LIFETAB SW restore 10312



Du kannst dein System hiernach neu flashen. Etwas suchen würde helfen, es ist der zweite Thread in der Forums- Auflistung! Empfehle dir post 1 und 3 mit der Anpassung für die Treiber-Installation.


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Daaaaankeeee!!!!!!!!!! Es hat gebootet :love:
Tut mir leid... sehe beim nächsten mal besser nach... Hatte erst wegen WIndows 8.1 nicht funktioniert...ich dachte eben da wäre noch mehr zerschossen...naja Danke nochmal :)


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Thanks a lot everybody (most of all Ambush666)!
I've successfully managed to recover my E10310 (yes, 10) which I had sort of ruined by a half succeeded root. Have bought another tablet but wanted to save this so it could be recycled in the family as a kids tablet with simple games - lets see if that'll happen now I've saved it. Still useful for watching TV, listening to Spotify (over bluetooth to large speakers with bluetooth receiver) etc.

OK, so I had ruined my E10310 and wanted to save it. Stumbled upon this forum (I read German a lot better than I write, hence my English) with images for both E10310 and E10312. Also read about them being identical so I figured why not try the firmware for E10312 and so I did and it works perfectly! I even searched around the internet when power + vol+ didn't seem to work. Finally I managed to install JB 4.2.2 on the E10310 :thumbsup: Even without having to install lot of suspicious software on my computer. I tried that first on a machine dedicated to such use but didn't get it to work.

Here's how I got it to work:

  1. Download the E10312 image.
  2. Rename the image to update.img.
  3. Put the update.img on a FAT32 formatted microSD.
  4. Make sure the tablet is turned off.
  5. Insert microSD into tablet.
  6. While holding down VOL+ plug in power connector (with power).
  7. Wait 3-5 seconds then release VOL+.
  8. After 5-10 seconds the tablet turns on by itself.
  9. Wait for an Android laying down to appear.
  10. Press and hold POWER then briefly push VOL+ then release POWER.
  11. A menu appear. Use VOL to highly "update rkimage from external storage" and use POWER to select it.
  12. Have lot of patience. The tablet will reboot a few times.
  13. Finally you'll get the screens you know from a new tablet. Complete those, update the apps, install whatever apps you like etc.
  14. Done! Enjoy your E10310 with JB 4.2.2 :thumbup:
  15. For the fun of it go to settings menu about this tablet. See that it tells you that your tablet is now an E10312 :laugh:
The tablet is still a mediocre low end tablet but more useful than before :scared:

If for some reason you want to stay with the factory default 4.1.1. (just want to wipe it after unsuccessful root etc.) then just use the E10310 image also kindly Ambush666. For some reason though it won't restart during pt. 12 instead it returns to the menu. After that then do a "wipe data/factory reset". Once again it returns to the menu. Finally choose "reboot system now".

All this took me several hours of surf to puzzle all the details together as I don't find a single well descriptive post. So hopefully this will be such and help others with either bricked E10310, want to upgrade it to JB 4.2.2 or have troubles using the RK Batch Tool. I presume the E10312 can be restored using the very same microSD approach. I was about to pull my hair out as I just couldn't get any RK tool to work on my "dirt machine".

Hello McAllen (anybody on this forum who can read English)
I live in Thailand but before my departure from Belgium I bought a month ago Mendion Lifetab E10312 of which I loose control from time to time (all kind of apps open and close rapidly etc..) until I switch if off completely.
Now I would like remove all apps and re-install the apps I really need. I know how to restore the tablet to its factory settings but I have a few questions :
a) will the drivers all be deleted so that I need to back them up (and how)
b) will the WIFI continue to work
c) will my access to Google Chrome continue to work
d) if I do a back of all the data including the many apps can I then select for the re-installation the apps I want to keep.

A reply in German is OK as can read it without problems.



a.) Welche Treiber, sind in der neuen FW ja alle drin. Bleiben auch beim factory-Reset erhalten.

b.) Ja, System wird völlig neu aufgesetzt wenn du die FW flashst > out of the box!

c.) Du musst dich beim Google-Account neu mit deinem Passwort anmelden

d.) Ja wenn du root hast kannst du mit Titanium root alle Apps sichern und nach FW-Restore und erneutem rooten (mit Cydia Impactor) die gewünschten Apps inclusive der Einstellungen zurück-flashen! Ob Titanium auch dein Google Passwort mitsichert und wiederherstellt weiss ich nicht!

Aber ich würde die FW mit RKBatchtool flashen, wie steht hier in post 1 und mit angepasstem Tut u. Treiber-Installation für flashmodus in post 3 !
Dauert nur 5 Minuten, und du bist unabhängig von eventuellen Fehlern in deiner fstab, die beim Installieren über das Recovery das Update behindern könnten!
Das Restore über RK-Batchtool erstellt alles neu, einschliesslich Neu-Einrichten des Filesystems und Formatierung.
Zuletzt bearbeitet:


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Heißt das jetzt ist doch KitKat aufem 10312 möglich


Nein, du flasht ja mit den beiden beschriebenen Verfahren jeweils nur die originale Firmware JB 4.2.2 "E10312-Zowee-MassPro-3rd_rev_SIGNED.img"
Für KitKat bräuchtest du ein auf das E10312 angepasstes Custom-Rom mit einem angepasstem Kernel., was wir nicht haben.

1. Verfahren: Flashen der org. FW "E10312-Zowee-MassPro-3rd_rev_SIGNED.img" mit rkbatch-Tool, oder
2. Flashen der originalen FW "E10312-Zowee-MassPro-3rd_rev_SIGNED.img" -> umbenannt in "" über den Recovery-Eintrag "update rkimage from external storage".

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