[ROM][N9005][XXUGNF1][4.4.2] *01.11.2014* Hyperdrive N3 RLS6.1 [S5/Note4 UI]

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Diskutiere [ROM][N9005][XXUGNF1][4.4.2] *01.11.2014* Hyperdrive N3 RLS6.1 [S5/Note4 UI] im Samsung-Firmware basierende Custom-ROMs für Samsung Galaxy Note 3 im Bereich Custom-ROMs für Samsung Galaxy Note 3.


Erfahrenes Mitglied

Hab ne schöne Rom gefunden. Für Nutzer die von HTC kommen, die Rom mit den Tweaks erinnert mich ein wenig an Viper.

Habe die Rom heute erst aufgespielt, deshalb kann ich über die Akkudauer noch nichts sagen.

Wählbar TW mit der S5 oberfläche oder Note3

Original Thread
★[ROM][NF9][NOV 1][AROMA] Hyperdrive N… | T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 3 | XDA Forums

Infos über die Rom
(auszug vom Original auf XDA)

  • Android 4.4.2 w/ TW N900TUVUDNF9 Base Firmware
  • WiFi Calling
  • Aroma Installer- Allows for Full Customization by User
  • Deodexed, Debloated, Rooted, BusyBox, Init.d, Zipaligned, Sqlite3
  • CSC- Fully modded and enabled features
  • Knox Free
  • Hyperdrive Tweaks 3.0- Huge collection of Customizable Tweaks and options for your Phone(see below)
  • Hyperdrive HUB- download and customize your device with apps/ animations/wallpapers/keyboard skins/fonts/full themes/read FAQ/see helpful links from your phone
  • HyperdriveOTA- Receive automatic Over the Air Rom updates
  • Hyperdrive Wallpapers - Custom Wallpaper Picker with Added Functionality
  • Hyperdrive PIE- PIE Controls with added functionality built directly into rom
  • Hyperdrive File Manager- Enhanced File Browser
  • Hyperdrive Color Control- Customize your Phones Look On-The-Fly
  • Full Galaxy S5 User Interface (ported features below)
  • Choice of GS5 or GN3 Theme
  • Extended Power Menu
  • 27 Custom Notification Panel Quick Settings
    -Hyperdrive Tweaks
    -Air Command
    -Battery Stats
    -Hyperdrive Files
    -All Others Unlocked
  • Unlocked Tethering Provisions
  • Muted Boot Sounds
  • Optimized all apk and jar file and removed all debugging(.line) code
  • Patched services.jar to disable signature checks and launcher redraw
  • data/app support
  • Build.prop tweaks
  • Speed and Performance Tweaks
  • Battery Life enhancements
    Galaxy Note 4/ S5 Features:
    -Galaxy Note 4
  • Launcher Briefing Magazine
  • Wallpapers
  • Sounds and Media
  • Smart Remote
  • SMemo
  • Miscellaneous Widgets
  • S-Voice
    -Galaxy S5
  • Lockscreen Particle Effect
  • Lockscreen Light Effect
  • Full Theme and UI
  • Full SystemUI
  • Gallery
  • Settings
  • Air Wake UP
  • Toggles and Recent Apps
  • Accuweather Widget
  • Launcher
  • Launcher Theme Chooser
  • Messaging
  • Voice Recorder
  • Browser
  • SMemo
  • One Handed Operation
  • S-Health
  • Optical Reader
  • Kids Mode
  • Magnifier
  • My Files
  • S-Finder
  • S-Planner
  • S-Note
  • Headphone Shortcuts
  • Smart Remote
  • Calculator
  • Group Play
  • Video Player
  • Wallpapers, Sounds and fonts
  • Active Apps Widget
  • E-Mail
  • S Translator
  • Samsung Apps and Hub
  • Digital Clock Widgets
  • A Few other small goodies
  • More coming soon

