhomu
* tegrak *gokhanmoral *cattleprod *creams *arighi *fluxi *sk8erwitskil
*vitalij *thank's to all members of team-blockbuster and all i forgot


*stratosk *saturn_de *mialwe *zacharias.maladroit *simone201 *codeworkx



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thoravukk-3.40-cwm.zip - [Click for QR Code]

thoravukk-3.37-odin.tar - [Click for QR Code]
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Sehr interessant, sagt mir gar nichts. Gleich mal testen:)

SGS II Cyanogen (mod) 9


Kannte ich vorher auch nicht. Schaut aber ziemlich gut aus. Bisher keinerlei Probleme, ist smooth und recht gut soweit ich das bisher beurteilen kann.

Bin auf dem, weil der Siyah beta7 mit der 4.0.4 net klar kommt, kein external sdcard mount zB.


Doch den Kernel kanntet ihr vorher auch ;)
Pinpong ist nicht neu^^


Ich teste ihn mal , resonance bei XDA ist gut.

Jo Mad, kannte nur den GB Kernel aber nie getestet:)
Zuletzt bearbeitet:


Dito :).

So jetzt brauch ich noch die lights.exynos4.so damit ich BLN aktivieren kann. Aber irgendwie fehlt mir der /res/misc folder...


Der hat Wheatley *-*
WHEATLEY <3 Muss den jetzt auch mal fix installieren^^


Erfahrenes Mitglied
Hatte ihn bis gerade auf der CM 3103 Build...fakto: Bleibt IMMER auf 1200MHz...und in Voltage Control kann man auch nichts einstellen...freezt sofort...


1-2 mal Rebooten, dann geht VC , Kernel Taktet ganz normal. Hatte auch erst 2 Freezes.


Ich hatte bisher keine Freezes, er taktet sauber, geht in den Deep Sleep und läuft bisher super!

Mit fehlt nur die lights.exynos4.so vom Siyah für BLN. Hat die zufällig wer und kann sie hochladen?


Jup hab auch keine Probleme.
Was ich nur doof finde ist, dass Wheatley nicht drin ist obwohl im ersten Post bei XDA genau das steht :/

Mit VC gabs keine Probleme, alles eingestellt wie ich es wünsche und es passt.

Kleiner Bonus bei dem Kernel, die Touchtasten leuchten nur dann wenn man auf diese drückt, sonst bleiben sie aus. I like. So jetzt noch Wheatley und ich wäre happy :(


Läuft super bei mir keine freezes sehr smooth. Und Vc macht bei mir keine Probleme.. Sehr gut.

Send from Hell


Das auf 1200 Takten liegt im übrigen daran das der devault Gov Performance ist . Umstellen und Takt läuft reibungslos.


Läuft wirklich butterweich. Jetzt noch, wie von bandit angesprochen die Liblights wären super :)


Sicher das Performance der Standard Gov ist? :/
Bei mir ist immer ondemand als Standard anfangs gegeben :/


Jo , bei mir stand er auf Performance / VR :)


Muss mcih korrigieren, hab mich schon gewundert warum er so schnell aus dem Standby kommt. Das liegt aber bei mir daran, dass er nicht in den DS geht. hab Cache gewiped bringt aber immer noch nix. Außer in den DS läuft er glaube ich auf 1200.


Also bei mir geht er nach einem Neustart brav in den DS.

Werde mal sakuractiv testen.


Jo, DS läuft und Taktet ganz normal.

SGS II Cyanogen (mod) 9