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  1. Po0yAn, 24.07.2010 #1

    Po0yAn Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    sorry for posting in english cause im very poor in german, and i use google translator to use your incredible forume.
    everybody knows linpack is one of the most relible sites in cpu performance computing
    tak a look at this link that is MFLOPS record for android devices:

    Linpack by Device GreeneComputing

    look who is at the top between all the devices! a Motorola Milestone running on the stock rom 02.34 and 1000GHz cpu with 72.178 MFLOPS!!!!
    khowing milestones usually get somthing between 14 to 20 MFLOPS for cpu,
    just how is that possible?
    and more interestingly under the guys name is written berlin, so i though theres no better forume to post this.
    maybe this matter has been discussed before in the forume, if so, plz link me to that topic,cause i couldn't find it with search.
    thank you
  2. aslocum, 24.07.2010 #2

    aslocum Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied

    pretty sure this is faked. it is just not possible without 2.2 and even with 2.2. 72 would be veeeery high ... i bet you can edit the app or the result in some way
  3. Plugyy, 24.07.2010 #3
  4. carlosp, 24.07.2010 #4

    carlosp Erfahrener Benutzer

    the most i got was about 12.7 or something like that.
  5. payce, 25.07.2010 #5

    payce Android-Lexikon

    It's a pretty plain bug of linpack. Try it often enough and someday you'll achieve just the same results (I once had 36 MFLops - ... yeeaaahh, whatever).
  6. ninjafox, 25.07.2010 #6

    ninjafox Android-Guru

    maybe he was standing on top of a mountain, performing that benchmark and in the same second a lightning hit him, which also gave him superpowers.

    or it's just a bug as it has been reported numerous times before.
    Po0yAn gefällt das.
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