    Additional Features:
  • Hyperdrive Boot and Shutdown Animation
  • Removed low battery warnings
  • Removed warning from data toggle
  • Unlocked Fonts- Over 500 fonts in rom to choose from
  • Disabled Scrolling Cache in Framework
  • Removed Popup from Airplane Mode Toggle
  • Device Status Reads as Official
  • Custom Auto Brightness Levels
  • Removed Safe Volume Warning
  • 4 Way Rotation
  • Animations faster by default
  • Enabled all Animation scales (.25x, .75x, 1.25x)
  • Smooth Spinners
  • Spell Check Mod enabled
  • Unknown Sources enabled by default
  • Removed Wireless Charging popup
  • Join Unlimited Contacts
  • Unlimited Contact Name Length
  • Unlimited tabs in Browser
  • Unlocked additional Browser features
  • Unknown sources enabled by default
  • TW Launcher Hacked for Speed and up to 9 homescreens
  • Camera Shutter Sound on/off menu
  • Use Camera while on a call
  • Use Camera with Low Battery
  • Messaging Features
    -Scheduled Messaging
    -Screen on/off messaging toggle
    -Message vibration and Signature option
    -Save/Restore Messages
    -Enabled 1000 SMS recipient limit
    -SMS limit per hour increased
    -Enabled Split-View Mode On/Off Toggle
    -Increased Max MMS, SMS and Image Size
    -Disable SMS-MMS Auto Conversion
    -Folder View with toggle
  • Removed OTA Updates
  • Much More

Infos über die Tweaks

In Tweaks App:

  • Sliding Menu
  • Ghost Mode (Hide app drawer icon)
  • Jump to Tab
  • Edit Displayed Tabs

  • View Forum Thread
  • View Hyperdrive Rom Repository
  • View XDA Profile
  • Donate via Paypal
  • Follow on Twitter
  • Follow on Google+
  • Join on Facebook

  • Touchwiz Launcher Wallpaper Scrolling on/off
  • Infinite scrolling on/off
  • Toggle between hiding apps from app drawer or disabling them
  • Choose Custom App for Homescreen Launcher swipe up
  • Enable or disable Home button double press on homescreen
  • Enable or disable Touchwiz launcher rotation
  • Touchwiz Launcher with Full Launcher icon Theme support (Menu-Set Theme)
  • Unlocked Samsung App Opps
  • Call Recording
  • Screen Off Animations ( CRT, Fade, None)
  • Ability to add All Apps in Pen Window
  • Ability to add All Apps in Multi Window
  • Power Menu Power Off Toggle
  • Power Menu Airplane Mode Toggle
  • Power Menu Mobile Data Toggle
  • Power Menu Torch Toggle
  • Power Menu Screenshot Toggle

  • Display network traffic speed
  • ANY color for network traffic speed
  • Custom Clock style (Normal Clock, Striking Clock, Text Clock, Custom Clock)
  • Custom Clock style
  • Uppercase or lowercase text for text and striking clock
  • Date Size (Normal, small, hidden, Custom)
  • Custom Date Size
  • Date Format/Style (15 different styles or fully custom)
  • AM/PM Size (Normal, small, hidden, Custom)
  • Custom any size AM/PM
  • Clock Alignment (Left, Right, Hidden, Center (Fully working))
  • Clock Font Style (Bold, Condensed, Light, Light Italic, Normal)
  • Enable/Disable Clock Animation
  • Custom Notification Panel layout
  • Custom Notification Panel Dropdown Image
  • Battery Full Notification On/Off
  • CPU Speed with Toggle On/Off
  • CPU Governor with Toggle On/Off
  • Brightness Slider On/Off
  • Quick Launch Apps Panel On/Off
  • Notification Panel Toggles Text On/Off
  • Choose Number of Toggles in view (3-10)
  • Double Tap Statusbar to Sleep with Toggle On/Off
  • Enable/Disable Statusbar Lock Button
  • Enable/Disable Notification Panel CPU Load Widget
  • Enable/Disable IME Keyboard Switcher
  • Hide/Show Alarm Icon
  • Hide/Show Smart Screen Icon
  • Hide/Show Bluetooth Icon
  • Hide/Show Sound Icons

  • Custom Imaged Battery Icon
  • Choose from over 15 custom battery icons on the fly!
  • Battery Text Style (Regular %, Small %, No %, Hide Battery Text)
  • Auto Battery Text Color
  • Set ANY Color for Static battery color
  • Set ANY Color for Charging Text Color
  • Set ANY Color for Regular Text Color
  • Set ANY Color for Medium Battery level text Color
  • Set ANY Color for Low Level Battery text color
  • Show Hide in rom MIUI Battery Bar
  • Auto Color Battery Bar
  • Set ANY Color of Battery Bar
  • Animation of Battery Bar
  • Set Animation Pulse mode
  • Set General Animation Mode
  • Set ANY Color for Charging Battery Bar Color
  • Set ANY Color for Regular level Battery Bar Color
  • Set ANY Color for Medium Battery level Battery Bar Color
  • Set ANY Color for Low Level Battery Bar color

