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  1. BO4573, 27.07.2011 #1

    BO4573 Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    ganz hübsche App find ich....

    [APP-Updated 22/07/2011] 3D contact v0.93B - Makes searching for contacts sexy!
    3D Contact App v0.93B

    New update available in market (Minecraft bug over)

    3D Contact App is designed to replace the default contacts application that is included with you Android phone. It provides the same functionality as the default contact app but looks a lot slicker!

    * 3D rotating contact cubes
    * Ability to create and edit contacts
    * Search for contacts
    * Change background and cube colour
    * Swipe actions to call/text a contact
    * Ability to star contacts
    * Bound search functionality to search key on phones with a search key
    * A-Z slider to make it easier to jump to contacts
    * View contacts using a 3D cube

    Vx.xx Bug fixes:
    * See 2nd post.

    Coming soon:
    * Handle multiple phone numbers and email addresses
    * Phone number only display option
    * Facebook integration
    * Many, many more...

    This is still a BETA release and therefore please feel free to report any bugs that you might find! Also as this is currently a BETA please feel free to post suggestions and enhancements!

    * To download this app please search for "3D contact" in the market or use the attached QR code.

    * Thanks to cypis we now have a fantastic new icon - feel free to comment.

    [APP-Updated 22/07/2011] 3D contact v0.93B - Makes searching for contacts sexy! - xda-developers
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