  • Set ANY Color for Statusbar
  • Set ANY Color for WiFi Icons
  • Set ANY Color for Clock
  • Set ANY Color for Signal Icons
  • Set ANY Color for Data Icons
  • Set ANY Color for Airplane Mode Icons
  • Set ANY Color for Traffic Speed Icons
  • Set ANY Color for Lock Button
  • Set ANY Color for Notification Icons
  • Set ANY Color for Notification Panel Color
  • Set ANY Color for Dropdown Clock
  • Set ANY Color for Dropdown Date
  • Set ANY Color for Settings Buttons
  • Set ANY Color for Toggle Texts
  • Set ANY Color for CPU Widget text
  • Set ANY Color for CPU Speed and governor
  • Set ANY Color for Ongoing Header Text Color
  • Set ANY Color For Power Menu Text
  • Set ANY Color for Power Menu Icons
  • Set ANY Color for Menu Button Text
HD Pie Controls:

  • Enable pie controls
  • Set pie activation location
  • Set pie activation gravity
  • Set pie activation width
  • Set Pie activation height
  • Change linked system app icon behavior
  • Change linked user app icon behavior
  • Change pie status info behavior
  • Change pie status info font
  • Disable pie when keyboard is present
  • Set pie status info clock color
  • Set pie status info notification color
  • Set pie color (presets)
  • Set pie tiles color
  • Set pie selection color
  • Set pie icon color
  • Set pie outline color
  • Set pie gradient color
  • Set pie gradient outline color

  • Stock Samsung Lockscreen Settings
  • Enable/Disable Ripple Effect
  • Improved Ink Effect
  • Set ANY Color for Ink Effect
  • Add ANY Widget to Lockscreen
  • Enabled Particle and Light Effect Locks
  • Increased Max Widget added limit
  • Enable Music Control(Volume Rocker Skip with Customizable Options)
  • Set button timeout
  • Set volume up option
  • Set volume down option

  • SPen Keyboard Switcher
  • Package Download
  • Switch Wifi Band
  • GPS Fix
  • Battery Stats
  • Usage Stats
  • Wifi Settings
  • Additional app Functionalities

  • Install Framework
  • Manager Modules
  • Custom Button Actions

  • Foreground apps
  • Visible apps
  • Secondary server
  • Hidden apps
  • Content providers
  • Empty apps
  • Choose preset memory values

  • Force init.d support
  • Edit Shell Command
  • Zipalign
  • Wipe Cache/dalvik cache
  • Fix permissions
  • Optimize databases
  • Reboot
  • Reboot Recovery
  • Reboot Bootloader
  • HotBoot
Package Manger:

  • Custom Package Installer
  • Search device for APK and ZIP file
  • Enable Data Persistance
  • Persist LCD Density
  • Persist Host File
CPU Settings:
  • CPU Info
  • Time In State
  • Set Max Clock speed
  • Set Min Clock speed
  • Set Governor
  • Set Scheduler

  • Fixed Tether and should be fully unlocked tether which reroutes through mobile data and not tether allowance.
  • Added foreverloco hd voice icons theme
  • Disabled ASEC forward locked packages
  • Added back Gharringtons Quick launch apps panel with toggle on/off
  • Added Android L Gmail
  • Added Android L sounds
  • Added Android L other apps
  • Other Miscellaneous fixes and stuff


  • Updated Galaxy S5 framework theme -Fixed holo light background header -Fixed various icons and other parts
  • Added Galaxy Note 4 Air Command Style
  • Relayout and code cleanup in Hyperdrive Tweaks
  • Removed unworking/unused options
  • Added Call Recording ability on Stock Phone Theme
  • Auto Recording of Incoming calls with toggle on/off
  • Auto Recording of Outgoing calls with toggle on/off
  • Choose End Call Delay Screen Timeout
  • Incoming call notifications with toggle on/off
  • Power menu restart toggle can now be toggled on/off
  • Sound Mode on power menu can now be toggle on/off- all items on epm now toggleable
  • Added Launcher Rotation with Toggle on/off to Stock grid S5 Launcher
  • Removed QuickLaunch Apps Panel
  • Added Show Signal Icons with toggle on/off
  • Added Hide all Statusbar icons with toggle on/off
  • Choose any color for Notification panel Brightness slider BG
  • Choose any color for Clear button BG
  • Choose any color for No Notifications BG
  • Choose any color for Ongoing Notifications BG
  • Choose any color for Notification Items BG
  • Added Home screen wakeup phone with toggle on/off
  • Added Lockscreen Rotation with toggle on/off
  • Added Quick Unlock PIN/Password lockscreen with toggle on/off
  • Update busybox
  • Fully disabled user app verification in system
  • Removed wipe data option in aroma, please wipe in recovery now
  • Added Galaxy Note 4 Accuweather widget fully working to aroma
  • Relayout of Aroma installer and removal of old depricated options
  • Updated Kernels
  • Other miscellaneous changes and fixes


  • Updated Galaxy S5 Theme and UI components

  • Tweaked S5 Launchers for speed and layout

  • Added Note 4 Magazine Briefing with proper slide left on homescreen

  • Ported Galaxy S5 Gallery

  • Removed Samsung Notification Count

  • Updated Galaxy S5 Video Player

  • Custom Hyperdrive Rom Carrier Label Text

  • Added 300+ Custom Font Choices

  • Added Any Color for Clock

  • Added Any Color for Dropdown Clock

  • Any Color for Toggles Text

  • Toggle Text on/Off

  • Added Double tap to sleep with toggle on/off

  • Choose number of toggles in view (3-10)

  • Added Stock Samsung Emoji back by default, Added Google Emoji option

  • Fix some issues with screenshot text and editing

  • Relayout of Aroma installer, Defaults options changed by install

  • Updated PenWindow manager thanks to xpericle

  • Removed USPM Xposed Module

  • Added Xposed Framework tab warning and instrutions

  • Edits to tethering apns and stuff to hopefully fix hack, let me know if it works

  • Removed some aroma options and stuff

  • Other miscellaneous fixes and stuff

10/5/14 RLS4 Full Rebase and Redo of Everything on NF9 5/9/14 RLS3.1 Fix Misc Theming issue 5/8/14 RLS3
  • Brand new Phone App Modifications Set via Hyperdrive Tweaks
  • Added Native Call Recording!
  • Enable Auto Call Recording for outgoing calls
  • Enable Auto Call Recording for incoming calls
  • Increasing Ringtone with Toggle On/Off
  • Remove Recording Info Togggle On/Off
  • Choose End Call Delay Timeout Speed (None, 1000ms 2500ms 5000ms)
  • Added Theme Chooser to Hyperdrive Tweaks, Can now set launcher theme for any HD Tw launcher from here now
  • Added additional themes to theme engine
  • Added Custom Auto Brightness Levels to improve from Samsungs overpowering one.
  • Added a large amount of additions to S5 Settings
-Hyperdrive Tweaks -Hyperdrive Hub -Safety Assistance SBeam -S-Pen Settings -LED -Call Blocking -Voice Commands -Driving Mode -Fonts -Air Gesture -Air Command -Palm motion -Smart Screen -Power saving
  • Improved Overall S5 Theming
  • Added Brand new Hyperdrive KitKat Bootanimation from Gadget!
  • Added Support for N9005 in Aroma Installer
  • Brand New Aroma installer theme
  • Updated Aroma texts and layout
  • Removed Gravitybox
  • Fixed Samsung Link
  • Fixed Stock Email FC
  • Added Galaxy S5 Group Play Application
  • Updated All Kernels in Rom
  • Updated All Kernels in Hub
  • Updated Hub Themes and other content
  • Updated Play Store
  • Updated Es FIle Explorer
  • Updated Dropbox
  • Updated Maps
  • Updated Google Play Music
  • Updated Google Play services
  • Updated Youtube
  • Updated SuperSU
  • Updated Flipboard
  • Many other small misc things!


Rom herunter laden und aufs Handy packen
Ins Recovery booten und Installer ausführen




md5 sum: 08fc74f6b284e73cb077add22ee94832

md5 sum: 1a5054d16533fee863ee25af7aa0fee0



Zuletzt bearbeitet von einem Moderator:


Also, ich für mich muss sagen, die Rom ist nur geil. Tweaks sind super.
Läuft absolut flüssig

Gesendet von meinem SM-N900T


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
Habe mir die Rom gerade geflasht.
Die Installation war dank Aroma einfach und sehr schnell. Lediglich das erste Booten hat bei mir doch rund 10 Minuten gedauert.
Auf dem ersten Blick erscheint die Rom sehr aufgeräumt. Die Menus finde ich sehr übersichtlich.
Die Performance ist recht flüssig. Der Start von Apps kommt schnell voran. Einzig beim ersten Aufrufen einiger Einstellungen scheint im Hintergrund noch einiges feinjustiert zu werden. Manschmal dauert es ein wenig. Beim zweiten Mal flutscht es dann.

Nach rund 20 minuten rumspielen mit dem System kann man natürlich noch nicht viel sagen. Ich werde auf jeden Fall weitertesten.


Das bestätigt mein Eindruck

Gesendet von meinem SM-N900T


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
Die ROM ist sehr gut :)

aydinbahadir Samsung Galaxy Note 3


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
Also ich habs getestet und bei mir spinnt der wlan.


Ambitioniertes Mitglied
Konnte Wlan auch nicht aktivieren .
Auch mach Neustart wollte WLan nicht laufen.
Habe ein Full wipe gemacht-Firmware geflasht- kein Erfolg.
Bin wieder zurück zu meiner TopRom.
Werde es später gerne nochmal versuchen.


bei mir hat alles reibungsloas geklappt. Allerdings habe ich bei meiner Frau Ihrem Note auch die Wlanprobleme


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
Flasht den leankernel damit hatte ich dann keine wifi probleme mehr.
Gruß Mike

Gesendet von meinem SM-G900F mit der Android-Hilfe.de App


Hab ich schon. Ging nicht. Habe ihr jetzt omega drauf gemacht. Schon komisch bei mir läuft die Rom super. Dafür bekomm ich die neue omega nicht drauf.

Gesendet von meinem SM-N900T


Fortgeschrittenes Mitglied
Hat Jemand mal ein Tipp für mich?
Gestern habe ich ein neues Thema geflasht, war nicht ganz so meins also Nandroid wieder zuruckgeschoben. Alles klar.
Nur das ich jetzt wieder dieses nervige "Tippen und halten Sie den Bildschirm, um Elemente..." sehe. Es wird auch oberhalb von Widgets angezeigt, was wirklich nervend ist.

Gesendet von meinem Note 3 mit der Android-Hilfe.de App



Cpt. Future

Titel gemäß Vorgabe geändert!

[ROM][N9500][4.4][MAY 9][NB4][AROMA] Hyperdrive KK RLS3.1 ║║ Hyperdrive Tweaks -


Ambitioniertes Mitglied

ich habe das Problem, dass ich Sketchbook for Galaxy nicht aufrufen kann... Sobald ich es starte, heisst es, es müsse installiert werden; dann aber immer "Download nicht möglich"...

Habt ihr einen Tipp?

Danke & Gruß


Dann versuch es später nochmal. War bei mir auch schon

Gesendet von meinem SM-N900T mit der Android-Hilfe.de App


Ambitioniertes Mitglied
@Tyrion: Versuche es schon seit Tagen.
Keine Ahnung, ob man die APK auch einzeln bekommt/nachflashen kann.


update is raus, habe mal die erste Post angepasst


Ambitioniertes Mitglied

ich habe gestern abend mal geflasht. Leider lande ich nach Aroma-Einrichtung immer wiederim Recovery.
- Der Dev schreibt was davon, dass man bei Problemen einen anderen Stock-Kernel flashen soll - habt ihr einen Tipp, welchen man nehmen kann/soll?



Würde lk nehmen. Allerdings lief bei mir alles super


Ambitioniertes Mitglied
@Tyrion: Ich habe ein vertragsfreises N3 Intl. Diese Variante habe ich dann auch bei der Einrichtung gewählt. Dort kann man dann auch nur den einen Kernel direkt wählen.
Spaßeshalber habe ich auch mal die zweite Variante geflasht (T-Mops), aber das selbe Ergenbis. Btw: Habe CW-Recovery.

Meinst Du den "leankernel"?